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THINGS TO COME. (20 NOV ’15) This post is a continuation of my articles on gas/oil prices & the global chess game that is going on. If we were to watch a grand master play, we might not comprehend the ramifications of his chess moves…even his high level opponents might not comprehend. Likewise, what we have going on are subplots in subplots within larger plots. The Illuminati’s global chess game is played with more than one side and is more complex than 3D chess.
THE POLITICS OF OIL. The World’s disinfo is that supply & demand determine oil/gas prices. In reality, a large set of factors are involved. Demand has not decreased this year as prices decreased. My posts have disclosed the meaning of a no. of moves impacting oil, for instance, why Obama made a nuclear deal with Iran,…it took the sanctions off of Iran and now they are in the oil market attempting to regain their market share. (By the way, U.S. Senate is entirely skeptical of the treaty w/ Iran.) Iranian oil will help keep oil prices down. Saudi Arabia since Nov. 2014 has been allowing oil prices to tumble. The direct victim of all these low oil prices is Russia, Venezuela and Algeria. (Low oil prices in 1986 directly contributed to the fall of the USSR.) But the low oil prices also impact the U.S.A. in a variety of ways.
THE EFFECT ON AMERICA. America spends perhaps $1.5 billion per day for oil. For the USA, the “price of oil” is really a term that refers specifically to the price of WTI (which is Texas Light Sweet Crude oil). Other kinds & grades have other prices. In mid-March, 2015 WTI was at $44/barrel and on Aug. 24, ’15 it was at a low of $38/barrel. North Dakota Bakken Shale oil, which is obtained by fracking, costs between $54-$79/barrel just to produce! So you can see why there has been a big American fracking bust with Marion & Dune Energy and others going bankrupt. 100,000 shale oil workers were laid off, with more to follow. This can affect energy prices dramatically for American citizens, leaving them to look for low rate energy companies to combat the rising prices. Some of the more efficient hydraulic frackers will survive. And these bankruptcies also help Saudi Arabia. Their new American competition has just been seriously destroyed.
THE EFFECT ON SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia in the short term is also hurting by allowing their own oil prices to be so low, but they are gaining a number of benefits in the long run. They help their ally America out by damaging the Russian economy. They get lots of oil sold before the global environmental laws cut back on CO2 emissions. They help protect their future oil sales to America by shutting down America’s producers. But Saudi Arabia can only continue losing short term profits for long term benefits for so long. Up to now they are replacing their short falls in profits by reaching into their reserves of money, but they can only do this for so long. True they can borrow, but that may not work in the long run. It’s not just people from Saudi Arabia who need to use their reserve money, as many people from all over the world including UK residents, may need to find alternative methods which will allow them to borrow some money. When it comes to finding some extra money, people from the UK may want to get a free quote here to see how they can go about taking out a lifetime mortgage from their house. It’s similar to equity release in that this money is based on their property value. For Saudi Arabia though, getting ahold of this money is important to the Government, and this may not be an option. The Saudi royalty need to spend large sums of money on defense and social programs to stay in power. So at some point, they will decide they have got the benefits of the low prices, and then they will let it rise. Every $10/barrel rise is said to equate to a .25 cent raise at the gas pump in the USA. Now how fast and how high will it rise?
THE EFFECT OF RISING PRICES. When the price for a barrel of oil rises…where will it stop? Because so many shale oil producers have been put out of business, and oil exploration has been cut back, when the prices go up (because less oil is sold by Saudi Arabia), then the prices will go up to a higher price than $3/gallon at the pump. It will take a while to get America’s fracking back on line. Saudi Arabia will make up for this current period of losses from low prices by the upcoming period of high prices. How high will American politicians allow it to go, before they and the Saudis rein the escalating prices back?? But there is another wild card that has been created-ISIS. Granted ISIS was a product of America, but it is like a zombie monster that will take on a life of its own. ISIS hates the immoral Saudi royalty, and is attempting to blow up one of their oil fields. If they do, then that will help oil prices go up. The price of oil makes up about a third of the price of food, due to production costs involving oil products, and transportation costs. A rise in oil prices will cause the price of food globally to go up. Ouch to those with fixed incomes! Now the Illum.’s script calls for chaos, especially the kind of chaos that looks natural. Like I say: plots & scripts within other plots & scripts. Yes, it would be nice if the prices were more stable, all this up & down movement wreaks havoc with economies around the world. Perhaps the amount of plant material used for biofuel will change. Brazil uses lots of sugar cane to make ethanol biofuel. In the U.S., maize (which is similar to corn) & corn are used to make biofuel. Rising prices will give Russia’s economy some relief.
BOTTOM LINE. The bottom line of this post is that at some point, oil & gas prices will rise. Consequently, if your business does feel the impact of rising energy prices, it might in your best interests to visit an energy supplier comparison resource such as Utility Bidder to help you find a more affordable rate. Additionally, this will cause a rise in food & other product prices. The rising prices will seriously hurt the U.S., Chinese, & Japanese economies. It would be fallacious thinking to mistakenly believe that oil/gas prices will stay down. There may be large global reserves of oil, especially geologically produced oil in places like the Arctic Ocean, but the question is not how much is there, but what are the costs of obtaining it. You will see the prices rise, and when they do, it is possible in a worst case scenario, they could rise to $4/gallon at the pump. Another bottom line is this, the big oil companies of the Illuminati, and their politicians around the world, have some control mechanisms that have serious economic impacts. My friends, just thought you’d appreciate having a heads up on all this.


