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BY SPIRIT & BOLDNESS: An analysis of Putin v. America. Putin is highly intelligent & aggressive. His goal is to maximize Russia’s borders & sphere of influence, and he believes he can do this “by spirit and boldness”. Putin is calculating & will move when he thinks he can win. This post is my personal analysis of the political & military tension between the U.S. & Russia. George Soros recently claimed we are headed towards a third world war, & different intel agents are claiming similar things….are these credible claims?

INTERCONNECTED. The world is clearly more interconnected than before, for instance, the elite Russian mobsters own lots of property in the U.S., and western companies are intertwined with Russia’s economy. However, history is full of many examples of wars breaking out in spite of lots of economic connections between the combatants. Is it possible that a war could develop between Russia & NATO?

ESTONIA. Estonia is an example similar to the Crimea, in the sense that Putin could easily decide in a moment of American or European weakness, to assert Russian power in Estonia like he did in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine. What would be NATO’s response to a quick invasion? Would Estonia be a trip wire leading to a large war like Poland was in WW II, or would the Europeans & Americans try to negotiate instead of fight like they did when Hitler invaded Czechoslavakia? Likewise, China (which is acting like an ally of Russia) is also trying to maximize their land & sphere of influence. One point of contention is the Spratley Islands, which the Chinese aggressively continue to bring under more Chinese control. So far, everyone has preferred negotiation with China.

AGGRESSION. When nations are aggressive, it forces other nations to choose how they will respond to that aggression. Different nations perceive acts from their own perspective. A case in point was in today’s news. Today, the U.S. denied a visa to Russia’s top woman, Valentina Matriyenko, to visit NYC for an IPU conference. The U.S. State Dept. did this because she was put on a sanctioned list when Russia acted aggressive in the Ukraine. But from Russia’s viewpoint this new development is itself an act of aggression. A Russian ministry called the action “a flagrant violation of universally accepted norms of international law and are contrary to the obligations of countries hosting multilateral forums on their territory.” They went on to say that the act was undemocratic, because it prevents foreigners, in this case the Russians, from having “different approaches to that of American political directives & priorities.” Having Matriyenko miss a conference is not going to hurt Russia. On the other hand, it could seriously hurt the U.S. if the U.S. does not act strong, & would back down in weakness. In the high stakes game that is being played, to act weak is to invite Putin to push the envelope some more. (Whether Putin is more right or not is not my pt. of discussion. Hitler’s aggression was very justified from a German standpt. Even his assault on the USSR was a pre-emptive strike, for if he had not attacked, Stalin was well into the preparations to attack him!) The pt. is this, how does NATO or the U.S. act in the face of that type of aggression-whether justified in the minds of the aggressor or not. On the flip side, Russia also finds some of our actions provocative. In such a world, both sides have to face off & appear strong.

PRECARIOUS. So the globe is susceptible to a world war breaking out. The spooks who warn us of world war are warning of a distinct possibility. But what is the probability?? Those of us who lived through the cold war lived through decades of precariousness! And total annihilation of the human race-and the elevation of cockroaches to rule the world-did sincerely come very close a few times. It is possible that the new cold war will remain just that…a war fought behind the scenes instead of with the large militaries of the main protagonists going head to head in all-out war. (My educated view is that at worst, we might face a limited nuclear exchange-perhaps tactical nukes-in the future…but not all out global nuclear destruction.) While Putin will continue to aggressively push, I don’t see any large wars in the immediate future. Russia & China will continue to advance their secret military R&D to develop incredible weapons. At the moment their militaries are powerful, but not overly impressive against the U.S., NATO and their allies. That balance will change as they secretly develop their best secret weapons, & the U.S. economy goes into the toilet. I think the global economic situation is more of a threat.

CHINA’S…[]…MANIPULATE STOCK MARKET. The Chinese stock markets have always been political/profit tools of the Chinese elite. In Walter & Howie’s book “Privatizing China” they refer to an example of stock manipulation by Lu Liang where he used around 14,000 ghost accounts. Let me explain where I am going with this discussion: I believe the signs/evidence show that someone manipulated the China stock market crashing. This means that honest investors, whether they have Fintechs Aktien or any other type of stock, could potentially lose huge amounts of money. One sign was the dumping onto the market on July 1 of 200 million shares of Sinopec Oilfield Service shares. Those of you who follow my research are aware I maintain that we are following a script. How all this post fits into Biblical prophecy, I will allow each to his own beliefs. I think it is safe to predict that we will at the very least continue living under conditions of a new cold war. At this pt., Americans should be more concerned with preparing for the difficult economic days ahead.


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TOTAL CONTROL OF THE WORLD BY CONTROL OF SPACE: exposing the Apollo deception of going to the moon. This is an intro to the link to an excellent 3 ½ hr. video documentary exposing the Apollo lunar missions. It is well worth watching. I recommend it. Some of you may have already seen it, and some of you may not have time to watch it, & can get an idea of what it proves from this post. As I was watching it, I realized that exposing that the Apollo manned missions were faked is a better way to break people out of the Matrix than exposing JFK’s assassination & 9-11!! Why did it need to be faked?

PURPOSE BEHIND THE SPACE RACE. There were many purposes behind NASA & space exploration. Let’s discuss it from the view of the world’s controllers. Satellites & unmanned vehicles in near space are able to provide communications, spy capabilities, and other abilities for the elite to control this entire planet, for example, weather modification and instant global communication. Years ago, I had documented that the Russian & American governments were secretly working together. By creating a space race, the funding of enormously expensive space projects was justified. The concept of man going to the moon captures the romantic excitement of most everyone. Behind this banner issue, NASA was able to spend large sums of money, do mind control, and put in place a series of satellites that could be used to control humanity. This video (see the linked documentary) proves numerous problems with the official NASA Apollo story, incl. lots of evidence of faked photos, evidence that the spacecraft left the astronauts basically unprotected to lethal radiation (making it impossible that they could use it to go to the moon), and other signs that America did not send men to the moon.

FAKED MOON SHOTS. The supposed images sent back to earth by the Apollo missions are full of obvious evidence that they were faked. The shadows in many of the pictures show that they are inconsistent with one light source, and were obviously not created by the sun, but by large lights from some staged performance. The type of camera & film used designed by a Lundberg in Sweden is discussed. Some supposed photos taken of the earth thru the porthole of the Apollo are easily debunked. The method of how the video film views were created is broken down and explained. When the lunar rover drives across the “lunar terrain” it is obvious that the dust does not act like it would on the moon with its limited gravity. The American flags wave in the breeze.

