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10/6/2015 CHAMPIONING TRUTH: a spiritual message on the question of truth & challenging unbelief. Truth & Christ (the Way, the Truth & the Life) exist regardless how we perceive them. In these times, truth is under savage attack. The Spirit of this Age is to reject the idea that truth even exists; and the Emerging Church has embraced this and abandoned Biblical truth. These Emerging Church pastors are skeptical that anyone knows what the Bible means, & half of the born-again Christians no longer believe there is absolute truth. The skeptic resists the truther with “How do you know??” “Who says?” and “Says who?” While I believe in sincere investigation, I am skeptical about skepticism. What’s life’s meaning? What happens after death? How do we tell right from wrong? There is more promise in faith than cynicism & skepticism.

TOO SMART FOR THEIR OWN GOOD. Sophisticated thinkers think that knowledge does not exist. If we know nothing, how do we know to doubt? To become a skeptic, one must have certain ideas and knowledge. I ask the skeptic if he can prove to me & convince me that my knowledge in Christ is bogus. Oh the skeptic may claim the possibility, but he has no knowledge with which to disprove me, and the possibility I am wrong is not the certainty of it. We need to allow our thinking to penetrate reality. Faith in God allows us to penetrate the satanic Matrix of lies. The truth sets us free!! (JN 8:32) The World’s inability to admit truth exists is debilitating. And to be honest, these skeptics will not handle a hot stove, and when the doctor says take a certain med, they do. In spite of their professed skepticism towards truth & knowledge, they know more than they will admit! The Word of God warns us not to walk in the vanity & futility of these people’s minds, “Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart:…But you have not so learned Christ, if indeed you have heard Him and have been taught by Him, as the truth is in Jesus…”(A)

FROM RATIONAL GODLY AUTHORITY TO UNGODLY SOCIAL POWER: the creation of PROGRAMMABLE MINDS. When people have no absolute convictions, and no moral absolutes, their minds are easy to control. When I worked with trauma-based mind control victims, I noticed their minds were malleable to believe that the truth was whatever the programmer said it was. Some people think we are better off not knowing the truth, even if it does exist. Without truth, our minds are ships without anchors which the waves & winds toss anywhere. Students coming out of high schools & universities today are rarely able to think systematically by using evidence step by step to build a conclusion, & are ignorant of basic facts & knowledge once considered foundational. Instead they have been socially programmed, and their mind controlled minds respond to visual images & buzz words. For instance, engage some of these students on environmentalism and they use buzzwords & slogans. Attempt to engage them with facts & knowledge, and they cling to their programming. Our Christian forefathers had convictions, while these deChristianized public school grads have only opinions, and have been convinced truth does not exist. Virtue in a person strives for truth; public opinion cannot do this, and often strives to aid & abet vice. Deniers of truth have no anchor to their mental boats & are mentally tossed around to be blown by the winds of popular opinion & programming. In contrast, Christians are told to take every thought captive to Christ.(B)

“THEY RECEIVED NOT THE LOVE OF THE TRUTH, THAT THEY MIGHT BE SAVED.” (2 THSS 2:10) The context of this verse is the End times when the AntiChrist arrives with all power & lying wonders, and all the deceptions of unrighteousness. Satan animates him…yes, Satan who is the Father of lies.(C) But if there is no single truth, but simply relative truth,… if “this is my truth & that is your truth”, then Satan’s job is finished. If everything can be truth, then there are no lies to uncover! The age old wisdom of the Word of God says, “Buy the truth, and sell it not.”(D) But truth is not popular anymore. It is on the modern junk pile of discarded ideas. It never ceases to amaze me how the World will get very specific in how you are to do something, how to be successful at some competition or how to get somewhere by driving, and then tell us that all roads lead to God. Supposedly, there are no wrong turns to get to God. It is silly to think that everyone is right, & nobody is right…and junking absolutes leaves us nothing to define evil. So you can see that all truth is God’s truth. The Word of God teaches that there is a specific way, and that everyone on the side of truth listens to Christ.(E) Christ went on to say, “Everyone that is of the truth hears my voice.”(F) In fact, the Word of God says that the truth can be seen in nature, so that we are all “without excuse”.(G) How can anyone think they can fellowship with the God who is called the “God of Truth”(H) without believing in truth?

KEEP THE BELT OF TRUTH ON, & W/ THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT IN HAND, USE THE TRUTH. We are commanded to be ready to give a reasoned defense of our beliefs. This is called apologetics. Christian apologetics is unpopular today, because supposedly everyone can have their own truth. The apostle Paul repeatedly used the absolute truth to defend the Christian faith.(I) Jude 1:3 tells us to “contend earnestly” for the truth. And 2 COR 10:5 teaches us to “destroy speculations…against the knowledge of God.” At first, you may wonder about your faith…like Pilate you ask, “What is truth?”(J) Do you remember your experience when Christ forgave your sins?! It was real, wasn’t it? (By the way, the Greek word for when something that was hidden is unveiled in an epiphany is aletheia. When we experience forgiveness the epiphany is an aletheia.) God’s wisdom created the earth & you also. The goodness & good purpose of God fill this earth. There is purpose to your life.(K) And rational, godly, scientific inquiry can provide us with a better understanding of this planet. It is what motivated the early scientists. Faith & the truths of God are not at war with reason. They are at war with lies & deception. They help us get beyond propaganda spins & appearances. Christ constantly exposed appearances. The Worldly churches are using the World’s methods of buzzwords, images, and emotions for evangelism, rather than articulating the truths of Christ.

LIMITS TO OUR KNOWLEDGE. To acknowledge truth & knowledge exist, does not mean that we don’t have limits to knowing these. Of course we have limits. It is part of the reason that God’s Word establishes the standard of using multiple witnesses. This standard is not limited to Christians, it is a well-established concept worldwide. Further, the Word of God uses symbols to communicate truths…so we see two witnesses described in REV as “these are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.” (We can read more of these symbols of the two anointed ones at ZECH 4:3-14, EX 25:18-22 & KGS 6:23-28.) Symbols, patterns, prefigurements, and templates are some of the Biblical methods to communicate deep truths through the centuries. Babylon is a template of the power of false religion married to evil political power. Sodom is a template of unrestrained immorality. Egypt is a picture of the World System.

