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How the PTSNB are destroying our immune systems & causing widespread autism. I am talking about an aspect of the Illuminati agenda to kill us & dumb us down. This short article is to expose a dangerous criminal conspiracy. A few people have already been exposing this information.

Gc-MAF= GC Macrophage Activating Factor. Gc-MAF is a naturally occurring part of our immune system. Macrophages are a type of white blood cell. A number of researchers in Japan, America & Europe discovered that Gc-MAF plays an important role in our immune defense system to protect us from serious things like cancer. This should be no surprise if one thinks logically about how the body functions. However, the politically correct view is “Gc-MAF may play a role in various diseases.” “may”? Beginning in 2008, various researchers began publishing papers describing the role of Gc-MAF. For instance the article: “Immunotherapy of HIV-infected patients with Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor (GcMAF)”. Journal of Medical Virology (Jan. 2009 issue # 81 (1): pages 16–26) by Nobuto Yamamoto, Naofumi Ushijima & Yoshihiko Koga. Another article was “ ‘Cancer cured for good?’ – Gc-MAF and the miracle cure” by Kat Arney in Dec. 2008. All the magazines in Europe & America that printed such articles were forced to retract them. Hmmm.

DR. JAMES JEFFRY BRADSTREET MURDERED. James Jeffrey Bradstreet was one of the world’s most famous physicians. He was at the center of awareness in America about the role of Gc-MAF. He had a group of alternative physicians in Florida that he had awakened to a conspiracy to destroy our health. He believed vaccines caused autism. He even testified twice before Congress about how vaccines were causing autism. Here is what he & other researchers discovered (!!): nagalase proteins (made by cancers) were being intentionally put into vaccines by big pharma, and that the nagalase acted as a blocker of Gc-MAF. When the Gc-MAF was blocked by the nagalase, the body developed immune disorders including autism. Not every body vaccinated with vaccines laced with nagalase will have the same reaction as body genetics & chemistry play a role in the body’s response. Unfortunately, many of the little children given these nagalase-laced vaccines have developed autism. Dr. Bradstreet was intelligent, as well as excited to defeat Big Pharma. Then he was found shot in the chest this summer (July 2015) in the mountains of North Carolina after his body was dumped into the Rocky Broad River. The system said it was suicide. His family, patients and friends who knew him said it was murder & immediately pooled $33,000 to investigate the murder since the police were not interested in investigating. Come on people, it is obvious it was murder. And after Bradstreet, the murderers went after other researchers & doctors who knew about the Gc-MAF. So what does that tell us??? Why were the Illuminati and their Big Pharma companies so scared that they began to murder a number of these doctors? Obviously because these doctors were exposing their nagalase conspiracy to kill us & dumb us down through vaccinations. Notice how all over the USA, they are giving free vaccinations, & in places like California making vaccinations mandatory.

SOLUTION TO NAGALASE. Researchers in Europe discovered a way to replace the Gc-MAF and reverse the effects of nagalase. They called their product Gc-MAF. It was produced in Europe, but quickly banned by the FDA from use in America. Bradstreet said 85% of autistic children had their autism reversed by the Gc-MAF product. 5 people who received treatments in Europe died and that stirred up a hornet’s nest against the factory that made the Gc-MAF and the doctors using it. (One Internet site on this: …gov.uk [extra words to keep the link from showing as part of article] “…/government/news/regulator-warns-against-gcmaf-made-in-unlicensed-facility-in-cambridgeshire”.) One group that protested hard against Gc-MAF was the Belgian Anticancer Fund. The thing is this people…if you were to look at statins and many other drugs by Big Pharma, you would see all kinds of deaths and harmful effects that get covered up—the whole system does not come unglued like they did with the Gc-MAF cures. How they killed those 5 patients who received Gc-MAF, I don’t know…but a naturally occurring protein that activates a white blood cell is not going to be lethal! For those in the know, it is evident…it is recognizable…that the Illuminati’s entire system was upset by the product called GcMAF. The product had been quietly researched & produced in hopes it would not attract the negative attention it got. Well, that failed. The day before Bradstreet was murdered, his clinic was raided by the Fed & State authorities. Other doctors have also been raided. One of the doctors that also had the proof about nagalase was a Dr. Gonzales. It is not clear to me if he was murdered or is still alive.

FINAL THOUGHT. It is not funny all the ways the Illum. are trying to kill us. You know the Georgia Guidestone goal. Who else will get in the way of that genocidal agenda?? On the other hand, how soon will it be reached??

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