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There are millions of trauma-based total mind controlled slaves in the U.S. This article is a preliminary review of records & books kept on individual trauma-based mind controlled slaves in America. Different levels of groups operate each slave, & each has its own levels of security with diverse kinds of records, & records are compartmentalized, stored in controlled areas, and dished out on a need-to-know (NTK) basis. Some places are even designated SCIF (meaning “sensitive compartmented info. facility”). Sensitive Compartmented Info, which will have code names, is called SCI. The programmers keep medical programming files on all slaves. One book that is kept on all programmed multiples is the System’s codes, and anymore many of these are kept on laptops rather than on paper. In the old days they were typically in a black binder, or on rarer occasions a grey binder. (I provided a sample page in the Formula.. book on pg. 88.) The goal of this article is to begin to develop an awareness about records & books that pertain to each specific mind controlled slave in America. Illuminati slaves will also have internal books like the Great Book of Records, and an internal library.

HIGHEST LEVEL. At the highest level, everything there is to know of a person is available to the Beast computers. Every slave is also a citizen and as such will have digital school records from first grade, all of his or her digital health records, credit records, voting registration records, marriage records, real estate & tax records. In fact, all known records, such as purchases, plus many more are all compiled with A.I. and are available for the Beast computers. Bear in mind that psychologists will keep track of their client history & assessments, client’s initial presenting complaint, treatments, client’s status on visits, diagnoses, & more. All psychologists do this to protect themselves, for insurance companies, & for the Fed & state govts. These records seem to find their way into the slave’s master’s hands. One therapist told me how the file system had been accessed on off hours—so the sharing may not always be w/ the therapist’s consent. During the m.c. programming & training records are kept, and there are reportedly a Neuron Mapping Book and a Life Skills Book (the training & skills & responsibilities of individual alters).

ACTIVE GOVT. SLAVES. At the next level, 60,000+ slaves are actively used & monitored daily by computer. (And this is likely an obsolete no.) These slaves may be Illuminati, Church of Set, or CIA or other. A CIA slave may be also owned by an individual as well as having handlers. If it seems complex—it may be. Because the person is usually programmed by a major programmer who may be Illuminati, the slave’s mind may have quite a few levels of programming, but may ultimately belong to the original master programmer. Some of the programming has back door entrances. Back door codes are kept in a secret notebook by the master programmer, or other programmer. One slave reported actually getting to peek at her code book when the handler was not paying attention. Handlers (such as those working for the CIA) may keep diaries for their superiors. The slave himself will have codes kept in certain internal areas. For those who are not handlers, yet have a Top Secret Clearance, they will have access to some of the mind control information, enough that if that person is astute, he will be aware from the limited info available that there is mind controlled slavery. Just as the 3rd degree in Freemasonry is the “highest” degree and then you get side degrees to go higher…likewise Top Secret is the “highest” clearance and then you get “collateral eligibility” for specific access. For instance SI clearance is for COMINT clearance. Often the SCI has a code name like “Yankee Red”. In addition, specific groups may have their own security clearances.

LAYERS OF — USERS. Some victims of t.b.m.c. are owned directly by an individual (like some Illuminati kingpin), or a cult, and then some are owned by some government agency. In most cases there is an occult connection, so a govt. slave could also be an Illuminati hierarchy member, a Church of Set member, or a coven member. When slaves are used, the owner may be giving the slave’s services as a perk to the recipient, or may be lending the slave in some kind of exchange of favors, or may be making money off of the slave. As example of an exchange of favors between the owner (pimp) of the slave & a policeman: “in exchange for sex you give me protection.” Some kind of record is going to be kept of all this history. From this discussion, the reader can see that records on a slave may be kept at a number of different locations, by various users. There should also be a record (chart-like chronology) somewhere of all the activities done with the slave, which I expect has ownership/handlers written in it. There is some record of ownership—like how the “title” has passed from owner to owner.

