This website is the official website of author Fritz Springmeier. It replaces previous websites of the same name which were destroyed by outside interference/hacking. (It is still in the beginning stages of construction.)

Fritz Springmeier received a divine calling in 1978 to expose the corruption in the churches. In 1990, he went public exposing the World Order. In the early ’90’s, he came out with a 7-volume set of books exposing the Illuminati. These books exposed the WHO, HOW, WHAT & WHERE of the Illuminati.

In 1995, he went on a speaking tour for Prophecy Club where he gave lectures in 10 large U.S. cities. He also gave the talk in 2 cities he privately scheduled. The professionally made video of his Prophecy Club talk is a good overview of the kind of information Fritz Springmeier has been providing the public. Internet censorship has made it harder to find to view.

Fritz has publicly spoken a lot since 1990. For instance, he has spoken internationally in Japan, Canada & the Czech Republic. He has received 2 peace awards, the last in Prague. He has written over a thousand articles, and has done hundreds of interviews and hundreds of talks since 1990. For example, he gave talks at three Free Your Mind conferences. He gave talks at three of Dean Stoner’s Global Science conferences. The videos from these exist somewhere.

Currently, four of his books are being sold.