IGNORING THE REALITY OF RADIATION. Two belts (the Van Allen Belt) of lethal radiation (full of gamma rays & x-rays, etc.) which begin at 272 miles out into space cover the globe. A third belt of radiation (orig. 100x more intense than the Van Allen belt) was created in the 1960’s when the U.S. exploded a megaton nuke in space under Operation Starfish Prime. The sun has an 11 yr. cycle of radiation that peaks every 11 yrs. It peaked in 1958 allowing the Van Allen belts to be detected easier…and then the Solar Particle Events peaked again in the 1969-70 period which was supposedly the time we were sending men to the moon. So NASA picked the very worst time, when space radiation is at its worst, to supposedly send the men to the moon. In the 1970’s, the Amish church I was a member of, did not believe astronauts had gone to the moon. They were the first I heard to question things, but since they are not into science, I felt their objections were merely allegations. In 1979, when I got to go the Air & Space museum in Wash. D.C. I looked at the Apollo craft & realized for myself that the astronauts were indeed unprotected from the radiation that they would have experienced going through the radiation belts & then on the lunar surface. That was when the lights began to go on in my head.

OTHER PROBLEMS. The video explains other problems with the official story & discusses whistle blowers. From the video I learned that Astronaut Irwin decided to come clean & confess the hoaxes, and then he and his wife died of heart attacks within 3 days of his decision. A geologist who wanted to expose the fake moon rocks also died. Supposedly we brought back 750 lbs. of moon rock, and this was supposed to be shared with the Russians, but little was. It is believed the little real moon rock was retrieved by unmanned vehicles, & that most of the moon rock was merely terrestrial rock that was altered (irradiated, etc.) to look a little different.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State


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LIFE SAVING LESSONS FROM FRANCE (sauver des leçons de vie de la France). The nation of France has had its National Health care rated the best in the world. Some of the questionable medical practices that have been common in the US, never tainted their nation. Their media is certainly not as controlled by big pharma as much as ours. The French have been known for centuries for their healthy outstanding cuisine (fine delicious food) & incredible red wines. Resveratrol, an ingredient in red wine, if taken as a supplement, has been shown to add years to a person’s life span. That being said, it is no secret that drinking too much alcohol can be seriously damaging for your health and can even lead to alcoholism and addiction issues. You can learn more about the dangers of consuming too much alcohol and discover some of the most popular treatments for combatting alcohol addiction such as rehab and therapy by doing some research online. Nonetheless, there is always the argument that everything should be enjoyed in moderation. For instance, the rural areas of France still know what good healthy real food looks like in contrast to Americans and our addictions to junk food. When we take these kinds of things into account, it makes it understandable why 40% of the French are anti-vaccination, 58% of their doctors question whether child vaccinations are helpful, and 31% of their doctors question the safety of vaccines!! (BUT don’t expect our controlled media, who are lackeys of big pharma &/or uncritically p.c., to report on France’s anti-vaccine negative vaccination attitudes! We are to falsely believe that vaccines are universally loved.) However, it should also be seen that some vaccinations for preventable diseases are a necessity, because it can be argued that some life-threatening illnesses are indeed prevented from a young age due to vaccinations and immunizations. This is why many American healthcare providers such as Southwest Care Center and others provide immunization services to families and children. These vaccinations have been proven as preventative measures for many dangerous diseases and illnesses, especially for those that are younger.

LOW AUTISM RATE & OTHER BENEFITS. The French autism rate is only 45% of the American rate! (Would this low autism rate be helped by their lack of enthusiasm for vaccinations?!) The cost of getting a master’s degree in France is something like $2,256 dollars on average, and their business schools are some of the best in the world. Their obesity rate is the lowest (best) in Europe and a long ways from America. Their govt. outlawed manufacturers from putting out products with planned obsolescence; while here in America, we consumers are expected to spend our hard earned dollars on consumer products that will soon be junk. Their nation outlawed Monsanto’s MON 810, which is a corn that is genetically modified to excrete a poisonous toxin to kill bugs. Their Pres. Hollande has wanted a GMO-free Europe. Even after a court ruling allowing MON 810, the govt. was still not going to allow it.

FRANCE WAS NOT A MINDLESS LACKEY OF BUSH. When Bush, Jr. lied about weapons of mass destruction & pressured France to join in his illegal war, France stood their ground and refused to join in Bush’s war crime. I personally felt apologetic for all the nasty things said about France because they did not want to participate. The first significant book in English exposing 9-11 had to be printed in France. One of my books was translated early on into French. My French is limited (C’est la Vie.) & don’t expect to ever live there; but I am impressed with many of their good decisions, & wish America might learn from such good decisions. And as a last parting shot, the USA would never have gained our independence from Britain had not France helped us defeat the British. Their navy & troops & supplies were decisive. How short American memories of history can be! Have a great day my friend.

Because He lives

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BECA– USE HE LIVES, I CAN FACE TOMORROW. As I sang this old hymn today, I contemplated how true it is. We often fail to focus on His solutions, and focus on our fears of the problems. Our minds exaggerate the problems, and often fail to see that solutions have been created and are waiting for us. I have a family member who faces death due to cancer, and all around cancer is taking people. The Blush Wood Berries found in the rain forests of Far North Queensland in Australia have been found to cure melanoma cancer quickly in 75% of the cases, and cure it so it doesn’t return. Sea cucumbers kill all kinds of cancers. This is in line with the Bible verse, “…and the leaves of the trees were for the healing of the nations.” The context of this verse is where people are in perfect fellowship with their Creator, and I believe would apply to us today if we were in close harmony with Him. The reason these cancer cures are not widely known or used is that greedy pharma can’t make money off of them. Good hearted people still have a voice, they can still share with each other globally using the Internet. If we realize what we have, we realize that we are not living in a hopeless world.

BECA– USE HE LIVES, ALL FEAR IS GONE. The song’s chorus goes like this: “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, Because He lives, all fear is gone; Because I know He holds the future, And life is worth the living, Just because He lives!” We need to take a moment and pause and reflect…the World is sliding into a time of fear…the global economy wants to melt down…stock markets are crashing around the world…nations are devaluing their currencies…natural disasters are popping up…our govt. & the elite are creating civil disturbances in the U.S. between races & helping create Islamic terrorists even on own soil…certainly it seems normal to live in fear. But what about Yahshua’s time period? Those living back then faced many of the same kind of things. It is why the crowds gathered around Christ, because he had answers to all these countless problems. And people are still amassing around him to seek answers…just not much in the U.S.A. or Europe, because the masses have been taught to be politically correct with the World. As one political figure recently said, “Political correctness is killing this nation.” And that is one political statement I can agree with. God’s Word encourages us: “For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.” Life is worth the living, just because He lives!