COVEN RECORDS. Each coven may have a person who sends in secret reports, usually after All Hollows Eve of the membership to Illuminati HQ (I think in Belgium). A crone serves as the coven’s Keeper of the Spiritual records & a younger female (maiden, “the Way-Shower”) as the Keeper of the Keys, which may also relate to the records of spells. A male high priest (called “My Lord” or “Lord so & so” in the coven) serves as Guardian of the coven’s Book of Shadows. A m.c. slave who is also a member of a coven may have her or his own Book of Shadows, written in his or her own handwriting based on the teacher’s Book of Shadows. Some covens only have a coven Book of Shadows—not individual ones. There is no common Book of Shadows, most are personalized. Covens in southern California are using a very secret leather bound Keepsake Satchel book for each person, and a Guideline book, the latter book containing the spells that have been placed on the m.c. slave incl. its birthday spell.

THE BOOK OF SHADOWS. This is a personally black handwritten book w/ rituals, ceremonies, & spells. In the middle ages they called such a book a Grimoire, so the Book of Shadows is technically a grimoire (although never called that) and it contains grimoires from the past. A sample of a middle age grimoire is Clavicle of Solomon. The grimoires are used for programming as my books reveal. The first published Book of Shadows was “Arcadia Gospel of the Witches” (by Charles Godfrey Leland, 1899); and a sample of a recent one written to appeal to the loner is “The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation Solitary Witch” (by Silver Raven Wolf). Examples of handwritten coven Books of Shadows and their original writer(s): Welsh Wiccan Book of Shadows (compiled by Ed Buzynski), Saxon Book of Shadows (“The Tree”), Artus Wicca’s New Wiccan Book of Shadows by Ceisior Serith, Gardnerian Book of Shadows (by A. Crowley & Gerald Gardner), Alexandrian’s Earthwise Book of Shadows (by Alex Sanders), and StarKindler Book of Shadows (an evolution from the Alexandrian one). By the way, the Coven StarKindler calls themselves Brotherhood of the Star.

FINAL THOUGHTS. This has been a preliminary review of the secret books kept on a slave, which may number up to perhaps 8, as well as computer records pertaining to all the various kinds of details of the slave. All these records will be accessible only on a NTK basis. If readers have more information on this subject, I would enjoy getting emails at


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My entire life has been spent ferreting out the truth, studying geography, science and history with an informed skepticism. My father was a scientist/engineer; and for a while, I pursued the rare college major of scientific journalism. Even today, I still have ambitions of becoming a science journalist. One of my friends works as a journalist for a science magazine in New York so I must remember to ask him whether they are currently recruiting any writers. At one time, my friend was known as the best editorial assistant NYC had to offer. Also, I know that a lot of science journalists actually work from home and this is definitely something that interests me. Anyway, this post offers insights and wisdom about the maze of research spewed out by expert prognosticators. Their research is often contradictory… For instance, cell phones-good or bad?…drinking water while exercising—good or bad? …UV—good or bad? “Experts” line up on both sides of countless issues.

In 1958, the Chairman of IBM said that there was only a market for “maybe 5 computers” in the world. Ten years later one of his engineers at IBM’s Advanced Computing System Division exclaimed that he saw no use for computer microchips. 14 years later, IBM had updated their forecast that the world might be able to use 200,000 PCs, & RCA had predicted 220,000 PCs worldwide by 2001. Changing channels, in 2006 there were 1.5 million Americans diagnosed w/ cancer, 40% of that no. died of cancer that year. That year, the NCS spent $5.2 billion on cancer research, & one source noted over $15 billion was spent worldwide on cancer research. (I give these as only ballpark representations to make the pt. lots is spent each year.) Going back in time to 1973, I note that the no. of deaths was only 30% of those diagnosed w/ cancer, & one source said $.8 billion was spent that yr. in the U.S. on cancer research. Another source said mortality rates for cancer are basically the same now as in the 1950’s. What have all the experts done with the billions of dollars annually spent on cancer research for over half a century & why haven’t those countless pages of cancer advice & studies made a significant difference to the no. one killer of adults under 85?? Could it be that our experts are fallible?? It’s much worse than that, most published research esp. the dazzlingly research written up by the mass media is false. Falsifying data is common in research. A review of studies on new drugs show that 65% under reported the dangers of the new drugs…& when confronted only 14% fessed up to underreporting it. Two quotes from 2 incredible men of science sum up this paragraph…Sir Francis Bacon noted that preconceived ideas create our observations. Einstein declared, “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.” And strangely, most experts, because they have agendas (careers, funding to raise, & preconceived ideas) rather than seeking the truth, do exactly like Einstein described.

