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DEBUNKING FALSE IDEAS OF CLONING ANCIENT DNA. (7 MAY ’16) The movie Jurassic Park made it look easy, and headline making bogus research & hoaxes have fooled many people into thinking they’ve almost done it…or maybe have in secret…but the truth is different than people realize. In fact, I expect some people will be so angry at this article, I may have to block some people. I think where I will start are the bogus research findings & hoaxes that had me going in the wrong direction until I got deeper into the subject. (Oh & by way, I was one of the first researchers to expose that they were already cloning people. I was doing that back perhaps in 1991. My Deeper Insights book gives a step by step procedure to do it. It is relatively easy to clone good genetic material. More on this later.) What has made the bogus research & hoaxes believable was that most of us know little about DNA and how it falls apart quickly and how extensive contamination from other DNA is mixed in within any sample. More on this later.

BOGUS RESEARCH & HOAXES. There was a realistic-looking news story on the Internet with the headline “British Scientists Clone Dinosaur.” The article has a realistic photo of the cloned baby Apastosaurus, who was supposedly nicknamed “Spot”. The picture of Spot looks similar to the baby in David Lynch’s classic film Eraserhead .The dinosaur was supposedly incubated at the John Moore University College of Veterinary Medicine, in Liverpool. This is a totally bogus story, a hoax. The magazines “Nature” & “Science” come across as scientific, but a combination of poor scientific research & the desire to increase their readership meant that readers were fooled with a series of articles beginning in 1990 claiming that scientists had sequenced ancient DNA. So let’s review some of the plethora of bogus findings we were given in article after article….

BOGUS FINDINGS. In 1990, 17 million yr. old DNA was supposedly sequenced from a Magnolia latahensis leaf. (Actually what they sequenced was modern bacteria in their fossil sample.) In 1992 Science magazine, ran a series of papers that announced that a researcher had taken ancient DNA of several species from hard amber resin, for instance, a 30-million-year-old termite found in Dominican amber. (Remember, the Hollywood film Jurassic Park’s storyline was that Dinosaur DNA was found in a mosquito trapped in amber & then cloned.) In 1993, these kinds of articles continued. Supposedly California Polytechnic Univ. at San Luis Obispo got DNA from a 135-million-year-old weevil found in Lebanese amber, as well as DNA from a 35-million-year-old leaf. The scientist involved, Raul Cano, claimed to have found DNA from 1,200 organisms from amber incl. a no. of ancient yeasts. In 1994, Brigham Young Univ. published that they had found 80-million-year-old DNA from a dinosaur. Both Science & Nature magazines published this. Skeptical scientists that looked at the sequence they found saw it resembled modern human DNA. And that leads us to what was really happening. In reality DNA deteriorates very quickly (more on this later), and any sample is already contaminated with bacteria & airborne DNA. In all these cases, the researchers had found modern DNA from contamination. In fact, all ancient samples come with contaminating DNA…the ancient frozen man (named Oetzi) dug up in the Swiss Alps, who had been frozen since ancient times was full of all kinds of contaminating modern DNA from all kinds of sources.
THE LIFE & DEATH OF DNA. DNA molecules are extremely long sets of instructions that are 3.2 billion nucleotide pairs long! (If you had to write a book describing how to build a person in detail your book might be even longer.) And since you get one set of instructions from your mother & one from your father you have 6.4 billion nucleotide pairs written in code with what are called A, T, G & C nucleotides. Before I began researching I did not realize that the DNA molecules are fragile & constantly falling apart in the body’s cells and having to be constantly repaired! In an average person, about 10,000 C’s per day turn into another nucleotide called U and have to be stripped out and replaced. All these discarded U’s end up in our urine. There are many other ways the DNA gets damaged also. Enzymes are constantly repairing the DNA in your cell as it repeatedly breaks. A DNA molecule needs to be repaired hourly!!

When we die, the repair stops. The cell not only has enzymes that can repair, but enzymes that can cut DNA and attack DNA. It keeps these locked up and uses them when necessary like dealing with foreign DNA. But when a person dies, these enzymes are released from their locked compartments and ooze out further ripping apart the quickly deteriorating DNA. Within hours the DNA has been cut into small pieces. Bacteria begin feasting on the cells, and erasing the stored DNA. Water, which is ubiquitous in the human body is needed for decomposition. If the body is quickly mummified, (dried out quickly) some of the broken strands will survive in isolated spots. So some degraded DNA may survive in isolated spots in a mummified body—but let me emphasize here, it is not a DNA molecule that survives, but small snippets of DNA that can painstakingly be discovered IF the researcher weeds out all the contagion and other DNA that will be found with and around the old DNA. (So the idea that Pharaoh has been cloned is just not realistic.) Some of the processes to weed out the newer material are quite tedious, and sincere researchers may work hard for a long time to separate out and discover the small older DNA from a dead body. UV light destroys DNA. So many things help destroy DNA, that it is quickly erased. While ancient Mammoths and ancient bones have cells that are recognizable under a microscope, the DNA in those cells has mostly been erased, and researchers can get at best only small snippets (a snippet of perhaps 100 pairs of code) if they are careful to remove contaminating DNAs, which is not an easy task.

WHAT IS INVOLVED IN CLONING. The problem with cloning is not just getting an entire set of DNA instructions (an entire genome of say 64 billion pairs), but of using that entire genome if it were possible to get it. Years of hard work on a dinosaur species might yield scattered & incomplete fragments of a particular dinosaur’s DNA, accounting for perhaps one or two percent of its entire genome. Can you make a dinosaur from 1% of the instructions? No. Can you splice in modern DNA from a similar animal? No. Let’s say you had 5 words from a Bible manuscript—but did not have any Bible, none existed—would you know what the rest of the Bible said? No way! Without knowing the code—you simply don’t know the code. The code for something else can’t just be attached to that 1%. But for the sake of discussion, let’s say you did…now somehow miraculously you have the billions of pairs of code correctly sequenced…now what? An intact dinosaur genome, even if one miraculously was discovered, wouldn’t be enough, by itself, to clone a dinosaur. DNA can’t just be injected into anything, say, an unfertilized chicken egg, and then one watches for one’s Apatosaurus to hatch. Most vertebrates need to gestate in an extremely specific biological environment, and, at least for a short period of time, in a living body (even a fertilized chicken egg spends a day or two in the mother hen’s oviduct before it’s laid).

ARTIFICIAL GESTATION. Artificial gestation involving human beings (in vitro fertilization) does not involve cloning or manipulation of genetic material, it just involves giving a bunch of sperm an individual egg, and then cultivating the resulting zygote in a test-tube for a couple of days, and then implanting the embryo-in-waiting into the mother’s uterus. This simple process fails more often than succeeds. If we look at human reproduction, we see that most of the time an egg gets fertilized something goes wrong and the zygote is discarded naturally by the body. Reproduction is a tricky, complex process that succeeds only a small percentage of the time. If not, there would be many more unwed mothers.

KEEPING IT SHORT. My self-imposed criteria is to keep this relatively short & easy to understand. If people want a lengthy book-size discussion of the problems of discovering ancient DNA, I suggest “Neanderthal Man: In Search of Lost Genomes”, where a world-class DNA researcher with decades of experience discusses all the problems in detail and his disgust at all the false research that made headlines. While DNA falls apart and its codes erased very quickly & easily, modern DNA from current species is quite usable. Researchers have the ability to splice & dice and join DNA, and are thinking about designer animals. Now that is a frightening reality. The monsters that they could create are not from the past, but from our present! And unfortunately they are working on these kind of projects.


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PART 1. THE IMPORTANCE OF CHILD ALTERS FOR HELPING TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL: A preliminary overview.(5 MAY ’16) In 1995, I began writing 3 major books on trauma-based mind control because the subject had never been well-explained. The first (which is now out of print) was based on 100 pieces of Cisco’s extraordinary art work showing internal programming images. The second was based on my extensive files on tbmc, and the third was based in part by collaboration with ex-Illuminati programmers. Recently, while working with another survivor, it was mentioned how important child alters are in the healing process. I had observed this already, but had never explicitly said it. When the topic was brought to my conscious attention, I realized that the literature on DID/MPD/TBMC is very weak on the subject. Once again I write to fill in a gap in our understanding.

ROLE OF ADULT v. CHILD ALTERS. The host alter (the main front alter that holds the body for the outside world) ages day-in day-out like the rest of humanity. (There may actually be more than one adult front alter in a system.) The programmers also take strong alters & hypnotically age progress them to have late teen or adult ages, so that they can function in their internal & external cult jobs as adults. But the majority of alters in an MPD system will be child alters, and they are the ones holding the programming, as well as having some of the key roles—such as being the reporting alters. They will often be the age of the trauma that created them. Dealing with child alters is very similar to dealing with abused non-DID children. Dealing with child alters is different from dealing with adult alters. 99% of the alters are children. 99% of the important alters that hold the key to deprogramming and successful therapy are child alters…and yet child alters are fundamentally overlooked by many therapists & deprogrammers, who typically spend most time with the host alter (which at times they mistake as the “core”).