RIGHT KNOWLEDGE GIVES RIGHTEOUSNESS. Four modern historians describing an event will not necessarily emphasize the same items, some will be omitted, some down played, and some over-emphasized. So written history is a construct; by its very nature it will be limited in its descriptions of events…but that does not make it fiction. History is a search for truth. Facts are truth makers. The Bible is also a book of history…sharing the same limitations that all history has, even though it was inspired by God. Many Biblical narratives leave off important details…for instance, what happened to the converted population of the town that the woman of the well brought to Christ? There is no way to give all the details of a happening, and to have all viewpoints of an event be exactly the same. But we know history is important to God…He is called the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. The Word records Almighty God breaking into human history and actively doing things. Christians have always seen a purpose to history. Likewise, your personal history is full of meaning & purpose. Much more than most Christians realize. We Christians have a new identity in Christ when we got a new life. In ancient & modern times, many Christians have died for the love of truth & their new Christian identity. We are “inwardly renewed day by day.”(L) When difficulties happen, and God seems remote, we are to remember, that nothing can separate us from the love of God. (M) God has special plans for His martyrs. Knowing our limitations, we sing, “Further along we will know all about it.” Hallelujah!
Just as history is limited, this article is too; much more could be written on its subject of truth. More is not necessarily better. Christ was sparing of words. Be blessed my friend, and may you recognize & walk in your true identity in Christ.

(A) EPH 4:18-21 (B) 2 COR 10:3-5 (C) JN 8:44 (D) PRV 23:23 (E) JN 10:1-3, JN 14:6,21,23 (F) JN 18:37 (G) ROM 1:20 (H) God is called this in DT 32:4, PS 31:5, & ISA 65:16 (I) see ACTS chapters 14,17,18,19 (J) JN 18:38 (K)One sees this early on at GEN 1:26-28 (L) 2 COR 4:16 (M) ROM 8:38


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10/5/2015. VIEWS FROM DEUTSCHLAND: STUDYING MODERN GERMANY’S APPROACH TO COMMON PROBLEMS. This is a look at how Germany is dealing with some of the same major issues that face America. This post is meant to help the reader not only understand upcoming decisions by Germany, but also to find ways to improve or appreciate the USA better.

DESTRUCTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT. Germany has faced much more serious environmental destruction than the U.S. I remember the German rivers in 1971 being black sludge. In response, Germany did a major overall on its cities & countryside. It focused on green issues so well & worked so hard, that it has become the leading nation worldwide in green technology. Those who want to study green technology can study at German higher education for free. About 85% of university instruction at these green technology schools is in English, and 15% classroom teaching is in German.

IMMIGRATION. As Germany miraculously rebuilt itself (called Wirtschaftswunder in German) after WW 2 (and no it wasn’t a free ride paid for by America) it had more jobs than people. Germany & Turkey have had close relations, so it was natural for German firms to recruit Turks for temporary workers, with the understanding that after they were no longer working in Germany, they would be helped to return to Turkey. These were Gastarbeiter (guestworkers), and they were recruited from 1961-73. The firms that hired them, liked to staff whole areas with blocks of Turkish workers as it reduced the need for interpreters.

In 1973, due to the oil crisis & other factors, the guestworkers became viewed as “foreign workers” and new policies were put in place in Germany. Specific money was set aside to help these workers return after two years. The Germans began to realize that enclaves of Turks in German cities like Berlin & Hamburg (called Little Istanbuls), much like America’s Chinatowns had developed. The German media began giving attention to a number of social time bombs associated with these un-integrated foreign workers. When a German classroom had more than 30% of foreign children, the foreign children would be pulled out and given separate classes. This time period is the point that the German people realized they needed a policy of “assimilation or return”. It would not work to have Turkish ghettos & large parts of the population who had no concept of German culture or German values. If Germany did not insist on assimilation, the concept of Germany would be lost. (It is interesting that America has not protected itself this way. In speaking with lots of illegal aliens (Latin Americans), I can report first hand that most have no concept of American values, and no loyalty to America. (That is not to say there haven’t been some great Americans from Latin America who do understand.) Obviously, people like Obama would like to dilute our culture to where it fragments & falls apart. This is just the practical nature of how things work. And it has become pc to hate on the white race and their contribution to America.

1987 to 1999. A period of upheaval, perestroika & questioning. Ethnic Germans (Aussiedler) were allowed to come to Germany and join the Volksnation. The Turks in Germany saw the double standard. Ethnic Germans were accepted for citizenship quicker and easier than Turks. The German govt. moved to block people keeping dual citizenships if they wanted German citizenship. 1999 to 2001. The backlash in Germany from this unfairness, caused the Social Democratic-Green govt. to announce that they would pass a new citizenship law that would make Germany an open country to immigration. If a foreign worker had one parent with an 8 yr. legal status & an unlimited residence permit, then the German-born foreign worker had a right to German citizenship.

Since 2001. Most Germans today want to help the millions of Syrian refugees. But the concept of “assimilate or leave!” is still intact. Numerous incidents since 9-11 have led to most Germans feeling like Islamic culture is incompatible with German values. For instance, Moslems are intolerant of other religions, Germany is not. Moslem youth in Germany have high rates of criminal activity and studies show they are more violent than German youth. So Islamic immigration has been a public issue since 2001. Immigrants from Sweden, France & the U.K. have integrated well into German culture, while Moslems (incl. Turks) have not. Studies of this difference, have reinforced German attitudes against the Islamic tide of immigrants. A well-publicized study in 2010 reported that teenagers who were strong adherents to Islam in Germany wanted to be violent. And of course this study created a lot of controversy. Some Turks have created new organizations like Deutsch-Plus which are creative approaches to join German society. They hope to keep their identity as Turks and still join Germany.

Tens of millions (or perhaps it is hundreds of millions) of people have been displaced in recent times in the Middle East. During the first half of 2015, 137,000 were asking for asylum in Europe. The enormous numbers of refugees is causing some Europeans to ask that the flow of refugees & migrants be limited before their fragile economies crash. Already 1 in 8 residents in the U.K. are foreign born. Meanwhile, homeless refugees are building little refugee cities where the number of people using a single toilet may number 300. I hear these refugees saying the same thing that I heard illegal Latinos in America say, “We just want to live & work, that’s all.” The refugees in Germany, by & large are happy as it is a good place to find work. And the Germans, by & large are welcoming them, happy to help, but are also expecting that they will learn German & German values over time.