What really is the nature of the problem? For starters, the problem is that life is complex. For instance, there are 1,000’s of variables that function as to why a person may be fat. But the common person doesn’t want a limited explanation that is qualified a dozen ways, he wants a “doubt-free”, do-able, interesting, “one-size-fits-all”, simple solution. However, such advice is most likely wrong advice because genuinely good advice is not good sounding advice. Real advice comes w/ qualifications & conditions, ifs, ands or buts…which my experience has shown people, esp. Americans, detest. An engineer close to me got upset when I answered his questions truthfully by qualifying my answers in detail rather than simplistically giving a yes or no answer, neither of which would have been truthful. This career engineer is an example of how the very people that should be exacting are in the mindset of giving careless answers. Scientific studies are notorious for not controlling countless variables that in reality invalidate any finding they claim from their data, if the data is even for real. Much data today is obtained w/ sloppiness, or altered to create a good discovery. Whistle blowers like Margot O’Toole lose their jobs, or at least get retaliated against. We have developed a culture of letting colleagues get away w/ bad research. Nowadays, many people tend to make use of the student’s internet research guide and other similar resources to learn how to write a good research paper. In ’99, Nat. Geographic published research about a missing link between birds & dinosaurs which was a hoax; missing link hoaxes have been common concerning man’s alleged ancestors, & even Dr. Leaky manufactured his great discoveries. Science, esp. pharma, loves to use mice (& other animals) to determine theories about people. In the long run, these flashy discoveries based on mice studies are usually found to be irrelevant to humans, as the two species are that different, but the World’s media gets an interesting health story to keep their ratings up; who cares if the health conclusions are bogus?

Watch out for the fads. I saw efficiency experts come in, later I was taught Total Quality Management (TQM)…by the way, management fads like 3 letter acronyms like BPR & MBO…they promise the moon, and after a while are tossed for the next management fad. Meanwhile the “experts” get rich. In the last decade about 1,000 books/yr. came out preaching globalization for corporations. Before that it was computerization…all the top Fortune 500 companies that computerized experienced productivity drops for years (according to research I read). I can believe the productivity drop, because I’ve seen the so called experts wrong more than right most of my life. If they’d spent the time investing in ways to increase employee morale and listen to internal feedback perhaps that would have fared them better. In terms of business, today’s winners are often tomorrow’s losers, but experts watch a company, then pick something they are doing & prognosticate that everyone else’s companies will succeed by doing it. For instance, experts said that companies that specialized rather than diversified were successful. They used the stat that 78% which had a particular set of profit criteria were specialized. Sounds like focusing is good…but wait, of all the companies that specialize only 35% meet any of the profit criteria. In other words, most companies that are focused are failures. You have to be very careful about what a statistic means. Today’s science is a religion, and their evangelists are journalists, who unfortunately have no standards of honesty. Most medical research (95%) is never challenged by someone trying to replicate it, & if someone did finance & disprove it, research journals don’t like to publish negative articles so your warning will not get publicity.