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AS THE WORLD TURNS (12 NOV 15). A brief update on current events.

ECONOMIC WAR AGAINST RUSSIA. People may have heard me, or may have read something I wrote to the effect that these low gas prices are part of an economic war against Russia. Sanctions were placed on Russia and Russians for Russia’s aggression in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Putin talked like the sanctions meant nothing, but the truth is that Russians in the street are seriously hurting economically. Saudi Arabia is helping the USA out. They have replaced Russia in supplying crude oil to Poland & Sweden, who traditionally have bought from Russia. Eastern European refineries are set up to refine Russia’s Ural Crude and Iran’s crude is similar to this. Saudi Arabia’s crude could not replace the Ural crude, but Iran’s can. Now I have a better understanding of why the nuclear deal with Iran took place. It allowed the 2012 sanctions against Iran selling its oil to be lifted. Iran plans to regain all its former markets, and will slip into Eastern Europe and replace their crude for Russia’s. Just one more loss of oil & gas revenues for Russia, which is the principal foundation of the Russian govt.’s budget. Meanwhile a few days ago, I actually bought gas for less than $2 per gallon. It’s been a long time since that happened.

SABER RATTLING FOR AN ACTUAL WAR. Russia today “leaked” (supposedly by accident) their plans for a long-range nuclear torpedo “Status-6”. Our military keeps “leaking” their focus on planning for WW 3. As you know, U.S. troops are in combat in the Middle East. Every few months, the Israelis bomb some military base in Syria. And we have the American & Russian militaries in Syria. This conflict has allowed Europe to open its borders to massive amounts of refugees, who are causing massive amounts of stress to the countries they have flooded into. Germans are now calling for the removal of Chancellor Merkel. In spite of Merkel, the German govt. has just reversed its asylum policies to a stricter stance and is talking about deporting some of the refugees. Unfortunately, the same widespread stress & chaos that Europe is experiencing, may be coming to the USA. These refugees from Africa & the Middle East carry diseases that don’t (or barely) exist in the US. By spreading them all over our nation, they are bringing in diseases that we have been free of. Once here, it will be hard to eradicate them. And you know what the govt. will try doing—mandatory vaccinations which will be laced with all kinds of deadly things. (This is genocide… ”population control” that the US govt. has legally committed itself to carry out.) Bear in mind that earlier the USA signed treaties in Geneva that ban the forceful use of medical treatment. You have a right not to accept any medical treatment. Keep your rights and say “no”. It is criminal for anyone to force a treatment on you. In some places, I hear they have police roadblocks where they are forcing Americans to take vaccinations. Learn your rights concerning medical treatment, and demand them. You and your kids’ lives may depend on you demanding your rights. Pray for strength as we are assaulted on every side.

WARS & MORE RUMORS OF WARS. And the beat goes on…Father in heaven, there are so many hurting & sad people. Activate our compassion for those who are hurting. Comfort us in all our troubles, Forgive us of our sins Father, thank you for showing us ahead of time what these days would be like,… in Christ we pray, Amen.


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THE BEATLES & YOKO ONO. (10 NOV 15.) I was asked to comment on a discussion about Yoko. I decided to answer and use my answer as a post –or should I say provide my answer to everyone who follows my articles. Yoko has received lots of hate, and it is not my purpose to add to that. The role of Yoko Ono in the lives of John Lennon and Paul McCartney is an interesting subject.

The Beatles made such a large impact within the music industry. If you’re a fan of this band and are looking to start a fan account dedicated to them, you could set up a Spotify account playing all of their best songs. I would suggest buying Spotify Plays to boost the popularity of it to begin with. Presumerably you will be making more pages for the fan account, so you could also do some research into how socialfollow helps you get more instagram followers if you set up an Instagram page for the fan account. The more followers you have, hopefully, the more people will start interacting with your page.

There are many things happening in the world today, so the subject of Yoko in a sense is not a high priority-but, the sociocultural revolution that she was a part of is an important subject, because it is instructive about how an entire culture can be manipulated.

