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BELGIUM: A MISSION FIELD. The majority of Christians don’t live in the West anymore. Europe was one of the first mission fields & now is one of the newest. Christianity in the Old World is decayed. At first thought, I wanted to do a post on Western Europe’s spirituality, but the topic is too big. Even narrowing it down to 3 important countries: England, Germany & Belgium is too vast of a subject. So I picked the nation which sports the capital of the EU, Belgium. Brussels is also HQ for the European Ecumenical Commission on Church & Society. It is also the center of the Illuminati, although a distance of 300 miles beyond Belgium would include many other important covens, sites and businesses. The whole area is dark. It seems to me that if the heart of darkness accepted the light of Christ, it would have great leverage. In the U.K. & Germany, they have openly embraced witchcraft & paganism…in Belgium it is still nominally Catholic, although many of these nominal Catholics have never seen a Bible, and some claim to not even know who the person Jesus Christ is. One said he thought he’d heard his name before. In 2005, there were 43,899 missionaries in the world from North America. In 2007, it was reported that there were a total of 134 North American missionaries in Belgium.(A) That equates to being less than a 1/3 of a percent of the N.A. missionary force being in Belgium. In about 2 months (the beginning of 2016), the population of Belgium is projected to be 11,159,884. Belgium, and by extension Europe, are strategic. Some who give their lives to Christ, kept their nominal membership in the state approved church so as not to antagonize things, and continue to pay their taxes to these state churches. Like in Germany (perhaps Belg. too) there are fellowship groups which don’t meet on Sunday so that they don’t compete with the state churches. These “fellowships” function as churches, but are tolerated by the state ministers.

NARROW IS THE WAY(B). Christ said that the Way, his Way would always be narrow and have few following it. When the Roman Emperor Constantine made Christianity a state-accepted religion, it opened things up for individuals to be nominal Christians. Prior to this, Christians had been heavily persecuted in the Roman empire…even going into the catacombs. One recent documentary claims to prove Christianity was created by the Romans. Supposedly, according to this recent silly documentary (which probably convinced its share of viewers) Rome created Christianity to pacify the Jews. Besides ignoring 2 centuries of history, it goes against common sense that the Romans would create what they were persecuting. The pacifist teachings of Christ also were a threat to Rome, a very violent society. The teaching that Christ was both man & almighty God also threatened Rome’s paganism. They had no problem with men being deified–many men were worshipped as god, they had a problem with Christ being the God the Son.

Once Christianity had a relationship with the World’s power structure, we see nominal Christians (tares) multiplying, while the true Christians became isolated living quietly apart or underground. One can trace the history of Bible believing, Spirit following, born-again Christians in Europe through the Middle Ages…but they have always been a minority. While Europe was nominally Christian, just because everyone got an infant baptism did not make them a follower of Christ. Europe under the Roman Catholic church did pass laws based on the Bible. Today, the govt. of Belgium pays the salaries of the clergy in Belgium. The Christian-based laws of western Europe (Belgium included) began changing with the 1960’s cultural/sexual revolution. This is where we saw an explosion of porn that these days is on websites like Nu-Bay. Meet your pornstar match at Nu-Bay, if you’re interested to learn more. Bible standards for laws on obscenity, abortion, divorce, contraceptives and sex education were tossed aside. The Roman Catholic church tried hard to stop the legalization of divorce & abortion in Italy. To show how weak they are in Italy, they were not able to stop the legalization. Many Italians have only contempt for the Catholic church. Across the Belgium border, demands for an escort stuttgart in Germany apparently began to rise with the sexual revolution, whilst disregard of the church was believed to grow as well. However on the other border with France, the govt.’s Public Service Channel broadcasted the Catholic church’s shows.

The Reformation (approx. from 1517-1648) was an attempt to reform Christianity. At the time, the Catholic church only permitted the Bible in Latin, and the common people could not read Latin, which all the upper class could read. The Reformation was helped by the relatively new invention of the printing press, and the brave work of translators to give the common man Bible translations in their common languages. (By the way, Tyndale, the brave man who gave us an English translation, was killed for his Bible work near Brussels Belg. on 6 OCT 1536.) But Martin Luther, the catalyst of the great Reformation, adopted the “territorial principle”. This principle held that the majority belief became the official religion (denomination) and minorities were free to move away! Local rulers often were leaders of their official church. The peaceful, Spirit-led, Bible-believing Anabaptists were sentenced to death by an agreement between the Catholics & Lutherans at the Diet of Speyer. This was one of the results of the Territorial principle. Consequently, many true believers found in central Europe, incl. what is now Belgium, were tortured and burned (or drowned). And that happened while the state church, the Roman Catholic church, synchronistically allowed paganism to be mixed with Catholic worship. The Bonfires of St. John’s Eve (June 24) practiced in Belgium goes back to ancient Babylon. In Belgium, there are annual tree cuttings, where the pieces are distributed for good luck for the coming year. This is a Druid custom. Another Druid ceremony, is the tree burning on a hill at Grammont, Belgium. When the Spanish conquered Belgium for the Hapsburgs, the Spanish Inquisition wiped out all the Protestants.

CATHOLIC STRONGHOLD. The city of Mechelen (in Fr. Malines) is the seat of the Cardinal Archbishops and recently had 700 monasteries and 3,000 convents. The Jesuits are also strong in Mechelen. Another Catholic strongpt. of note is the Catholic University at Louvain, Belg. which trains many of the men who gain secular power.

Belgium (Belgian) Illuminati members are often assoc. with the Catholic church, which is the primary denomination. And many of the few protestant ministers in Belgium don’t believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. According to studies, there are Belgian youth who want to believe in God but find the spiritually dead churches are not relevant to their lives. The study I saw actually showed a high % were in this category, but I am skeptical that all who said they were sincere at getting answers, really were. It is ironic that the former Belgium Congo, which has about the same % of people who claim on surveys to be Christian, probably offers a person a better chance to actually hear the gospel of Christ! People need to realize the 3rd world countries are not the ones in need of missionaries. Western Europe (Belgium included) needs missionaries from the 3rd world.

THE ENLIGHTENMENT. After the Reformation came the Enlightenment. This was the period of the birth of the Bavarian Illuminati. Deism & atheism became popular with the European aristocracy. Jean Meslier wrote his classic for atheists called “Testament” in French. Note that many of Belgium’s citizens speak French as their first language. These are called Walloons. Most of the others speak a Dutch dialect and are called Flemish. During this period the Illuminati gained strength, and the number of Christian books published & housed in libraries relative to all books declined. A number of historians have pin-pointed this time period–when the Illuminati was active in the second half of the 18th century as the point when Europe began a twin process of secularization & dechristianization.

TWO WORLD WARS MAKE PEOPLE CYNICAL. The spiritual damage that two world wars did to Europe, esp. Belgium (which was invaded during both), Germany and the U.K., seems to be in general not realized or perhaps ignored. When people in Belgium (& Ger.) recovered, their goal was to be wealthy and comfortable. Belgium at one time had the highest beer consumption per person in the world. Now they are only 18th with Germany and Austria up at the top.