A GENERATION LOOKING FOR SIGNS. We live in an age where American Christians are more anxious for signs of being divinely rescued than whether they are living holy lives approved by God. The churches are spending vast sums on their properties, even taking out loans w/ balloon payments. They should be using other loans, such as V5 logbook lenders who offer lower repayments and smaller balloon payments at the end of the term. Also, expecting that it will continue to work out. They are looking at the short term & neglecting the long term in several ways, in particular how the new young generation are being dealt with. The churches are finding entertaining ways to keep the young people busy to keep them coming to church, while neglecting to build overcoming spiritual skills into them. This is due in part to their rapture mentality. When difficulties come, and the churches can’t pay their overhead property expenses, & the older generation that is paying for things dies off, & the younger generation flakes off due to immaturity to overcome spiritual problems, then it is obvious many of these churches will close their doors. Perhaps missionaries from more spiritual areas of the world can bring a revival to America. (If it be Your will, grant us this help.) As I said earlier, there are answers-not the worldly quick fixes that the churches look for-but the answers that God has for us. These will be by the Spirit, not by the so-called worldly “prophets” with their revelations. God does speak to His loved ones on the Sonship level, & provides them understanding line upon line. It is a spiritually organic process between a Father and His collective adopted sons, who are willing to recognize His still small voice, rather than the flashy “signs” of the worldly church.

CANCER. I used cancer as an example of how God has provided us with solutions that are being neglected. For example, the use of CBD products (such as those offered by the likes of Blessed CBD) derived from cannabis plants may help alleviate cancer symptoms as well as ease cancer treatment side effects. In addition to the findings that participants using cannabis were 45% less likely to develop bladder cancer, scientists also concluded in 2016 that cannabinoids show promise in the fight against cancer after they determined they inhibited the growth of many types of tumor cells. Further along this line, I would call attention to some research. There is a book “The China Study” based upon 20 yrs. of medical-nutritional studies in China. A trilogy of authors wrote the book. The conclusion of all this research is that cancer is caused and can be stopped by diet. I quote a wiki report on the book: “The China Study examines the relationship between the consumption of animal products (including dairy) and chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer and bowel cancer. Keeping your prostate healthy can be particularly difficult although here is an alternative to try. Moreover, the authors conclude that people who eat a whole-food, plant-based/vegan diet-avoiding all animal products, including beef, pork, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese and milk, and reducing their intake of processed foods and refined carbohydrates-will escape, reduce or reverse the development of numerous diseases.” This is certainly “food for thought”. Another idea for us to consider in dealing w/ cancer is cesium chloride therapy, which is a natural alternative cure. Instead people of the modern world are to look at insurances to cover the cost of high medical bills, they are having to look at what does critical illness insurance cover to ensure they can receive a payout If not they need other types of insurance coverage to negate such high medical bills for a “restricted” set of treatment options. One more set of concepts to consider is the role the pancreas & its enzymes play in fighting cancer. Trypsin is one of the important pancreatic enzymes that has been supplemented w/ cancer victims that has helped. On the flip side…there are some cultures like the Maasai in Africa, and the Eskimos who eat a high intake of animal protein & don’t have our rates of modern diseases like cancer…. So there is certainly a vast set of factors involved in getting cancer, but obviously our modern processed food, our modern diet & the toxins in our environment & food are seriously contributing to the cancer problem. Again, if we look to the age-old wisdom, the diet given by God would help us.


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A look at the Military-industrial Complex (MIC). Who can argue with the cause of “National Security”? Today, a powerful secret web of arms manufacturers, congressional committees, bankers, arms dealers, & the U.S. military named the Military-industrial Complex stands in the way of the ideals of the Constitution. Its technology of violence not only expanded to give it the ability to destroy the planet, but also created unsolved problems such as nuclear waste, such as Plutonium-239 with a poisonous half life of 24,400 years! Nuclear power plants can’t be dismantled, & once deactivated will stand as monuments to the satanic philosophy that built them. The original American ideal of freedom conceived our military as protecting our freedom & serving the nation’s needs, not dominating its institutions. Playing upon that ideal, leaders who have secretly desired the MIC to gain predominance, have asked Americans to support the creation & enlargement of the MIC. Today, regardless of realities, military needs, or economic justifications, & the ideals of American freedom, the MIC is able to manipulate the government to continue supporting its expensive projects. It was part of the consortium of powers that assassinated JFK. It served as a key player in the Illuminati’s goal of “perpetual war” during the 20th century. It is now supporting the American military’s role as policeman for the World Order, & helping with projects to bring in a visible New World Order.
DISTINCTIONS ELIMINATED. The framers of the Constitution, in order to achieve a balance of power, so that power was not concentrated created several levels & branches to govt. The MIC has collapsed distinctions between the private & public, business & govt., civilian & military, and the individual & the state. High ranking officers when they retire frequently enter the civilian side of the MIC. Jesse Ventura, in a well researched, well-written book “They Killed Our President”, explains how Pres. JFK was at odds with the hawkish MIC. He explains that after Gen. Lemnitzer, Chrmn. of the Jt. Chiefs of Staff, and DCI of the CIA Allan Dulles, treated JFK like a kindergartner when trying to get him to approve a surprise nuclear attack on the USSR, JFK & the MIC were at war with each other. Shockingly, Sen. Proxmire has called the MIC “stupid”, and “arrogant” and said they had little regard for integrity. Bear in mind, that at least 10% of American workers work directly or indirectly for the MIC, and 50% of adult males are former or present mmbrs of the armed forces.(U.S. Statistical Abstracts, 1971, Tables 392,397,399,417)
ORIGINS OF THE MIC. The idealistic rational creators of the Declaration of Independence & the Bill of Rights lived in a pre-industrial era. In 1852, navy Cdr. Samuel Francis DuPont, of the Illuminati DuPont family wrote an important paper “Report on the National Defense” which advocated a large navy “that we may at no distant day, be forced, in our own defense, to aid this cause of freedom by an active war.” DuPont proposed building state-of-the-art warships that could rival the best European warships by using propellers driven by steam engines. His proposal was backed by the Young Americans. Now let me digress & explain who the Young Amer. movement was…Illuminati member Giuseppe Mazzini created the international Young movement, personally founding Young Italy & Young Europe groups. Young Poland was founded by Freemason Konarski in 1834, and Young Switz. by Freemason Melegari. Young America was founded by Jewish socialist Edwin de Leon, mmbr. of the Euphradian Soc. The Young Hegelian movement backed the Young America movement. Also supportive of DuPont’s ideas was influential & famous Hungarian Freemason, lawyer & revolutionist Lajos (Louis) Kossuth. Kossuth put out the Hungarian Decl. of Independence & had many places in the U.S. named for him, as well as monuments. Pres. Pierce, of the Illum. elite Pierce family & mmbr of the elite order Society of the Cincinnati, helped get DuPont’s modern fleet proposal pushed through Congress. Pierce stated in 1853, “the policy of my administration…preservation of the rights of commerce and peace of the world” would require expansion of the navy. Congress in Apr. 1854 passed a bill to build DuPont’s 6 new steam frigates & 2 others which had been started. The 1854 Frigate Engine contracts could be used as the beginning of the MIC. Because the contracted engines “notoriously” failed, the Merrimac frigate was in dry dock when the Confederacy took over Gosport Navy yard in Virginia early in 1861. The Merrimac was rebuilt as the Confederate ironclad CSS Virginia. Informed of its construction, the U.S. Navy sped up its contracts to build the Monitor-class ironclads, which continued the evolution of the MIC.
EISENHOWER’S FAMOUS MIC WARNING. The evolution of the MIC, started by the Navy in the 1850’s, & stimulated by the construction contracts for battleships in the early 1890’s, WW 1’s War Industries Board, WW2’s War Production Board, reached such levels of power in 1961, that Eisenhower warned in his outgoing Presidential speech that the MIC’s power was everywhere in the lives of Americans!! In fact, it was that speech that gave us the name “Military-industrial Complex”. Prior to that, the public called them “Merchants of Death”, which in some ways is a less descriptive term as it misses the govt./mil./banker aspects of the MI Complex. Did Eisenhower have a change of heart, a gasp of conscience when he was leaving the White House?? I ask that because Eisenhower’s brothers were high ranking Masons, & Eisenhower himself had worked with Bernard Baruch on the 1930 M Day Plan (which were the plans to change a peacetime democracy into a centrally controlled war economy) where Ike suggested that the President should be a dictator. At the time, Pres. Hoover, a Rothschild agent, believed that the elite decision makers of industry should come together & regulate the market. He believed govt.’s job was to protect the public from laissez-faire capitalism. Bernard Baruch ran the U.S. war economy during WW 1 as chrmn of the War Industries Bd., & FDR considered having him run it in WW 2. He was part of FDR’s “brain trust”, had been a Wall St. broker, philanthropist, & an advisor to presidents. He was Jewish w/ a mansion in So. Carolina. In ’46, he was the U.S.’s delegate to the UN Atomic Energy Commission. The elite-run Bechtel corp. is just one example of a MIC corporation that I have exposed in the past, who have enormous power in Washington. Pres. Lyndon Johnson was their man, as was Reagan, who had 4 Bechtel men in his cabinet.
IMPORTANCE OF THE MIC. The MIC is intimately interwoven into the creation of computers and the Internet. They helped refine the concept of MIL specs, mass production & interchangeable parts. When the U.S. military had to expand in WW2 from a small peacetime size to incorporate 15 million men & women into the armed forces it severely taxed the organizational & production ability of American industry. Planes, merchant ships, and tanks were prodigiously produced at rates that were at times unbelievable to the enemy. The complexity of modern equipment is perhaps not realized by the reader. Whilst today we are bombarded with the newest and greatest technology, in WW2 supplies were scarce. There was a mad rush to produce planes and tanks, and even the smaller things like a top survival knife for safety, if separated from other recruits to defend against attackers and prepare food, were not as easily on hand as they are now. A Lockhead C-141 Starlifter has 250,000 parts and requires 20,000 engineering drawings to make. The Army’s Nike-Hercules System has even more parts-1,500,000 parts and requires 80,000 engineering drawings to produce. Large warships take years to produce. Skilled workers, equipment, factories, dry docks and technology are not acquired overnight. Maintaining an MIC can serve a national defense purpose, IF that is what they are used for. Currently, one can document for oneself the direction our military is going…martial law…study FM 3-39.4 (an Internet explanation of this & its connection to Jade Helm 15 is found at