First, the Beatles were a product of Tavistock, and the band was so good that they were major players in creating a sociocultural revolution. I lived in the ‘50’s and the ‘60’s, and I saw this cultural revolution. It was a big change. The master minds of this revolution had a lot invested in the Beatles, so I doubt that they would have let Yoko Ono just waltz in do whatever she wanted. So who was she?

Yoko had royalty on her Dad’s side, and bankers on her mom’s side. She was born to a wealthy aristocratic Japanese family. Japan has been a fascinating subject for me. The Japanese have a national consensus on how to do everything…there is a certain way (“shikata”) to do everything if you are to be Japanese. When someone goes overseas and picks up foreign ways, that person is somewhat shunned and no longer considered Japanese. Yoko is clearly not Japanese by her actions, but when I have seen her do things, some actions are definitely the result of having been Japanese. In other words, some of her strangeness may be the carryover of the Japanese way of doing things. But she does many things that are NOT Japanese. What is behind that?

She was born in 1933, and came to the U.S. when she was two. So she grew up in California, which back then was liberal compared the rest of the U.S. Just before WW 2, her family went back to Japan…so she got to endure WW 2 in Japan. After ’53, she lived in NYC. For art, CA && NYC are great states…for conservative values they are not. In 1962, at around 29 yrs. old, Yoko was placed in a mental hospital in Japan. Yoko just released the new album “Yes, I’m a Witch too”. One of her previous ones back in 1980 was “Double Fantasy”. (By the way, for those who haven’t read my books, mental hospitals, are used for mind control.)

In regards, to the discussion I was asked to comment on…I entirely disagree that the Beatles purpose was to get people to smoke pot. Ringo in 1966 was saying positive things about LSD. Their song “Yellow Submarines” was about drugs too. It was not about one particular drug, but a mind-set to try drugs and experience them…to “liberate” yourself with their use. I bet today they wouldn’t expect to see cannabis being bought in dispensary packaging that is both being used for medical and recreational reasons in more locations than just the USA now! It was clearly a “sociocultural revolution” that alienated the younger generation from their parents and mainstream culture. I saw it, I lived through it, I saw the enormous change. If you’re worried about someone you know being on drugs, check out Test Country to see how you can get to the bottom of it.

That whole revolution was manipulated. Now people are realizing that the CIA was behind it—well it wasn’t just the CIA…MI6 was behind the Beatles—and further behind it all was the mother of secret societies. So like I said, Yoko was not just going to waltz into John’s life and take control of it. The Beatles were an important thing to many people. Someone had to allow it-or more likely orchestrate it. What was her role? I don’t know the specifics on that-so I will let others speculate on that. I can say this, the controllers like controlled conflict. There is no doubt in my mind, that they took control over the anti-war demonstrations. Yoko played a big role in anti-war demonstrations. The Vietnam War tore America apart. America’s cities were burning. Demonstrators got hurt and even killed. America was being fractured. The war was used to enrich the Military-Industrial Complex, to cause our youth to turn to drugs, and to fracture America. And the Control freaks wanted to control the process. Yoko, representing the iconic Beatles, was going to be heard when she denounced war.

Today, we have the exact same dynamic at work. I have repeatedly warned that the movement to protest Obama and create almost a civil war in this nation is heavily manipulated by the mind-control programmers. I hate to see demonstrations against the New World Order and the WTO and Obama co-opted by these insiders, but that is what is happening. In the 1990’s, my work against the New World Order got no attention from the mainstream media, while some planted agents, who got control of the “movement” received lots of negative attention. The point is that they got attention. In other words, during the Vietnam War protests, protesters they controlled were going to get center stage…while more qualified anti-war protesters were going to get ignored and arrested!


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 A collection of little known information. In the past, some friends have voiced an interest in prophecy. Yesterday, some expressed an interest in ancient history. This article is a little of both, with the goal of presenting new information.

USING PSEUDO-SCIENCE. Yesterday’s article was on the priestly city of Cutha, whose city god was Nergal (Satan); it discussed how the city contained an observatory for astrology/astronomy. The priests looked for heavenly signs to justify the govt’s actions, such as to make a war or an alliance. Likewise, globally the modern elite are using pseudo-sciences like global warming & psycho-babble to justify their actions. Of course, the ancient Mesopotamian mystery religion priests, who were fascinated by the stars as much as our culture is about outer space, had lots of scientific babble to sound sophisticated and snow the common person. They had temple libraries with all the factoids. (Interestingly, tablets were stored on shelves, like our libraries.) Now you know what kind of educated people Daniel came up against.