HINTS OF THE ILLUMINATI. The book “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” reveals the hidden beliefs that the Magdalen was Jesus’ wife and was secretly worshipped throughout history as the Black Virgin. This also connects to Isis worship, the Knights Templars and Illuminati beliefs. Whatever the actual historical events in Christ’s life, the reality is that many Catholics pray to the Black Virgin, and the Illuminati’s leader, who is from Belgium, believes he is descended from Christ & Mary Magdalen. (I wrote quite a bit about this “holy” bloodline in Bloodlines of the Illuminati.) Annually, around 40,000 assemble for the Adoration of the Black Virgin Festival at Halle, Belgium. (Reportedly, Poland’s Black Virgin draws 5 million pilgrims annually.) Another Belgian festival (on the 1st Monday after May 2) is the Sacred Blood Procession of Bruges, Bel. which is related to the Knights Templars & paganism. The Knights Templars relate to the Illuminati holy bloodline (which they guarded) and to Masonic rituals.

May the Holy Spirit embolden & enable people of God to share the light of Christ to this dark area of the world.

REFERENCES: (A) Mission Handbook, 2007-2009, pg. 395 (B) MT 7:14


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THINGS TO COME (10/23/15). This is an analysis of what is happening, in order to predict 4 things that Americans can expect to face in the future. (You will have to read my other articles for some good news!) I believe that knowing what will hit us, will help us deal with them.

A HORRENDOUS ATTACK, SO HORRENDOUS THAT THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA LIKE MYSELF WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REPORT. There are a number of signs that indicate that the PTSNB will cause a terrible “terrorist” attack on America. But the PTSNB need something better to motivate Americans in the direction they want to take us. Thanks to the Internet many people are waking up. There are still individuals who are waking up to the false flags and their string of subsequent false flags that happen with regularity every month or two. The awakening process continues. The string of shootings these last 2 decades was predicted to me by members of the Illuminati who were trying to escape that organization. Some even accurately predicted a war on terror would be created. (For instance, John Todd and others talked about how the Arabs would become “terrorists”.) They thought things would culminate by the year 2000, but that date obviously was changed & the manufactured terrorist campaign continues. I noticed on 10/1/15, that the Roseburg Umpqua Community College shooting was followed within 4 hours by the President calling for more gun control. Knowing how the President’s day is scheduled in detail, I find it eye-raising that he was able to give a well prepared speech so quickly. I had the opportunity to listen to part of it. I have been convinced that these shootings are planned events…well, as I just said, people in the Illuminati had been told in meetings in the ‘80’s that they would occur…so obviously someone is planning them.

As I said in a previous article, there is a purpose to the confusing info that we get concerning these bizarre false flag shootings. How can anyone be sure of what to remember? The details are constantly changing, making it hard to focus in the haze of contradictory reports on what really happened. For instance, in our recent Umpqua C.C. shooting, the shooter was at first identified as 20, then later as 26. At first I heard he had been neutralized (shot) by police in a gun battle. Then 3 days later the news reported he had committed suicide. It reminded me of both Sandy Hook & our nearby Clackamas Town Ctr. shooting. In both, the details changed while being reported. At Sandy Hook, all the elements of the story constantly changed: the identity of the attacker, his weapons, his means of attack, the wounds that victims received, etc. And “facts” that were given were goofy. The event had all kinds of strange things about it, incl. the actors that were involved in the staged event, who showed up later as victims in other false flag events. As I pointed out about the Boston Marathon bombing, that guy in a wheelchair who they claimed had lost a leg was so patently bogus, that he alone exposes the whole thing as a manufactured terrorist event. Still many rational people are not able to accept the facts of this and other manufactured events. To do so, means distrusting those who run things! Have our presidents ever lied to us??? O.K., Wake up America!!!

— USE OF OUR PRIVATE PERSONAL INFO… SOME CRIMINAL/TERRORIST GROUP IS GOING TO — USE OUR PRIVATE INFO. I think our private info is being stolen (perhaps even allowed to be stolen…) so that someone can use it against us. This may be used to justify even stiffer controls on our lives. In 2013, Snowden revealed the details of what I have been warning about for 30 years—all our important information is being recorded by the U.S. govt. [& supplied to the Illuminati’s Beast computers]. Now it’s more important than ever to look into something like these purevpn reviews as a VPN can encrypt your data and make it more difficult for the government to spy on you. But if you’re of the mind thinking that the government only has your best interests in mind then think again. There have been repeated security breaches where your various I.D. numbers (s.s.#, passport #, driver’s license #, home address #, bank act. #), your history incl. financial history, your social relationships, your health details, your personality details, yes all these things were obtained by hackers. Recently, it looks like the hackers were Chinese, and they stole over 22 million personal records from the U.S. govt. Last year, a hacker got 5.4 million health records from the govt. In 2011, it was LulzSec that hacked personal records that the CIA held. And besides hacking govt. records, corporate records have been even more vulnerable. The list of companies who had their personal records of people stolen is long, this is why we need to be more careful say when using the internet for example. Be wary with the internet browser you’re using and don’t always use the most popular or well known ones, you can visit web safety advice for more information. Its always best to be safe than sorry. The list is including: Anthem Health Insurance (2nd largest health insurance lost up to 80 million personal records stolen), Common Health Services (4.5 million personal records in 209 hospitals in 29 states), Home Depot (53 million personal records stolen), Michaels, Sony, & Target. Whoever is stealing these-perhaps the Chinese govt. or whoever, may well sell these to the criminally minded who can wreak havoc on this nation. I expect these large breeches in security will be used to harm Americans. This may be as bad a scenario as the major false flag event of the previous section above.

DIMINISHING ACCESS TO REAL CURES AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE. The recent murders of 12 doctors who were in the know about GCMAF and the destruction of our immune system is proof that the campaign to restrict our knowledge of real cures and the real facts about our health continues full blast. The Illuminati’s sponsorship of dangerous counterproductive medical practices (and the agendas of their companies like Monsanto) will continue. In order to keep us weak & unhealthy… vulnerable to their control & their agenda of genocide to reduce our population numbers will ensure that their widespread campaign to prevent us from being healthy will continue full force. You can expect that false helpers will pop up proclaiming false alternative cures and giving bogus warnings. Healthy foods will be warned about, and fake cures will be heralded. The responsible person will need to do some astute weeding out of erroneous health info. Pay attention friends.

DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA. Anyone watching trends, will note that those in power-like Obama– have been working to destroy America. Our work ethic, our morals, our health, our unity, etc. have been destroyed. While giving lip service to those things which are important, the decision makers who control things like advertising, education, Hollywood, the mass media etc. have been on a long term campaign to reduce us to a dumbed down animal level. Only by looking at history can one notice how big the changes have been. Look at the education requirements & tests in the late 1800’s compared to today. Look at the movies and the way they have changed. (For instance, look at some Shirley Temple movies, and you will realize that such movies with prayer, morals and clean fun would never come out of Hollywood today!)