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JUST THE FACTS ON 2 MYSTERIES. Tonight, I was watching a video on the Internet where someone was warning about CERN, & in connection to CERN he mentioned crystal skulls. The purpose of this post is to provide the interested reader with some basic facts about these 2 things. Wherever the reader wants to take these topics from these facts is the reader’s choice.

CRYSTAL SKULLS. Most of these skulls were created from milky white quartz (aka “rock crystal), although one is from smokey quartz & one is from purple quartz (aka the “amethyst skull”). While the subject of crystal skulls has gained popular attention in recent years from such things as Nocerino & Shapiro’s 1989 book “Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed” & the BBC’s 1996 documentary “The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls”, the subject has existed for several hundred years. In the early 1700’s, a Scythian crystal skull was found near Luv, Russia. (It is now owned by a Ms. J. van Dieten.) In 1878, Alphonse Pinart donated his crystal skull to Paris’ Musèe de l’homme (Museum of Man). (I became aware of the subject when I read “Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed” in 2004. I also saw the National Geographic article “Crystal Skulls”, Oct. 1, 2014 issue.) Lest these first sentences give a false impression, for the most part, the crystal skulls originate in Central America. At one point, 13 of the skulls were assembled, and witnesses claimed that they had power. One of the powers attributed to the skulls is healing.

POWERFUL MEN INTERESTED IN THE CRYSTAL SKULLS. When one is aware like I am that both the hierarchy of the Nazis & the Illuminati hierarchy have been interested in obtaining legitimate crystal skulls, then it is obvious that something significant is involved. There is also no doubt that some of the crystal skulls are modern creations…but what is un-nerving is that at least a few show no microscopic evidence of modern manufacture. Within NYC, the Rock Star Crystals holds the largest collection of crystal skulls in NYC. Holland (& the US) have a World Mystery Research Ctr. which studies the skulls.

CERN is a subatomic particle lab with particle accelerators located in Switzerland. Its name is an acronym for the name “Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire”, which in English means European Organization for Nuclear Research. CERN consists of 20 European nations & Israel as members. It has a logo of 666. The research it conducts pertains to quantum physics. Quantum physics was able to mathematically show many things such as multiple dimensions beyond our normal dimensions, however the scientific proof by detection of what the math showed has been lacking. CERN hoped to discover the proof of quantum mechanics, and indeed in 2012, a boson particle with mass around 125 GeV/c2 which was in line with predictions for the Higgs boson was discovered. They have been discovering other things about physics at the subatomic level. The CERN Large Hadron Collider (which is 27 kilometers in circumference) has caused many people (incl. some top scientists & Christians) grave concern about the negative consequences of their research, which is to make antimatter. (By the way, antimatter is also produced by atomic radioactive decay, so the uranium bomb we dropped in WW 2 created antimatter long ago.) Antimatter is not the same as dark matter. Dark matter is theorized to be ubiquitous and benign.