So watch out for simplistic universal one-size-fits-all health advice. Look for researchers who are flexible and understand the complexity of life and are above tunnel vision. Some scientists have a sixth sense for knowing what to research like Sir Isaac Newton. Don’t give credence to animal studies & small size studies. Pay attention to who gains from the study & its advice. Remember that we tend to want good sounding (but incomplete & misleading) advice, rather than the complex truth. Also watch out for PC, group think research. It’s popular to say the whites/U.S. govt. had a policy of genocide of natives. False. It is true that there were brutal massacres by both sides, but there was no policy to genocide all natives. For instance, the massacre of Pequots was part of a war between the Dutch & English and each side’s natives. 200 natives fought w/ the English when they retaliated against Pequot brutality by hitting a Pequot town. Yet the History channel talked like the massacre was a policy of genocide by whites against all natives. It is now popular to denounce America as an embarrassment because it was built on slavery, & yet the same people extoll the virtues of ancient Rome & Egypt. I hate double standards. Many of the “great” civilizations were built on slavery, America’s venture into slavery, while an abomination, was mild compared to many of these other “great civilizations”. The point is that there are PC historical fads that distort the truth for agendas, such as the author who faked evidence to support his recent book that claims Americans had little to do with guns before the Civil War. Watch out for PC fads; even the churches have fads. Groupthink does not make something real. A lazy thinker will run with the herd right to slaughter. In contrast w/ today’s mass media PC experts, Christ said that the way to destruction is broad; the way to truth & life is narrow & only a small minority find it. If the World’s mass media experts advise one way, a safe bet is that they are wrong! You know what I mean?!


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This post discusses concepts of undersea warfare for the near future, incl. vulnerable spots, new technologies & more. For those who are interested in how things work in the World, this post is designed as a concise insightful look at this vital subject. Water covers 71% of the globe. While most attention is focused on satellite communication, basically all of the world’s information travels over 200+ highly active cables deep under the sea. A series of deep cables (some miles underwater), specifically created for this purpose by several cable engineering services, cross all the oceans & seas and are the lifeblood of the World System. Recently, Russian subs have been monitoring undersea fiber optic cables (in the same way that American subs spied on Russia during the Cold War. This takes precision work.) The global underwater cable system does have a few non-operational “dark cables” in reserve as backup, but not enough to prevent the system from being very vulnerable to destruction. Also, the U.S. created a secret global grid underwater to insure that underwater craft could accurately determine their location. This grid has also been monitored by the Russians.

SIGNIFICANCE & SIZE. American subs have virtually unlimited endurance to stay submerged. They “routinely” go into hostile waters. Their missiles can hit essentially anywhere on the globe. 14 American nuclear ballistic missiles provide the nation with their most credible nuclear response. America’s 4 nuclear guided missile subs (each carrying 154 Tomahawk missiles) in 2011 fired 90 Tomahawks into Libya. (In spite of their importance, the no. of these went from 41 subs in ‘72 to 14 Ohio class subs in 2014. And the 4 guided missile subs are scheduled to retire in 2025.). The third class-the Virginia class attack subs are being upgraded, the Block III Virginias now coming into service (for instance, the USS North Dakota), while 10 Block IV subs are in the pipeline. Each of these VAs cost around $3 billion, and take perhaps 74 months to build. In all, 28 Virginia class subs are deployed or on their way. American subs are not under U.S. operational control all the time, at times they are under COMSUBNATO, whose HQ is located in the London area just off of the M25 loop. Thirteen other NATO nations have subs, which at times do ops together. American subs operate in all the oceans. Russia’s Typhoon-class & Boris-class subs are much larger than America’s nuclear Ohio class subs, but not as powerful. Each Ohio-class sub has 2 crews: a Blue & a Gold. Building these modern subs takes years. If a sub fleet shrinks, it is difficult-maybe impossible– to expand its size quickly.

NEW CAPABILITIES. Every new resource is being looked at by the Navy to see how it can be incorporated to improve their abilities, such as new computer tech & new materials. The security of a sub is its invisibility. This today means silence & stealth. Stealth in a sub is a function of how it is built. It is also important how the crew operates (they have to move around quietly on the ship) & how it is maintained. Furthermore, it is also vital that the Navy stays on top of issues surrounding maritime law. For example, the distinction between allision and collision can seem complex at times, especially with regards to incidences involving underwater vessels and technology. Consequently, it is likely that the Navy will need to coordinate with a team of maritime attorneys going forward to ensure that all operations stay in line with the law. Furthermore, ever improving stealth technology is important for American subs, & has given them an advantage over soviet subs during the cold war. American subs are improving their abilities to go under the Arctic ice and into shallow coast areas (Littoral areas). For instance, they mapped the Arctic sea bed, and installed improved sensors for many things so that they can avoid underwater ice ridges projecting as deep as 100′, uncharted volcanoes and other Arctic threats. Cool handheld devices are being tested that allow a user to move through the sub seeing all the information on his screen (or her screen, as women are now serving on U.S. subs). Watch teams may someday sit around a digital table. METOC (satellite info) streams in to add to situational awareness. More electric controls and high power-density electric motors have been installed. Guided torpedoes that compensate for target evasions are deployed. The Navy believes its underwater abilities are far ahead of any rivals. It is trying to improve by improving its info flow.