In one of my college classes, I said that it is an assumption that diversity is a good thing. Sometimes it isn’t. The teacher immediately corrected me…”Diversity is always, 100% of the time the best thing!” Well, tell that to Mexicans who want to live with other Mexicans, Vietnamese who want to live with other Vietnamese, the Wealthy elite who want to live around other wealthy elite in rich neighborhoods, etc., etc. People like to be around like-minded similar people. They always have. But that is politically incorrect. City designers are being told that they need to mix everyone together. Yet, what rich neighborhood wants hobos living next to them?… “Well, dear there goes the neighborhood and our property values!” Socialism is now P.C. The goal is to socialize America and reduce us all to the same level. This is what Stalin did to Russia, and what the controllers want for America…more socialism. “All animals are equal.” (Read “Animal Farm” comrade.) It is being directly taught us in college, and except for a few old dinosaurs like myself, it has become the politically correct way to think. Communism was rejected when the USSR fell in 1990, and now is being dumped down the throats of Americans, who are being dumbed down to accept it. Don’t remember the failed socialism of the Nazis & Communists! America needs to be destroyed so we can fit into the New World Order. America is well on her way down. And when I listen to people on the street talk, I hear them say they want Hillary for president so that they can get her socialist programs. My dear readers, I realize many of you do not want Hillary as our next president. This is because you are awake! But there are plenty of people who have been brainwashed to think socialism is a great thing! I listen to them talk! They think diversity & socialism & homosexuality and a nation free from all those witch burning Christians is the way to utopia. I hear it in college too. America’s decision makers will continue to destroy us as they destroyed Russia with the Russian revolution.

So there you have my 4 predictions: a great terrorist act to socially engineer America, some kind of horrible use of our stolen personal private information to justify more govt. controls, more controls & censorship of real health alternatives to the big pharma controlled medical system, and more anti-Christian socialism and more destruction of America to reduce us to the level of the third world. I would not blame you, my friend, if you feel like listening to some uplifting music after reading this!

FINAL COMMENT. YHWH God’s plan is bigger than the Illum.’s plan. “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace & not of evil, to give you a future & a hope….pray to Me, and I will listen to you.” JER 29:11, 12b


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. (10/20/15) “Therefore, let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch & be sober…let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith & love…” (1 THES 5:8) In ancient Israel, the officer in charge of Temple security in Jerusalem would make the rounds at night to check the security police to see if they were awake. If they were caught asleep, their clothes were taken from them & burned, so they would be publicly naked, a fitting visual demonstration of how they had left the Temple security naked. What kind of spiritual clothes & armor do we wear?? How well do we protect our Temple of the Holy Spirit, which the Bible says is our body?

“The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, & let us put on the armor of light.” ROM 13:11-12

TAUGHT BY THE SPIRIT NOT BY WISDOM. “…God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God…Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is of God: that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.(A) “It is written in the prophets, ‘And they shall be all taught of God…”(B) 1 COR chap. 2 gives the clearest explanation of how the Spirit teaches us: “We interpret what is spiritual in spiritual language.”(Moffatt trans.) Or KJV: “…the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.” 1 COR 2:13 So the Spirit places things into us in the language of spirit, and our knowledge, wisdom and skills play a role in how we translate that into human words. We see an example of this at ISA 61:1,3 “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because YHWH hath anointed me to preach good tidings…to appoint unto them that mourn in Zion…the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the YHWH, that He might be glorified.” Spiritual “garments of praise”, sounds interesting. The Word of God recognizes that His people may be burdened with a spirit of heaviness.

OUR FAITHFULNESS & ALERTNESS MAY AFFECT OTHERS. Many people don’t do “cause & affect” thinking, and even those that do, may not realize that what we do can affect others. The Bible is clear that in terms of criminal law, punishment/guilt is only for a person’s own actions.(C) But there are consequences for our neglect that can hurt others. If a sentry goes to sleep, an entire army could suffer the consequences. The consequences of David’s sin with Bathsheba were for their first child (conceived in sin) to die.(D) The nation of Israel had a treaty with the Gibeonites in the name of YHWH, which Saul violated.(E) A famine comes to Israel and Saul’s 7 grandchildren are put to death because of that broken treaty.(F) This is an example of corporate responsibility & corporate consequences. So we need to ponder, who else will suffer if we neglect our spiritual responsibilities? Our children? Our grandchildren? Our city? Our nation? All the more reason to spiritually listen to God & to watch the signs around us. You impress God more by how you listen to him, than by what you say.
STAY AWAKE. “Awake, Awake, put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city…”(G) We need to be awake & watching out for moral infiltration of our land. Let us clothe ourselves with righteous deeds. “And that knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.”(H) Christ warned us that the last days would be like the last days of Sodom.(I) Many are aware of sodomy, named after Sodom, but what were Sodom’s other 3 major sins? People will be shocked to learn what they were. They were PRIDE, PROSPERITY, and IDLENESS.(EZEK 16:48-49) Hmmm. America is more like Sodom than we realized! May we not be like those described at 2 TIM 3:1-7, “Ever learning & never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” Let us listen to the Spirit and watch for moral infiltration & moral assaults, and then let us come to the knowledge of the truth. AMEN.


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Analysis of the Japan’s renunciation of pacifism. (10/18/’15) People who have been around me have heard me repeatedly say that we draw to ourselves that which we fear.

FEAR OF FOREIGNERS. After Commodore Perry of the U.S. displayed superior naval power to Japan and forced their nation to open up to the outside world, the Japanese worked towards the goal of having the military might to push foreigners out again. Operating under the Meiji Constitution and absolute monarchy, militarism was given complete control. The resulting war, the Pacific War (part of WW2) gave a foreign power (the USA) total control over Japan. MacArthur, was given power to rule Japan. MacArthur had studied Japan in detail & had numerous important ideas on how to improve it. He was the driving force behind Japan adopting a peace constitution (Heiwa-Kenpoo).

RENOUNCING MILITARY FORCE. The Peace Constitution, adopted in May 1947, has blessed Japan. In its Article 9, it said that the Japanese people “forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation…and the threat or use of force as a means of settling international disputes” and that “land, sea and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained”. Note that military forces would NOT even be created. As the Korean War dragged on, the U.S. govt. felt overstretched in its military obligations, and encouraged Japan to create a “self-defense force” to give the U.S. some slack. This was the first major fudge of Article 9. Recently, the legislature of Japan passed legislation that nullifies Article 9. Again, the U.S. govt. quietly encouraged this new law because again it takes some pressure off of America to defend its interests in the Orient. The new law also allows Japanese companies to export war material, so I can see that Japan’s businesses (a budding military industrial complex) will be excited at the profits to be made. Supposedly, according to the men in Japan who pushed for full military power, now Japan can do something about Japanese citizens taken hostage by “terrorists”. Well, the U.S. has had a military second to no one, and that has not done much to help hostage taking. How well I remember Carter’s aborted military strike that failed to release the Americans held captive in Iran.