NATO AND ITS FACE OFF W/ RUSSIA. Germany has a lot of economic ties with both Russia & the Ukraine, and now has lost a lot. Due to the sanctions against Russia, the northern German harbors (Hamburg to the North Sea and Kiel to the Baltic) are being seriously impacted. Northern German logistics firms are hurting, and some may soon be out of business. There has been a serious drop in trust & enthusiasm for NATO. It went from 73% to a level of 55%. And the majority of Germans don’t want to be involved in military action against Russia, if Putin starts fighting NATO countries which border Russia. NATO is an organization that is pledged to defend any member. So it is no wonder some Germans (who don’t want to go to war) are talking about leaving NATO. There is a serious problem if Russia attacks Latvia or Poland. Most Europeans think America will jump right in and protect these nations—my research shows the U.S. doesn’t have the military muscle to do it, because we are spread too thin. (Obama has played a big role in that.) Nor are the Germans pro-Ukraine, and anti-Russian. The majority of Germans don’t want the Ukraine in the EU, nor in NATO. What this signals to me, is that NATO and the Illuminati will try to set the Ukraine up as a buffer nation between NATO and Russia. Also of note is that there is still a tremendous carry-over of cold war attitudes in Germany. In West Germany only 19% have a positive view of Putin, while in east Germany, formerly a satellite nation of Russia, 40% have a positive view.

SUMMARY. Germany has taken a different approach to the immigration of workers than the U.S. Germany is also taking a different attitude towards the Ukrainian civil war than the U.S. Because the Ukraine (& new cold war) is closer to Germany and impacts Germany directly, positive feelings towards NATO has declined, and Germans don’t want to get sucked into a war in eastern Europe. One also has to keep in mind that the attitudes of the people of former east Germany, which are now part of a united Germany, also pull Germany away from NATO.


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A short unveiling of the ruling decision makers. My Be Wise As Serpents book (1991) was my first attempt to expose how the World’s systems of systems operates; & how the heart of it all is generational Satanism. (The book is, by the way, still available at my website pentracks.com) What you see externally is not the hardcore substance of the World system. My next comprehensive clarification came in 1995 with my series of Prophecy Club talks, plus a few similar privately scheduled lectures, which shared the same kind of material. During these talks, I showed charts that broke down how the control is structured. (The Prophecy Club talk is on YouTube.) So this condensed unveiling is intended to enhance what I have already exposed.

(Before I begin, allow me to state that the power of pharaoh, who was the god/king of the most powerful nation, and who believed he controlled the sun & other things, discovered that the he was powerless compared to the creator God of the universe….likewise the same situation continues today. And since I’ve mentioned this confrontation….I want to add that the Biblical account of Moses & the Hebrews in Egypt is substantiated by archeology in spite of the mistaken ideas of many experts.)

THE RULING ELITE. The inner core of top decision makers have two things that the rest of us don’t: power & wealth. Many of us have incomes. Some of us common people have incomes that keep us in the black & others are in debt. But we are living basically from paycheck to paycheck. Even the upper middle class lack real wealth. Usually their relatively small wealth is bound up in the home they need to live in. Not so for the elite.

The approx. 7,000 ruling elite in America are in key positions where they call the shots for all important decisions. The world is like their private club. The mass media is their mouthpiece manipulating public perceptions. Lobbying groups like the Business Roundtable, the Committee for Economic Development, and the Conference Board insure that public officials realize the policies they should support. Their elite schools like Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and the University of Chicago play key roles in developing people to play key roles in the World system, & also help with policy research. Their foundations (for instance, the 100’s of Rockefeller Foundations, Carnegie Endowment for Peace, & the Bradley Foundation) & think tanks (as I have previously described) play vital roles in getting events in line with their agendas. Policy Planning Groups like the RAND corp. and the CFR plan for the future & provide a false model of the world…I might describe it as the view of the world that the Matrix wants people to see. Citigroup (Citibank), Morgan Bank and B of A is each granted about a dozen or more reps in the CFR. Illuminati banks, insurance companies, and other big corporations are insured representation in the Illuminati’s CFR.

These American elite spend their vacations in Europe and interact with global Illuminati organizations such WTO, World Bank, Davos World Eco. Forum & the IMF. The European elite meet at places like the European Roundtable of Industrialists, and the Union of I&E Confederations of Europe, and have policy planning groups similar to our CFR for each nation. While the European Illuminati elite are the top decision makers, America & Japanese elite still play a role in running things. A great deal of time & effort are taken to build consensus among the various players.

CORPORATIONS. One of the cleverest devices is for the elite to pool their power & wealth in corporations. Because America’s court system has tended to support what the elite want, they were able to get some key Supreme Court decisions to go their way: in 1819, the Dartmouth decision protected corporations under the contracts clause of the Constitution; in 1886, the Santa Clara decision made a corporation into a “natural” person(!) with the Constitutional rights of persons. Unfortunately, they have not been held liable for killing people & other criminal acts, in the same fashion as the rest of us true natural persons have been. The corporate structure creates a buffer zone between the elite who control them with interlocking directorates and the public. The corporations take the heat, not the elite. The larger multinational corporations are financially larger than most nations, and loyal to the ruling elite. For instance, General Motors has a larger economy than Saudi Arabia & So. Africa. The interlocking corporate directorates is one way that the elite see each other face to face. A great deal of the Illuminati elite’s communication is actually face to face. And some of this is in subtle ways of speaking.

USE OF THE GOVT. The Illum. elite have used governments to support their corporations overseas. For instance, the British and American militaries have quite often been used to promote elite corporate agendas. The intelligence agencies have likewise been used to promote elite agendas. And then they amazingly (& hypocritically) get the masses to support these elite agendas under the falsehoods of “spreading democracy” and “free trade”. If you will support the elite’s policies there are jobs around the world for you…in govt., in corporations, and so forth. And if you don’t support their policies…even if you are a democratically elected leader, you have a high chance of losing your job.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Attached to the Illuminati membership are those in the Network, people who have attached themselves to them because that is how to get ahead in the World. Many of the people in the Network manage the day to day operations for Illuminati organizations. They are the technocrats that make the system function right, while the rest of humanity form the exploited masses upon which these parasitical elite structures thrive. Even when nations appear to be at odds with each other, a rule of thumb is that the power elite in these nations are still in communication & cooperation at some level.