For centuries, they kept daily diaries of celestial movements. For instance, the 1800 B.C. Venus Tablet 63 (aka Venus Tablets of Ammizadaga) records the positions of Venus. By 2000 B.C., the priest astronomers had books (tablets) that gave squares, square roots, cubes, reciprocals, & other math values. They invented the abacus & algebra (history has not given them credit). By 1000 B.C., they were solving quadratic equations. They had sundials & water clocks. Their number system was the best in the world & was great for large numbers (which you find in astronomy), and great for working with fractions. The Babylonian number system used place values, and had a marker for zero.(Their use of a zero marker has not been widely recognized, & was thousands of years before the Arabs used zero. The Romans did not use place value nor zero…in other words 2,000 yrs. before the Roman empire, the Babylonians’ number system was ahead of Rome’s.) Our system is base 10, theirs was base 60. We use base 60 for time, for geographic coordinates, & for angles. For instance: 60 seconds = 1 degree…360 degrees= 1 revolution. 60 sec.=1 min.; 60 min.=1 hr. Around 500 B.C., they created the 12 sign Zodiac system with 30 degree intervals. Much of their science, and pseudo-science (like astrology) were adopted by the Greeks. The word Zodiac is actually a Greek word we adopted. They were ahead of many civilizations that came after them. Their sexagesimal time system broke time down to 2 microseconds. They had the equivalent of 6 a.m. hours, & 6 p.m. hrs., with their minutes equaling 2 of ours. They worked w/ irrational numbers like pi & the square root of 2.

USING SLAVERY. The temples used slaves and everyone else could too in Babylon. Slaves were bought, sold & branded. Sometimes it appears people took poison & died along with someone great who died. In China when an emperor died, the entire household was killed & buried with him. The Babylonians loved roads & great buildings, like other tyrannical govts. have (like Rome, Hitler, and now us). When I think of what the Babylonians knew, and that they had that information for many centuries, some of it for 2,000 yrs. or more (because much of it, like their writing & astronomy, came from Sumer)…then it begs the question: why did they not progress more? They had intelligent priests who had all the time they wanted to study things. I have a theory that they were held back by slavery. Necessity is the mother of invention. When they needed to develop irrigation, they were brilliant. Babylon & Nineveh were reported to have incredible Hanging Gardens irrigated by aqueducts & machines with screws for lifting water to great heights. A parallel may be America’s old South; George Washington Carver noted that slavery kept the South backward. If slaves can do the work, why progress?

BABYLON THE GREAT: A “CRYPTIC NAME”. The Word of God tells us that Babylon the Great is a “mystery” and that her name is “cryptic”.(A) Obviously, the end time Babylon the Great of prophecy is not historic Babylon. Bible prophecy in REV tells us that Babylon the Great is:
• a commercial center with a great port
• a global military & financial power over all the nations of the earth
• responsible for all the people slaughtered in history, and all the prophets of God who were killed in history.
• has 7 kings (and 7 mountains–translated hills, whatever mountains means, whether hills or kingships)
• trades in the souls of men
• by its sorceries (& drugs) all nations were deceived, and its spiritual adultery made the nations drunk
I have argued that the power that matches this can only be the Illuminati, which is Satan’s organization to control humanity. Rome is not a seaport…it is landlocked. Neither Rome nor the US were around to be guilty of all the people slaughtered in history’s warfare and to be guilty of all the prophets of God who were killed. Many prophets were killed before the Catholic church was even thought of, and most before America was even created. But the Illuminati goes back to these ancient mystery religion priests. These mystery religion priests were plotting wars & justifying their actions by the stars. The elite, which have run things, is responsible for all the wars. Their ancestor Nimrod is credited with inventing war. Sumer invented the wheel, which was developed into war chariots. The Illum. today has great commercial power (basically all the multinational corporations), great financial power (IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve), and great military power (there are secret international Illum. meetings where their military men gather & discuss how the Illum. control all the nations & are having the globe play out their script). Its highest council is 7 people, while they have delegated a Council of 13 men to rule Europe, and other councils for other areas.

PROPHECIES IN JEREMIAH. There are a number of prophecies in Jeremiah on Babylon that should also apply to today. Prophecy is truth, and in similar situations, similar things happen. In other words, prophecy can have more than one fulfillment. JER 50:40 says that the destruction of Babylon is like the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah. This matches end times prophecy in the New Testament.

“COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE, LEST YOU SHARE IN HER SINS, AND LEST YOU RECEIVE HER PLAGUES.” (REV 18:4)… And JER 51:6, 24 says, “Flee from the midst of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul: be not cut off in her iniquity; for this is the time of God’s vengeance; He will render unto her a recompense…’I will repay Babylon…for all the evil they have done in Zion…’, says YHWH.” JER 50:28 is similar. It is helpful that the prophecy of Revelation, which builds upon Jeremiah’s prophecy teaches us that the end time equivalent to the World power of the ancients, is not the same as ancient Babylon. But there is still some continuity and similarity…and so again I call attention to the continuity of the modern continuation of the mystery religion priesthoods (the Illum.) and the many similarities they have to their forefathers. These Illuminati kingpins have repeatedly referred to their modern creation of a united Europe (EU) as the rebuilding of the Tower of Babel. Indeed they are re-uniting mankind under a global govt. And it will be stopped just as the original Tower of Babel.
(A) REV 17:5, REV 18:23-24

COURAGE & HOPE 11/4/2015

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More ideas on things to come w/ a focus on Israel by analysis. (11/4/15) The title reflects my approach: we need the courage to face our problems with hope. I am not talking about passively being an optimistic day-dreamer, but rather a spirited force for future good. Four forces shall affect the future: leadership, technology, resources & demographics. They will be discussed in the context of today’s complex World Order with its “fault lines”. Those that manipulate the world as a stage will manipulate the hate in the World. It takes courage & hope not to hate.

ACCURATE PREDICTIONS BASED ON ANALYSIS. There have been long list of books that accurately predicted the future. In 1925, the entire scenario of the Pacific War of WW 2 (1941-45), incl. a surprise attack by Japan, and how aircraft carriers would be used was written up in the book The Great Pacific War by a Hector C. Bywater. The Japanese high command used the entire book to help plan their strategy. In 1898, (the English version was 1899) the book “Is War Now Impossible?” by Ivan Stanislavovich Bloch (aka Jan Gotlib Bloch, a Polish banker) accurately predicted how the WW 1 would start, how the attacker would not have a swift victory, & how a stalemated trench war would develop, where vast numbers of men would be caught in the open to die without seeing anything. It described a war between Germany & Austro-Hungary against France, the U.K. & Russia where armies of millions of men fight over enormous fronts. In 1920, a French historian Jacques Bainville predicted exactly how the Versailles treaty would lead to WW2 in 1939. In 1907, MO5 (the forerunner of MI6) made surveys of Belgium where the British Expeditionary Force might have to fight in case of a war with Germany, as well as accumulated info on German subs & Zeppelins. Marx (connected to the Illum.) & Engels lived in Brussels from 1845-48 (along w/ others like George Weerth). Marx & Engels believed in centralized power, discipline & hierarchy, even though they wrote about ‘free associations of producers’. Their ideas were copied & put into effect by their future disciples. In 1887, Engels envisioned a “world war of never before seen extension and intensity…eight to ten million soldiers will slaughter each other and strip Europe bare…all over the continent; famine, epidemics, general barbarization of armies and masses, provoked by sheer desperation; utter chaos in our trade, industry and commerce…”(A) I wonder if these prescient men had inside info or just made good analyses of the world.

LEADERSHIP. The World will continue to be led by the dark forces that motivate it. The people of God will continue to be led by His Spirit. Of the 4 forces, leadership at the top will be the most constant element. God has delegated much of His active force to His people, lovingly allowing us to participate in His work. When Moses went to see God, His glory was too great to behold. God is not directly before & in our faces, He is using great yet limited people like Moses. So it is crucial to see how Christ is leading & working through the Body of Christ, and how people are struggling & wrestling with/against God. Can we work with God to make the future He wants, or will we try to resist?

ISRAEL STILL IMPORTANT TODAY, FOR GENTILE BELIEVERS WERE GRAFTED INTO THE REMNANT OF ISRAEL (B). We Christians are part of an age old faith, the story of the Bible. Romans chapter 11 is very revealing. It explains how the blindness of the Jews & Israelites was prophesied long before Christ & his church came. It points out that through all the indifference and apostasy, God always preserves a remnant, and that the Christian gentile believers were grafted into the spots where those branches of Israel were broken off by apostasy. In Christ’s day there were an estimated 8 million Jews worldwide & today that number has only increased to 13 million. But that number is increasing, as many discover their Jewish roots. In Spain, the forced Jewish conversions during the inquisition created the “Marranos” (Bnei Anousim). Genetic tests have revealed that around 13% of Hispanic Americans have unrealized Jewish blood via the Marranos. Both the Jewish people & the Christian people have endured incredible persecution numerous times in history and survived. Both will survive the future. There are Jews who secretly believe in Messiah. There are Jews who want a personal connection with God and pray & act to receive His presence. The Word prophecies, “…in the last days it shall come to pass, that the mountain of the house of YHWH shall be established…and he will teach us of his ways,…for the Torah shall go forth of Zion…”(C) Also it says something positive about Israel, that it has an extremely low suicide rate.

