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HUMAN MONSTERS: SPOTLIGHT ON T.B.M.C. PROGRAMMERS. This article focuses on who does the t.b.m.c. programming. It builds on my information given in my book “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind-controlled Slave”, pages 365-375, and subsequent articles such as my 9/10/15 post. My info in the “Formula…” book (on those pages) about the programmers is still the best out there. It provides general info on the programmers, and then focuses in detail on 3 main programmers: Dr. Mengele (Dr. Green), Dr. Ewin Cameron (Dr. White) and the Anti-Christ, whose candidates are being trained as master programmers. While articles like this relate dispassionate facts, the reality of this trauma-based m.c. is horrific, as horrible as anything conceivable for the torture & degradation of these millions of slaves is ongoing. Our media plays up the holocaust, while covering up similar tragedies going on in secret all around us. Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy & Charlie Manson were all t.b. programmed multiples. The police had all kinds of evidence of Dahmer’s Satanism that they hid from the public. So while this article simply gives facts, the sadistic horrors that these programmers perform transform the programmers into human monsters.

PROGRAMMERS ARE GLOBAL. The t.b.m.c. has slipped beyond the direct control and purveyance of the Illuminati, as it has spread globally. Programmers now speak Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, French & Chinese, not just English or German as in the past. After WW 2, the Americans wanted & brought over the German & Italian mind control researchers. Mengele was not the only German imported to do t.b.m.c. There was also a man called Heinrich Mueller, but I have not mentioned him very often because I was not sure that we had the real name. My recent exposure of the German town of Stuttgart, Arkansas and added info about the millionaire closed community of Slovak just 9 miles to the north of Stuttgart (which was the site of a small military airfield), may reveal the original area that these German programmers were housed. In the Middle East, Israeli intelligence, Arab Intelligence/Police agencies, and American programmers are creating the m.c. people that help stir up trouble in that region. Still the top programmers are Illuminati, they will be in the Illum. hierarchy, a Grande Master, a “5-star general”, or Ipsissimus. It is suspected that the current Dr. Black operates in India, & further that he is a hierarchy member. Here in the U.S., Dr. Black programming is connected to Assembly of God-Charismatic programming. The results of “Dr. Black” programmers that I have seen were all allowed Charismatic fronts. (That is not to say they didn’t sincerely convert—the power of the loving Creator is all powerful.)

LEVELS OF PROGRAMMERS. My 10 SEP ’15 article brought out that there were different levels of programmers: TOP PROGRAMMERS, MID-LEVEL, LOW LEVEL (handlers), and SPECIALISTS. The top programmers use color codes, and their students who are being trained as possible replacements who assist that particular top programmer will use the same color code. The all-around top programmer is Dr. Green, and they select the best interesting candidates to assist him. The original Dr. Green was Mengele…and the man occupying that position now is also German. He will begin mentoring selected boys, who will compete ruthlessly in hopes that they will someday become Dr. Green themselves. Dr. Green often is responsible for the foundational 13x13x13 grid. The world is perhaps into its 4th generation of color coded top programmers. A victim will often begin with Green and be handed to another color code. Students of the top doctors will operate under their name and be assigned slaves to work with over long periods of time. His top student is reported to look like a Ken Barbie Doll with gym muscling. Students who don’t cut the grade are simply discarded…are not worth enough for the Illuminati to keep them around alive.

FEMALE HELP. Besides using these boys, Illuminati girls will also assist in jobs connected to the programming—perhaps wielding a stun gun to shock selected kids in cages. The Illuminati Mothers of Darkness, who consist of 11 grades (ranks) and number less than 3,000 worldwide also help a great deal with programming. Selected Mothers will train the children (for instance building internal worlds) and do the delicate work with the core. Mothers-of-darkness alters are assembled in triads (trinities)—maiden, mother, crone combos on spinning pedestals. These alters are not in the deep trance that some of the other alters are in…nor have they been dehumanized & brutalized like say, for instance, Gatekeeper alters. Grande Dames, such as Mary Margaret, Doris Duke & Hillary Clinton will have children who are programmed to serve them. They operate at what I call MID-LEVEL programming. An example of a specialist was Navy shrink Lt. Comdr. Thomas Narut, who helped develop Delta assassination alter programming. The Delta alters are put to sleep internally, connected to the Umbrella programming. A typical female mind-controlled slave will also have Delta alters trained to kill. An example of a top secret Delta Force m.c. site has been at Waco, TX. A final thought: some female handlers (LOW LEVEL PROGRAMMERS) can do some minor programming.