I first became aware of CERN when I first looked into quantum physics in the ’90’s. It appeared to be concerned with legitimate physics research into particles by smashing them together at high speeds & watching the parts created by the collisions. Frankly some of the fear of CERN being generated in recent weeks seems grossly out of place…but…there are some clues (such as comments by CERN itself) that maybe there is something more sinister to the research. Lately, there have been some mysterious deaths of scientists assoc. with CERN. And Stephen Hawkings, the greatest theoretical cosmologist, someone who is brilliant, is quite concerned about what the Large Hadron Collider might create. Some Christians are concerned that CERN is the key to unlock the abyss & release the demons of hell. As evil fallen angels have been around since history began, I am perplexed why they would need a particle accelerator to come.

FINAL THOUGHTS. I realize some fictional Hollywood movies & some Christians speakers would have one think these experiments will end the world. My response is to call us back to faith in our Creator. “It is written [in the Word of God]: ‘I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.’ Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? …Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?” (A) There is no reason to fear CERN. There is no reason to fear antimatter & dark matter…there is reason to fear Almighty God! Whether the World has evil intentions or not with CERN, “…the Lord God will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know I shall not be ashamed.”(B) “For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.”(C)


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BE NOT CONFORMED TO THE WORLD DOING THE WORKS OF CHRIST: LIFE IN THE SPIRIT v. WORLDLINESS. When we soak up real love & get into the groove, we find we feel invincible. When we know we are doing something excellently & we know we are doing what we should, then we feel wonderful. This message reminds us of the heart & soul of life in the Spirit. This message is to inspire us not to settle for stale spirituality & a shriveled spiritual life. Life should be more than a paycheck. (I know my soul is not for sale.) So Christ advised us to labor for the food that endures to the end, rather than that which perishes.(A) “…Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ.”(B)

ARE YOU LIKE CHRIST??? And a typical answer is, “Well ahhh, naa, but no one is!” Peter, under inspiration wrote: “Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps…”(C) John, under inspiration wrote: “He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he [Christ] walked.”(D) And Paul under inspiration wrote: “Be ye therefore followers of God…walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us…””Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.”(E) TO BE LIKE CHRIST IS OUR PRIMARY PURPOSE. Question, do we take Christ’s Sermon on the Mount to heart??

LIFE IN THE SPIRIT- REMINDING OURSELVES OF THE BASICS OF CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY. Christ told Nicodemus if he wanted a spiritual life, he needed a spiritual birth…from the Spirit of God. He said you could not see the Spirit, only the works of the Spirit, just as we can’t see the wind, only its effects. The life of Christ is Christian spirituality. When we use the Spirit as our Guide, we live in Christ. Christian spirituality is not an academic or social experience, but rather it is getting into the current… joining the flow of the Spirit…right down the line. Christ & his Spirit, He is the only Way, Truth & Life for those of us who want to have Christian spirituality. Christ also taught us, “Your [Heavenly Father’s] Word is truth.” So the Word of God, inspired by the Spirit, is also a textbook for those seeking Christian spirituality. Most of the churches today have compromised with the World. Many teachings of the Word of God are being neglected by the mainstream Worldly churches. It is rare that they preach against worldliness. The Word of God warns that if we are a friend of the World (System), we set ourselves up as enemies of God.(F) Christ got in the World’s face & testified that its works are evil, and then pointed out to his disciples that is why the World hates him.(G) Later, it was explained that the World won’t treat his disciples any better. With this in mind, we happily sing, “The World behind me, the cross before me, no turning back, no turning back!”

TODAY’S WORLD, groping in the dark vs. THE FAITHFUL, hoping in this dark age. These end days are described as being like the days of Noah. One aspect of those days was that Noah was a lone dissenter, a prophetic voice in the wilderness (so to speak), who was considered to be like kook carrying a sign “the end of the world is coming”. The people had a false sense of security. A similar evil time was during Ahab & Jezebel’s reign, when 400 “mainstream church” prophets said whatever the majority of people wanted to hear, which was that everything was going to be great. Only one prophet took the attitude, “As the Lord lives, whatever the Lord says to me, that will I speak.”(H) For thousands of years the majority of the religious leaders & people had consistently rejected the truth from God’s prophets; so Stephen asked the religious leaders of his day, “Which of the prophets have not your fathers persecuted?(I)

Today we have nominal Christians with a superficial spirituality who hide behind false labels, slogans, pat formulas, and a complacency from a false peace. They chase the popular winds of doctrines that are Christian fads planted by the enemy. Those who have a genuine trust in their heavenly Father need to realize that like Christ experienced, there is often a death of the vision God gives you. A similar phenomena for us true believers is to find that what we know fails, this is so that only that which is taught by faith is seen. Likewise, when the vision God has given us is allowed to fail, God later miraculously can resurrect it in such a way that it is clearly seen to be only His work. These phenomena are discussed here, because for a season, the false believers can seem to have more success–but if we wait on the Lord, continue to love Him, and live like Christ in the Spirit, then we will be rewarded like Noah. God’s truth will prevail. The Worldly churches’ fads will pass as wasted energy, and “old time religion” will continue to be preserved by Almighty God. Hold fast to the truth dear believer, and don’t agree with the brain-washed, bought off, collectivized compromised false ministers of the World’s churches. ” What concord hath Christ & Belial??(J)

BE NOT CONFORMED TO THE WORLD(K). If you are on the path of truth, don’t be surprised if you are outnumbered 400 to 1 by those worldly Christians who refuse to say anything about the upcoming dangers that the world faces. You will hear them say, “Our government would never lie, 9-11 happened exactly like they say.” You may hear them say, “As long as someone believes something and it works for him, that is o.k.” Hmm. You mean to tell me that if some ISIS fighter chops off the head of some young girl or mutilates her clitoris, that’s o.k. because he believes he is doing right?? The Word of God makes more sense than such confusing nonsense!

FINAL THOUGHT. Many of us faithful believers who trust our good & almighty God may find ourselves thinking something similar to the Psalmist: “Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You. My flesh and my heart fail; but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” PS 73:25 May God bless you my friend, and give you the strength to hold fast to the truth.

(A) JN 6:7 (B) COL 3:23-24 (C) 1 PTR 2:21 (D) 1 JN 2:6 (E) EPH 5:1-2; PHIL 2:5 (F) JN 10:27 (G) JN 7:7 (H) 1 KGS 22:14 (I) ACTS 7:52 (J) 2 COR 6:15 (K) ROM 12:2


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JADE HELM   MAY 30TH UPDATE ON JADE HELM. This update will approach the subject from a new dimension, the spiritual dimension to Operation Jade Helm 15. The purpose is to stimulate the reader’s attention to the spiritual issues involved so that a better conscious awareness pervades. Call this food for thought for those who care about spiritual things. What were the Luciferians who planned Jade Helm thinking when they made the logo, the purpose & objectives of Jade Helm 15???