NATURAL ISRAEL. The modern secular socialist nation of Israel is not Biblical Israel, but the nation of Israel is still an important piece of what is going on now that will change the future. Jews in Israel and in America both number approx. 6 million. But the trends in American Jewry and Israeli Jewry are different. American Jews have a low birth rate & are increasingly turning their back on the Scriptures. Israeli Jews have a high birth rate (over 3) and the younger generation are turning back to their religious roots. (The exception in America are the religious Orthodox Jews (Haredi) who have a high birth rate & reject secular America & secular Israel. (Some Haredim in Israel would like to secede from Israel.)(By the way, the repeated incidents of rabbinic sexual abuse of children are evidence that t.b.m.c. extends into those communities also.) The Orthodox Jews, the Old Order Amish, and Latino immigrants to America all have high birth rates. (By the way, having been Amish & talked w/ the Haredim, there are many similarities, in fact, the settlement I lived in bought their oil heaters from Israel.) If you study genealogy charts & demographics, when members of these groups quit their cultures to join other denominations & mainstream culture, the statistics show they take on the low birth rates of mainstream America. They also take on the ethos of individualism that is the compass of independent selfish modern persons & reject discipline & sacrifice for the common good. You will note that non-Orthodox American Jews, like mainstream Americans, are reducing their time & commitments to formal institutions. (The Haredim & Hispanic Americans are examples of demographics affecting the future.) Like so many ethnic groups in America, Jews are assimilating, and their distinctiveness melting away.

Throughout history, Jews have been seen as different, malevolent & powerful. Those familiar with history view their rivals, Islam, as potentially homicidally barbaric, with a long history of deception, gang-raping, beheading, stoning & enslaving. We are watching at present the escalation of a dangerous situation by the embedding of American troops into Syria. (Hillary, possibly America’s next president is in favor of this.) Rather than restraining the worst of Islam, Obama has been encouraging it. The choices in the near future will have significant impact on the future. The govt. of Iran, which is secretly loathed by the common Iranian, got a facelift by its recent nuclear treaty with the U.S. Why would our Congress including its Jewish congress-people, which has in the past supported Israel, turn & support this Iranian treaty? Will America someday be embarrassed by an Iranian nuclear bomb explosion?

RESOURCES. While most global attention towards the Middle East is focused on military technology and fighting and violence, there is a major crisis that is creeping up…resources…esp. water. The Dead Sea has been widely drained to provide Israeli irrigation. James Calhoun, a local Christian who heads a think tank, has developed a desalination project called Abraham’s Well. His group’s desalinization plant will have a 95’ dome on it (will look like a nuclear plant) and will produce perhaps 11 million gallons of water ec. day per plant. His group is in the preliminary stage in working with Jordan, and if the project goes through will take ocean water and refill the Dead Sea in a way that the environment will not be damaged. Water collection tanks & the hydroelectric power for the plant will be supplied by gravity. Israel’s export of natural gas & shale oil will prevent Arab oil pressure. (Even during periods of tension, oil tankers quietly ran from Saudi Arabia, et al to Israel. The elite need their profits.)

AMERICA & ISRAEL. American support has made the nation of Israel (Am Yisrael) possible. Jewish participation in running America has been major: for instance, one third of America’s Supreme Ct. is Jewish, etc. Hillary is considered “Jewish” by some Jews…and indeed her grandmother’s 2nd husband was a Russian Jew, Max Rosenberg. Like a good politician, Hillary told Jews that Jerusalem is “the eternal and indivisible capital” of Israel. The problems that America faces are also Israel’s problems. If America’s dollar becomes worthless, Israel can buddy up to China (which they have begun to do), but China will never be the bulwark for Israel that American aid has been. The military aid that America has given has made the difference at times. In the Yom Kippur war, anti-tank weapons that were emergency speed rushed to Israel (authorized by Gen. Haig) made the difference at the last moment to win. China’s friendship will never be on that level. The increase in Moslems in Europe will put more pressure on European Jews, and in line with this, Jews have been leaving Europe for several years. Most of the readers are familiar with fault lines such as the Dome of the Rock and the Jewish desire to build another temple where it stands. There is no way that the tension in the area is going to melt away—no matter what people want to wish.

Conclusion: This look on the future was to be brief & informative. The reader can expect those who identify themselves as Jews to be increasingly more religious. One can expect that Christians & Jews will survive in the future—but there are already plenty of indications that both groups are in for major challenges in the near future. The globe has entered into a dangerous time of tension. Hate will be exploited. I expect there is some book that accurately predicts how the next major war will occur, just as WW 1 & WW 2 were described ahead of time…unfortunately, I don’t know the title to such a book.