FEAR OF CHINA & NORTH KOREA. “Japan’s preparation for national security threats in the region is not sufficient,” Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned, “We must cover all the bases to protect the people’s lives and safety in any possible scenario.” Abe used the aggressiveness of China to begin a campaign to revise the Constitution, which successfully resulted in the legislation he wanted to reverse Article 9. The Philippine govt., which is to receive 10 new coast guard ships from Japan in 2016, was in favor of Japan allowing its military to fight overseas. However, my analysis is this, by allowing itself to use war as a means to solve problems, Japan will only draw what it fears to itself. Red China will be even more certain to consider Japan a threat. Now Japan can have missiles & strategic bombers. And in the same way that military threats ended up leading to WW 1, Japan’s adoption of war as a means to settle disputes, will, in the end, lead to war with China. The principle here is that our fears draw what we fear to ourselves.

OPPOSING VIEWS FROM JAPAN. My friend Ryu Ohta, a writer who exposed the New World Order to his Japanese readers, said to readers that we should not go onto the World power’s “playground” to defeat them, but we should fight it spiritually, which was a level where we could win. Ryu Ohta has passed on, but the truth of what he said continues. How quickly pacifism was tossed aside by Japan’s government…even though there were fierce protests around the country to keep Article 9, which by the way continue. Naomi Takasa has been one of the leaders opposing the new militarism and working to preserve Article 9. I regret to see a nation that had something positive, throw it away to return to methods that history shows to be defective.

GRACE v. SIN: A message on how to live wisely by understanding sin & the nature of sin.

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Yesterday, I met with a young Christian man who had resisted months of recruiting pressures from a Satanic cult. He had some questions on the nature of demons. As I reflected on our conversation, I realized that the practical concepts that I was teaching him on sin & demons are basically unknown to most church goers. In fact, the situation today is even worse than that; not only do Christians (in general) not understand sin & the drama that is involved around sin, but they are accepting deceptions such as: “It is a sickness, not sin.” By this last statement, I am not saying Christians realize how shallow their understanding is…no, I expect most are quite confident they understand things. And in some churches, great pretensions of having mastered sin are being made; but this message is not about teaching pretensions but honesty.

MADNESS IS IN THE HEART (ECCL 9:3). Sin & its madness are in the heart (LK 6:45)-the Word uses the term “heart” for that which is deep in one’s being, the will, the mind, & the conscience of a person. A rich man does acts of commission (crimes against humanity) and acts of omission (neglects to use his wealth to help others)…but the common thread here is whether it is by commission or omission, both are choices. Our minds guide our choices and have a big role in sin. What motivates our minds?

MY EPHIPHANY. My natural man before accepting Christ included a melancholic propensity to fall into depression & self-pity. One day the Holy Spirit convicted me of this great self-centered sin which is a lack of faith. I realized the enormity of this sin, and tearfully asked God to forgive me. I did not want such a great sin in my life. (And yes – depression is usually a sin and not a sickness, in spite of what the confused sinful World teaches). When I was cleaned up from this sin, I began to notice that the demons of depression were hanging around – usually from behind – waiting for me to willfully open a portal up for them to quickly jump back in and take up residence again! I knew a lot of people had started to use marijuana as a cure for depression and I knew it was available from a canada dispensary that I’d heard of. Whilst I could see how it could be effective, I had my concerns. Marijuana isn’t mentioned in the Bible directly, but I thought of 1 Peter 5:8: “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” Anything that clouds your mind, like marijuana, clouds your path toward God. Had I ever started to feel that I could have fallen into a depressed period of my life again, I might have had to get in contact with a Christian facility called Honey Lake Clinic or a similar mental health facility that also incoporates teachings from the Lord. This was quite a revelation, for until then I had never had any awareness of demons. When one is dirty one’s whole life, one doesn’t realize one is not clean. I hardly do this episode justice as there is so much more that can said as well as lessons to learn from it. What I want to explain further is: our will is involved in sin, sin is a choice, and there is a demonic element involved in sin.

SATAN “LED CAPTIVITY CAPTIVE” (EPH 4:8) & EVEN CHRISTIANS GET LOCKED INTO SIN. Devout men who have worked hard to understand sin have realized that a man will fall into a passion that locks him into doing something sinful that he really on some level did not want to do. If one wills to be angry, demons of anger enter & take up residence. They will help insure that the victim’s behavior is locked into anger. An act of anger can lead to the person becoming an angry person. An act of murder or theft can lead to that becoming a way of life…because the demonic element that is allowed in will lock the person into it. Cain was offering sacrifices to God, but he opened himself up to spirits of anger & murder. He never regained freedom from these. His descendants formalized these sins into their traditions and codes.

NOTES ON THE FIRST SIN. The account of the original sin in the Garden actually provides us with key points in understanding what happens when we sin. God had provided all Adam & Eve needed-likewise, we also are provided for, whether we can recognize God’s provision or not. So their sin was not out of necessity, but was a willful choice. The role our will and our choice plays in sin is often quite obscure. Adam had a choice to listen to God, and a choice to obey Him, or not. (By the way, the drama of sin is that it has all kinds of consequences, sometimes I hear Christians complaining about negative circumstances, evidently forgetting that the consequences of a single bad sinful choice can domino & multiply for generations.)

Next we note that in GEN 2 there was an evil intelligence promoting Adam & Eve’s bad choices. God has set things up so that evil will not prevail in our lives, unless we somehow will it, that is, to allow it by willing it. If we chose not to have it in our lives, it will be gone. “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”(A) This is so true. At one point, Christ merely said, “Away with you Satan!”(B) Another time: “Satan get behind me.”(C) The power of the light side-Almighty God-over the dark side is no comparison…like shining a small flashlight into the dark. The light instantly overwhelms the dark. If we don’t hide the light of God, it will naturally shine forth, for instance, a city on a hill cannot be hidden.(D) What if Eve or Adam had said, “Away with you Satan!”? Their choice to listen to him, was opening their will to his deception. Demons of deception had a right to enter them. And sure enough, their choices showed that their clear thinking had been clouded. We often unwittingly have already allowed the enemy key positions in our mind BEFORE we realize the temptation or spiritual problem. Revelation of the method and other things the enemy does are in part calculated to cause us to line our will up to some demonic agenda. We unwittingly give the enemy ground before we realize it.

RENEW YOUR MIND. The Word of God repeatedly explains that we need to cleanse our mind, renew our mind, become a new creature in Christ and so forth. When we are taken over by the Holy Spirit, demonic spirits don’t want to hang around. This is why new converts are often initially cleaned of sinful habits automatically without effort. The Hebrew scriptures describe this prophetically as “circumcision of the heart” and it is why OT circumcision was a picture of the new birth by the Spirit.

