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A short unveiling of the ruling decision makers. My Be Wise As Serpents book (1991) was my first attempt to expose how the World’s systems of systems operates; & how the heart of it all is generational Satanism. (The book is, by the way, still available at my website What you see externally is not the hardcore substance of the World system. My next comprehensive clarification came in 1995 with my series of Prophecy Club talks, plus a few similar privately scheduled lectures, which shared the same kind of material. During these talks, I showed charts that broke down how the control is structured. (The Prophecy Club talk is on YouTube.) So this condensed unveiling is intended to enhance what I have already exposed.

(Before I begin, allow me to state that the power of pharaoh, who was the god/king of the most powerful nation, and who believed he controlled the sun & other things, discovered that the he was powerless compared to the creator God of the universe….likewise the same situation continues today. And since I’ve mentioned this confrontation….I want to add that the Biblical account of Moses & the Hebrews in Egypt is substantiated by archeology in spite of the mistaken ideas of many experts.)

THE RULING ELITE. The inner core of top decision makers have two things that the rest of us don’t: power & wealth. Many of us have incomes. Some of us common people have incomes that keep us in the black & others are in debt. But we are living basically from paycheck to paycheck. Even the upper middle class lack real wealth. Usually their relatively small wealth is bound up in the home they need to live in. Not so for the elite.

The approx. 7,000 ruling elite in America are in key positions where they call the shots for all important decisions. The world is like their private club. The mass media is their mouthpiece manipulating public perceptions. Lobbying groups like the Business Roundtable, the Committee for Economic Development, and the Conference Board insure that public officials realize the policies they should support. Their elite schools like Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and the University of Chicago play key roles in developing people to play key roles in the World system, & also help with policy research. Their foundations (for instance, the 100’s of Rockefeller Foundations, Carnegie Endowment for Peace, & the Bradley Foundation) & think tanks (as I have previously described) play vital roles in getting events in line with their agendas. Policy Planning Groups like the RAND corp. and the CFR plan for the future & provide a false model of the world…I might describe it as the view of the world that the Matrix wants people to see. Citigroup (Citibank), Morgan Bank and B of A is each granted about a dozen or more reps in the CFR. Illuminati banks, insurance companies, and other big corporations are insured representation in the Illuminati’s CFR.

These American elite spend their vacations in Europe and interact with global Illuminati organizations such WTO, World Bank, Davos World Eco. Forum & the IMF. The European elite meet at places like the European Roundtable of Industrialists, and the Union of I&E Confederations of Europe, and have policy planning groups similar to our CFR for each nation. While the European Illuminati elite are the top decision makers, America & Japanese elite still play a role in running things. A great deal of time & effort are taken to build consensus among the various players.

CORPORATIONS. One of the cleverest devices is for the elite to pool their power & wealth in corporations. Because America’s court system has tended to support what the elite want, they were able to get some key Supreme Court decisions to go their way: in 1819, the Dartmouth decision protected corporations under the contracts clause of the Constitution; in 1886, the Santa Clara decision made a corporation into a “natural” person(!) with the Constitutional rights of persons. Unfortunately, they have not been held liable for killing people & other criminal acts, in the same fashion as the rest of us true natural persons have been. The corporate structure creates a buffer zone between the elite who control them with interlocking directorates and the public. The corporations take the heat, not the elite. The larger multinational corporations are financially larger than most nations, and loyal to the ruling elite. For instance, General Motors has a larger economy than Saudi Arabia & So. Africa. The interlocking corporate directorates is one way that the elite see each other face to face. A great deal of the Illuminati elite’s communication is actually face to face. And some of this is in subtle ways of speaking.

— USE OF THE GOVT. The Illum. elite have used governments to support their corporations overseas. For instance, the British and American militaries have quite often been used to promote elite corporate agendas. The intelligence agencies have likewise been used to promote elite agendas. And then they amazingly (& hypocritically) get the masses to support these elite agendas under the falsehoods of “spreading democracy” and “free trade”. If you will support the elite’s policies there are jobs around the world for you…in govt., in corporations, and so forth. And if you don’t support their policies…even if you are a democratically elected leader, you have a high chance of losing your job.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Attached to the Illuminati membership are those in the Network, people who have attached themselves to them because that is how to get ahead in the World. Many of the people in the Network manage the day to day operations for Illuminati organizations. They are the technocrats that make the system function right, while the rest of humanity form the exploited masses upon which these parasitical elite structures thrive. Even when nations appear to be at odds with each other, a rule of thumb is that the power elite in these nations are still in communication & cooperation at some level.