OVERLOOKING CHILDREN IS A COMMON THREAD. The “neglect” of the important role children play is quite widespread. Christ’s disciples tried to keep children from him, which upset Christ because children were a high priority to him.(A) “Let the children come to me”, Christ said. (B) Then Yahshua said that “Whosoever receives one such child in my name receives me…” (C) Studies show that 85% of people who give their lives to Christ do it between age 4 to 14. But adult evangelism still gets the most attention. Yet the Satanists are not neglecting the children; most victims of t.b.m.c. receive it while children. Very few adults get adult-initiated mind control. I like what Pearl S. Buck said, “If our American way of life fails the child, it fails us all.” A study of 1,000 American children (ages 2-14…those critical ages for receiving Christ) revealed that about 90% had specific phobias & fears. We are failing when such a high % of the children have phobias. People are acknowledging that children are our future—but they are also important people right now. Therapists seem to feel more comfortable speaking to a coherent front host alter that is an adult, than a difficult child alter that may have obsessive-compulsive behavior, be aggressive, appear to think purely programming thoughts, be suicidal, be sadly depressed, afraid of intimacy, and need lots of approval. If you think therapists should do better, think a moment—would you like to deal with a two yr. old throwing a temper tantrum or a rational adult. Yes, child alters are where the problems are, and also where the answers are. The host alter generally does not realize the MPD to begin with. The child alters may be totally hip to it.

PERVASIVE ABUSE OF CHILDREN. The little lambs who are so vulnerable and who Christ took in his arms & blessed (D), and of whom he said were so important…are unfortunately widely abused by the adult world. It is estimated that globally 10 million children are used in the global sex industry. Nepal, where I grew up, has a problem with the poor villages selling their children to Bombay, India’s brothels. Once bought, they are traumatized by their masters to make them obedient. Thailand & Sri Lanka have been pedophile paradises, with an est. 90,000 children used in Thai child prostitution. Brazil reportedly has ½ a million child prostitutes. Therapists report little success in helping people who began with an abusive life as a child prostitute. Now carry that over to the t.b.m.c., where sexual abuse occurs 100% of the time as part of the trauma programming. The child alters within a system carry the worst abuse. The adult alters have little awareness of how damaged these child alters are. What needs to happen is for the host alters to develop rapport & understanding for their small hurting parts. Therapists should be teaching these host alters how to talk with these internal little ones. The little ones will be afraid of adult therapists…so the place for them to begin to heal is for the host alter to take them under his or her wing.

HOW HOST ALTERS CAN WORK WITH HURTING CHILD ALTERS. Let’s begin with a host alter working with his or her child alters. The child alters have had their thinking warped by the abuse. See my book Deeper Insights (esp. pgs. 405-410) for the damage caused to the little child by abuse. Child alters are fearful, they need to be introduced to new situations gradually. They need to be pampered & listened to—and when the host listens, the host needs to listen without judgment. Assign small tasks that they can succeed at to build their self-esteem. A child’s thinking includes having good imagination but being poor at analyzing different possibilities. Their self-esteem is rock bottom. They still feel the same helplessness as when they were created by abuse for more abuse. They fumble for words, and will be cautious at what they say. Hopefully, the host can begin to share new ways of looking at things and replace their destructive beliefs. Listen to the child alters for what is not said also. If I could describe my experience with successful host alters, the hosts have had to realize the child may be in filth and be willing to go down into that filth to pull the child alter out, to take them and clean them up. The host alter needs to discover ways to soothe them…perhaps give them the lollipop they never got. Take them places…let them see the positives of life they haven’t experienced.

HOW THE THERAPIST CAN WORK WITH HURTING CHILD ALTERS. The therapist can work with the host to provide safety and safe-place imagery for the child alters. If the therapist wants to talk to child alters, therapists need to be aware it will take time to build trust. They can talk through the host and inside child alters may be listening. But don’t assume that all parts are aware of what is going on. Some will if interested, and others won’t. Certain words and things will attract certain alters. Counsellors need to be safe & stable people for the child alters. Stories & art work well for child alters just as other children. When a child alter serves the handler & owner as a reporting alter, the child is merely doing its job. Don’t condemn it for doing its job. Tell the child it has done a good job, but now it is time to have a different job. Have lots of sympathy that the mind of the child was abused to the point it became dysfunctional and only functioned because the programmer rebuilt it with mind control to operate. It was never intended to operate on its own.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Hopefully I will write more on this topic to do it better justice. In review, I have detailed how the abuse of children is widespread, and how our focus on helping children has been poor. The importance of child alters to healing MPD survivors has been poorly understood. The first place for MPD work is for the host alter to begin to develop awareness of & rapport with the host system’s child alters. Therapists will have to work slowly & steadily to develop trust with the child alters. When these children are comfortable they can contribute a great deal in the healing & deprogramming, as they are the ones who carry most of the pain & programming.

(A) @ MK 10:13-14 the disciples were trying to prevent children coming to Christ, but he talked about their importance as recorded in MK chapt. 9 (B) MK 10:14a (C) LK 9:48 (D) MK 10:16


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This is an article written to appeal to all sensible Americans. There is a saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With that kind of thinking, many Americans went along with the Bush administration’s Patriot Act & the creation of a huge bureaucracy called Homeland Security (HS) in 2002 with Bush’s Homeland Security Act. The Act set up HS to protect us from terrorism & natural disasters… with the wording that HS would protect us so our “way of life can thrive”. So what are key features of our way of life? People flock to America because of our economic opportunities & the concept of liberty (that the Statue of Liberty represents). In fact, for many immigrants the Statue of Liberty was their first view of America as they entered the nation through Ellis Island.

RESULTS. The creation of DHS resulted in massive expenditures of money: $241 billion in its first 4 years. The govt. budget doc. for 2016 said $64.9 billion total for DHS, but when I added up the various budget parts for HS I got $103.8 billion. Either way it is a large budget. In 2007, the federal govt.’s General Accounting Office (GAO) had the job of grading the success of HS and they flunked it! Of the 24 emergency prepardness criteria it was assigned only 5 had been met. Of the 171 directives (goals given) it had accomplished less than half. Effective preventive measures had often been neglected. For instance, most airplane cargo is not inspected. By the govt.’s own assessments, a massive expensive bureaucracy–the largest in American history, with 5 levels to it, 22 departments and 187 agencies had been created with 220,000 employees…but our ability to deal with disasters had not improved, nor were we any safer. A massive security apparatus had been built with essentially no checks on the surveillance of Americans & foreigners. The overall result of spending many hundreds of billions of dollars on HS was to weaken our economy and walk over all the Constitutional rights, especially the fourth & fifth amendments in the Bill of Rights. In other words, the two values that people most appreciated about America, economic opportunity and liberty, were both severely weakened by HS. Certainly, the wording to preserve our “way of life” so that it could “thrive”, got overlooked in the haste to built up a police state that can track all your communication.

IF THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS, then the poor results from HS do not justify the means. For instance, FEMA, which is part of HS, did more harm than help during Katrina. They prevented state and local relief efforts from going in. And when FEMA went in, their acts were outrageous. That’s an entirely separate story from this article. As stated, the weakening of our economy and our civil rights by HS has destroyed the very things that make America great. Rather than protect our way of life, HS has destroyed it. Liberty was what the American Revolution was all about.

WHAT IS THE GOAL OF TERRORISM? The purpose of terrorism is to cause terror. So every time our government & the mass media scare Americans they are aiding & abetting the terrorists. HS was founded on its manifesto’s words: “Today’s terrorists can strike at any place, at any time and with virtually any weapon.” Over the years, the mass media and the govt. continue to scare us that terrorism is just next door about to happen; it is permanent fear from a permanent “war” on terror. Keeping people in a constant state of terror is actually doing the job for all terrorists. Late in WW 2, the Japanese sent almost 10,000 bomb-loaded hydrogen balloons via the jet stream to attack America. At least 300 were observed arriving to America. In order to prevent this terrorist attack from succeeding, every one (incl. the media) were forbidden to talk about the balloons. The mass fear that the balloon attacks would have made never happened. That is how one deals with terrorist attacks–not by gutting our Constitutional rights, creating a police state & creating an enormous bureaucracy and scaring the tar out of people daily. America will not be saved by bureaucracy and pork!

CAN GOVT. PROTECT US FROM ALL HARM?? Even though it sometimes acts as if it were God, govt. does not equal God. Israel, a small nation with a security apparatus many times stronger than ours, still has terrorist attacks. Our water & food supplies are poorly protected. So we are still very vulnerable, yet for all our vulnerability, terrorist attacks are quite rare. Even arrests of true terrorists are quite rare. (I will explain why in a minute.) The Justice department claimed it charged 400 people with “terrorism-related cases”, but its own Inspector General said that figure was bogus & inflated. A close exam reveals that except for a few nut cases running their mouth as to what they were going to do, the FBI & HS have not been arresting real terrorists. No genuine Al Qaeda cell was ever arrested. One wanna-be group that talked with an FBI agent posing as an Al Qaeda rep is the best that they got. They may tell us that ISIS cells are in every state…but they are not arresting and shutting down ISIS cells. So what is going on?