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A spiritual message on finishing the race with faith. The quote comes from 2 TIM 4:7. This verse was used to adorn the casket of C.H. Spurgeon, a faithful brother who fought the good (noble) fight. The word translated “good” is kalos & means “noble”. For those who fight the noble fight and finish the race, they can look forward to being congratulated, “Well done, good & faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Lord.”(A)

FINISHING THE RACE. Paul in 2 TIM 4:7, as well as in some other verses (B), emphasizes finishing the race…not winning. The implication is that our life of faith is like running a marathon. Completing the event is an achievement. It reminds me of a sign at one of the Olympics: “…the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is…to have fought well.” When troubles come our way, our response to the crisis can be more important than the eventual solution. Paul kept his faith during all the enormous troubles he encountered during his Christian walk. As they say, Anything worthwhile takes time & effort, and the good life of walking with God is one of those things that takes effort. At times we see the end result of things, without realizing the struggle someone invested. Leonardo da Vinci worked ten hard years to paint “The Last Supper”.

BLOWING IT. Sometimes in our Christian walk we trip & fall. When I did, mature Christians told me it is not how much you fall, but that you pick yourself up & keep going. PRV 24:16 teaches: “For a righteous man may fall seven times, and rise again.”

OVERWHELMING BAD DAYS. Every so often in life, I encounter one of those rare days where everything goes wrong and major bad things seriously rock one’s life all in a single day. (On days like this, it is easy to amuse oneself by repeating, “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.”) In my early Christian years, I might respond by praying all night, or calling a mature brother-in-Christ for help. Over the years, experience teaches one that things are never as bad or good as one would think. Many times I was “hard pressed, but not crushed..”(C) Over time, a person gets spiritually battle hardened, which allows the person of faith to keep his (or her) peace. When King David got overwhelmed by bad things, he says that his solution was to remember what God had done in his life (PS 143:4-5). Remember how you were drawn to give your life to Christ, and remember how He inspired you with a calling! Good stuff huh?

DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS. What works for us to deal with overwhelming negatives will change from incident to incident and from person to person. One Bible verse may wipe out one’s overwhelming discouragement, while the next time it will be a different verse that touches one’s heart. Sometimes, certain music, or hobby, or other distraction…or even sleep is all that one needs to regain one’s balance. There is not one answer for all time. We are encouraged, “Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”(D) And let’s keep this in mind, problems that seem resolved, have a nasty way of resurfacing. So the walk of faith is indeed a marathon. A few Christians have benefited from spiritual journaling, and journaling would help many out. Going back and reading one’s spiritual trials in a journal is a good way to see for oneself how one has matured.

GAINING MATURITY. As we achieve maturity, we comprehend the truth of ROM 5:3-5: “And not only that [that=rejoicing in our hope], but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance, and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” Our spiritual life is the life of Christ living in us. As we mature, we walk in the Spirit, and have the power of the Spirit. Our sufficiency is in God (2 COR 3:5).

PAUL’S NOBLE FAITHFUL FIGHT. The troubles Paul encountered are said by the Scripture to be common for all faithful believers.(E) How was the Apostle Paul faithful to the end? He was loyal to God, and kept serving Him. He was consistently faithful to his calling. He was faithful to the truth (the doctrine) that he had received. Paul in verse 4:7 was at peace & confident about his past. In the next verse…4:8, he looks to the future and he is still at peace & confident about his impending death. His life with Christ prepared him for death. Part of running this spiritual marathon is to follow the course laid out by the Lord! Following the course may be easier than we sometimes make it. In Acts 15:36, Paul & his brother Barnabas realize their responsibility to all those people who they have preached to. On their own initiative they realize that they should go back and visit all these locations. They don’t need a special revelation from God, no thunder from heaven, nor an angelic visit or divine dream…they simply apprehend an opportunity to do good, & they take it. Let us make the most of the wonderful opportunities that God gives us. (It helps to do this, if we are not so distracted by modern life…like…turn off the T.V.! It is your choice…you can build sand castles, or build on the solid rock of Christ.)

(A) MT 25:21 (B) for example Acts 20:24 “if only I may finish…” (C) 2 COR 4:8-9 (D) GAL 6:9 (E) 1 TIM 6:2 and other verses


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This post is a review of thoughts I have shared going back to 1990 on sacred places & Hopi kivas. But first, I must review how we add knowledge. As a Bible believer I acknowledge ISA 8:20: “To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”

GAINING NEW INSIGHTS. Those of us who trust the integrity of the Word of God find we have to be very careful simply accepting every idea that comes along with some Bible reference or some person’s testimony. On the other hand, I reject the notion that the only source of truth is the Bible because that concept is itself unbiblical. Christ himself said observe nature, and the Word says men will be inexcusable for rejecting God because even nature declares God’s glorious existence. Paul & other Christians worked within the context of the Roman laws. In other words, they acknowledged reality. During the Reformation the terms Solo Scriptura & Prima scriptura were used. Solo scriptura meant that beliefs should be compared to the Scripture & if they are contrary to scripture to be tossed aside, but I find that nowadays most people I talk with, mistakenly think it means any idea not found in Scripture is false. The Messiah said, “I am the truth”. Christ is our foundation, & we build on that foundation using concepts that don’t contradict Scripture. If I learn algebra, I don’t reject it because it is not taught in the Bible. I look at Scriptures & see it does not contradict the Word, and so I add it to my base of knowledge & wisdom.

SCRIPTURAL CONCEPTS. There are a number of concepts that we find in the Bible: (A) certain sites are holy sacred sites where it is easier to connect with God or angelic beings, (B) In terms of worship, we can worship God anywhere, we do not have to restrict our worship of God to special sacred places. (C) There are gates & windows to the heavenly dimensions. Can we personally experience these concepts?? Yes, when we line ourselves up with God’s truths, we can worship Him anywhere. Yet, we also experience Him in special close ways when we enter certain locations, that send holy shivers up our being, where we know we have entered a sacred location. Christ goes into the abyss and gets keys to where evil spirits are located (REV 1:18)… Keys to portals, interesting.