DEEP ABILITIES. The U.S. Navy leads the world underwater. The Navy has a diving bell (SAT FADS) that can take 6 divers down to 1000′ for up to 21 days of work. Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) can do a lot at deep depths. The NR-1 deep submergence sub goes to 3,000′ & can sit on the bottom. It recovered a missile lost in the Atlantic. There is a NSRS rescue submersible that can mate with any sub and go very deep. The navy can also contract with civilian vehicles if need be. Also I believe there are secret underwater installations. Isn’t interesting that large flying saucers at times are seen coming out of the water? Where are these different kinds of bases? Several UFO reports are from the Pacific. What has been the sub force’s role in relation to these?…I don’t know. Seeing a saucer come out of the water was what woke up William Cooper.

MYSTERIES. Seismic reading showed 9 nuclear explosions in Nov. 17-18, 2008 in the Arctic Ocean. One has to wonder what kind of secrets have U.S. navy personnel been forced to withhold from their fellow Americans.

TEST SITES. ONR operates China Lake test facility in So. Calif.’s desert which has been used for t.b. mind control. An important sub test site for the Navy is Lake Pen Oreille, ID near Bayview & Carderock is the Navy’s primary research organization. The lake has over 26 sq. miles and is over 1,000′ deep. The Naval Undersea Warfare Ct. Div. is at Newport, RI. NATO maritime research is done at La Spezia, It.

RUSSIAN STRATEGY. Russian naval strategy has been based on trying to win in the first strike-an overwhelming first strike because they know their navy cannot exist in a protracted war. This means that if an engagement occurs involving undersea military craft, the Russian initial strike will be as intense as they can make it. Even with the help of Communist China, they would have a difficult time dealing with our subs even if they tried an all-out surprise attack. Russia’s new subs are the Borei class (which costs about 1/3 of its American counterpart) and the Yasen class. The Borei class use a new pump jet propulsion system. China is constructing a major underground nuclear submarine base near Sanya, Hainan. It was reported (The Daily Telegraph- 1 May, ’08) that tunnels were being built into hillsides which could be capable of hiding up to 20 nuclear submarines from spy satellites. Currently, they have 6 nuclear attack subs, as well as 4 Jun class ballistic missile subs. They have newer classes being built. Russia has assisted them in sub design.

FINAL THOUGHTS. The American undersea force exceeds any other national power’s. The U.S. is down sizing while trying to improve their subs & how they are operated & maintained. They hope they can keep their advantage this way. Even with their current abilities, they are stretched thin with the missions they are given. The global cable system is open to Russian spying & sabotage, just as it has been to American subs in the past. If current info is accurate, the American submarine fleet still has the power to deter any nation. This leads one to speculate if there is any way for an enemy to neutralize it in the foreseeable future

322 & the Illuminati Chapter of the Order of Skull & Bones

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322 & THE ILLUMINATI CHAPTER OF THE ORDER OF SKULL & BONES. This post is in answer to the question, “do you have any idea what the 322 means in skull and bones”? The short answer is “yes”, the longer answer forms this article. 322 is a sacred number for the members of the Order of Skull & Bones, and they refuse to talk about its meaning. The number is placed under their skull & bones “logo” and on their Tomb door (their frat building at Yale is called “the Tomb” which contains their temple). The floor of the Temple within the Tomb also has 322 inlaid on its floor.