Place yourself in a jihadist’s shoes–they are more upset about Islamic rulers (like the House of Saud) who claim to be Islamic but are totally corrupt. The jihadists call them “infidel” Moslem regimes. If they decide to spare some of their hate for apostate Moslems in order to spend it on Americans, they hardly have to go all the way to America. There are American targets all over the middle east, incl. Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, where locals are calling for jihadists to fight infidel armies on Moslem soil. So there are plenty of distractions to get the attention of violent jihadists long before they think of going to America. So the Middle East has been soaking up the blood of jihadists, long before they think of making the long trip to America. And many Americans don’t realize that jihadist leaders have actually considered attacking American civilians as counterproductive. Bin Laden’s approval rating with jihadists crashed after 9-11. Which is all very good, because frankly even though a police state has been created to supposedly protect us, we are still as vulnerable to terrorist attacks as we ever were, only now we are poorer & still scared. There are deadly health threats that are being neglected that are far more of a threat to Americans than terrorists, but are not receiving funds or attention. Because HS is not arresting genuine terrorists here in the US, the FBI director said, “I remain very concerned about what we are not seeing.” So the quiet, is used to scare us some more!! So bureaucrats of the largest American bureaucracy ever created frequently give us scary warnings…if anything, they are preserving their jobs. The “mass casualty event” has been our civil rights & liberty. Bear in mind that the maker of a bio-weapon or dirty radiation bomb has a high chance of killing himself trying to make the weapon.

SAFETY IS NOT HOMELAND SECURITY BUT HOME SECURITY. In a major crisis, like Katrina or 9-11, the reality is that you will probably have to take care of yourself during the most critical first stages of the disaster. Who knows how long it will take for help to arrive, but obviously before it does you are on your own! Bloated bureaucracy and pork from pork projects will not be there to save you. We in America need to refuse to be terrorized from the govt. & media fear mongers, and continue to ground our lives in rational thinking and faith. We need to analyze if there is any difference between the acts of our government and terrorist organizations. Sadly both kinds of agencies do the same behaviors. No wonder the administrations after 9-11 have felt that the “rule of law” was used by terrorists (hence the Bush administrations justification for illegal detentions & torture). Both groups feel constrained by legal & moral laws, and feel the end justifies the means. As this article points out, the end results in this case don’t justify the means.


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Because China will play a major role in the world’s 21st century geopolitics it is critical for those who want to understand world politics to understand China. The acts of China are a function of dynamics that are deeply embedded in Chinese circumstances & history, as well as a subtle role that they play within the Illuminati’s script (chess game). The reader should understand the thinking behind Chinese geopolitical moves when finished.

CIRCUMSTANCES OF GEOGRAPHY. The circumstances of China’s geography play an intrinsic role in their problems & how they have historically dealt with things. The heartland of China is called Han China and without showing a map, in rough terms it is the eastern half of what the maps call China—except for about a 100 mile buffer zone along the borders to the north of the Han China region. And this explains what the rest of China is all about. Western and northern China function as buffer zones for the heart of China—the Han Chinese. Inner Mongolia, Tibet, and parts of north Manchuria are controlled by the Chinese as buffer zones to protect Han China. This has been the traditional way that the Han Chinese protected China. It is why they built the Great China Wall in the north. So far, we have only discussed the west & north buffer zones. What about the southern border? The Himalayas and Hikakabo Razi (nearly 19,000’ high) are mountains that protect the southern border by isolating Chinese controlled land from what is south. There is not much commerce between these southern nations & China simply due to the rough geography, and it explains how they stayed free of Chinese rule over the centuries. In WW 2, the U.S. built the Burma road, an engineering feat, through this barrier to try to provide a supply route to China because Japan controlled the coast of China and the waters off of it. So China, if it controls these buffer zones is protected & isolated from the rest of the world. And historically the Han Chinese have been content in their cocoon. Because they never had any nations pose a naval threat to their east coast, they never were required to have a large powerful navy. Then the Europeans arrived with powerful navies & the Chinese could not protect their coastal regions.

THREATS. Traditionally the Chinese have faced threats from the north from the Mongols & Russians, and in the west by the Russians. No one threatened them from the south. The east coast was safe until the Europeans & Japanese came. Russia used Kazakhstan as a buffer to protect it from China. (Now Kazakhstan is independent & China is doing some major things there—wanting to build transportation through it to Europe & working with Kazakhstan’s energy production. (Russia will tolerate China’s moves in the area only so much, before they feel threatened.) Russia was not worried about China attacking Siberia as there was nothing important enough for China to lust after in the vast Siberian heartland. Where Siberia reaches the Pacific at Vladivostok, the Chinese might want that, but since it is so priceless to Russia as an outlet on the Pacific, China knows Russia would never give it up. So now traditional enemies, Russia & China are close allies. If one did not understand history, and China’s long term goal to have buffer land around the Han heartland, their stubbornness to keep Tibet in the face of world condemnation would not make sense. So all China’s traditional external threats are under control except from the Pacific Ocean. Under Mao & the communist leadership after him, the Chinese got rid of all the foreign control of the coastal regions incl. regaining Macao (from Portugal) and Hong Kong from the British and eliminating all the foreign corporation commercial interests. Under Mao, they went into their cocoon, and isolated from the world.

HAN CHINA’S DIVERSITY. China actually consists of thousands of ethnic groups & languages, but in the big picture, if we ignore tiny minority groups, Han China has two major parts, the south which speaks Cantonese Chinese and is centered on the Yangtze River (plus the Pearl River) and the north which speaks Mandarin and is centered on the Yellow River. Cantonese & Mandarin are two totally different languages that are mutually not understandable. They are united by the same writing system of characters, which Mao simplified so that everyone could become literate. The older unsimplified form of Chinese characters continue to be taught & used in Taiwan (which was ruled by Japan until Japan surrendered) and by the Japanese (who added their own extra writing systems-yes systems, so they could grammatically change the Chinese meanings as well as incorporate new words phonetically into their language—in other words, the Japanese took Chinese characters & adapted it to their language & improved it.)

THE SECOND PROBLEM. The reason I mention all this Chinese diversity is that the second traditional problem that Chinese rulers have had, after they protected the heartland, was to maintain unity of the heartland. Only a strong central Chinese govt. could keep this diversity from splintering. Whenever the central govt. has gotten weak, China naturally splinters into its diversity of more natural national groups. The unity of the heartland is vulnerable to foreign wealth. When China stays in its cocoon, it is safe—but on its own it is poor. Too little resources for too many people. But if it opens up to the outside world, the coastal commerce regions get wealthy & influenced by foreign thoughts—therefore threatening the unity of the heartland. The Chinese leadership after Mao decided to promote economic growth by opening up to the world, and using their human resources to become an exporting nation, meanwhile trying hard NOT to allow the increasing coastal wealth and new ideas to splinter the unity. It has been a hard balancing act, and they have become a major exporting nation, whose economy is based on exports, but they have had to accept that the unity of the Han heartland has been compromised. Secret societies, if they gain in power could topple the powerful central communist govt. How has the central communist govt. maintained control? By allowing loyal party members to become a wealthy ruling elite. While raising the general economic national situation, while allowing the common man to gain some wealth, they have allowed a loyal filthy rich elite to rise to maintain their control of the Han heartland. Sort of like creating loyal warlords like in past history. So the Chinese ruling elite are willing to allow these new wealthy loyal warlords to remain, because they are an answer to the traditional problem of keeping Han China unified (!!), even though the common people detest the filthy rich communist elite. But they struggle to keep foreign ideas out, the Internet is controlled, foreigners are closely watched, and if they have to, they will resort to Tiananmen Square massacres to maintain strong central control. In other words, China is inherently destable & will fall apart if there is not a strong central govt.

ILLUMINATI CHESS MOVES. The Illuminati have maintained points of influence & control in China all along. They devised a mutually beneficial program, where China’s elite use their masses of people to produce cheap goods for the west, in exchange for China’s elite getting filthy rich. They would also use China, as a means to bring in a global currency to replace the American currency. Why is it so important to move the world in such a fashion? What is wrong with the American $ being a world currency, rather than a genuinely world currency?? The only way to understand this is Satan, and his desire to totally control the world. Look at the Tower of Babel & the attempt at a one-world system. God split the world up into separate nations speaking separate languages to prevent Satan from having the power he lusted after. Since then he has repeatedly inspired men to work on world unity—cosmopolitan is what they were called in the past—today they are called globalists. To describe all this would sidetrack us from specifically China. But one must understand that China’s policies also interweave with a larger script.