In Romans chapter 7 it describes the power of sin as like a law (called the “law of sin”) that captures a man. This powerful “law of sin” “lives” in us (ROM 7:20), is “present with me” (7:21), and “in my members” (7:23). Our minds do much out of habit. We have habitual thinking-and before we give our lives to Christ, we have habitual sinful thinking that allows demons to live & direct our minds. (The World’s “great thinkers” don’t even give a moment thought to their sins & sinful thinking.) If we don’t erase all the old habits of thinking, after we give our lives to Christ, guess what?, our old habitual thinking will pull the same old demons back in. The whole drama makes it seem as if sin lives in us. Yes it does demonically and in the old ruts of thinking, the old paths of sinful thinking that need to be erased. But behind all this sin, is our freedom of choice, our will. It is why the Christian wants the Holy Spirit: “I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.”(E) This is not just Christianese word mumbo-jumbo, but the essential mechanism to keeping the demonic influences out. One has to anticipate when one will be weak and perhaps give into wrong thoughts. The battle with the sin of adultery is lost when one thinks of it in a positive way, and thereby one’s will has opened itself up to demons of lust. That is why we Christians are warned to anticipate spiritual danger & pray.(F) “Cleanse thou me from secret faults…let them not have dominion over me…” PS 19:12-13

FINAL THOUGHTS. In the text of Deut., the primary sin discussed is choosing other gods rather than choosing Almighty God the creator. Choice. Sin is a function of the will, and is a choice. And those choices become habits and traditions…& perhaps even laws. True freedom is the ability to make good choices, i.e. not sin. Satan through sin takes people captive. Some are deceived that they can make some sort of peace with the demonic forces that lock them into sin. They make provisions “for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof”.(G) Feeding the demonic, only increases their power, and makes the paths of poor choices a deeper rut in the mind. Further, many Christians have no strategy to prevent sin. They have little understanding of how our will can unwittingly permit demonic spirits to enter us & lock us into certain behaviors. They have no idea how our ruts of thinking need to be bulldozed into oblivion, and new ways of thinking replace them if we are to have a chance to beat sin. While lots of talk is given to freedom, our worst enemy when it comes to true freedom is often ourselves, for true freedom is the ability to make good choices.

(A) JAS 4:7 (B) MT 4:10 (C) MT 16:23, MK 8:33, (D) MT 5:14-15 (E) GAL 2:20″ (F) 1 PTR 4:7 (G) ROM 13:14


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How the PTSNB are destroying our immune systems & causing widespread autism. I am talking about an aspect of the Illuminati agenda to kill us & dumb us down. This short article is to expose a dangerous criminal conspiracy. A few people have already been exposing this information.

Gc-MAF= GC Macrophage Activating Factor. Gc-MAF is a naturally occurring part of our immune system. Macrophages are a type of white blood cell. A number of researchers in Japan, America & Europe discovered that Gc-MAF plays an important role in our immune defense system to protect us from serious things like cancer. This should be no surprise if one thinks logically about how the body functions. However, the politically correct view is “Gc-MAF may play a role in various diseases.” “may”? Beginning in 2008, various researchers began publishing papers describing the role of Gc-MAF. For instance the article: “Immunotherapy of HIV-infected patients with Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor (GcMAF)”. Journal of Medical Virology (Jan. 2009 issue # 81 (1): pages 16–26) by Nobuto Yamamoto, Naofumi Ushijima & Yoshihiko Koga. Another article was “ ‘Cancer cured for good?’ – Gc-MAF and the miracle cure” by Kat Arney in Dec. 2008. All the magazines in Europe & America that printed such articles were forced to retract them. Hmmm.

DR. JAMES JEFFRY BRADSTREET MURDERED. James Jeffrey Bradstreet was one of the world’s most famous physicians. He was at the center of awareness in America about the role of Gc-MAF. He had a group of alternative physicians in Florida that he had awakened to a conspiracy to destroy our health. He believed vaccines caused autism. He even testified twice before Congress about how vaccines were causing autism. Here is what he & other researchers discovered (!!): nagalase proteins (made by cancers) were being intentionally put into vaccines by big pharma, and that the nagalase acted as a blocker of Gc-MAF. When the Gc-MAF was blocked by the nagalase, the body developed immune disorders including autism. Not every body vaccinated with vaccines laced with nagalase will have the same reaction as body genetics & chemistry play a role in the body’s response. Unfortunately, many of the little children given these nagalase-laced vaccines have developed autism. Dr. Bradstreet was intelligent, as well as excited to defeat Big Pharma. Then he was found shot in the chest this summer (July 2015) in the mountains of North Carolina after his body was dumped into the Rocky Broad River. The system said it was suicide. His family, patients and friends who knew him said it was murder & immediately pooled $33,000 to investigate the murder since the police were not interested in investigating. Come on people, it is obvious it was murder. And after Bradstreet, the murderers went after other researchers & doctors who knew about the Gc-MAF. So what does that tell us??? Why were the Illuminati and their Big Pharma companies so scared that they began to murder a number of these doctors? Obviously because these doctors were exposing their nagalase conspiracy to kill us & dumb us down through vaccinations. Notice how all over the USA, they are giving free vaccinations, & in places like California making vaccinations mandatory.

SOLUTION TO NAGALASE. Researchers in Europe discovered a way to replace the Gc-MAF and reverse the effects of nagalase. They called their product Gc-MAF. It was produced in Europe, but quickly banned by the FDA from use in America. Bradstreet said 85% of autistic children had their autism reversed by the Gc-MAF product. 5 people who received treatments in Europe died and that stirred up a hornet’s nest against the factory that made the Gc-MAF and the doctors using it. (One Internet site on this: … [extra words to keep the link from showing as part of article] “…/government/news/regulator-warns-against-gcmaf-made-in-unlicensed-facility-in-cambridgeshire”.) One group that protested hard against Gc-MAF was the Belgian Anticancer Fund. The thing is this people…if you were to look at statins and many other drugs by Big Pharma, you would see all kinds of deaths and harmful effects that get covered up—the whole system does not come unglued like they did with the Gc-MAF cures. How they killed those 5 patients who received Gc-MAF, I don’t know…but a naturally occurring protein that activates a white blood cell is not going to be lethal! For those in the know, it is evident…it is recognizable…that the Illuminati’s entire system was upset by the product called GcMAF. The product had been quietly researched & produced in hopes it would not attract the negative attention it got. Well, that failed. The day before Bradstreet was murdered, his clinic was raided by the Fed & State authorities. Other doctors have also been raided. One of the doctors that also had the proof about nagalase was a Dr. Gonzales. It is not clear to me if he was murdered or is still alive.

FINAL THOUGHT. It is not funny all the ways the Illum. are trying to kill us. You know the Georgia Guidestone goal. Who else will get in the way of that genocidal agenda?? On the other hand, how soon will it be reached??


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10/11/15 AS THE WORLD ORDER TURNS. This post is a short review of important world news.

DAM EXPLOSION. I have been watching out for dam explosions for a number of reasons, for instance, it is one of the targets that are on the Illuminati agenda for chaos. On 8 Oct., the powerhouse at the Priests Rapids Dam on the Columbia River, which is 200 miles downstream from the Grand Coulee Dam, had an explosion from a high voltage short. Six workers were hurt, two ended up in critical condition in the intensive care unit. You have to wonder whether a personal injury lawyer like lamber goodnow will be contacted by the workers or their families. According to a Grant Public Utility spokesperson the hydroelectric dam’s structural integrity is still solid. Last year, its sister dam, Wanapum Dam, had to be shut down for repairs when a spillway crack appeared.