The Illuminati bloodlines, which hid themselves within the Rosicrucians & Freemasons during the 1700’s, sponsored the German Philosopher Adam Weishaupt to form a branch of the Illuminati which would promote their agenda. He began this in 1776 in Bavaria. Soon afterwards, an affiliate began in the U.S. in Virginia called Phi Beta Kappa (which this article will refer to PBK). Phi Beta Kappa transferred its base to Yale, and set up a chapter also in Harvard. It’s rituals were based on Egyptian magic, masonic in nature, & they “illuminated” their candidates. Another early secret society of Yale, Society of Brothers in Unity, had Joseph Dulles in it…his progeny John Foster Dulles & Allen Dulles (assoc. with Rockefellers) show up in the public eye a century later. In 1825, there was a public outcry against secret societies after the murder of the Freemason Capt. Morgan. The first political party in the U.S. was the Anti-masonic party, which attacked secret societies & the power they had in America. In 1832, the Harvard PBK chapter decided to quit being secret, & sent a rep to the Yale chapter telling them so. Seeing the “handwriting on the wall” so to speak, the Yale PBK decided to become an open society, which before the century was out, faded into non-existence. In its place, the smaller, more obscure Order of the Skull & Bones was created by several PBK members.

The main PBK founder of the Order of the Skull & Bones was William Huntington Russell, a member of the Russell Illuminati bloodline, as well as an initiate of a German chapter of the Bavarian Illuminati, which he had participated in the during 1831-32 time period when he was student there. He also founded a prep school for elite boys, and this led to the Phillips Academy (prep school) for the elite. By the way, the Bavarian Illuminati continues in Bavaria even today. They are a branch of the Illuminati, and Skull & Bones has been a branch of the Bavarian Illuminati; and they do the same rituals that were exposed by the respected Freemason Robinson in his Proofs of a Conspiracy book exposing the Bavarian Illuminati.

In the occult world, things have an exoteric name & meaning along with the hidden occult name & meaning (called the esoteric or arcane). The esoteric name for S&B is “The Order 322”. The obvious meaning of 322 is that it was the second chapter of this Bavarian Illuminati chapter which began in 1832. That is so obvious that it then begs the question why people like Pres. Bush and John Kerry would refuse to say anything about 322. The Kabala, gematria, and sacred numbers are the foundation of the occult. Aleister Crowley wrote “777”. Another Satanist, who I wrote about in Be Wise As Serpents, W. Wynn Wescott said in this book “The Occult Power of Numbers” (p. 15): “… ‘Numbers are a key to the ancient views of cosmogony … spiritually as well as physically … to the evolution of the present human race; all systems of religious mysticism are based upon numerals. The sacredness of numbers …” The number 322 is used by Skull & Bones members in many ways, showing that it is considered a sacred number.

It is important that my work showing where & how the Illuminati operate are understood to realize the bigger context of what Skull & Bones operates within. They have been a chapter of something powerful & global. This is how a 1943 special legislative act gave their S&B legal corp. special exemption from having to file corporation reports. It is why Prescott Bush could be publicly proven to be an agent working with the Hitler regime after the U.S. went to war, and yet he was able to keep & use his profits to finance his family going into politics after the war. Because the members of S&B are members of a much larger secret society, you can see the S&B members throughout history move around with incredible power. You would expect the occult meaning of 322 to be much bigger than the S&B.

NEW BEGINNINGS. The Vernal (Spring) Equinox falls on March 21. The first day of Aries (the first astrological sign) is Mar. 22. The Illum. do celebrate the Spring equinox with rituals. In essence, 3/22 is the beginning of the new year. 1832, was the beginning of S&B, but more important 3-22 is the beginning of the new year. The S&B, along with the rest of the Illum., look forward to the beginning of a new age–a new world order, the return to the Golden Age. The word “Revolution” was coined because (according to Illuminati occult beliefs) violent revolutions would revolve us back to the Golden Age. So 322 is a symbol of the New Order, the new beginnings, that the Illuminati strive to bring in. Two S&B brothers, Capt. Prescott Bush and Capt. Henry Mallon were assigned to the 322nd Regiment of Field Artillery. The 2nd President Bush was fined $3.22 for missing a S&B meeting. The S&B Class of 1858 gave a note: “322 from the S.E.C. of 1858”. The overall HQ capital for the Illuminati is Brussels, Belgium, whose city code is 322. The S&B members add 322 to our calendar year to derive their cult date, in other words this year is 2015+322=2137.  The number 322 is not assigned as an area code in the states–321 is East Central Florida’s Brevard Co., FL where Cape Canaveral, JFK Space Ctr., Patrick AFB, and a navy test unit are located. This is just north of Jupiter Island, part of Treasure Coast and an important Illuminati private island. 323 is the Hollywood-central LA area. Scams have frequently used 322 as their alleged area code for their scam phone numbers.