OCCULT CONCEPTS. The occult world has many special places where they contact spirits. In my book EZE 6:3 on spiritual warfare, I gave numerous rituals sites around the U.S. The fact that a certain cemetery or house is used by the Illuminati hierarchy or anarchy level for rituals was for me more of a historical type of descriptive fact than a spiritual truth. We receive our direction from the Holy Spirit, not evil spirits. But there was one set of portals that did have importance to understand what is going on, the sipapu or kivas of the Hopis. The Hopis function like the Tribe of Levi for the natives, and they historically recorded in ancient drawings the beings that came through the Kiva portals. Over the years in modern times, some of these kinds of portals have had photos shot of light orbs, mists, & even light figures coming through them. In ’92, I wrote about the Hopi, and the kiva portals. In ’93, I visited the Mesa Verde (Nat. Park) ruins which contain one of the great Kivas. Chaco Canyon and other sites in the area contain kivas, great ones, and more modern ones. The ancient Hopi account (not widely known) is that a giant race came through the portals, and terrorized man. This lines up with Biblical knowledge. What can we accept about the Arizona region? Sedona, AZ is considered a sacred site with special spiritual energy. As Christians we can acknowledge that the occult world may experience spirits there, but this vortex of energy is not coming from God. The Juniper trees may unusually slowly spiral as they grow, perhaps giving witness to special occult energies, but these are not energies that are sacred to us. They may relate to the evil energies connected to the numerous strange entities in SW USA that our secret govt. works with. They very well may be part of the grand strong delusion warned about in 2 THES 2:11’s prophecy. I was scrutinizing the subject & comparing notes with Phil Schneider concerning our govt. interaction with these entities. He was murdered the day before we were to have had another meeting at my house. (Phil’s intelligence handler, who was also sharing w/ me, had warned me he was to be killed, & he was approx. when I was researching in SW USA in ‘93.) Back to the pt., I believe there are portals to other dimensions, and that the Bible mentions such portals. The Druids called these places “thin places” where our material world & a world of spirits were very close. The Hopi’s experience with the entities coming through these portals helps us understand why the U.S. (actually the secret World Order) has so many secret bases in SW USA. We are dealing with evil entities that are interdimensional, not exalted races from exotic planets. The original Hopi experience with them many centuries ago was one of horror.

FINAL THOUGHTS. This has been a review of ideas that I have shared occasionally over the years but have not written about for some time. I notice that others are now discussing these things, and felt it worthwhile to weigh in on the topic. I continue to feel that we have to be very guarded as to how far and how much we accept. Something may have a kernel of truth to it, but if we are not careful, we might be fed some disinfo. I had to be guarded when dealing with Phil’s info, but was hoping as we broke down the mind control we would get down to the brass tacks of what was going on in these DUMB bases where the World Order interacts with these interdimensional beings.

(A) An example of this is Elijah’s instructions to go to Mt. Horeb to speak with God (1 KGS 19:11-18). Mt. Horeb is generally held to be another name for Mt. Sinai where Moses met God, others think Mt. Horeb was in the area of Mt. Sinai). Note also how Christ went to a certain mtn. w/ his inner circle of disciples for the transfiguration. “Thus saith the Lord God; This is Jerusalem: I have set it in the midst of the nations & countries that are round about her.” (EZK 5:5) Jerusalem has been a special location to meet God since the beginning of history. (cf ISA 2:3, 28:16, 59:20, & PS 4:12 & other verses). (B) In spite of verses like ZECH 8:3 emphasizing Jerusalem’s location, Christ said, “Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father.” (JN 4:21) Yahshua goes on to emphasize that the key to worship is not location, but having the right spirit and worshipping IN TRUTH. (C) “Lift up your heads, O you gates! And be lifted up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in” (PS 24:7) “He commanded the clouds above and opened the doors of heaven” (PS 78:23… plus v.24-25) “Blessed is the man who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors”(PRV 8:34) MAL 3:10 refers to the “windows of heaven”. And a portal (opening) is referred to by Yahshua: “Most assuredly, I say to you, hereafter you shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man”–John 1:51. Other scriptures that might be looked at are Jacobs dream GEN 28:10-17, and Daniel’s revelation of how the God’s angel was trying to come through and was being blocked. DAN 10:13.


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STIRRING UP CHAOS: Thoughts on Syria (on 9 Sept. ’15). The controlled mass media has muddled the reporting on Syria so much that in effect its followers must be confused to the pt. they likely accept whatever the U.S. govt. claims. Many western media have connections to intelligence agencies (no surprise) so it’s no surprise our news promotes agendas. The goal of this short article is to help clarify a complex situation. Our govt. & military actions are creating chaos in the region.

ARAB SPRING or NWO meddling? Tunisia, Egypt & Quadhafi in Libya (beginning 2/17/2011) saw their nations turned upside down by revolutions (significantly aided by the World Order) called “Arab Spring”, as if these revolutions were the start of great things. Since its “Spring”, Libya is still in chaos broken up into warring factions. In 2011, Basher al-Assad’s Ba’ath govt. was supposed to be overthrown by an Arab Spring revolution –but he stayed in power, although the nation is now also broken up in warring factions. Both Libya & Syria were not participating in the Illum.’s Central bank system, and at least some of their citizens realized fully what the controlling role of Illum. central banks have on a nation…and they, along with their leaders, did not want to be part of the World Order’s banking system. This is not to imply that the only reason for creating chaos was to bring these nations into the World banking system, there are many reasons behind the turmoil.

QUADHAFI…WHAT WAS HE? The Western press has demonized Quadhafi. In 1979, because my father was helping to operate an experimental ag farm in Libya for the FAO, I spent an entire summer in Quadhafi’s Libya working w/ my father. I saw firsthand Quadhafi’s rule, & heard the man speak over the radio. Overall, I can state a couple of “facts”—Quadhafi was a complex man who was not afraid to act on his visionary ideas which were sometimes unrealistic. (He called his ideas for Libya “Jamahiriya”.) The second thing I noticed was that he sincerely was trying to help his nation, although some of his ideas were counterproductive. He did not want to be part of the Soviet or NATO blocs, but proposed nations be independent of the World System and its dialectic. Children were paid salaries to go to school. Women were paid for giving birth to children. Everyone received a blue Honda pickup from the govt. An example of an idea that back fired…Quadhafi proclaimed if you lived somewhere…you owned the place. Landlords quickly shoved their renters out & put their family into their rentals to retain control. So his proclamation had the effect of making many people homeless. I was listening to him on radio, with a Palestinian translating his speech. Quadhafi said that he wished America would have fought him when he asked for Wheelis AFB (near Tripoli) so he could have had a war w/ America. Either he was a bag of wind, or seriously out of touch w/ reality (or something) to make such a statement…as he his puny military would have lasted perhaps a day against America in a war. So Quadhafi is a complicated figure—difficult to label. Unfortunately, our media gave us a 1-D image of him as a dangerous dictator. Likewise, Assad in Syria is painted in negative terms, when many of his people are supportive of him.