REVIEW. So now you can understand, for instance the Korean War better. The Russians controlled North Korea after WW 2 and encouraged them to attack South Korea which was free & under American protection. Why then did China join the war & attack American forces as they approached the Yalu River? They ending up losing over a million men in their assault on U.N. (American-led) forces. They attacked to protect North Korea as a buffer. It was the centuries-old mentality of keeping buffer states to protect the Han heartland. It was also something the Illuminati wanted to insure a costly war to keep their military industrial complex making the big bucks.

WHY THE WORLD CLASS NAVY? Today, no one can assault China’s coast. No one has the power or desire. So why is China building up a world-class navy?? China has to engage in world trade to move forward economically. The U.S. navy is the only threat to China’s worldwide trade. We can also use Taiwan as a major base to put pressure on China. Should China misbehave on a global level, the U.S. navy could be used to check China by initiating a blockade. Any halt to imports & exports would be devastating. The intermediate goal of the Chinese leadership was to build a navy that could make a clash with their navy so costly that America would not consider a blockade as a viability card to play. Other than a blockade (or economic or weather control acts) there are not many controls on China’s behavior. Why does China want the ability to do what it wants? Because the Chinese leadership doesn’t want China merely to protect the heartland & keep unity (completed goals), they want China to become the world’s superpower, the greatest nation on earth. They will be “stepping on toes”, muscling their way around the world. So they have developed anti-satellite systems to destroy our satellites, cyber attack weapons, anti-ship missiles, and spy satellites to insure that America can’t check any questionable behavior. No one can check them.(Almost) No one will want to face them down.(Almost) The U.S. currently has no desire to blockade China. Trump will try checking their unlimited global growth…so future problems are not out of the question. So their naval might is being built so that geo-politically no one can check their global actions.

NEW ACTIONS. China wants to control global oil production to insure their industry & nation has a large dependable supply as well as the global power it gives them. EP Petroecuador (Ecuador’s oil company) has been operating only by Chinese loans. China recently has quietly behind the scenes moved in to finance Iran & Iraq’s oil production infrastructure. Iran kicked the west out, then was under sanctions, and tried to bring in Russian & Chinese help. The help from Russia & China to run their oil fields failed to operate the infrastructure properly, so Iran began to use their own people—which hasn’t worked either. Now the Iranians need help desperately to keep their oil infrastructure functioning now that they are selling lots of oil worldwide. Chinese Banks are beginning to very quietly help Iran (& Iraq too) with financing rebuilding their infrastructure. China has been playing roles globally, sending their military to many hotspots, buying key things globally, and taking control over economies of smaller nations like Ecuador. These are all part of China’s goal to become the world’s sole superpower. Both the U.S. & China are now interdependent. If one suffers economically so will the other, but one has to factor in the agenda of the globalist elite, and how China will be maneuvered to develop that agenda.


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To start this message let me briefly quote from the Word of God: “YOU WILL BE HATED BY ALL NATIONS…then there will be great tribulation, such as has NOT BEEN SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE WORLD…” (A) “And the kings of the earth who committed fornication & lived luxuriously with her will weep and lament for her… FOR IN ONE HOUR SUCH GREAT RICHES CAME TO NOTHING.”(B) The Word of God can be rather blunt with its prophecies, and many of you have heard these dire prophecies your entire life. So where is America today??? By the end of this message, I will have answered that in detail…bear with me.

AMERICA’S STATUS. America’s natural wealth is God-given; be humble. America’s success with their God-given talents & wealth is man-made; let us be thankful to our wise hardworking forefathers. America’s pride & conceit are demonic-given; let us repent! Over the years, America’s moral high ground, our core of spiritually strong godly people, has been weakening…and other nations are taking the moral leadership. During the 70’s, 80’s and ‘90’s, I could be heard warning about America’s moral free fall. During high school in the early ‘70s, I publicly told a story before audiences that had the punchline that “the Mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small…God will not be mocked.” Trust me, God will not be mocked. We have ourselves to blame, not God, for what is coming.

BILLY GRAHAM’S DAUGHTER SPEAKS: “God warns a nation that judgment is coming. He doesn’t want any to perish. But if a nation does not heed His warnings, He unleashes His anger and there is nothing — no one — who can prevent it. If God would judge His own beloved nation of Judah, why would we think America could escape?” The truth is the truth, and Billy Graham’s daughter should be close enough to power to discern the times. Are the rest of us?

WORLD’S RESERVE CURRENCY STATUS. Many informed people, even in the 70’s, thought that America’s economy would crash & burn…friends & relatives of mine were convinced of a coming crash which never came because America was the world’s reserve currency and could manage to weather the storms that hit other nations by inventing more dollars (which was a hidden tax on the world of people everywhere that use dollars for international transactions). So our situation today has taken many troubled years & many bad decisions to arrive at. And the fact that America has escaped judgment for its poor moral & poor economic decisions, could easily mislead people to think America is invulnerable. WHERE ARE WE? America’s day of judgment could come at any moment!!! Perhaps life as we know it will go another year, and when judgment falls, the media will not be reporting its arrival. It’s like a tsunami is ready to hit, but until it has hit, almost no one is warning about its presence & its movement towards us. Or to use another analogy, our collective head is in the guillotine, but we are not fully aware of the blade…and when it is released, it will only be noticed when its work is done.

The HURRICANE GATHERS. Now that we have discussed the spiritual side of things, let’s look at how this is playing out in global affairs. Everyone loves a winner, but a loser gets abandoned quickly. Popularity is fickle, & success is fickle. One moment things are good, then the next the crowd has abandoned you. America has lost all her friends. It is worse than you could imagine. You knew from my writings that China & Russia wanted to dethrone America’s reserve currency status & that they were ignoring the Bretton Woods agreement. You know from my writings that China’s currency was granted reserve currency status…(yet nothing dire seemed to happen when it happened last year). I have told you that Russia & China have secretly stockpiled hundreds of tons of gold & are trying to establish an alternative to today’s system (which is the U.S. dollar’s status, the IMF & World Bank). Their alternative is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) HQed in Beijing. The AIIB has a benign name, but its purpose is not Asian but global. It is pushing for a new global currency. By the end of 2015, 57 nations had joined and on 25 DEC ’15 it opened for business. But what is amazing is that the U.K. joined…and then Australia & South Africa. These nations were once strong American allies. 27 more nations are joining China’s alternative by the end of this year. Even Canada & Mexico are considering abandoning us and may before the year is up! Only Japan and Columbia are not interested in abandoning the dollar! The central and northern African nations have not joined China either, but will of course jump ship when a new global currency comes out.

THE HURRICAN HITS. When will the world’s nations let the guillotine fall on America??? Will China & Russia wait until the end of the year, so that Canada can be added to the nations that have betrayed the USA? With most of the world lining up with China’s AIIB (bear in mind China kept majority shares), the blade could fall any day…I tend to think they will take their time and let the rest of the world abandon the USA. No use hurrying what is inevitable. Meanwhile they are selling U.S. treasury bonds. This connects with the story I broke on 29 JUNE ‘14 about Van Duyn propping up our dollar by buying $412 billions of treasury debt. He told me he was going to prop up our dollar and then the U.S. treasury site said Belgium had bought $412 billion in our debt. Believe me that was not the govt. of Belgium. He also told me that he & friends were planning to buy $1 Trillion of American Treasury debt in 2015. Beside Van Duyn buying our Fed’s debt, the Fed has been buying their own debt…which now they have bought back 61% of their own debt!! Why have Van Duyn and the Fed needed to buy our debt?? Because all the nations around the world are selling & dumping Treasury bonds. Of course our media is not telling us of this impending crisis. We are in the middle of a crisis of trust. No one believes in America anymore, not even the majority of Americans. The nations are willing to jump on the bandwagon of China. Let America drown in their own debt. The world is jealous of us, they feel the cake has not been divided up equally. In some ways they are right—but in some ways they are wrong. In the late 1800’s & early 1900’s, Japan & the U.S. were two nations that pulled themselves up in competition with the European nations. The Europeans have always viewed themselves as special. Interestingly, now both upstart nations are isolated clinging to the dollar.

THE DAY AFTER IT FALLS. It won’t take long for the Almighty dollar to die. As the Word says, “in one hour”…and it will seem that quick. The stock market will tumble 60%…real estate values will dive 50%…the govt. will take drastic measures to survive by raising taxes & ending social security. Gas will rise to prices comparable to the rest of the world–$6/gallon…and then slide further to $9/gallon as things worsen. Marginal businesses will close. Some businesses will survive. It will be difficult to borrow and money will be scarce. Gold and silver will rise to new highs of value compared to the dollar. Our lives will be different. But the World, which is so jealous & spiteful of America, will collapse with us. There is no way that a nation like America can collapse without a domino effect worldwide. But the rest of the world are so sick of our “leadership”, they are willing to dump America & take their chances. And now they are being led by Communist China and Putin’s Russia… and if you have followed my posts for the last 4 years, these nations are anti-America. Look back at all my articles about China’s preparations to fight America. And from the World’s perspective, the days when they have to tolerate abusive conceited American global leadership are coming to a quick end.

