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LIFE SAVING LESSONS FROM FRANCE (sauver des leçons de vie de la France). The nation of France has had its National Health care rated the best in the world. Some of the questionable medical practices that have been common in the US, never tainted their nation. Their media is certainly not as controlled by big pharma as much as ours. The French have been known for centuries for their healthy outstanding cuisine (fine delicious food) & incredible red wines. Resveratrol, an ingredient in red wine, if taken as a supplement, has been shown to add years to a person’s life span. That being said, it is no secret that drinking too much alcohol can be seriously damaging for your health and can even lead to alcoholism and addiction issues. You can learn more about the dangers of consuming too much alcohol and discover some of the most popular treatments for combatting alcohol addiction such as rehab and therapy by doing some research online. Nonetheless, there is always the argument that everything should be enjoyed in moderation. For instance, the rural areas of France still know what good healthy real food looks like in contrast to Americans and our addictions to junk food. When we take these kinds of things into account, it makes it understandable why 40% of the French are anti-vaccination, 58% of their doctors question whether child vaccinations are helpful, and 31% of their doctors question the safety of vaccines!! (BUT don’t expect our controlled media, who are lackeys of big pharma &/or uncritically p.c., to report on France’s anti-vaccine negative vaccination attitudes! We are to falsely believe that vaccines are universally loved.) However, it should also be seen that some vaccinations for preventable diseases are a necessity, because it can be argued that some life-threatening illnesses are indeed prevented from a young age due to vaccinations and immunizations. This is why many American healthcare providers such as Southwest Care Center and others provide immunization services to families and children. These vaccinations have been proven as preventative measures for many dangerous diseases and illnesses, especially for those that are younger.

LOW AUTISM RATE & OTHER BENEFITS. The French autism rate is only 45% of the American rate! (Would this low autism rate be helped by their lack of enthusiasm for vaccinations?!) The cost of getting a master’s degree in France is something like $2,256 dollars on average, and their business schools are some of the best in the world. Their obesity rate is the lowest (best) in Europe and a long ways from America. Their govt. outlawed manufacturers from putting out products with planned obsolescence; while here in America, we consumers are expected to spend our hard earned dollars on consumer products that will soon be junk. Their nation outlawed Monsanto’s MON 810, which is a corn that is genetically modified to excrete a poisonous toxin to kill bugs. Their Pres. Hollande has wanted a GMO-free Europe. Even after a court ruling allowing MON 810, the govt. was still not going to allow it.

FRANCE WAS NOT A MINDLESS LACKEY OF BUSH. When Bush, Jr. lied about weapons of mass destruction & pressured France to join in his illegal war, France stood their ground and refused to join in Bush’s war crime. I personally felt apologetic for all the nasty things said about France because they did not want to participate. The first significant book in English exposing 9-11 had to be printed in France. One of my books was translated early on into French. My French is limited (C’est la Vie.) & don’t expect to ever live there; but I am impressed with many of their good decisions, & wish America might learn from such good decisions. And as a last parting shot, the USA would never have gained our independence from Britain had not France helped us defeat the British. Their navy & troops & supplies were decisive. How short American memories of history can be! Have a great day my friend.


    michael said:
    September 21, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    While the deadly Illuminati spiritual virus was present in the early 1800s in America, and clearly evident in the 1900s prior to WWl, politically, with the assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy by the Illuminati (in my opinion) America lost her republican form of government and Constitution by coup d ‘etat and the establishment in power to day is the same as then. What happened Nov. 22, 1963 was the watershed event. politically. America died that day Constitutionally.

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