JURISDICTION. The spiritual children of God are in a “legal” dispute with God’s enemy. Satan (the fallen Arch-angel Lucifer) has certain limiting parameters that God Almighty has placed on him. Lucifer was originally given jurisdiction over this planet, and has hated humanity ever since Adam was given authority over what had been his. The control & destruction of God’s ultimate creation–mankind–has been the goal of Satan & Satan’s little helpers.(A) When we come into agreement with the Kingdom of Death…and there are seemingly countless ways to come into agreement…we give evil spirits jurisdiction in our lives. The Principalities & Powers of Satan’s system use symbols as a way to communicate and to gain agreement. Most of the time that we come into agreement with Satan’s Kingdom/World, we are not even aware of it. The whole topic of “Revelation of the Method”, where we are given predictive programming, relates to the occult desire for our wills to give jurisdiction to Satan’s spirits & the right for him to carry out his agenda. Satan is getting around those certain limiting parameters that God Almighty has placed on him.

MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN. There is a subtle but powerful double meaning to the Jade Helm objective: “Mastering the Human Domain”. What power in the World most wants to master the human domain?? Yes, the Non-Human Spirit Realm–call them “evil aliens” if that helps one understand. The area of Jade Helm 15 is in SW USA where the major underground DUMB bases of these non-human interdimentional entities are based & where eyewitnesses have seen them interact in secret with our compromised evil World govt. The whole topic of jurisdiction gained by us moving in, working in & assenting to their jurisdiction is worthy of a book…it parallels to some degree our own court system…where you give the court jurisdiction by coming into its realm, for instance, when you cross the wooden barrier. Mentally, we give agreement to spirits to build spiritual strongholds in our minds. Much of this goes on without the awareness of the person. A drunk gets locked into his addiction, by giving jurisdiction to spirits of addiction & booze to build spiritual strongholds. Yet, he is not even aware why it is so difficult to break his addiction. The 12 step program discovered that a higher power is needed, but the complete dynamics of why & what is happening are not realized.(B)

Some Christians have discovered their enormous power & authority they have as reps of Christ’s Kingdom. We are given a window to this when Christ teaches what we bind & loose will be done on earth.(C) They can rebuke the authority of these strongholds and agreements. There are all kinds of oaths & agreements made by survivors of t.b.m.c. and these need to be broken to move forward. We are given a heads up on this, when Christ told us that one first has to bind the “strong man” (in the context he means powerful Spirits & Satan).(D) We can resist Satan’s jurisdictional moves by coming under God’s jurisdiction.(E)

RUMORS OF WAR. The realm of Satan, a Kingdom of Death, feeds off of fear & other negative emotions. These evil spirits harvest (feed off of) these negative emotions. They not only encourage, control these emotions of humanity, they feed off of them. In the last days, which are to replicate the days of Noah, you will note that Satan’s World not only has a plan to create wars–BUT ALSO rumors of wars. So Jade Helm is part of the mission to instill fear, anger, and the martial spirit to fight the Beast system by carnal means. Seeing Super soldiers moving around SW America, encourages Patriots to want to fight back against the tyranny. (Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for self-defense.) We must be careful to plan our measures as the boy David against the giant Goliath. David’s story of victory is clearly a spiritual example of what we must do. He was fearless because he was in the Kingdom of Life, using the authority of God. There is a way that leads to life & true power; there is a false way that gets us wrapped up into fighting the World without the jurisdiction of God being applied. You cannot beat Satan at his game…you must make him play your game.

SPIRIT BATTLES. Seven Powerful Spirits serve before the throne of God.(F) Ezekiel saw a vision of powerful living creatures, and so have other people of faith.(G) There are battles fought in other dimensions of which we know little or nothing about. Spiritual truth sets us free from the power of the lies, the lies are an aspect of the Kingdom of Death’s jurisdiction. A parallel is how our present judicial system, the Straw man capital letters of your name, and a thousand other tricks, are used to establish a false jurisdiction over us. Most of us are totally unaware of these legal moves…likewise, the subtle jurisdictional moves of Jade Helm 15 will go over heads of most observers. Notice, that great effort was made across the nation to get local govt. officials to write/email & request and invite Jade Helm into their area. Do you see the jurisdictional issue & how there are spiritual jurisdictional compromises created by the Jade Helm exercise?! Even the American super soldiers & police involved are giving mental agreement to treating the American people as the enemy.

THE LOGO. The sabot shoe in the logo is related to the word sabotage. Spiritually, there has to be significance to the wooden shoe (sabot in French, a language of Belgium), and the arrow. The arrow has many spiritual meanings. It is an offensive weapon. We are told to defend against the fiery darts of the enemy. And where we are told to “Be still and know that I am God”(H), it teaches us, “Come behold the works of the Lord, who has made desolations in the earth. He makes wars cease to the end of the earth; he breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two; He burns the chariot in the fire.”(I) In other words, the jurisdiction of God’s Kingdom of Life, destroys the works of the Kingdom of Death!

The arrow in the Jade Helm logo obviously symbolizes force & power. It may have other occult meanings, such as the arrow that hit Achilles used by Apollo. According to occult myth, Apollo was angry that Achilles had desecrated Apollo’s temple, & he took over Paris’s body & shot the arrow that killed Achilles by hitting his only weak point, his heel. Apollo was the Son of Zeus, the Father God figure of the Greeks. The Roman Emperor Domitian (51 A.D. to 91 A.D.) claimed he was the reincarnation of Apollo, as well as the new Caesar Augustus & therefore deserved worship. Apollyon (mentioned in REV 9:11) means destroyer, and in Heb. is “Abaddon”. In the occult world, Apollyon is at times linked with the destroyer side of Apollo…in other words…Apollo is Apollyon when he is in his destroyer mode. Apollyon in the Word of God is both the angel controlling the bottom less pit and the King of the destroying locust. One Illuminati t.b.m.c. survivor had a statue of Apollyon given to her by an Illum. Grand Master…in other words, implying that Lucifer, the one worthy of worship, was recognized as Apollyon.

I realize that this concept of the arrow meaning Apollo (the Anti-Christ’s) power is only conjecture…but by pointing out the occult story of Apollo shooting the arrow that killed Achilles in the heel, it was hoped that the reader might realize that someone in the Illuminati hierarchy, who would be fully aware of this occult story from Greek myth, would likely have these associations in mind when an arrow was mentioned. At the very least, the context of the arrow in the Jade Helm logo represents force & power projection. It is possible that an extended occult meaning is the projection of the AntiChrist’s power & jurisdiction.

This has been a short look at the spiritual ramifications of Jade Helm 15. The Luciferian Powers are projecting their spiritual power & jurisdiction into America.