FINAL THOUGHT: “The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy. He will not always chide: neither will he keep his anger forever. …Like as a father pitieth (has compassion for) his children, so the LORD pitieth (has compassion for) them that fear him.”(C) You cannot save America, but you can save your soul. Heavenly Father, forgive us for our sins against You & our fellow man.

(A) MT 24:9, 21 (B) REV 18:9, 17 (C) PS 103: 8, 13


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THE WILL OF GOD (10 APR ’16) Yesterday’s post received a good question that required considerable explaining to do it justice. I realized that the best way was to simply use the answer as another post, rather than try to clog the thread. Here is what Angela wrote:

Angela Jackson The world IS so confusing today! I almost got roped into the goals of a conservative hawk, a ‘jeffersonian christian’. All this ‘wisdom of the world’ meant they believed in ‘military solutions’, and wanted me to add to the choir calling for open military confrontation of Islam. They were drawing lines between thou shalt not kill, and thou shalt not murder, without considering translation liberties(which i actually haven’t looked-up yet). So I could’ve been a shill for material goals, and not spiritual goals, in the name of the superiority of Christianity, considering how evil Islam really is. Muslims conquered the whole middle east, shall they now conquer Europe too? This person descends from the Turkish Armenian population that suffered through a genocide; their grandparents escaped.

Perhaps we can shift our conversation away from nuking mecca and medina (to ‘de-legitimize the religious leadership’). This American hawk certainly scared me with their conclusions, as they were based entirely on reason and logic.

“For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.”
Very sorry for the long intro; I just see that people want to do something about the Muslim issue and they don’t like scriptural answers. At least the answers I can give.

Do you have any suggestions Fritz?

Angela, Thank you for your comments & question…always clear insightful thoughts on your part and on topic. The man (or woman of faith) walks by faith, comfortable that in spite of the turbulence, the pilot of this planet (God) will bring it to a good destination.

The passengers on this journey have been instructed, “thou shalt not kill”. That is not a false translation. The Hebrew there for “not” is “lo” and for “kill” it is “ratsach”. The primary meaning of ratsach is indeed murder, but it has a secondary meaning simply to kill another person. This latitude in meaning is taken by many as allowing civil death penalties and just wars. And indeed, Israel did give some law breakers the death penalty and did fight some just wars with God’s direction & blessing. Because you may possibly be able to do something—DOES not mean it is the correct thing. For instance, I could put all my belongings up for sale & move to Detroit, and there is no law stopping me.(As the Word says at one pt.: all things are lawful to me, but are they expedient??) But is it the right thing to do? How do I determine what is right?

To answer that means I must separate my will from God’s will, and then I must understand God has 3 different kinds of will—His Intentional will, His Circumstantial will, and His Ultimate will. Unfortunately we use the term “the will of God” for 3 different things!!! The confusion people have in separating out God’s will from our own, and then recognizing that God has 3 different wills has people quite confused. God gets blamed for things He should not be. “It is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish.”(MT 18:14) The fruit of evil creates evil circumstances, that the circumstantial will of God allows such things as martyrdom or the death of an innocent child. As God cannot be defeated, nothing happens that can defeat His ultimate will. So God can permit evil and still redeem its bad fruits to what He ultimately wanted. He can bring good out of evil…as ROM 8:28 teaches. When evil is happening, it is blasphemy to say it is the will of God. Evil is evil. We need to be careful how we use the phrase “it is the will of God”.

Let us use an everyday father as an example. The father has a son and wants his son to grow up a fine Christian man who will be a doctor like he is. This is his intentional will. But the father’s thoughts are like this as WW 2 comes, “If war comes, and my son wants to do his service to his country and enlist I will agree.” War comes, the son wants to join, and the father’s circumstantial will is for the son to join, so he says, “Go ahead son you have my approval.” Did the son change the father’s will. NO. From the son’s viewpt. he changed it by asking…but actually the father’s circumstantial will pre-allowed it. But bear in mind the intentional will of the father is to have his son a doctor not a soldier. It would be unjust to say that the father’s will was that his son would be a soldier—even though his circumstantial will permitted it, his intentional will & ultimate will were against it. If the father were heavenly Father he could even bring good out of these circumstances—say, for instance, the G.I. bill + experiences in the war provide the means for the son to become a great doctor.

Ultimately, all will be reframed into God’s Ultimate will; this is how we see the theme of the Bible…from paradise lost to paradise regained. But for now we have to deal with the circumstances of evil being allowed to run its course. So this is the framework from which we have to make moral decisions. Each of us should be completely persuaded that he (or she) is doing what the Holy Spirit is calling him to do. The fundamental question we can ask is: is what I am doing promoting & giving life, is this a decision for life, or is this a decision for death??? In some circumstances, being armed or even using a firearm may preserve life. But it is too easy for men to mistake their own wills for God’s and jump to shallow easy answers, rather than take the straight & narrow path that Christ trailblazed for us.

Angela, there is another issue involved in this discussion…one which is not ever mentioned because essentially no one has thought of it…and I risk many readers rejecting me for saying it…but the issue is entirely Scriptural. We are repeatedly called to love our enemies and do them good, to bless them and not curse them.(This is really hard for people to do, we need the love of Christ in our hearts to do this.) We are repeatedly called to have the mind of God. (This again is difficult, most “Christians” are very shallow, & have no clue where the mind of God is at.) But here is the catch few realize (…perhaps its seldom realized in part because few can really love both their fellow man & God)…as I say here is the catch which we see in this example: when Christ, the reigning God King returns, He comes to wage war on God’s enemies. So a more accurate principle is this: We are called to love our personal enemies—but if God hates someone—and there are places in the Word where it says He hates certain people—If God hates someone, if they are enemies of His that He must hate, then we should have the mind of God. This helps explain how Phineas pleased God so highly. He understood this.

So I have given spiritual scriptural principles and have clarified the thinking we must have to sort out the answers facing us. The occult is guided by formulas & rituals. We are guided by the Spirit of God who gives life, liberty & wisdom. That is why I have not given you any formula


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TRIUMPH IN THE MIDST OF CHAOTIC TROUBLE. (9 APR ’16) It is easy to access mainstream news, it’s a flick of a switch or a few clicks of a computer mouse. But where is God’s wisdom in the midst of all this chaos?? The illusion of knowledge prevents learning more than mere ignorance. This post places relevant news into patterns…with the goal that the reader learns to distinguish heavenly wisdom from demonic wisdom. The foolishness of God is wiser than men.(A) “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom with all thy getting get understanding.”(B)

WISDOM FROM ABOVE v. WISDOM FROM BELOW: JAMES 3:13-18. This section of Scripture contrasts heavenly wisdom to demonic wisdom. It warns us that false wisdom produces confusion, and is produced from mixed motives like pride & selfish ambition. While demonic wisdom produces pride, & causes a person to value what he knows, the wisdom from above produces meekness & humility and motivates a person to apply his learning in a practical positive way. True wisdom is a gift from God and open to reason, while the other kind derives from earthly, sensual & demonic sources/principles and is often insincere, hypocritical & prone to anger. As it is written: “…the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.”(C) One final thought on God’s wisdom, in line with Christ’s teaching to take one day at a time, it works best to discern God’s wisdom for the present, and not try to discern it years ahead.

MIND CONTROL WISDOM. Recently, I have written a couple of articles on Dr. Mengele, the SS Angel of Death our govt. used to program our children w/ t.b.m.c. for decades. His experiments for mind control at Auschwitz incl. dunking different children in vats of cold water to see when they lost consciousness, electroshocking them, & having them stood on their head for hours…charting all this in detail. But no one in the system has exposed these experiments as trauma-based mind control experiments. So I have to. And if one looks at the knowledge & skill he obtained, and compare it to the Biblical definition of wisdom, it is obvious that his wisdom was what the Bible labels “demonic wisdom”.

CHURCH’S IDENTITY CRISIS. The mainstream churches are groping around trying to make their messages sound like worldly wisdom. The apostolic church turned the world upside down with their heavenly wisdom. Today’s church’s wisdom allows them to assimilate. Instead of the John 3 cure for their disease (of sin) they have lollipops, picnics, & warm fuzzy events. God’s heavenly wisdom is not abstract or irrelevant, so those who think the traditional message is not practical don’t understand its wisdom. If it is merely an opiate of the people (like Marx coined), then it is not authentic divine wisdom. In Christ are hid all the treasures of wisdom & knowledge.(D)

REPUBLICAN PARTY WISDOM. The mainstream Republican Party which is part & partial of the Elite’s World system played dirty with Ron Paul, during his two presidential campaigns. They broke party rules, lied, & manipulated to keep him from getting the delegates he was meant to have, etc. And they got by with playing dirty. Now that Trump is having success, the controlled party hacks are looking for ways to cheat Trump out of the party’s nomination. This time they won’t get away with it like they did with Ron Paul. They may destroy their party in their efforts to stop Trump. The split of the Democratic Party is what allowed Lincoln to win…and splitting the Republicans may do the same for Hillary. Meanwhile, Soros does what he’s good at, funding riots to make Trump look bad.