(A) Foerster, Stig. Unpublished paper presented at the Augsberg Conference, 1994, pg. 4. (B) ROM 11 (C) Micah 4:1-2


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11/6/2015. This is my third post on Cutha and Nergal. (Wikipedia spells it Kutha.) The goal is for us to place our faith in God, & to understand the history of Satan’s methods. God’s wisdom teaches us to be humble about the future: “Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring.”(A) Christ taught, “Take therefore no thought for the morrow…Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” (B) We would like to think we know the future, whether it appears to be bad or good, but the future is full of surprises. Terrible times end up blessing us. Wonderful times end up cursing us. Patience, my dear brothers & sisters, let us endure to the end. This post will explore some issues that Cutha raised for God’s people which still face us, such as astrology. Joseph & Moses faced the astrologers of Pharaoh (C), & Daniel faced the astrologers of Babylon’s Kings Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar (D). With God’s Spirit of Prophecy the astrologers were shown to be wicked & clueless. Paul & Barnabas faced the worship of stars in Lystria, when Barnabas was called “Jupiter” & Paul “Mercury”.(ACTS 14:11,12)

Astrology was invented in ancient Mesopotamia—and records of Babylonian astrology go back to at least 1950 B.C. From there it spread all over, except to the faithful in ancient Israel. I have read translations from the ancient cuneiform astrological readings and they sound like a modern newspaper’s astrology reading. Today, a quarter of Americans believe astrology, which is by definition a form of divination. Pres. Reagan’s court astrologer was Joan Quigley. Astrology is widely used by modern witches. Babylon also used other methods like trends shown by data similar to modern stock predictions to predict the future.

For those who don’t remember, Nergal was the Babylonian God of the Underworld who we call Satan today. Cutha (mentioned in 2 KGS 17:24,30) was the priestly city built on the Euphrates to worship Satan. It had its pyramid temple to Satan, and an astronomical observatory for Babylon’s astrologers (its wise men called “philosophers”). The city was said to be the home to demonic spirits. Assyria’s & Babylon’s demons were known by several names incl. “the children of Anu”, and “the Seven” (even though there were more than 7). Interestingly, the Seven Sisters (the Pleiades) has been a prominent set of stars even before history. In the Babylonian Star Catalog the Pleiades is called MUL.MUL (“the star of stars”). In Japanese it is called Subaru (which explains the Subaru logo). It was mentioned in the most ancient of Bible books, Job.(E)

A BRIEF HISTORY OF CUTHA. It never ceases to amaze me that Cutha & Nergal are rarely mentioned & explained. It’s as if the history of the ancient worship of Satan is unimportant to know about. Nergal began as a god of Sumer & besides being connected to what we call Hell (the Underworld), he was also connected to hunting as Nimrod was; and Kutha was called Gudua by the Sumerians. Later, King Shulgi of Ur (2029-1982 B.C.), during his 46 yr. reign, built a temple to Nergal at Cutha. 165 yrs. later, King Sumu-la-El of Babylon rebuilt Cutha’s walls. He was the 2nd king of the first Babylonian dynasty, and the 6th king of that dynasty was famous King Hammurabi, whose army conquered Cutha by storming it. Hammurabi in the prologue to his famous laws, writes about his loyalty to Cutha’s god Nergal. Cutha & Nergal were still important when King Sargon II of Assyria took the captive Israelites to Cutha (2 KGS 17:24-30). History records that these captives who settled in Cutha came to be known as the Samaritans.(F)

NERGAL MYTHOLOGY. Nimrod, Ninurta and Nergal were all known as mighty hunters. Ninurta was the god of hunting, and his ancient sacred city is now known as Nimrud (a variation it is said of Nimrod). In Bible times Nimrud city was called Calah (GEN 10:11,12). According to myth, Nergal was a cocky fellow who ended up attracting the Queen of the Underworld, Ereshkigal, to have long sexual trysts with him. Observing this, the gods decided that it was o.k. for him to co-rule with her. Nergal represented the sun-god when it was being seasonally killed. The sun has a shadow of turning. But God’s Word says specifically that He doesn’t. “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above [God not the stars], and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”(G)

AN EXAMPLE OF A BABYLONIAN KING & ASTROLOGY. The Babylonian text of Assur (c.700 B.C) tells of how King Esarhaddon used astrology. Finding the stars favorable, he took the damaged idols (gods) and restored them. This king was the grandson of Sargon. His treaty with the Median King Ramataia in 672 B.C. reads: “In the presence of the planets, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mars, Sirius, and in the presence of Assur [who determines the fates], Ann, Enlil, Ea, Sin…Nergal…Ishtar of Ninevah…by all the gods in…[various cities]…by all the gods in Babylon, Borsippa, Nippur, by the gods of Sumer….” An example of an almanac (from 568 B.C.): “On the 18th of the month, Dilbat was 2 degrees 55 seconds above Regulus (the brightest star in the Lion constellation). Night of the eighth, evening, Sin stood six degrees 15 seconds under the Balance of the North.” A further example is a horoscope from King Darius’ time, which still survives.