HISTORY PRIOR TO MENGELE. The Illuminati and MI-6 (which they controlled) were programming before WW 2. There were also German t.b.m.c. programmers before Mengele. I don’t know the names of these early programmers, but their satanic handiwork have come into to therapists in Europe & the U.S.A. In past centuries, some of the programmers have traditionally hid behind the front of the Catholic church and various Lodge systems. Mengele can be credited to taking things to a more scientific/German engineered level. Some of the programmers like Michael Aquino (Mickey, Malcolm, etc.) and Jerry Lee Lewis are sadistic monsters in the vein of Mengele.

DR. RED. If I remember correctly, this programmer is assoc. with the OTO. A Dr. Star, out of Corpus Christi, TX did OTO t.b.m.c. programming. So far it appears that Dr. Red’s programming is confined to OTO areas, esp. the U.S. & U.K.

DR. BLUE. These series of programmers may have originally been Heinrich Mueller (Gog). He has two sons who assisted, one of which was Theodore (Teddy Bear). Interestingly, a multiple in Australia felt a Desmond Mueller (Australian military w/ ASD) looked like the current Dr. Blue. Much of the programming in Australia is done via the ASD, bearing in mind that all the intelligence agencies of the U.K.-U.S.A.-Australia-Can.-NZ are essentially branches of one organization. While Dr. Blue can be seen in the west coast US and Australia…there does not seem to be hard & fast guidelines as to where these various doctors’ victims will show up. The current Dr. Blue was bn. perhaps in the ‘50s. I described him in a previous post, gray haired, balding patch in the middle of the head, mustached, and overweight like so many men his age. He wears glasses. He has a female associate, who travels with him. His specialty in trauma was to overwhelm the olfactory sense.

MILITARY PROGRAMMERS. Over the years, I have given the names of dozens of military programmers incl. : Lt. Col. John Alexander, Col. Wilson Green, Col. Height, Col. Manassah, Maj. Strange, & Col. Taylor. All the American military bases are used for t.b.m.c. programming…and all the military branches are involved…and this appears to hold true for the U.K. & Australia. The Canadian m.c. appears to have frequently been done by Americans. It would be impossible to sort this thing out by nationalities because, for instance, Michael Aquino has been in the U.K. programming for MI-6. Unfortunately, this scandalous activity goes all the way up to our generals & admirals—the people we would like to think of as heroes, are involved in the abuse of children. In one post, I gave the link to one military wife exposing what her husband & Pentagon co-workers were involved with. (I do know of one Gen. Russell Bowen who got disgusted & became a whistle blower…He was sent to Fed. prison. And Aldrich Ames said that he was a turn coat because the CIA was lying to the public & deceitful about the value of their agency.)

CIA PROGRAMMERS. Over the years, I have given the names of many of these, incl. Dr. William Jennings Bryan, Dr. Jensen, Dr. Meiers, Dr. James Monroe, & Dr. Orne. In the U.K. we had Dr. Sergeant. The DCIs (directors of the CIA) have all known completely about the t.b.m.c., and their top echelon leaders, the Sr. Intelligence Service also. Although pretending to end MK Ultra, the CIA (which now clashes head to head with Russia’s SVR) still uses t.b.m.c. One of the things I don’t recall mentioning is that polygraph tests are given to t.b.m.c. slaves after they have done a mission, before their memories are erased. CIA polygraph tests are even hooked up to computer analysis to aid the tester. While the CIA operates in many Amer. univ., hospitals & other institutions…their main training ctr. is Camp Perry (the Farm), a gated community learning paramilitary skills, spycraft and in general tradecraft, across from Colonial Williamsburg, VA. No doubt there are on-site programmers.

THERAPISTS. Most of the therapists have been compromised. For a while the therapeutic community was gaining awareness & beginning to help DID patients. One Rothschild therapist in Louisiana, who I exposed, called & told me she had broken free of her own MPD m.c. Another example of a cult hypnotherapist/rehab counselor is Kevin M. Grise. People like him assist with the m.c. In another situation, one client (a DID victim) recorded a session with her therapist by her phone which I listened to. The therapist is giving m.c. triggers.

CONCLUSION. This has been another look at the programmers. Much of this information has been given by me in the past, but it has been reassembled & repackaged in a new way, & hopefully provides a fresh look at the sadistic programmers.