MOSSACK FONSECA & THE PANAMA PAPERS. Through the actions of western intelligence assets about 11.5 million documents (collectively called the Panama Papers) have recently been released of Mossak Fonseca’s activities in providing shell companies to the political elite around the world so that their large wealth could be hidden. The scandal involves 12 current/or former heads of state and 128 politicians in Europe, Russia, China, other parts of Asia and Africa. Only two days after the release of the Panama Papers, the first head rolled; Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson resigned on Tuesday. My question is this…how did so many politicians in all kinds of countries know how Mossak Fonseca could hide their assets, and the rest of us common people not know about the game?? And the World tells us there are no conspiracies. Sounds like a lot of people were on the inside of this secret for decades. It’s been (foolishly) advised that it is better to be crazy with the whole World, than sane & alone. So the World may teach… yet God’s wisdom is opposite: it is better to stand alone with God Almighty, than join the lemming-like crowds.

PUTIN’S RESPONSE. To allegations of Russian criminal wealth associated with Putin being hidden by Mossak Fonseca, Putin is reported to have said, “George Soros, you sly dragon, this is war,” When questioned by a top aide as to what he meant by “dragon” (a strange word to use in Russian), Putin sighed heavily & gave the assembled group his trademark stare before explaining that all is not what it seems in regards to how the world is run. They report that next Putin told the meeting that “95% of the world’s ruling class are not even human,” but are “cold-blooded hybrids” who are “members of an ancient cult.” He reportedly said that he was not one of them, but they [the western elite—the Illuminati] are afraid of him and have attempted to lure him into their “ancient Babylonian cult.” Putin then vowed to ramp up sanctions against Soros’s Open Society even further.

ERROR CAN IMITATE TRUTH. Error can travel on the same info highways as truth. Everything that looks like gold is not gold, it may be fool’s gold. There is an abundance of that going around. “Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron…”(E) In several verses we are warned to try the spirits behind a message—what kind of wisdom are we dealing with.(F) And Christ gives us the litmus test: “Beware of false prophets…Ye shall know them by their fruits.”(G) Does this “wisdom” draw me closer to God? Does it have the fruit of the spirit assoc. with it? Is this “wisdom” inspired by selfish desires? Is this wisdom hypocritical or sincere? Now it is the divine Spirit which makes us wise & spiritual. It is His work to make us wise & spiritual. This is why it was so significant that God told people what He was going to offer to mankind; “A new heart I will give you and a new spirit I will put within you…and I will put my Spirit within you.”(H)

(A) 1 COR 1:25 (B) PRV 9:1 (C) JAS 3:17 (D) COL 2:3 (E) 1 TIM 4:1-2 (F) 1 THS 5:21, 1 JN 4:1 (G) MT 7:15-16. (H) EZK 36:26-27


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. A message to God’s noble servants about our irrepressible joy. Each morning the colorful birds sing songs in thanks for another day. And at night, the beauty of the vast heavenly amphitheater enthralls us with its twinkling stars. “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.” ROM 1:20 NAS Part of having the Spirit of God in us is we recognize the divine Creator through His magnificent Creation & we are joyful, “You have turned…my mourning into dancing.” PS 30:11

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” PS 19:1 The same stars that we enjoy were there in ancient times inspiring the fathers of our faith such as Abraham & Yahshua . (The Word of God refers to the Big Dipper, the Pleiades, Orion, Draco, Ursa Major, Taurus, Saturn, Venus and constellations in general. It offhandedly tells us many things, for instance: the stars can’t be numbered (A), stars have different brightnesses (B), that there are physical laws that govern the universe (C), & that the moon’s phases provide seasons & a calendar (D). It speaks of a spherical planet earth (E) which is suspended in space (F) and that its 23.5 degree tilt was intentionally created so we’d have seasons (G). Christ talks about when he returns it will be day for some, night for others—in other words our globe with its time zones. (H) Meteors & comets are described. Within Revelation’s prophecies it speaks of a meteor ’’Wormwood”. (I) God still surprises us with what He does, miracles have not ceased. When we see the Hand of God at work, our hearts dance with joy. We comprehend that there is more to life than living, there is divine companionship. Finding that divine presence has been our aspiration for life. Yes, the earth is the Lord’s.(J)

OVERWHELMED BY THE MAJESTY OF HIS CREATION, PAGANS WORSHIP IT. The great beauty of the night stars is expansive. The vastness of God power is displayed at night by the stars. Who set this vast complex panorama in motion?? For nothing moves unless it has been acted upon. Yes, we are without excuse if we don’t sense the divine Creator. Don’t look at this natural cathedral in the night heavens & worship the stars. Unfortunately, God had to even spell this out to people.(K) That’s not where your true destiny lies, it lies with the Creator of those stars. “From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord’s name is to be praised.”(L) “Sing unto the Lord with thanksgiving…who covers the heaven with clouds, who prepares the rain for the earth, who makes grass to grow upon the mountains.”(M) (And by the way, his Word teaches us about the Water Cycle in ECCL 1:7, that same Water cycle they taught us in school using a chart with circular arrows.)

SACRED DANCE. Nature waltzes with God, relaxes in His care, and rejoices at life, and so should we. There was dancing when the father threw a party for the returning prodigal son.(N) There is great celebration & much joy in heaven when a sinner repents of his rebellion to God. (O) That was the point being made when Christ told the story of the prodigal son. And God’s servant David danced his heart out in joy over the Ark of the Covenant.(P) Our souls are enriched by the majesty of creation, and there is even a healing that God gives us through His Creation. It is alive and gives us life.

THE FOOL SAYS THERE IS NO GOD. “Hear this, you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear:…He [God] made the earth by his power; he founded the world by his wisdom and stretched out the heavens by his understanding.”(Q) The pagans celebrate “Earth Day,” and forget about You Father. They are back to worshipping Your creation. And led by the Father of Lies they recommend killing the innocent (by widespread abortion) to prevent harming their sacred earth by added live births. Polluting the planet with the blood of millions of the innocent.
Heavenly Father, we will honor you as our Creator, our Lord & Saviour, and honor your name. We will worship you in deeds as well as words. You have given us the beauty of the dark night that is filled with stars. We need that darkness to appreciate their beauty. The darkness of this World helps us appreciate Your light. You have fine tuned the parameters of this planet so it could give life. Send the wind of your Holy Spirit to blow out the cobwebs of our thinking, the dust of old ways, and the dead fallen leaves of hard times. In the midst of this man-made satanic inspired World System, let us step out of it all to worship You, the awe-inspiring Creator, the God of Joy. Our hearts sing, “GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS… Summer and winter, and spring-time and harvest, Sun, moon and stars in their courses above,
Join with all nature in manifold witness To Thy great faithfulness, mercy and love.” Amen.

(A) JER 33:22 (B) 1 COR 15:41 (C) JOB 38:33, & JER 33:25 (D) PS 104:19-23 (E) ISA 40:21-22, also PRV 8:27 (F) JOB 26:7-10 (G) PS 74:16-17 (H) LK 17:30, 31b, 34: “…thus shall it be in the day when the Son of Man [the Messiah] is revealed…he that is in the field, let him likewise not return back…I tell you in that night there shall be two men in one bed;” (I) REV 8:10b-11 (J) PS 24:1-2 (K) DT 4:19 cf. EX 20:4 (L) PS 113:3 (M) PS 147: 7-8 (N) LK 15:25 (O) LK 15:10 (P) 2 SAM 6:13-14 (Q) JER 5:21, 51:15

EVIL & THE ANGEL OF DEATH: An historical look at evil & the Illuminati’s all-time best trauma-based mind control programmer. (2 APR ’16

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) This article will help us by increasing our wisdom in understanding evil, as well as documenting some historical details about t.b. mind control. Up to now, the primary biography on Mengele was written by a member of the Astor Illum. bloodline.(A) Satan’s color is green, one of Mengele’s names was Dr. Green.

GOOD & EVIL CAN HAVE THE SAME FACE; the Word of God says Satan appears as an angel of light. Satan has an evil smile; & one gets a feel for it in the 1997 movie Devil’s Advocate where Al Pacino does a grand job of illustrating how the brilliant Satan can manifest his pure evil with a smile. You need a Satan to explain the level of evil that the evil genius Joseph Mengele reached as the Illuminati’s all-time star programmer. There are plenty of people (usually occultists) who try to convince us that evil is purely a human invention; for instance, Nietzche said, “Man is the cruelest animal.” No. No. & No! This level of evil can only be explained by realizing that people are taken over by a supernatural force (as the movie Devil’s Advocate does so well to show the hidden dimensions…when Kevin Lomax, played by Keanu Reeves realizes he is Satan’s son, & consequently, that there has been a major hidden dimension to his life!) And as another movie explains so well, in a statement by David Wong (in John Dies at the End): “Son, the greatest trick the Devil pulled was convincing the world there was only one of him.” This article looks at one of Satan’s manifestations, known as the Angel of Death while he was alive… Joseph Mengele, who was a Grand Master (later Ipssimus) in the Illuminati, and was protected by our intelligence agencies (& other collaborating acronym monsters) so he could program American children w/ t.b.m.c. Such was the protection that the $4million reward for info for his arrest after WW2 was never received by anyone. Mengele’s conc. camp research, housed at Suitland Annex, is still classified.