THE ELITE LIKE PRIVACY. Jupiter Island, FL is tied to S&B. Bonesmen Prescott Bush & Averell Harriman were part of Jupiter Island. It was bought in 1931 to use as a secret elite community. (Deer Island is another private S&B island used as the site of a club house.) When a judge dismissed a case against Jupiter Island, he said, The community is unique – it is the one and only, different from all others, having no like or equal. It is unusual, extraordinary and rare. It was cut from one mold and its counterpart cannot be found elsewhere. Many people would consider it dead – but it is very much alive with genteel living, friendship and compatibility. The Town doesn’t want what many others have, but many others would be better off if they had more of what this Town has and wants to keep- seclusion, solitude and tranquility.” Richard M. Bissell, Jr. of the Bissell Illuminati family was associated with the Island. His father, Richard M. Bissell, Sr. ran a mind-control project called Neuro Psychiatric Institute, which used one of its victims to create the Mental Hygiene Society, which was a S&B mind control project years before MK Ultra. Bissell, Jr. joined the CIA as one of Allen Dulles’ close aides. He and other Bonesmen worked with creating Cuban assassination squads. (By the way, Antony Sutton, who exposed the S&B, died on June 17th, the date S&B was founded & the ritual feast day of Corpus Christi mocking Christ.) The Dulleses were in Princeton secret societies. It was said that the occult families of the secret Eastern establishment that fed into groups like S&B, Wolf’s Head, Porc Club, Scroll & Key which also use secret cult names for its members numbered 32 bloodlines. (See my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book, pgs. 483-493 for a discussion of these groups, as well as the families that supply them with members.)

Stand Strong Side by Side

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A message on the power of leaders with strength of character who come alongside their brothers in combat. Fear can defeat a person & prevent him from even trying. Coming alongside one’s brother is personal up close leadership, like the love & encouragement a mother gives to her infant daughter. One native American tribe would blindfold a boy on the night of his 13th birthday, and leave him to the spookiness of the night. In the morning after light, he could take off the blindfold, & when he did, he would see his father standing nearby with bow & arrow protecting him. This message’s lesson has application for those in the war between the Kingdom of God & the Kingdom of Death. The storms of life reveal who we are, and our character will be reformed by those storms.

TEARING OFF SOME PAGES FROM SECULAR HISTORY. Let’s look at 2 Civil War generals, one Confederate & one Union. Stonewall Jackson at the Battle of Bull Run and Phil Sheridan at the Battle of Winchester… both by the strength of their character personally turned a defeat into a victory. A similar type of leader during WW 2 was Leon Degrelle, who helped prevent the annihilation of the surrounded German army at Cherkassy. At Cherkassy, he was the leader of the legion of Belgium Walloon volunteers who fought communism on the Eastern front for Germany. He & 150 other Belgium Walloons received Knights Crosses for their outstanding courage & tenacity at Cherkassy. During the entire war, the Belgium Walloons amazed everyone with their astonishing courage & their ability to win in hopeless impossible situations. They had the hearts of lions. After their 1944 parade across Belgium, the legion was being rebuilt with new recruits. Before the new recruits could be trained, a new Russian offensive in Estonia threatened to shred Germany’s Army Group North. Desperate, Army command sent the Walloons, new recruits & all to rescue the situation. Leon Degrelle had been such a notable hero that Hitler had forbidden him to serve at the front, but Degrelle knew the men would have a better chance w/ his presence & leadership…so he risked a court martial to go back to the front to lead the Belgium troops. Here is his conversation with German army command.
DEGRELLE: “With or without authorization I will leave tomorrow for the Estonian Front.”
ARMY COMMAND: “This is a court-martial offense.”
DEGRELLE: “It is also a court-martial offense to send 4-day old recruits to combat.”
ARMY COMMAND: “Do as you wish.”
His leadership & presence did indeed make a significant difference, for starters, he got training with the best trainers for his new recruits before they went into combat. With Degrelle by their side, the Walloons continued their astonishing combat feats.