SYRIA. Syria has been a multicultural, multi-religious nation. Assad is about as fair as that region is going to get. Health care & education are free in Syria. Like Libya, he has supported Syria being part of the non-aligned movement & not participating in the elite’s central bank system. Russia (formerly the USSR) has been a supportive ally for years. The nation is governed by codified sharia law, but was basically under martial law for much modern history. Two sensitive areas are the Golan Heights & Hatay Province (now Turkey, but claimed by Syria). The Israelis have realized that the Assad rulers, because they single handedly command things, could any day wake up and decide to attack the Golan Heights to recover what Israel annexed (after conquest) in 1981. Israel definitely wants Assad gone, and could care less the chaos that might create. Turkey has been absorbing refugees (2.1 million of them) & is now bombing Syria along w/ the U.S. The bombing has been a big reason people want to flee, and Syrians are proposing some no fly zones to protect civilians. And I ask, who should decide what govt. Syria has? And what countries have a right to train insurgents to terrorize & destabilize Syria?

TARTUS NAVAL BASE & RECENT TENSION. In 1971, an agreement w/ Syria allowed the Russian Black Sea fleet to est. a naval base for medium size ships at Tartus, Syria on the Mediterranean Sea. It is not capable of docking large warships, & a storm in 2012 ruined the facility. The Russians have been repairing it, and working to make it feasible to bring in larger ships. It was recently used by Russia to enlarge its presence in Syria. Russia has traditionally had a military presence in Syria, so it is indeed hypocritical and bizarre that the U.S. & NATO are raising such a stink about Russia’s recent decision to bomb ISIS. The U.S. & NATO tried to block Russian planes going to Syria flying over Bulgaria & other nations. These silly acts are raising the tension, but are accomplishing nothing productive. The Russians called these acts “strange hysteria”, which is an accurate description.

REFUGEE CRISIS. The Syrian refugees are biggest refugee crisis since many years. Reports for numbers of refugees in various countries: Turkey (2.1 million), Jordan (1.4 million), Lebanon (1.2 million), Iraq (248,000), Germany (105,000 accepted—there are others), U.K. (5,100), Canada (2,400), Brazil (2,077), and the U.S. (1500 as of Mar. ’15). The tragedies of these refugees is enormous. The result of all this is to keep all these traumatized people (in & out of the nation) in a state of fight or flight. One result of all this stress to everyone is to reduce people’s immune systems, setting the stage for more problems. The refugee problem is bound to create a number of further problems.

META-VIEW of the not so wonderful media WONDERLAND. I am tempted to call our media-view of events “Wonderland” as it is a grand fairytale. “Beware lest anyone cheat you through…empty deceit…”(A) “…evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”(B) “Be sober, be vigilant [alert]; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”(C) Part of being vigilant is to not allow the enemy to steal our joy. Another part is not to allow the enemy to tie us up with deceptions. “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.”(D) Wow, if anything describes our govt.’s involvement is this verse…for they are constantly confusing evil for good and bitter for sweet. One day they claim such & such group is good, & the next day they are a dangerous enemy. Our govt. helped est. ISIS, and now is fighting the monster they created. Al Queda is now being portrayed as a good thing for Syria.

Keep your joy, and have a blessed day my friend.

(A) COL 2:8 (B) 2 TIM 3:13 (C) 1 PTR 5:8 (D) ISA 5:20


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BY SPIRIT & BOLDNESS: An analysis of Putin v. America. Putin is highly intelligent & aggressive. His goal is to maximize Russia’s borders & sphere of influence, and he believes he can do this “by spirit and boldness”. Putin is calculating & will move when he thinks he can win. This post is my personal analysis of the political & military tension between the U.S. & Russia. George Soros recently claimed we are headed towards a third world war, & different intel agents are claiming similar things….are these credible claims?

INTERCONNECTED. The world is clearly more interconnected than before, for instance, the elite Russian mobsters own lots of property in the U.S., and western companies are intertwined with Russia’s economy. However, history is full of many examples of wars breaking out in spite of lots of economic connections between the combatants. Is it possible that a war could develop between Russia & NATO?

ESTONIA. Estonia is an example similar to the Crimea, in the sense that Putin could easily decide in a moment of American or European weakness, to assert Russian power in Estonia like he did in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine. What would be NATO’s response to a quick invasion? Would Estonia be a trip wire leading to a large war like Poland was in WW II, or would the Europeans & Americans try to negotiate instead of fight like they did when Hitler invaded Czechoslavakia? Likewise, China (which is acting like an ally of Russia) is also trying to maximize their land & sphere of influence. One point of contention is the Spratley Islands, which the Chinese aggressively continue to bring under more Chinese control. So far, everyone has preferred negotiation with China.

AGGRESSION. When nations are aggressive, it forces other nations to choose how they will respond to that aggression. Different nations perceive acts from their own perspective. A case in point was in today’s news. Today, the U.S. denied a visa to Russia’s top woman, Valentina Matriyenko, to visit NYC for an IPU conference. The U.S. State Dept. did this because she was put on a sanctioned list when Russia acted aggressive in the Ukraine. But from Russia’s viewpoint this new development is itself an act of aggression. A Russian ministry called the action “a flagrant violation of universally accepted norms of international law and are contrary to the obligations of countries hosting multilateral forums on their territory.” They went on to say that the act was undemocratic, because it prevents foreigners, in this case the Russians, from having “different approaches to that of American political directives & priorities.” Having Matriyenko miss a conference is not going to hurt Russia. On the other hand, it could seriously hurt the U.S. if the U.S. does not act strong, & would back down in weakness. In the high stakes game that is being played, to act weak is to invite Putin to push the envelope some more. (Whether Putin is more right or not is not my pt. of discussion. Hitler’s aggression was very justified from a German standpt. Even his assault on the USSR was a pre-emptive strike, for if he had not attacked, Stalin was well into the preparations to attack him!) The pt. is this, how does NATO or the U.S. act in the face of that type of aggression—whether justified in the minds of the aggressor or not. On the flip side, Russia also finds some of our actions provocative. In such a world, both sides have to face off & appear strong.