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THE GNOSTIC MERCY OF ARISTOCRACY .(15 FEB ’16) This short post is a frank discussion on the global economy and the World’s “saviors” when the economy crashes. It is designed for those interested in the global economy. Readers & viewers of my talks will remember that I have explained that the Gnostic beliefs of the Illuminati require one’s good deeds balance one’s bad deeds…so the occupation of Illuminati kingpins is often listed as “philanthropist”. Our govt. is involved in creating the chaos that will display itself several ways, incl. a financial crash, which will make people even more dependent upon them. Investment banks and govt.’s, and the U.N. have projects globally to help nations needing help. But frequently, the idealism that is verbalized is a veneer, a façade, to hide cynicism & greed. The director generals of U.N. aid agencies live like royalty. The head of WHO has stayed there for 2 decades. Another example is Edouard Saouma, who was director general of FAO of the UN from 1976-93. The state dept. had a secret evaluation of him, “He has done an excellent job managing the organization and keeping internal program discipline. He has increased F.A.O.’s capacity to deliver technical assistance & strengthened its early warning system. Under his leadership, F.A.O. has steadily decreased the proportion of its budget which is devoted to administrative expenditures.” But another State Dept. report contradicted this, “Edouard Saouma’s…leadership…[is] likely to diminish the organization’s effectiveness.” There were accusations that he bought votes to get a third term. Saouma became a multi-millionaire from his job & insisted people call him “Your excellency”.

DANCING ON THE TITANIC while the Fed says,“OUTLOOK UNCERTAIN GLOBALLY”. Another leader with almost royalty status is Janet Yellen, leader of the Federal Reserve. She spoke on Feb. 10th to Congress, and in my opinion did a dodge-the-truth speech, where she said the “outlook [is] uncertain for 2016 for the global economy”. Believe me, Illuminati members like her know exactly what is coming. Yet, no matter what happens, such a vague statement gets her off the hook. A Congressman (Rep. Brad Sherman) in response to her report said to her that financial institutions that were “too big to fail should be too big to exist.” Then he told her & Congress that “I feel like I’m at a ballroom dancing on the deck of the Titanic.”

BANKERS. In India, the top foreign investment banks are the Rothschild’s Citi, HSBC India, Standard Chartered & Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank has been making big money in India…but is deeply in trouble overall. The NY Times of 21 JAN ’16 (p.B3) said they had a $7 billion loss in 2015, & managers won’t get their bonuses. Top global investment banks are Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, the Rothschild’s Citigroup & Deutsche Bank…all of whom were Illuminati banks. Deutsche Bank Russia has been helping to develop Russia’s financial market infrastructure. Deutsche Bank has been in the news a lot lately for being insolvent. They rank 6th in global investment banking revenue. Because of the LIBOR manipulation suit they were given a $2.5 billion fine for rigging interest rates. Mr. Jain, head of the London bank ops for Deutsche Bank admitted his acts were “reprehensible” (& has beat a hasty exit)…and five former top managers of Deutsche Bank were put on trial for having given false testimony in court. (And by the way, Morgan Stanley is fined $3.2 billion for contributing to the mortgage crisis.) Deutsche Bank scaled back its Latin American banking, leaving Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru & Uruguay…but remaining in Brazil. RBS, ING Group, and BNY Mellon have also been pulling out of Mexico. And other large investment banks like Goldman Sachs have also been scaling back in Latin America. Several oil producers in Latin America are hurting, but Venezuela has been the hardest hit.

VENEZUELA’S ECO. MELTDOWN. On 18 JAN ’16, Venezuela’s president declared a 60-day state of economic emergency. Because oil prices are low, revenues are very low, and it is expected that the govt. will renege on $5 billion debt payments due in Oct. & Nov. of this year. It has been hard for the country to import food so the grocery store shelves are empty and the nation is having food shortages. Their inflation is expected to rise 204% in 2016. One dollar now equals 865 bolivars. The general consensus now seems that globally the crash of 2016 will be worse than the one in 2008.

LOW GOLD PRICES. Not only are oil producers (like frackers, and small oil producers) dropping out, but low gold prices have forced half the big gold mining operations to cease. In recent days, gold & silver prices have been rising.

SHIPPING STOPPED. The Baltic Dry index provides “an assessment of the price of moving the major raw materials by sea. Taking in 23 shipping routes.” There is also a Baltic Tanker Index. These indexes are down indicating ships are stalled in ports.

CONCLUSION. Life provides us with tests & challenges. God never gives us more than we can handle. We can spiritually thrive in the midst of difficulty. Hopefully, the reader will view these things as a warning that 2016 may be a seriously difficult year economically. Now is the time to turn to God to spiritually prepare for the upcoming difficult days.


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. This is a short expose concerning the history of t.b.m.c. in Arkansas, the homestate of Bill Clinton.