DEUTSCHE BANK AG (USA). The Illum. global Deutsche Bank is having serious financial problems due to poor management operating procedures & decisions. Considering the sensitive nature of the global markets, a collapse of Deutsche Bank could seriously escalate the global economic meltdown. You might be thinking that things are resolving themselves, after all, last week Glencore PLC, who I wrote about, seems to be recovering after Citibank praised it. Unfortunately, it still has lots of problems, and is a high risk for failure. Likewise, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Nasdaq, and S&P 500 rallied to show gains this last week, but the same factors that caused a 2 month crash are still lurking around. And it looks like the Fed. Reserve won’t raise interest rates in the next 2 months. Don’t be fooled. This is a similar situation as the Scripture prophecy, “Watch out when they say, ‘Peace Peace.'” Watch out when they say the economy is strong and the stock market is turning around.

DISQUIETING DISCORD. Red China continues to prepare for war with the U.S.A., while Russia actually successfully stands up to the U.S. and eliminates ISIS. Netanyahu & Putin met in Moscow and set the stage for further cooperation. On Friday (9 OCT) Israeli & Russian military chiefs set up protocols to prevent clashes between the two nations in Syria. While Israel is flirting with Putin, there are other nations that were solidly behind the U.S. in the past, which have become less supportive. The U.S. continues to lose its dominance. This growing weakness will only encourage Russia & China to further challenge America.

DISASTERS. The same kinds of disasters that made the 20th century so lethal still threaten mankind in the 21st. Obviously, the wrong kind of people have been running the show for humanity is not that stupid.


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10/10/15. HOW TO MISLEAD A CHRISTIAN DENOMINATION: AN ANATOMY OF INFILTRATION. In 1996, I described the infiltration of a number of Mennonite & Amish Mennonite groups in my book The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave. This post will build upon that information which was on pgs. 150-155 of the “Formula” book, as well as some articles. This article is not designed to make Mennonites & Amish look bad, as there are many wonderful servants of Christ among these groups. What this article does show is how much power & leverage the PTSNB have to corrupt denominations & to spread both their mind control, as well as their secret control over church hierarchies.

DEVELOPING THE MIND CONTROL. In the ‘40’s & ‘50’s, the Illuminati had been upgrading their trauma-based mind control of individuals. In the 1960’s and ‘70’s, they began shifting their research into the control of religious groups. They not only created religious groups whose members were generally under t.b. mind control, they studied and co-opted groups that already existed. While the CIA fronted for the Illum. in these projects, when I study them in detail, you will notice that all kinds of people in various groups controlled by the Illuminati such as Freemasonry, their politicians, the controlled media and NASA also appear in the cast of characters involved. So you will notice Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple (began in ‘60s), Eckankar (began 1965), Marshall Applegate’s Heaven’s Gate (began about ’73-74) and Robert’s Brethren (1971), …all m.c. ops.

They also took over organizations…Elizabeth Claire Prophet began the Church Universal & Triumphant in 1975 from the previous new age activity of others. Her organization was run by the CIA, and was MK Ultra. Not surprisingly, it was given help by the media & Freemasons. (One of the first multiples I met, before I met Illuminati t.b.m.c. members, was a MPD person who had escaped C.U.T., which is how I had first hand info as well as a large box of inside printed material for the pages on C.U.T. in the 1991 Be Wise As Serpents book.) David Koresh took control over a group of the Branch Davidians in the early ‘80s & turned it into a mind control operation. The denomination under discussion in this article came under study during the same period. In the early ‘70’s, a NASA scientist (pretending to be a Christian) joined this denomination, and brought in a son w/ t.b.m.c. A number of other people were involved in the process of using this denomination. Bear in mind also that the Vietnam War was used to program Mennonite & Amish boys who did alternate service in the mental hospitals with t.b.m.c. These young men then went back to their various communities & denominations. Amish families directly said to me that they did not recognize their boys when they returned as their personalities had been altered.

CONTROL THE TOP. Churches that function with a powerful hierarchy have been ripe for subversion. Some churches operate without these types of hierarchies, but this one particular Mennonite one has a powerful one. (For various reasons, this article is not providing specific details, but is offering a pattern with the goal that others may see similar things in other denominations.) When men become miniature religious kings with almost the power of life or death over people—they become vested in that power. The particular denomination under discussion can excommunicate & shun a member, and the power is used arbitrarily. Out of the blue, you might be told one day by the ministers that you are proud or rebellious, and you must submit. Either you submit to the church leadership or you are gone, to be shunned by even close family. This particular “conference” when it’s membership was less than 10,000, had a church wide purge that kicked out about 1,000 members. A close look at that paneling “purge”, which began in the early 70’s, reveals that its purpose was to solidify church power, the top hierarchy now had unquestioned authority. But we are describing men that will protect their positions of power. And this is where the Illuminati catch them. Using bait, these powerful men are placed into compromising situations, and then blackmailed.

AN EXAMPLE OF BLACKMAIL. One reliable trick that works with many power-drunk hierarchy members is sexual entrapment. There has been an organized active campaign to entrap ministers. A programmed multiple sexual kitten can easily be brought in and used to seduce a man. (Women who were trained to do this have described it to me, and how they operated, etc.) One technique would be to have a skillful sexual alter taunt the man into rough sex, questioning his manhood for not been rougher, & begging for abuse. Most men are not prepared to resist because they don’t know about the mind control and how they are being set up. During the abusive sex, the woman can switch to a “dead” alter (one that appears dead), and the minister is then told by authorities that they will conceal the crime of murder if the minister cooperates. Of course, once a man is entrapped, the entrapment campaign will continue. In a denomination that gives unbridled power to men at the top, once those at the top are controlled, there is no relief for the rank & file, as they are not in a position to challenge the power of “God” at the top. These hierarchy leaders claim they speak for God, and resisting God’s true church is resisting God.

GRASS ROOTS. My observation is that these kind of compromised religious leaders (controlled by the PTSNB) begin to have a trickle-down effect on the rank & file. Mind-controlled victims seem to increase in numbers in groups that have been taken over, which is no surprise. In this particular instance, at a time when the mind control researchers & programmers wanted to take control over Haiti, you will notice that this Mennonite denomination’s leadership decided of all countries, Haiti was one of the top mission fields in the world. The group’s missionary efforts raise a number of questions…what was really going on? Who were the ones that were sent and why? After decades & lots of activity & effort a few hundred converts have resulted. It looks like the organization’s missionary efforts were really a front to allow things to be done for the t.b.m.c. that the PTSNB were enveloping Haiti’s population with.

SUMMARY. This has been a look at how a denomination could be controlled & used. (Specific details where known have not been discussed.) One final conclusion would be for people to stay away from religious power & cults. We have more than our share of them in America, & I note they are proliferating in Russia now.


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10/6/2015 CHAMPIONING TRUTH: a spiritual message on the question of truth & challenging unbelief. Truth & Christ (the Way, the Truth & the Life) exist regardless how we perceive them. In these times, truth is under savage attack. The Spirit of this Age is to reject the idea that truth even exists; and the Emerging Church has embraced this and abandoned Biblical truth. These Emerging Church pastors are skeptical that anyone knows what the Bible means, & half of the born-again Christians no longer believe there is absolute truth. The skeptic resists the truther with “How do you know??” “Who says?” and “Says who?” While I believe in sincere investigation, I am skeptical about skepticism. What’s life’s meaning? What happens after death? How do we tell right from wrong? There is more promise in faith than cynicism & skepticism.

