November 30, 2022


Fritz Springmeier is a devout follower of Christ who received a special calling in 1988 to expose the corruption in the churches and it’s larger context, the World System of Systems. He became a pioneer in today’s truth movement.

His people on both sides were Kansas farmers. His life experiences are quite unique, and include living and travelling worldwide, attending West Point USMA, and a rejection of a military career for the Anabaptist view of faith (Amish).

In1990, he began writing a 7 book series on the Illuminati: the WHO (Bloodlines of the Illuminati), the HOW (The Formula & it’s sequel Deeper Insights, and They Know Not What They Do), the WHAT (Be Wise As Serpents), the WHERE (Ezekiel 6:3), and a sample of an Illuminati Front (The WT & the Masons).

He has written other books, incl. some unpublished. His perspective has been unique because of his work with Illuminati members who provided him with an inside look at the Illuminati. Fritz has brought into view an elusive organization many thought did not exist. Also his perspective of faith in a good & loving Creator without denominational attachments is rare.

With God’s grace, Fritz has endured persecution including slander, incarceration, and assassination attempts.

His first major speaking tour was in 1995 when he spoke to audiences in 12 cities, ten for Prophecy Club, & 2 privately arranged. The video of the talk is still a good summary of his material.