AS CHRISTIANS DO WE HAVE ANYONE BY OUR SIDE? Paul was convinced, even while facing execution, that Christ would be at his side. (2 TIM 4:18) Peter wrote, “[We] are kept by the power of God through faith.” Christ, an excellent example of a leader who comes alongside, said: “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.” He was following in his Father’s example.

GOD’S PRESENCE. DT 20:1, “When thou goest out to battle against thine enemies…be not afraid of them: for the LORD thy God is with thee…” ISA 43:2, “When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee…” And who can forget the 23rd PSALM, “Yea though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death…” We are told to be content with our situation “for He hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”(HEB 13:5)

COMFORT FROM THE SCROLL OF ISAIAH. When the reader gets to chapter 40 of Isaiah, there is a shift in mood & focus. It starts in verse 1, “Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.” Each verse in the chapter speaks a volume. Verse 2 can be compared to MT 11:28 & PHIL 3:13-14. The third verse can be compared to what John the Baptist said & did, as well the works of Christ. So YHWH affirms, “I am with you.” He is that leader that comes along side. He wants us to draw strength from Him. When we get to ISA 41:10 we are confronted with a powerful verse: “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” WOW. Divine help with His divine presence is promised. Isaiah 41:10 is worth meditating on!! One hears echoes of its message continuing through the rest of Isaiah…for instance, 43:5 “Fear not, for I am with thee…”

WILLIAM AMBROSE SHEDD, A CHRISTIAN EXAMPLE FROM [relatively] MODERN HISTORY. On 1/24/1865, a missionary couple to Persia (Iran) had a son named William Ambrose Shedd, who in turn at the age of 17 became a missionary to Persia also. His godly heritage going back several generations was a strength. William at age 5 came to America w/ his parents on furlough. At age 15, he entered college, but dropped out at 17 when his parents asked for his help in the mission field. By 1892, he was a full time, fully committed missionary to Iran. William talked about how being close to God brought heat, “He that is near Me is near the fire.” William had no illusions about Islam, “Islam as a system I believe to be an obstacle to social progress…” and another comment was “a distinction can be drawn between the truth in Islam and Islam…”

WILLIAM’S LEADERSHIP FACING A “DEN OF LIONS”. Christians were massacred by Moslems in Iran during that time period. Many Christian women & girls were raped, and during the WW 1 period, 1,000 Christians were killed in Persia by the Moslems. Yet William was courageously willing to lay all on the altar of God, and remained a successful missionary for many years. William commanded confidence from people. In an Islamic nation that hated Christians, he became very respected. One observer said, “The whole Assyrian [Persian] nation came to regard him as its counselor and guide.” He himself valued the warrior spirit & tried to encourage it in new Christians. Nor was William timid. He stuck up for justice for all kinds of people. Moslems who could not trust their own leaders would come to him for legal protection. Islamic law was not kind to Christians. A Christian convert to Islam automatically gained the legal right to all the inheritance of all Christian relatives within 7 degrees of kinship! Christians in Iran did not have legal rights equal to Moslems. Yet, William rescued a number of Christian girls kidnapped by Moslem men and forced into marriage. Thanks to William’s integrity, character & courage, it was quite a lesson for the public when the local Moslem ruler tortured a Moslem man who had kidnapped a Christian girl & forced her into marriage. The reason I included William in this message is because of his willingness to be right beside his brothers & sisters in their times of trials. He fed many refugees. He went to legal battle for many of them also. He not only was a leader, but a leader who was truly right in the trenches with his fellow man.(A)

FINAL THOUGHT. We have a God who leads who by our side. As the Prophet Isaiah wrote, “Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes I will help you…”

Reference A: The story of William Shedd can be found in “The Measure of a Man: The Life of William Ambrose Shedd Missionary to Persia”. Publ. Geo. H. Doran Co. (1922)