TOO SMART FOR THEIR OWN GOOD. Sophisticated thinkers think that knowledge does not exist. If we know nothing, how do we know to doubt? To become a skeptic, one must have certain ideas and knowledge. I ask the skeptic if he can prove to me & convince me that my knowledge in Christ is bogus. Oh the skeptic may claim the possibility, but he has no knowledge with which to disprove me, and the possibility I am wrong is not the certainty of it. We need to allow our thinking to penetrate reality. Faith in God allows us to penetrate the satanic Matrix of lies. The truth sets us free!! (JN 8:32) The World’s inability to admit truth exists is debilitating. And to be honest, these skeptics will not handle a hot stove, and when the doctor says take a certain med, they do. In spite of their professed skepticism towards truth & knowledge, they know more than they will admit! The Word of God warns us not to walk in the vanity & futility of these people’s minds, “Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart:…But you have not so learned Christ, if indeed you have heard Him and have been taught by Him, as the truth is in Jesus…”(A)

FROM RATIONAL GODLY AUTHORITY TO UNGODLY SOCIAL POWER: the creation of PROGRAMMABLE MINDS. When people have no absolute convictions, and no moral absolutes, their minds are easy to control. When I worked with trauma-based mind control victims, I noticed their minds were malleable to believe that the truth was whatever the programmer said it was. Some people think we are better off not knowing the truth, even if it does exist. Without truth, our minds are ships without anchors which the waves & winds toss anywhere. Students coming out of high schools & universities today are rarely able to think systematically by using evidence step by step to build a conclusion, & are ignorant of basic facts & knowledge once considered foundational. Instead they have been socially programmed, and their mind controlled minds respond to visual images & buzz words. For instance, engage some of these students on environmentalism and they use buzzwords & slogans. Attempt to engage them with facts & knowledge, and they cling to their programming. Our Christian forefathers had convictions, while these deChristianized public school grads have only opinions, and have been convinced truth does not exist. Virtue in a person strives for truth; public opinion cannot do this, and often strives to aid & abet vice. Deniers of truth have no anchor to their mental boats & are mentally tossed around to be blown by the winds of popular opinion & programming. In contrast, Christians are told to take every thought captive to Christ.(B)

“THEY RECEIVED NOT THE LOVE OF THE TRUTH, THAT THEY MIGHT BE SAVED.” (2 THSS 2:10) The context of this verse is the End times when the AntiChrist arrives with all power & lying wonders, and all the deceptions of unrighteousness. Satan animates him…yes, Satan who is the Father of lies.(C) But if there is no single truth, but simply relative truth,… if “this is my truth & that is your truth”, then Satan’s job is finished. If everything can be truth, then there are no lies to uncover! The age old wisdom of the Word of God says, “Buy the truth, and sell it not.”(D) But truth is not popular anymore. It is on the modern junk pile of discarded ideas. It never ceases to amaze me how the World will get very specific in how you are to do something, how to be successful at some competition or how to get somewhere by driving, and then tell us that all roads lead to God. Supposedly, there are no wrong turns to get to God. It is silly to think that everyone is right, & nobody is right…and junking absolutes leaves us nothing to define evil. So you can see that all truth is God’s truth. The Word of God teaches that there is a specific way, and that everyone on the side of truth listens to Christ.(E) Christ went on to say, “Everyone that is of the truth hears my voice.”(F) In fact, the Word of God says that the truth can be seen in nature, so that we are all “without excuse”.(G) How can anyone think they can fellowship with the God who is called the “God of Truth”(H) without believing in truth?

KEEP THE BELT OF TRUTH ON, & W/ THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT IN HAND, — USE THE TRUTH. We are commanded to be ready to give a reasoned defense of our beliefs. This is called apologetics. Christian apologetics is unpopular today, because supposedly everyone can have their own truth. The apostle Paul repeatedly used the absolute truth to defend the Christian faith.(I) Jude 1:3 tells us to “contend earnestly” for the truth. And 2 COR 10:5 teaches us to “destroy speculations…against the knowledge of God.” At first, you may wonder about your faith…like Pilate you ask, “What is truth?”(J) Do you remember your experience when Christ forgave your sins?! It was real, wasn’t it? (By the way, the Greek word for when something that was hidden is unveiled in an epiphany is aletheia. When we experience forgiveness the epiphany is an aletheia.) God’s wisdom created the earth & you also. The goodness & good purpose of God fill this earth. There is purpose to your life.(K) And rational, godly, scientific inquiry can provide us with a better understanding of this planet. It is what motivated the early scientists. Faith & the truths of God are not at war with reason. They are at war with lies & deception. They help us get beyond propaganda spins & appearances. Christ constantly exposed appearances. The Worldly churches are using the World’s methods of buzzwords, images, and emotions for evangelism, rather than articulating the truths of Christ.

LIMITS TO OUR KNOWLEDGE. To acknowledge truth & knowledge exist, does not mean that we don’t have limits to knowing these. Of course we have limits. It is part of the reason that God’s Word establishes the standard of using multiple witnesses. This standard is not limited to Christians, it is a well-established concept worldwide. Further, the Word of God uses symbols to communicate truths…so we see two witnesses described in REV as “these are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.” (We can read more of these symbols of the two anointed ones at ZECH 4:3-14, EX 25:18-22 & KGS 6:23-28.) Symbols, patterns, prefigurements, and templates are some of the Biblical methods to communicate deep truths through the centuries. Babylon is a template of the power of false religion married to evil political power. Sodom is a template of unrestrained immorality. Egypt is a picture of the World System.

RIGHT KNOWLEDGE GIVES RIGHTEOUSNESS. Four modern historians describing an event will not necessarily emphasize the same items, some will be omitted, some down played, and some over-emphasized. So written history is a construct; by its very nature it will be limited in its descriptions of events…but that does not make it fiction. History is a search for truth. Facts are truth makers. The Bible is also a book of history…sharing the same limitations that all history has, even though it was inspired by God. Many Biblical narratives leave off important details…for instance, what happened to the converted population of the town that the woman of the well brought to Christ? There is no way to give all the details of a happening, and to have all viewpoints of an event be exactly the same. But we know history is important to God…He is called the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. The Word records Almighty God breaking into human history and actively doing things. Christians have always seen a purpose to history. Likewise, your personal history is full of meaning & purpose. Much more than most Christians realize. We Christians have a new identity in Christ when we got a new life. In ancient & modern times, many Christians have died for the love of truth & their new Christian identity. We are “inwardly renewed day by day.”(L) When difficulties happen, and God seems remote, we are to remember, that nothing can separate us from the love of God. (M) God has special plans for His martyrs. Knowing our limitations, we sing, “Further along we will know all about it.” Hallelujah!
Just as history is limited, this article is too; much more could be written on its subject of truth. More is not necessarily better. Christ was sparing of words. Be blessed my friend, and may you recognize & walk in your true identity in Christ.