PRECARIOUS. So the globe is susceptible to a world war breaking out. The spooks who warn us of world war are warning of a distinct possibility. But what is the probability?? Those of us who lived through the cold war lived through decades of precariousness! And total annihilation of the human race—and the elevation of cockroaches to rule the world—did sincerely come very close a few times. It is possible that the new cold war will remain just that…a war fought behind the scenes instead of with the large militaries of the main protagonists going head to head in all-out war. (My educated view is that at worst, we might face a limited nuclear exchange—perhaps tactical nukes—in the future…but not all out global nuclear destruction.) While Putin will continue to aggressively push, I don’t see any large wars in the immediate future. Russia & China will continue to advance their secret military R&D to develop incredible weapons. At the moment their militaries are powerful, but not overly impressive against the U.S., NATO and their allies. That balance will change as they secretly develop their best secret weapons, & the U.S. economy goes into the toilet. I think the global economic situation is more of a threat.

CHINA’S…[]…MANIPULATE STOCK MARKET. The Chinese stock markets have always been political/profit tools of the Chinese elite. In Walter & Howie’s book “Privatizing China” they refer to an example of stock manipulation by Lu Liang where he used around 14,000 ghost accounts. Let me explain where I am going with this discussion: I believe the signs/evidence show that someone manipulated the China stock market crashing. One sign was the dumping onto the market on July 1 of 200 million shares of Sinopec Oilfield Service shares. Those of you who follow my research are aware I maintain that we are following a script. How all this post fits into Biblical prophecy, I will allow each to his own beliefs. I think it is safe to predict that we will at the very least continue living under conditions of a new cold war. At this pt., Americans should be more concerned with preparing for the difficult economic days ahead.


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TOTAL CONTROL OF THE WORLD BY CONTROL OF SPACE: exposing the Apollo deception of going to the moon. This is an intro to the link to an excellent 3 ½ hr. video documentary exposing the Apollo lunar missions. It is well worth watching. I recommend it. Some of you may have already seen it, and some of you may not have time to watch it, & can get an idea of what it proves from this post. As I was watching it, I realized that exposing that the Apollo manned missions were faked is a better way to break people out of the Matrix than exposing JFK’s assassination & 9-11!! Why did it need to be faked?

PURPOSE BEHIND THE SPACE RACE. There were many purposes behind NASA & space exploration. Let’s discuss it from the view of the world’s controllers. Satellites & unmanned vehicles in near space are able to provide communications, spy capabilities, and other abilities for the elite to control this entire planet, for example, weather modification and instant global communication. Years ago, I had documented that the Russian & American governments were secretly working together. By creating a space race, the funding of enormously expensive space projects was justified. The concept of man going to the moon captures the romantic excitement of most everyone. Behind this banner issue, NASA was able to spend large sums of money, do mind control, and put in place a series of satellites that could be used to control humanity. This video (see the linked documentary) proves numerous problems with the official NASA Apollo story, incl. lots of evidence of faked photos, evidence that the spacecraft left the astronauts basically unprotected to lethal radiation (making it impossible that they could use it to go to the moon), and other signs that America did not send men to the moon.

FAKED MOON SHOTS. The supposed images sent back to earth by the Apollo missions are full of obvious evidence that they were faked. The shadows in many of the pictures show that they are inconsistent with one light source, and were obviously not created by the sun, but by large lights from some staged performance. The type of camera & film used designed by a Lundberg in Sweden is discussed. Some supposed photos taken of the earth thru the porthole of the Apollo are easily debunked. The method of how the video film views were created is broken down and explained. When the lunar rover drives across the “lunar terrain” it is obvious that the dust does not act like it would on the moon with its limited gravity. The American flags wave in the breeze.

IGNORING THE REALITY OF RADIATION. Two belts (the Van Allen Belt) of lethal radiation (full of gamma rays & x-rays, etc.) which begin at 272 miles out into space cover the globe. A third belt of radiation (orig. 100x more intense than the Van Allen belt) was created in the 1960’s when the U.S. exploded a megaton nuke in space under Operation Starfish Prime. The sun has an 11 yr. cycle of radiation that peaks every 11 yrs. It peaked in 1958 allowing the Van Allen belts to be detected easier…and then the Solar Particle Events peaked again in the 1969-70 period which was supposedly the time we were sending men to the moon. So NASA picked the very worst time, when space radiation is at its worst, to supposedly send the men to the moon. In the 1970’s, the Amish church I was a member of, did not believe astronauts had gone to the moon. They were the first I heard to question things, but since they are not into science, I felt their objections were merely allegations. In 1979, when I got to go the Air & Space museum in Wash. D.C. I looked at the Apollo craft & realized for myself that the astronauts were indeed unprotected from the radiation that they would have experienced going through the radiation belts & then on the lunar surface. That was when the lights began to go on in my head.

OTHER PROBLEMS. The video explains other problems with the official story & discusses whistle blowers. From the video I learned that Astronaut Irwin decided to come clean & confess the hoaxes, and then he and his wife died of heart attacks within 3 days of his decision. A geologist who wanted to expose the fake moon rocks also died. Supposedly we brought back 750 lbs. of moon rock, and this was supposed to be shared with the Russians, but little was. It is believed the little real moon rock was retrieved by unmanned vehicles, & that most of the moon rock was merely terrestrial rock that was altered (irradiated, etc.) to look a little different.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State


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LIFE SAVING LESSONS FROM FRANCE (sauver des leçons de vie de la France). The nation of France has had its National Health care rated the best in the world. Some of the questionable medical practices that have been common in the US, never tainted their nation. Their media is certainly not as controlled by big pharma as much as ours. The French have been known for centuries for their healthy outstanding cuisine (fine delicious food) & incredible red wines. Resveratrol, an ingredient in red wine, if taken as a supplement, has been shown to add years to a person’s life span. The rural areas of France still know what good healthy real food looks like in contrast to Americans & our addictions to junk food. When we take these kinds of things into account, it makes it understandable why 40% of the French are anti-vaccination, 58% of their doctors question whether child vaccinations are helpful, and 31% of their doctors question the safety of vaccines!! (BUT don’t expect our controlled media, who are lackeys of big pharma &/or uncritically p.c., to report on France’s anti-vaccine negative vaccination attitudes! We are to falsely believe that vaccines are universally loved.)