(A) This theme occurs a no. of places, for instance, 1 PTR 5:8-9a (B) cf. EPH 6:10-18 (C) MT 16:19, 18:18 (D) MT 12:29, MK 3:27 (E) James 4:7. COL 1:13, PRV 18:10 (F) REV 1:4 (G) EZEK 1 & 2 (H) PS 46:10 (I) PS 46:8-9


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 A WAR REPORT FOR GOD’S REMNANT FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT this message builds upon yesterday’s post about losing God’s guiding presence. It shares what the Spirit gave both me & another brother with some of my own comments. Certain churches are using worldly strategies to market themselves & to gain revival. But they lack spiritual understanding. What is spiritual understanding for the person of faith? It is linked to knowing Christ & that he is truth, being filled with knowledge of His will, being knit together in love with Christ’s Body of fellow believers, walking spiritually & listening to one’s father.(A) Do you detect a common element here?? Yes, it is relationship. As yest.’s message said, we were created for relationship. God even created Adam lonely!(B) Adam was lonely prior to sin entering his lovely Garden home. So we were created to want a relationship with our Creator & with fellow humans. The ability to become lonely & seek company is a God-installed trait. In fact, God’s leaders (as some of the Biblical prophets) can find themselves in a lonely leadership position. Even Yahshua went to a lonely place.

SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING IS CRITICAL IN SPIRITUAL WARFARE. As you contemplate the linked aspects of understanding (listed above) that the Spirit showed me (& are also backed by the Word of God), consider Christ’s teaching recorded at MT 13:18-23: “When any one heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart.” WOW. If you don’t have understanding, the devil steals what God put in your heart! That is why these worldly church building strategies will backfire! Neither the implementers nor the new recruits are using a foundation in spiritual understanding…hence, the wicked one along with Satan’s little helpers, will steal back what was lost. These (false) great revivals are forerunners to the false glory cloud. The remnant reader knows that Christ is “coming with power & great glory”(C) and “coming with clouds”(D). And now you have heard that the enemy intends to create a false glory cloud.

CHRIST TAUGHT ON SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Yahshua taught, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or home divided against itself shall not stand…”(E) Mankind’s military history demonstrates the principle: the isolated straggler gets picked off by the enemy; for instance in WW 2, straggling bombers got shot down & straggling merchant ships were sunk. Hence, there is the proverb: “There is safety in numbers.”

FAMILY LIFE. Ex-Illuminati members told me how they were taught in Illum. meetings how the Institution of the family was to be destroyed. The skill by which this has been done is amazing. Every aspect that makes a family strong has been undermined & attacked by the World. But the destruction of the family has far wider ramifications!! The Word teaches, “For if a man knows not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?”(1 TIM 3:4-5) Imagine an entire generation of young men not knowing how to create a successful family, and what this means is that there are no eligible candidates to take care of God’s church. The skills in being a successful father overlap the skills to be a successful pastor. The fatherhood of faith is an organic part of our faith. Half the time in America, fathers are removed from their families. If the skills of fathering are lost, in the church we will have the blind leading the blind.(F) Christ as the good shepherd prays & cares for His own.(G) He taught that we need to spiritually clean the inside before we clean up how we look on the outside.(H) This is another reason that the worldly methods for church growth will spiritually backfire.

SOME THOUGHTS ON THE TRADITIONAL FAMILY. There are a number of important skills that were practiced in the successful old traditional family. I personally witnessed these skills as being common among Amish families, which are very successful traditional family units. These skills include: appreciation for each other, a commitment to help each other, the ability to communicate with each other and people at all the different stages of life, spiritual unity, spending vast amounts of time with each other, and finally the ability to adjust or deal with adversities. These things build strong character. Actually, the first year of a child is important. Amish children learn to open their heart…you know…risk a heart-to-heart involvement with another human. I see many children in our society never developing that trust. They are so battered and abused they will never open their hearts, and so they will go through life limping along emotionally. This is the beginning of the isolation that the enemy desires. Good words are powerful–pleasant words can make one emotionally strong (PRV 16:24), wise words can be unforgettable (ECC 12:11) and encouraging (ISA 50:4). The right word can turn away anger. (PRV 15:1) The ability to speak such good words comes natural in some Amish families…and it is sad that such social skills are not just neglected today, they are lost.

JEZEBEL SPIRIT. In the early 90’s I mentioned the rise of the Jezebel spirit. The original Jezebel, a dominating feminist, had an evil son Ahaziah, who “walked in the ways of his father & mother.”(I) No surprise there. The enemy of God wants to destroy the hearts of the fathers & children for each other. Malachi 4:6 is the last verse of what is called the Old Testament. It ends with a curse, which is why Jews read another verse after it, in order not to end on a curse! “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet, before the coming of the great & dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I [God] come and strike the earth with a curse.” WHEW! Let’s think about Malachi 4:6… Elijah was a prophet of reconciliation turning the people of Israel back to YHWH. Both Moses & Elijah are mentioned by Malachi and appear with Christ at the Mt. of Transfiguration. Both restored Israel to God. Elijah typifies a type of reconciling prophet. God wants to restore the family. In fact, much of what the Christian life is about is restoration & reconciling (i.e. the new birth, the resurrection, etc.)

WHY HAVE I MENTIONED PEOPLE BEING ISOLATED & FATHERS LACKING FAMILY SKILLS?? 30 yrs. ago, I never would have guessed how isolated our entire society would be from each other. There has been a big breakdown in intimacy. The traditional family has almost been destroyed. Most people in my city (for example, on public transportation) have their faces locked onto a screen, and refuse to communicate with those around them. The controllers have fragmented us (especially the young generation) into self-focused individuals who have few if any deep relationships. Although they don’t have the perspective in time to realize it, today’s generation lacks basic social skills…many have never enjoyed a family meal together, or learned how to tell a good story, or learned how to yield personal rights by transferring (dedicating) them to God. Abraham, who was the father of many nations, and who was prophesied to bless the entire world (& did), had to dedicate his right of fathering his son Isaac to God. When God receives our cherished rights & possessions, He takes good care of them. No matter what, what we have given to God (like our lives) are His to do what He wants. David gave his life to the Lord & was provided with hiding places by God when everyone spoke vanity & godly people weren’t around; & this inspired him to write, “Thou shalt keep them [the remnant of the godly], O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation forever .”(PS 12:7) Joseph, who was hated by all his brothers, years later forgave them, which reunited the family.(J) That forgiveness was crucial to the creation of the 12 tribes of Israel.

ALLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL. We must wait on the Lord. If we abide in Christ, the fruit of the Spirit will naturally be there.