(A) EPH 4:18-21 (B) 2 COR 10:3-5 (C) JN 8:44 (D) PRV 23:23 (E) JN 10:1-3, JN 14:6,21,23 (F) JN 18:37 (G) ROM 1:20 (H) God is called this in DT 32:4, PS 31:5, & ISA 65:16 (I) see ACTS chapters 14,17,18,19 (J) JN 18:38 (K)One sees this early on at GEN 1:26-28 (L) 2 COR 4:16 (M) ROM 8:38


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10/5/2015. VIEWS FROM DEUTSCHLAND: STUDYING MODERN GERMANY’S APPROACH TO COMMON PROBLEMS. This is a look at how Germany is dealing with some of the same major issues that face America. This post is meant to help the reader not only understand upcoming decisions by Germany, but also to find ways to improve or appreciate the USA better.

DESTRUCTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT. Germany has faced much more serious environmental destruction than the U.S. I remember the German rivers in 1971 being black sludge. In response, Germany did a major overall on its cities & countryside. It focused on green issues so well & worked so hard, that it has become the leading nation worldwide in green technology. Those who want to study green technology can study at German higher education for free. About 85% of university instruction at these green technology schools is in English, and 15% classroom teaching is in German.

IMMIGRATION. As Germany miraculously rebuilt itself (called Wirtschaftswunder in German) after WW 2 (and no it wasn’t a free ride paid for by America) it had more jobs than people. Germany & Turkey have had close relations, so it was natural for German firms to recruit Turks for temporary workers, with the understanding that after they were no longer working in Germany, they would be helped to return to Turkey. These were Gastarbeiter (guestworkers), and they were recruited from 1961-73. The firms that hired them, liked to staff whole areas with blocks of Turkish workers as it reduced the need for interpreters.

In 1973, due to the oil crisis & other factors, the guestworkers became viewed as “foreign workers” and new policies were put in place in Germany. Specific money was set aside to help these workers return after two years. The Germans began to realize that enclaves of Turks in German cities like Berlin & Hamburg (called Little Istanbuls), much like America’s Chinatowns had developed. The German media began giving attention to a number of social time bombs associated with these un-integrated foreign workers. When a German classroom had more than 30% of foreign children, the foreign children would be pulled out and given separate classes. This time period is the point that the German people realized they needed a policy of “assimilation or return”. It would not work to have Turkish ghettos & large parts of the population who had no concept of German culture or German values. If Germany did not insist on assimilation, the concept of Germany would be lost. (It is interesting that America has not protected itself this way. In speaking with lots of illegal aliens (Latin Americans), I can report first hand that most have no concept of American values, and no loyalty to America. (That is not to say there haven’t been some great Americans from Latin America who do understand.) Obviously, people like Obama would like to dilute our culture to where it fragments & falls apart. This is just the practical nature of how things work. And it has become pc to hate on the white race and their contribution to America.

1987 to 1999. A period of upheaval, perestroika & questioning. Ethnic Germans (Aussiedler) were allowed to come to Germany and join the Volksnation. The Turks in Germany saw the double standard. Ethnic Germans were accepted for citizenship quicker and easier than Turks. The German govt. moved to block people keeping dual citizenships if they wanted German citizenship. 1999 to 2001. The backlash in Germany from this unfairness, caused the Social Democratic-Green govt. to announce that they would pass a new citizenship law that would make Germany an open country to immigration. If a foreign worker had one parent with an 8 yr. legal status & an unlimited residence permit, then the German-born foreign worker had a right to German citizenship.

Since 2001. Most Germans today want to help the millions of Syrian refugees. But the concept of “assimilate or leave!” is still intact. Numerous incidents since 9-11 have led to most Germans feeling like Islamic culture is incompatible with German values. For instance, Moslems are intolerant of other religions, Germany is not. Moslem youth in Germany have high rates of criminal activity and studies show they are more violent than German youth. So Islamic immigration has been a public issue since 2001. Immigrants from Sweden, France & the U.K. have integrated well into German culture, while Moslems (incl. Turks) have not. Studies of this difference, have reinforced German attitudes against the Islamic tide of immigrants. A well-publicized study in 2010 reported that teenagers who were strong adherents to Islam in Germany wanted to be violent. And of course this study created a lot of controversy. Some Turks have created new organizations like Deutsch-Plus which are creative approaches to join German society. They hope to keep their identity as Turks and still join Germany.

Tens of millions (or perhaps it is hundreds of millions) of people have been displaced in recent times in the Middle East. During the first half of 2015, 137,000 were asking for asylum in Europe. The enormous numbers of refugees is causing some Europeans to ask that the flow of refugees & migrants be limited before their fragile economies crash. Already 1 in 8 residents in the U.K. are foreign born. Meanwhile, homeless refugees are building little refugee cities where the number of people using a single toilet may number 300. I hear these refugees saying the same thing that I heard illegal Latinos in America say, “We just want to live & work, that’s all.” The refugees in Germany, by & large are happy as it is a good place to find work. And the Germans, by & large are welcoming them, happy to help, but are also expecting that they will learn German & German values over time.

NATO AND ITS FACE OFF W/ RUSSIA. Germany has a lot of economic ties with both Russia & the Ukraine, and now has lost a lot. Due to the sanctions against Russia, the northern German harbors (Hamburg to the North Sea and Kiel to the Baltic) are being seriously impacted. Northern German logistics firms are hurting, and some may soon be out of business. There has been a serious drop in trust & enthusiasm for NATO. It went from 73% to a level of 55%. And the majority of Germans don’t want to be involved in military action against Russia, if Putin starts fighting NATO countries which border Russia. NATO is an organization that is pledged to defend any member. So it is no wonder some Germans (who don’t want to go to war) are talking about leaving NATO. There is a serious problem if Russia attacks Latvia or Poland. Most Europeans think America will jump right in and protect these nations—my research shows the U.S. doesn’t have the military muscle to do it, because we are spread too thin. (Obama has played a big role in that.) Nor are the Germans pro-Ukraine, and anti-Russian. The majority of Germans don’t want the Ukraine in the EU, nor in NATO. What this signals to me, is that NATO and the Illuminati will try to set the Ukraine up as a buffer nation between NATO and Russia. Also of note is that there is still a tremendous carry-over of cold war attitudes in Germany. In West Germany only 19% have a positive view of Putin, while in east Germany, formerly a satellite nation of Russia, 40% have a positive view.

SUMMARY. Germany has taken a different approach to the immigration of workers than the U.S. Germany is also taking a different attitude towards the Ukrainian civil war than the U.S. Because the Ukraine (& new cold war) is closer to Germany and impacts Germany directly, positive feelings towards NATO has declined, and Germans don’t want to get sucked into a war in eastern Europe. One also has to keep in mind that the attitudes of the people of former east Germany, which are now part of a united Germany, also pull Germany away from NATO. If you want to learn more about the German culture, one of the best ways to do so is to learn the German language. Be sure to visit Languala to get started!