LOW AUTISM RATE & OTHER BENEFITS. The French autism rate is only 45% of the American rate! (Would this low autism rate be helped by their lack of enthusiasm for vaccinations?!) The cost of getting a master’s degree in France is something like $2,256 dollars on average, and their business schools are some of the best in the world. Their obesity rate is the lowest (best) in Europe and a long ways from America. Their govt. outlawed manufacturers from putting out products with planned obsolescence; while here in America, we consumers are expected to spend our hard earned dollars on consumer products that will soon be junk. Their nation outlawed Monsanto’s MON 810, which is a corn that is genetically modified to excrete a poisonous toxin to kill bugs. Their Pres. Hollande has wanted a GMO-free Europe. Even after a court ruling allowing MON 810, the govt. was still not going to allow it.

FRANCE WAS NOT A MINDLESS LACKEY OF BUSH. When Bush, Jr. lied about weapons of mass destruction & pressured France to join in his illegal war, France stood their ground and refused to join in Bush’s war crime. I personally felt apologetic for all the nasty things said about France because they did not want to participate. The first significant book in English exposing 9-11 had to be printed in France. One of my books was translated early on into French. My French is limited (C’est la Vie.) & don’t expect to ever live there; but I am impressed with many of their good decisions, & wish America might learn from such good decisions. And as a last parting shot, the USA would never have gained our independence from Britain had not France helped us defeat the British. Their navy & troops & supplies were decisive. How short American memories of history can be! Have a great day my friend.

Because He lives

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BECAUSE HE LIVES, I CAN FACE TOMORROW. As I sang this old hymn today, I contemplated how true it is. We often fail to focus on His solutions, and focus on our fears of the problems. Our minds exaggerate the problems, and often fail to see that solutions have been created and are waiting for us. I have a family member who faces death due to cancer, and all around cancer is taking people. The Blush Wood Berries found in the rain forests of Far North Queensland in Australia have been found to cure melanoma cancer quickly in 75% of the cases, and cure it so it doesn’t return. Sea cucumbers kill all kinds of cancers. This is in line with the Bible verse, “…and the leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations.” The context of this verse is where people are in perfect fellowship with their Creator, and I believe would apply to us today if we were in close harmony with Him. The reason these cancer cures are not widely known or used is that greedy pharma can’t make money off of them. Good hearted people still have a voice, they can still share with each other globally using the Internet. If we realize what we have, we realize that we are not living in a hopeless world.

BECAUSE HE LIVES, ALL FEAR IS GONE. The song’s chorus goes like this: “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, Because He lives, all fear is gone; Because I know He holds the future, And life is worth the living, Just because He lives!” We need to take a moment and pause and reflect…the World is sliding into a time of fear…the global economy wants to melt down…stock markets are crashing around the world…nations are devaluing their currencies…natural disasters are popping up…our govt. & the elite are creating civil disturbances in the U.S. between races & helping create Islamic terrorists even on own soil…certainly it seems normal to live in fear. But what about Yahshua’s time period? Those living back then faced many of the same kind of things. It is why the crowds gathered around Christ, because he had answers to all these countless problems. And people are still amassing around him to seek answers…just not much in the U.S.A. or Europe, because the masses have been taught to be politically correct with the World. As one political figure recently said, “Political correctness is killing this nation.” And that is one political statement I can agree with. God’s Word encourages us: “For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.” Life is worth the living, just because He lives!

A GENERATION LOOKING FOR SIGNS. We live in an age where American Christians are more anxious for signs of being divinely rescued than whether they are living holy lives approved by God. The churches are spending vast sums on their properties, even taking out loans w/ balloon payments, expecting that it will continue to work out. They are looking at the short term & neglecting the long term in several ways, in particular how the new young generation are being dealt with. The churches are finding entertaining ways to keep the young people busy to keep them coming to church, while neglecting to build overcoming spiritual skills into them. This is due in part to their rapture mentality. When difficulties come, and the churches can’t pay their overhead property expenses, & the older generation that is paying for things dies off, & the younger generation flakes off due to immaturity to overcome spiritual problems, then it is obvious many of these churches will close their doors. Perhaps missionaries from more spiritual areas of the world can bring a revival to America. (If it be Your will, grant us this help.) As I said earlier, there are answers—not the worldly quick fixes that the churches look for—but the answers that God has for us. These will be by the Spirit, not by the so-called worldly “prophets” with their revelations. God does speak to His loved ones on the Sonship level, & provides them understanding line upon line. It is a spiritually organic process between a Father and His collective adopted sons, who are willing to recognize His still small voice, rather than the flashy “signs” of the worldly church.

CANCER. I used cancer as an example of how God has provided us with solutions which are being neglected. Further along this line, I would call attention to some research. There is a book “The China Study” based upon 20 yrs. of medical-nutritional studies in China. A trilogy of authors wrote the book. The conclusion of all this research is that cancer is caused and can be stopped by diet. I quote a wiki report on the book: “The China Study examines the relationship between the consumption of animal products (including dairy) and chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer and bowel cancer. The authors conclude that people who eat a whole-food, plant-based/vegan diet—avoiding all animal products, including beef, pork, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese and milk, and reducing their intake of processed foods and refined carbohydrates—will escape, reduce or reverse the development of numerous diseases.” This is certainly “food for thought”. Another idea for us to consider in dealing w/ cancer is cesium chloride therapy, which is a natural alternative cure. One more set of concepts to consider is the role the pancreas & its enzymes play in fighting cancer. Trypsin is one of the important pancreatic enzymes that has been supplemented w/ cancer victims that has helped. On the flip side…there are some cultures like the Maasai in Africa, and the Eskimos who eat a high intake of animal protein & don’t have our rates of modern diseases like cancer…. So there is certainly a vast set of factors involved in getting cancer, but obviously our modern processed food, our modern diet & the toxins in our environment & food are seriously contributing to the cancer problem. Again, if we look to the age-old wisdom, the diet given by God would help us.