(A) These links are found in 1 JN 5:20, PROV 4:1, 15:20, & COL 1:9, 2:2 (B) GEN 2:18 (C) MT 24: 27, 29-30 (D) REV 1:7 (E) MT 12:25 (F) Christ warned about blind leaders leading the blind at LK 6:39 (G) This theme appears frequently: MT 9:22,36; 14:14; 15:32, LK 7:12, JN 10:11, 14:18, HEB 4:14-16, 2 THS 3:3 (H) MT 23:25-26 (I)1 KG 22:52 (J) GEN 42:24

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Seeking What is Lost

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SEEKING WHAT WAS LOST. Most of us know how motivated we are to find something important which we have lost… where can it be??? But what if one forgets what one lost?? Unfortunately, what this message discusses has been both collectively & individually lost & FORGOTTEN! We are so disoriented spiritually, that we don’t realize that we have lost the guiding presence of God…which was what directed the lives of many of the early settlers to the New World… AND was a major factor in their desire for liberty when this great U.S.A was created. Not realizing it has been lost, we are slow to look for it. Intuitively, we still know God, & realize we need some spirituality, yet we ask what are the spiritual possibilities for us today?

THE BIBLICAL FOUNDATION OF LIBERTY. Long before the Christian English colonists came to the New World, the seed of liberty had been planted in their hearts. When the English began to read the Bible in their own language, they realized that all men are equal in the sight of God. “Wickliffe [an early English Bible translator]…published certain conclusions…that the New Testament or Gospel is the perfect rule of life and manners and ought to be read by the people…he was the first that translated the New Testament into English.”(A) All of this is echoed several hundred years later in 1698 in England, “This appears so plainly in scripture, that the asserters of liberty want no other patron than God himself;…”(B) And yet again later in 1772, it is echoed by Samuel Adams, a Christian involved with the creation of the USA, “…The right to freedom being the gift of God Almighty…’The Rights of the Colonists as Christians’…may be best understood by reading and carefully studying the institutes of the great Law Giver…which are to be found clearly written and promulgated in the New Testament.”(C) These are just a few samples of a great amount of written records that show that Christians in colonial America looked to God’s Word (“the Mind of Christ”)(D) for how to live life, and they could easily see that the Bible ennobles men & wants them to have liberty. People in the present day as well who follow the Christian faith tend to read the Bible multiple times or take online bible studies to be able to follow the path shown by Jesus and attain enlightenment. However, this Christian view of man (that man is made in God’s image & meant to have liberty) was in contrast with the pagan view (such as one could so prominently observe in Babylon & Egypt). The pagan view (adopted by Catholic church along with other paganisms) is that a man had value in what he could contribute to the State or Church State. America has returned to this pagan concept. We’ve disconnected our lives from the soul of the Universe. Now where are we headed? Let’s take a min. to remember where we came from…

LOCAL SELF-GOVT. In colonial America, the congregations of the Puritans, the Amish & others were based on local self-govt. A person established his God given purpose, and recognized it in others. Each congregation fellowshipped with other congregations based on their unity of faith & hope, not ecumenicalism or denominationalism. Today, large organizations with hierarchies direct many churches.

AN INVISIBLE GOD — USES VISIBLE WRITTEN WORDS. The Word of God establishes that our God is invisible–which is disconcerting to many, even Moses asked God, “Show me Your glory”…therefore, God’s Spirit has spoken to men and expressed the deep things of God in human language. Granted, the entire universe speaks for God, and He enjoys speaking through the universe…but to clarify things, He has inspired written words to help us find His guiding presence in our lives. It was the written Word of God that was so treasured in the early history of America. Those Christians who were led by God’s Spirit also realized 2 COR 3:6, “The letter kills, the Spirit gives life.” In other words, what is the Spirit behind the words? When we legalistically apply the Word of God to our lives without the Spirit of Life…those same words can bring death. This is the difference between rules v. relationship. And the Bible is clear…we were made by God for relationship & fellowship & love, we were not made for rules. More rules is not the answer we seek.

SOLVING THE PUZZLE. The missing piece in our lives is Messiah. As some are saying, “Jesus is missing, and we miss Jesus.” Yes, deep down many are missing him & not realizing what it is that is lost! Yahshua said, “And you shall know the truth, & The truth shall set you free…. you shall be free indeed.”(E) In fact he said that his purpose in life was to bear witness to the truth.(F) The messiah offered more than freedom, he offered real life, “As the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, so he who feeds on Me will live because of Me.”(G) He describes himself as life giving bread, and a life-giving flow of spiritual water.
A FAMINE OF GENUINE SPIRITUAL NUTRITION. Today’s time period, in which we have lost the guiding presence of God is prophesied by God’s prophet, “Behold the days are coming,” says the Lord God, “That I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord….They shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the Lord, but shall not find it.” (H) So it is. People are going to church, getting spiritual fast food, with no spiritual nutrition, and not feeling filled. They may sing, “Worthy is the Lamb”–but do they really understand WHY the lamb is worthy?? Do they understand why their unclean lips make their singing unworthy? Spiritually disoriented people are seeking everywhere for spirituality. They want to find God on their own terms, not His. Maybe, they think, we can buy happiness. But without hope, they are dead inside. They need the life Christ promised. They need the liberty he offered. He gives liberty & guidance, he doesn’t sell them. But he only gives them if you seek it with all your heart, and want to have a new identity–a new life. As many people can’t even find themselves, no wonder they don’t find God. But anyone can put all their failures behind them, and open their heart—AND then amazingly, when they look to Christ, one discovers He was there knocking on the door to our heart all along! Talk about being spiritually disoriented!

THE MYSTERY OF THE FUTURE. As we move deeper into the reality of God, we are asked to lay hold of the hope before us. (I) [God]…who made heaven, and earth, the sea, and all that therein is: which keepeth truth for ever.” (J) Most people believe in an afterlife. Most people even believe in heaven. But it seems so remote…in another world, that they rarely think about it. Seeing heaven is part of seeing a better world, the world of possibilities for us. In the Lord’s prayer, Messiah taught us to prayer “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” We need to cultivate that, it is part of the cultivating the guiding presence of God in our lives. This is part of how we sanctify everyday things. This is how we recognize God in our everyday life. Nurture the divine spark in you. Like making a fire in the dark cold woods from a small spark, likewise we can bring the fire of the Spirit into our lives. A little match can send out a lot of light that may be seen for miles. In this dark time, in this new dark age, may we find the guiding light of Christ, both individually & collectively. This nation has already wandered around lost in the dark enough.

(A) Daniel Neal, History of the Puritans (1731) (reprinted in 1844 by Harper Bros.) (B) Algernon Sidney, Discourses Concerning Government (1698) (reprinted NY in 1805 by Deare & Andrews) (C) Samuel Adams, Rights of the Colonists (1772) (D) Leonard Bacon, Genesis of the New England Churches (1874) describes how colonial life was based on “the mind of Christ”.(E) JN 8:32, 36b (F) JN 18:37 (G) JN 6:57 (H) AMOS 8:11, 12b (I) HEB 6:18 (J) PS 146:6, ISA 65:16