EVIL? People tell me that evil & Satan are merely things I have invented in my own mind. While I am not a fan of Ayn Rand, mistress of a Rothschild, she says something so well in Atlas Shrugged, that it is appropriate to quote it here: “The man who refuses to judge, who neither agrees nor disagrees, who declares that there are no absolutes and believes that he escapes responsibility, is the man responsible for all the blood that is now spilled in the world. Reality is an absolute, existence is an absolute, a speck of dust is an absolute and so is a human life. Whether you live or die is an absolute. Whether you have a piece of bread or not, is an absolute. Whether you eat your bread or see it vanish into a looter’s stomach, is an absolute.” Joseph Mengele was an SS medical captain who began working as a Lagerartz at Auschitz in May 1943, who made the decision while smiling which of the incoming slaves would live or die. He loved to choose whether someone lived or died. It is estimated he pointed 300,000 people to their deaths. He was totally indifferent to human suffering. For instance, he could do an amputation on a person with no anesthesia without batting on eyelash. It has been said that EVIL begins when you begin to treat people as things (& not wonderful creatures made in the image of God.) Why did Mengele frequently lie (besides the fact his spiritual father was the Father of lies), even though he was “an honest person”? He lied to hide the evil he was doing to people. Some people contend the Nazi SS believed in what they were doing was good. If so, why all the secrecy & lies? They pretended & lied to themselves they were good—otherwise who could live with doing evil? Some of the conc. camp survivors (& m.c. survivors) of Mengele still called him “papa” and “Väterchen” (papa & daddy). He began t.b.m.c. programming in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

DESCRIPTION OF PURE EVIL. Here is an incredible description of Mengele by one of the American children he programmed (after WW2) with trauma-based mind control. I wanted to record this description for posterity, it is so good. Here it is: “BTW [by the way], I listened again to my odd recording about Papa Mengele last night,[a record of memories]. Papa was a dictator. He was an evil man with no feelings. His feelings were sterile, as he had none but anger, contempt and hate. And sometimes he was curious. He had a scientific mind. He was a very intelligent man. But he was bent on destruction with hardly the blink of a (spiritually discerning) eye. That’s what was hypnotic about him. He was able to get your attention IMMEDIATELY. He loved cruelty so much — as a curious, intelligent scientist with no morality whatsoever — that it was almost like he wasn’t cruel at all. It was just normal for him — this nightmare of a man who was dual at times. Add to that, he was handsome; and it felt mixed up to be with him. Because he could be nice in odd, suspicious ways… But, sometimes he was so cruel it was hard to believe. It was beyond your imagination of evil. You had to hide any of your emotions as you watched in horror and disbelief what he did, even like his anger igniting like a match. He could go into a rage that you never wanted to see again in your lifetime. His entire body became energized and vibrated from his venom. Everyone around was traumatized. And he was GOD!! He let us know that.

“Papa often anally raped me as his “morning exercise.” Then he had me clean up. And he made me love it and thank him for hurting me. I was numb. I was grateful to be alive (even brought back from the dead many times). Blind loyalty and love of Papa was all I could think of. ABSOLUTELY!! No other thoughts! None were allowed. I still can’t bear to remember the clear majority of this hell-hole of a life with him. THAT was Papa! And maybe I miss him a little. I think I do. Maybe I hate him a lot. Maybe I still fear him… and all those who represent him.”(B)

ALL POWERFUL? Satanic Beasts like Mengele expected total submission or instant death. One conc. camp survivor recalls how he clubbed a woman’s head into mash, & then whistled while washing the blood off his hands. But there are numerous stories of individuals in the conc. camps (as well as t.b.m.c. survivors) who recognized the level of evil they faced & outsmarted it. Stupidity & the denial of evil were not their tickets to physical salvation—but wisdom; truly we are called as Christ taught to “be wise as serpents, & harmless as doves”.

MENGELE ESTABLISHED HIMSELF AS GOD in his victims. Many conc. camp survivors & survivors remember his shiny boots and how he clicked them. Martin Greenfield who wrote his memoir of Auschwitz speaks of meeting Mengele on the first page: “They say a man’s shoes are the first thing a person notices. I can still see his in my mind. Leather boots, dark like the night, shining like mirrors.”(C) An American mind control survivor says, “The boots were well taken care of (like carefully oiled), and the silver buckles shined. This seems vivid in my memory….I’m having a huge problem believing I was with such a monster. As a young child!! And, it appears there’s surely more evil people I was put with than just Mengele and Aquino!” Mengele’s boot clicking was so notable to his victims, that other programmers like Michael Aquino have imitated it. Another memorable thing was him saying “Actung” to those he programmed. He had green-brown eyes & stood 5’8” or less w/ a notable gap in his upper front teeth. He grew up the richest kid in town, but had been traumatized himself by his Illum. family. He believed his likes & dislikes fervently, & could lose his composure instantly. He had a quick genius mind that quickly sized up people, which helped him select those to live & to be programmed & to serve as human Guinea pigs.

ONE KEY FEATURE OF MENGELE’S PROGRAMMING. (D) Mengele was familiar w/ Dante’s Inferno & piano music. Jewish Kabbalists at Auschwitz helped Mengele understand the Kabala better. He was also knowledgeable about the Lesser Key of Solomon Goetia which connects spirits to the body. So in his programming he installs a Kabballistic Tree of Life (more properly a “Tree of Death”) that is perceived by the victim as residing within his body w/ fallen angels (evil spirits) attached to the different body parts. Each room has its own name, its own set of alters, programming attached, and access codes attached. Rituals are done to create alters for the different rooms. Demons within the person guide their pathworking magic. So the Yesod circle (room, quad or container meaning Foundation) would be connected to the genitals & have relevant evil spirits attached. Yesod is the meeting place of the earthly & evil spirits. Likewise Tepheret (meaning Beauty) is attached to the heart, and animated with fallen Angels, who in turn both protect & anchor the programming, while in turn being anchored to the human structure by trauma & magic. If this kind of structure is embedded in the mind & body of the victim, the victim will perceive that the evil spirits animate the body & are essential to his life. Illuminated “wisdom” such as the understanding of the mysteries of human sacrifice will be placed into the Tepheret circle. The top room (Kether=Crown) contains Satan & the Anti Christ in spirit form & a goddess. Below this is Daat=Knowledge which is called the Blue Room and houses front Mother of Darkness alters. This blue room is the balancing pt. and also associated with twinning (which loomed big with Mengele in his research & programming). At the bottom is Malkuth=Kingdom which is linked to the victim’s feet and has the spirit (life force) of the first male child who the victim was forced to sacrifice attached to it. Malkuth is the Gate of Death and as everything is upside down in Satanism, it is said that its roots are in heaven. (These roots spiritually have the blood of the first born sacrificed in a box at the bottom of Malkuth.) At any rate, plenty of gatekeepers are placed into Malkuth. The Kabalistic Tree is said to need balance to operate (so one’s good deeds must balance one’s bad). Prana kid alters are attached to the tree also. Prana kids are to know about the human aura, chakras and the laws that govern our life to help them achieve success. An alter of destruction & one of change is housed in Hochma=Wisdom, which is the right ear, where ancestral spirits are attached for wisdom. Also the magical concepts of blue, red and white roses are connected to the Kabballistic Tree & its programming. Other concepts of Mengele’s were complex 3D structures, lots of boxes, and games where the life of the person was toyed with in a way that brought out the best in them….Truly inspired by Satan. Later programmers lacked that creative zeal & fine tuning to animate the person’s inner drives, and tended to mechanically turn out uncreative assembly-line mind controlled slaves. Mengele’s programming was an evil work of art. To make an analogy would be to compare the beautiful craftsmanship in older buildings & hand-made artifacts, to the simplistic work & assembly line designs of today.

(A) Astor, Gerald. The Last Nazi: The Life & Times of Dr. Joseph Megele. Donald I Fine, Inc.: NYC, 1985. (B) Confidential report by t.b.m.c. survivor to author, author’s name intentionally withheld. (C) Greenfield, Martin. Measure of a Man: From Auschwitz Survivor to President’s Tailor. Regenery Publishing, Wash. D.C., 2014. (D) Much of this Tree of Life mind control info is found in my book The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave.


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I’ve written this as an introductory article on the connections between the secret society of the Illuminati & the Unitarian-Universalist (UU) movement & churches. Some of its foundational info comes from Chapter 2.4 of my Be Wise As Serpents (1991).