MAJOR PROGRAMMING CENTERS. When the original Dr. Green (Mengele, aka as Jiminy Crickett, Vaterchen, & other names) began programming Illuminati children in the area, they chose Stuttgart (SE of Littlerock), a town started by a German which has an annual German Heritage Festival. Stuttgart is the co-county seat along with DeWitt, Arkansas. Stuttgart has had some beauty queens come out of it incl. Bunnie Holbert (Miss Ark. ’77) & Furonda Brasfield (part. Of Amer.’s Next Top Model). Stuttgart is flat rice growing land. The area’s major programming center was shifted after a number of years to the Swiss Villa at Lampe, MO which sits in the Ozark Hills close to the Arkansas border. Lampe is a small community surrounded by numerous resorts on the reservoirs. The programming center is a major foundational programming center that has the ability to split children’s minds, give near death experiences, as well as employ new high tech m.c. devices such as virtual realities. The Special Forces troops under m.c. train there, as well as some of the CIA black ops.

CIA PRESENCE. Readers may remember that south of Lampe & SW of Little Rock lays the city of Mena whose Inter-Mountain Regional Airport was the center of CIA drug running flights. The CIA also used a secluded airstrip just north of Mena and just east of the village of Nella. This airstrip also had FBI activity involved with it. Readers may also remember Oliver North (of the Charismatic movement) who at the time used the code name “Cathey” moving around the CIA ops incl. using Camp Robinson, Ark.’s deactivated WW 2 ammo bunker for his secret mtgs. CIA towns get extra security, so during that time period all the pay phones in Mena were bugged by the CIA. (Ours here in OR is McMinnville & the surrounding area, which is also involved in t.b.m.c.). By the way, Mena ran all its blacks out by 1920, and became an all-white “Sundown town”. The name “sundown town” meant that a visiting black had to leave town by sundown. Col. Sander’s (of KFC fame) town of Corbin was another Sundown Town. As you can imagine, the KKK was big in Mena, and their airport had a reputation for doing illegal work on planes…which was handy for the CIA drug running.

THE ILLUMINATI’S PRESENCE. After WW 2, Winthrop Rockefeller (1912-1973) moved to Arkansas. His occupation was philanthropist & politician. People have probably heard me comment how these Illuminati kingpins have as their occupation “philanthropist” –which means their occupation is giving away large sums of money. He was able to self-finance running for governor of Arkansas which he served from 1967-71, while his brother Nelson was gov. of NY. He lived on top of Petit Jean Mtn. near Morrilton, Ark. Winthrop went from private to colonel in the U.S. Army & was placed into the Ft. Benning, GA Hall of Fame. Over the yrs. I have dealt w//known a few of the MPD Rockefeller family members. One person described Winthrop as “ruthless”. His drinking was legendary in Arkansas. His philanthropy supported the creation of medical clinics throughout Arkansas. I have only heard of 3 satanic covens…one in the Rogers-Springdale, Ark. area, an Illuminati one in Little Rock, and another one in Jonesboro, Ark. There are also cult chapels (that pretend to be Christian) in Arkansas that are fronts for Satanic covens.


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. This expose is focused on the ABC show “Once Upon A Time” and its relationship with t.b.m.c. and one of the Illuminati’s deceased Grande Dames.

The trauma-based mind control programming scripts are conveniently based on fairy tales. The Wizard of Oz and Alice In Wonderland being key programming scripts (but there are many others). For years, TV has annually, faithfully given us the original popular classic 1939 version of The Wizard of Oz… besides adding in spin off movie versions every little bit for added spice to the programming: The Wizard of Oz (1950), Return to Oz (1964), The Whiz (1978), The Wizard of Oz (1982), The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1987), The Wizard of Mars (2007), The Tin Man (2007), Oz the Great & Powerful (2013).

Now the programmers must have asked themselves, what if we combine all these fairy tale characters into one show??? So they created an ABC TV series “Once Upon A Time” where they got all their programming characters handily into one TV series. Once Upon A Time brings together The Wizard of Oz, Alice In Wonderland, Fantasia (a foundational programming script), Sleeping Beauty (core programming), Pinocchio, The Sword In the Stone (King Arthur stuff), and other programming scripts. They advertise the show: “Discover a bold new imagining of the world, where fairy tales and the modern day are about to collide.” And indeed the world of movies, plus m.c. fairy tale scripts are right there along with the reality of the Illuminati. They further describe the show: “Characters are from fairy tales who have been robbed of their real memories by a powerful curse.” Episodes incorporate in programming concepts & witchcraft as well as name one of the characters after a deceased Grande Dame of the Illuminati, Mary Margaret, aka Mother Mary.