THE HUMILIATION OF BABYLON’S DAUGHTER IS DESCRIBED IN ISAIAH 47: “Come down and sit in the dust,…daughter of Babylon;…your shame will be seen;…go into darkness,…For you trusted in your wickedness;…Therefore evil shall come upon you; you shall not know from where it arises. And trouble shall fall upon you; you will not be able to put it off. And desolation shall come upon you suddenly, which you shall not know. Stand now with your enchantments and the multitude of your sorceries, in which you have labored from your youth…Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, and the monthly prognosticators stand up and save you from these things that shall come upon you….Your merchants from your youth; they shall wander each one to his quarter. No one shall save you.”

God’s people had a chance to accept the wisdom of Babylon and its astrology for over two thousand years. God’s faithful rejected it, for they believed God has direct control over things not the stars. But there were also those who should have known better so God’s prophets constantly warned not to practice divination (esp. astrology).(H) Those that did practice it were described: “And they shall spread them before the sun, and the moon, and all the host of heaven, and whom they have served, and after whom they have walked, and who they have sought…and death shall be chosen…by…this evil family.”(I)

CONCLUSION: “I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.”(J) The Words of the Lord are pure words.

(A) PROV 27:1 (B) MT 6:34 (C) Joseph-GEN 41:8,16; Moses-EX chptrs. 7 -11 (D) DAN 1:19-21, 2:10-13, 27-28 and 4:4-7, 5:10-11, 15, 17 (E) JOB 9:9, 38:31 (F) Josephus. Antiquities of the Jews: IX 14, §3 (G) JAS 1:17 (H) the list of scripture warning about astrology and divination in general include: DT 18:9-10, 13-15, 2 CHR 33:2,3,6, ISA 44:24-25, JER 27:9-10, 29:8, ZECH 10:2, & GAL 4:8-11 (I) JER 8:2 (J) 1 COR 10:20


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TAMPERING WITH REALITY: MAGIC OF THE MIND. (3 NOV ’15) This post will discuss an aspect of t.b.m.c. which was (by accident) not mentioned in my two large mind control books, and will discuss the situation with ISIS and the recent destruction of the Russian Metrojet Airbus 321-200.

SENSE DELUSIONS. “Hallucinations of all the senses and delusions of every conceivable kind can be suggested to a good subject,” wrote Ormond Gill, Dean of Amer. Stage Hypnotists. (McGill, n.d., p. 71) He further explains, “Every suggestive idea which enter [sic] the consciousness, if it is accepted by the subconscious, is automatically transformed by it into reality and becomes an element in our life.” (McGill, n.d., p. 29) “Sense delusions are likewise common in hypnotism.” (McGill, n.d., p. 70)

SELECTIVE HYPNOTIC BLINDNESS. One aspect of trauma-based mind control that appears in victims who are used for sexual abuse by the elite or for spying is selective hypnotic blindness. Alters will be programmed not to see faces (only a blur) or even not to see certain people! An alter can also be hypnotized not to see certain objects or to misconstrue what the objects are. This may explain some of the blisters or scars that can be programmed to appear on alters.

RECENT NEWS DISCONNECTS. Islamic militants are operating in the Sinai area where recently (Oct. 31) a Russian airbus (operated by Koglaymavia Airline) exploded about 30,000-31,000 feet in the air as it approached the Sinai territory near Gaza. These militants, connected to ISIS immediately claimed responsibility. Yesterday (2 Nov.), watching mainstream American news, they were saying that “No group has claimed responsibility.” The American news emphasized that a maintenance problem might be responsible,… while it doesn’t take much common sense to realize that a maintenance problem could not explain a situation where a plane explodes into pieces that spread over 7 sq. miles of desert…and the pilot has no opportunity to radio any explanation of a problem. The Russians are analyzing the two black box flight recorders. Meanwhile, in contrast with American media reports, 4 major international airlines have suspended flying over the Sinai, but the American carrier United continues its flights over the Sinai.

ISLAMIC MILITANTS HAVE MISSILES & DRONES. It is no secret that Islamic militants have drones. Drones by Hamas & Hezbollah have been shot down over Israel. Last year, Business Insider reported that ISIS had used a surveillance drone. (Tadjdeh, 2014) The ISIS drone surveyed a key Syrian military airfield before ISIS captured it. It is also been reported that Islamic militants have MANPADS (surface-to-air) missiles capable of hitting up to 16,000 feet. And last year ISIS displayed what looks like a SCUD missile. (I will post a picture of it in the thread, along with an unexploded Tomahawk missile that ISIS recovered.) There is speculation that the U.S. may have provided “moderate” Islamic militants with missiles. Sen. John McCain mentioned in one public interview that Hillary Clinton and others in the Obama administration were in favor of arming “moderate” Islamic militants. ISIS and Al-Queda have repeatedly been reported to have called for strikes against Russia.

FINAL THOUGHT. In what ways are our perceptions of things being manipulated–stage managed??
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Tadjdeh, Y. (2014, 8 24). ISIS Used a Surveillance Drone. Business Insider .