WHAT IS THE UU CHURCH? Before I begin exposing, it would be appropriate to do some explaining about the UU church. Even though Walter Martin in his Kingdom of the Cults calls it a cult, it fails to function as one. The church stands for “free thought”—free meaning basically free of Christian doctrine as its members are atheists, agnostics, pagans, humanists & new agers, and as we will see even Illuminati members. Perhaps its most famous member is Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who worked for the Br. Govt. & created the World Wide Web. The first web site was, by the way, built at CERN, & Sir Berners-Lee called its first server CERN HTTP daemon. The church was originally conceived as the union of two nearly identical denominations: the Unitarians (who rejected the Trinity & Christian doctrine) & the Universalists (who rejected the concept of sin & believe all mankind gets salvation). In line with their mega-ecumenicalism acceptance of all, after 9-11, they taught in their rel. education classes that Islam was not radical or dangerous. (The reality of Islamic teachings needs to exposed in a considerable article; others have youtube videos for those interested.)

GOAL OF ILLUMINIZED FREEMASONRY. “The three infamous assassins are Law, Property and Religion.” So says the official ritual of the 33 and last degree ritual of the Antient and Accepted Scottish Rite. An illuminized 33° Mason wrote “Once Religion is dead, Law and Property will fall to our mercy, and we shall be able to regenerate society by founding on the corpses of the assassins of man, Masonic Religion, Masonic Law, and Masonic Property.”(1) The creation of international communism was done by Illuminized Freemasons to achieve the goal of overthrowing religion (Christianity), substituting socialism for private ownership, and substituting their laws (replacing divine law). The destruction of these 3 so-called “assassins” of mankind was an Illuminati goal.

COMMUNIST UNITARIAN-UNIV. MINISTERS. There have been a parade of Unitarian-Universalist (from here on referred to as UU) ministers promoting communism & the goal of illuminized Freemasonry (& by extension the Illuminati’s agenda). John Lewis, a British UU minister, specialized in Marxist philosophy; & during WW2 he travelled & lectured for the Br. Army Education Corp teaching soldiers the blessings of having a Marxist ally (USSR) on the U.K.’s side. (He also was big into Boy Scouts, which has had a lot of Masons & Illum. leadership.) L.P. Jacks (1860-1955) was another prominent Br. UU minister who was close friends with the Fabian Socialists (an Illum. front). George Bernard Shaw, a Fabian Socialist & admirer of both Stalin & Mussolini was a friend of both L.P. Jacks (Lawrence Pearsall Jacks) and the UU minister of the Wash. D.C. UU All Souls Church, A. Powell Davies. A.P. Davies was famous for saying God is dead: “There is no God in the sky…There is no army of angels…” One more example of a socialist UU minister is Mila Tupper Maynard (1864-1926) who was a leader in Calif. of the Socialist Party & assoc. w/ the socialist utopian community in the Mojave Desert in Antelope Valley, CA.

ILLUMINIZED FREEMASONRY INTENDED TO CHANGE THE WORLD BY REVOLUTION. The book Occult Theocracy gives a good detailed background how so many of these revolutionary groups connected to the Occult Theocratic leadership (aka the Illuminati). She describes in detail the Illuminati member & revolutionist Giuseppe Mazzini. The Illluminati not only created revolutions throughout Europe, but wanted to split the U.S.A. Mazzini helped create the American Civil War by working with a secret group of 6 American UU ministers, who had created a secret group that they called the Bird Club. The Bird Club was created to create a revolutionary type of war in the U.S.A. Gerrit Smith of the Bird Club appears to have been an Illum. mmbr. Charles Sumner, a member of the Bird Club & a student of Freemasonry & revolution, made personal visits to occultic revolutionists in Europe, including Mazzini. He excited his fellow Bird Club members with his revolutionary talk.(2) Besides the 6 conspiring UU ministers of the Bird Club, Harvard Univ. associated with the UU church, brought in Illum. connected professors like Karl Follen of Giessen, Ger. Karl Follen helped create the Illuminati revolutionary front Bund der Jugend (League of Youth) in Europe. This League of Youth revolutionary group had links to the Carbonari & illuminized Freemasonry. These movements at times moved under the guise of the Swiss Bible Society. In August 1819, Christian ministers met at Carlsbad, Ger. & denounced the movement, which was then broken up by the arrests of its members. In late 1824, revolutionist Follen left Switzerland to be a Unitarian minister at Harvard. By the way, Harvard Divinity School in 1805 began teaching Unitarianism.

THE BIRD CLUB FUNDS JOHN BROWN. William Ellery Channing, who was a Freemason, Unitarian Minister, and abolitionist, rejected the Bible as untrustworthy & studied Illuminati philosophers being strongly influenced by Rousseau, Voltaire & others. The UU ministers’ secret society to foment revolution found a cold blooded killer/thief named John Brown. They sent him funds, supplies, & weapons to fight slavery in Bleeding Kansas, which was torn by civil war. They also sent him a professional revolutionist assoc. with the Illuminati, a Jewish Freemason named August (Anschel) Bondi. He fought with John Brown in the Kansas “battles” (butcheries) of Blackjack & Osawatomie. Before Bondi joined Brown, he had fought in the Illum./Masonic created Metternich revolution as well as the Masonic created revolution in Cuba against Spain. (The Scottish Rite’s New Age Magazine had an article describing how the Masons had started & led that Cuba revolution.)(3) Karl Marx was a reporter for the NY Times when John Brown attacked Harper’s Ferry, VA in an attempt to create a black slave revolt. Marx and similar reporters of the big newspapers made John Brown into a martyred hero. Certainly, slavery was an evil institution…but one can see the communist direction his sponsors wanted to go in, because after the Amer. Civil War they started some experimental socialist communities in the defeated south…which, by the way, all failed.

MASONIC BEGINNINGS. The beginning of the UU churches (before they joined denominations) is full of Freemasons and people in the elite occult bloodlines. Thomas Jefferson was both Illuminati & Unitarian. James Freeman was the first Unitarian preacher at a Boston church in 1784. John Biddle (1615-62) (of the elite Biddle bloodline) is created with being the Father of British Universalism. When Benj. Franklin was Grand Master of the Freemasons in PA, Thomas Oxnard, who began the Unitarian congregation at Portland, Maine, became the Provincial Grand Master for Freemasonry from 1743-54 for the entire North America. Early famous New Thought Unitarians who were also Freemasons are William Ellery Channing and Ralph Waldo Emerson, who began activity that led to the Bird Club. William Ellery Channing was a grandfather or granduncle of Freemason George Channing who help found Christian Science. Mary Baker Eddy, the dynamic founder of Christian Science, was of an Illum. bloodline and her descendant Hazel E. Billings, who came from a Masonic family, was an important member of the Illuminati in Portland, Oregon’s UU Church (on Stark St.). During like the 70’s & later, Hazel’s job was to receive orders from the Illuminati & transmit those verbally to Portland’s City Club, a non-profit group which holds forums on city concerns & has influence on Portland’s new policies. (Portland & Oregon are test sites for the PTSNB.) She would have Illum. connected Jesuits & Mormon come to her house. Many Illum. directives in modern times have been passed face to face.

MASONIC BEGINNINGS OF THE UNIVERSALIST CHURCH. My Be Wise As Serpents book exposed for the first time the tremendous connection between Freemasonry & the Universalist beginnings. The Freemason Hosea Ballou (who built upon the views of Freemason & atheist Ethan Allan and mystic Caleb Rich) began the Universalist church. The original 4 churches (called “societies”) began in the Woodstock area whose leading citizens joined it. In 1852, the Unitarian Reverend Theodore Parker praised the high ranking Mason Hosea Ballou (1771-1852) for having created “a revolution in the thoughts and minds of men more mighty than any which has been accomplished during the same period by all the politicians of the nation.” Richard Eddy wrote the best history of this movement. Just to give a few more prominent Masons involved in the early UU movement: The famous Albert J. Holden (another Freemason) was the pianist for the NYC UU church in 1841. Leon M. Birkhead and Howard M. Dow were Unitarian ministers who were also Freemasons. Sylvanus Cobb, Jr. was a Universalist minister & both a Knights Templar & Scottish Rite Mason.

MORE HELP FOR THE AGENDA. Building up knowledge of who have been Illuminati members has been a slow step-by-step process as it is the mother of secret societies…and they of course don’t publish membership lists. Still there are ways to track membership. Another way to view things is to simply monitor who helps their agenda. As I wrap up this short article, I want to point out Francis Ellingwood Abbot (1836-1903). Abbot is one of those surnames that is associated with the Illum. I have no idea if Francis Ellingwood Abbot was a mmbr. but he was a famous philosopher who attacked the Christian scriptures and said that theology should be based on science. He wrote “Scientific Theism”. He was a UU minister. Another philosopher, Charles Sanders Peirce, was Abbot’s defender. Both were influential.

REFERENCES. (In brief.) (1) Jewish Mason Paul Rosen, 1888, quoted in Be Wise As Serpents, p. 309–Chapt. 2.1 (2) Be Wise As Serpents chap. 2.4 (3) All this is documented in the Be Wise As Serpents book