Remember the Adams & Collins families being portrayed on TV as witchcraft families?—and they are actually witchcraft families in real life. ABC has run this mind-control show “Once Upon A Time” for 5 seasons (beginning in 2011) with the character Mary Margaret. This show is related to m.c. programming…it is about witchcraft, curses, Snow White & alternate realities. The show’s Mary Margaret’s relatives are “the Family”[what the Illuminati call themselves]. The Mary Margaret character is also in “Reawakened: A Once Upon a Time Tale”. There are still many of Mother Mary’s programmed “children” out there. Fiction can be based on reality!


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(8 FEB ’16) Most of our life we have heard about the toxic effects of sulfur; and it is toxic as a gas. Recent medical discoveries continue to increasingly reveal the healing power of sulfur in the body. It is the 7th most abundant element in the human body. This article’s purpose is to reveal the healing life-giving power of sulfur. In nature, it reacts to everything but noble gases. Most of us think of sulfur as that awful rotten egg smell. We also know it from our matches to light a fire. And another connotation is judgment…it was used by God repeatedly in his judgments (think Sodom & Gomorrah), and was called Brimstone. Satan & his demons don’t like sulfur-and now that the life-giving properties of it are being discovered…it is clearer why he would dislike it. In these difficult times, when the satanic elite put into action ways to slow genocide us, I consider the revelation of medical info crucial. (By the way, more alternative doctors have been murdered since my last report on that phenomena.)

BRIMSTONE. “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God…and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone (sulfur) in the presence of the holy angels…” REV 14:9-10

ENDOGENOUS SULFDIOXIDE. This is the form of sulfur which the body makes internally that the body uses in critical functions. How is this form made by the body? SO2 is made from the metabolism of L-cysteine which is converted from methionine via the transmethylation-transsulfuration pathway. Firstly, L-cysteine is oxidized to form L-cysteine sulfinate by cysteine dioxygenase (CDO), and then the latter is transaminated to form ?-sulfinylpyruvate by AAT. A few health specialists are catching on to endogenous sulfur’s healing properties… If you go to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website and type in a search for sulfur products you get MSM Sulfur Powder, Glutathione, and NACN-Acetyl Cysteine to mention a few notable ones. I quote from his site:
“Support your body with this supplement for healthy connective tissue.
” ¢Sulfur from MSM is used to produce glycosaminoglycans present in proteoglycans such as aschondroitin sulfate dermatan sulfate and hyaluronic acid
” ¢For best results use with Jarrow Formulas’ JarroSil

COLLAGEN. The endogenous sulfur builds collagen. People who have been around me, or listened to some of my talks have heard me repeatedly mention collagen. It is the building block of our bodies, and for some weird reason does not get mentioned (except on rare occasions). We should have learned about it along with muscles in our jr. high biology classes. Vascular collagen mainly consists of collagen I and III. That being said, increased collagen could be problematic as it may be a contributing factor to blood clot formation. This could also lead to blood clots in the left atrial appendage of the heart and that could be catastrophic. In such scenarios, it could be advisable to get a Watchman procedure done to block the appendage and prevent any clots in the future. Coming back, collagen I is associated with the tenacity & tensile strength of vascular walls, while collagen III is associated with the elasticity of vascular walls; both play important role in maintaining the integrity of vascular structure. So guess what?? Endogenous sulfur helps cardiovascular diseases!! And a deficiency of sulfur dioxide results in cardiovascular diseases, and such things as hypertension. I bet your doctor never told you that-why? Because he or she didn’t know it. Here is what happens with weakened collagen in the vascular walls: “Severe structural changes in vascular walls characterized by vascular collagen remodeling are central to the pathophysiology of vascular diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis and restenosis after coronary angioplasty.” Sometimes when this fails, people have to use a reliable Powerheart G3 Plus defibrillator or a similar device to get the heart pumping again, but usually, it works out okay. And what stops the weakening collagen called “remodeling”? “Endogenous sulfur dioxide alleviates collagen remodeling via inhibiting TGF-?/Smad pathway in vascular smooth muscle cells” (A) So now researchers are predicting that a better understanding of SO2 in the body “may lead to a new therapeutic strategy”. Hmmm. Endogenously derived SO2 or SO2 derivatives at physiological concentrations play a crucial role in normal physiological process of the human body including regulation of vascular tone and cardiac function!! Glutathione can increase the amount of the endogenous sulfur (SO2). Hmmm.

WHO KNOWS WHAT? Apparently, more than a few researchers know about Endogenous Sulfur dioxide, because a few products are “quietly” using it. And now you my friend also know.

(A) Gasotransmitter hydrogen sulfide inhibited the abnormal accumulation of vascular collagen, and alleviated vascular remodeling.” at [triple w:]

The study was designed to investigate the role of endogenous sulfur dioxide (SO2) in collagen remodeling and its mechanisms in vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs).