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THE GNOSTIC MERCY OF ARISTOCRACY .(15 FEB ’16) This short post is a frank discussion on the global economy and the World’s “saviors” when the economy crashes. It is designed for those interested in the global economy. Readers & viewers of my talks will remember that I have explained that the Gnostic beliefs of the Illuminati require one’s good deeds balance one’s bad deeds…so the occupation of Illuminati kingpins is often listed as “philanthropist”. Our govt. is involved in creating the chaos that will display itself several ways, incl. a financial crash, which will make people even more dependent upon them. Investment banks and govt.’s, and the U.N. have projects globally to help nations needing help. But frequently, the idealism that is verbalized is a veneer, a façade, to hide cynicism & greed. The director generals of U.N. aid agencies live like royalty. The head of WHO has stayed there for 2 decades. Another example is Edouard Saouma, who was director general of FAO of the UN from 1976-93. The state dept. had a secret evaluation of him, “He has done an excellent job managing the organization and keeping internal program discipline. He has increased F.A.O.’s capacity to deliver technical assistance & strengthened its early warning system. Under his leadership, F.A.O. has steadily decreased the proportion of its budget which is devoted to administrative expenditures.” But another State Dept. report contradicted this, “Edouard Saouma’s…leadership…[is] likely to diminish the organization’s effectiveness.” There were accusations that he bought votes to get a third term. Saouma became a multi-millionaire from his job & insisted people call him “Your excellency”.

DANCING ON THE TITANIC while the Fed says,“OUTLOOK UNCERTAIN GLOBALLY”. Another leader with almost royalty status is Janet Yellen, leader of the Federal Reserve. She spoke on Feb. 10th to Congress, and in my opinion did a dodge-the-truth speech, where she said the “outlook [is] uncertain for 2016 for the global economy”. Believe me, Illuminati members like her know exactly what is coming. Yet, no matter what happens, such a vague statement gets her off the hook. A Congressman (Rep. Brad Sherman) in response to her report said to her that financial institutions that were “too big to fail should be too big to exist.” Then he told her & Congress that “I feel like I’m at a ballroom dancing on the deck of the Titanic.”

BANKERS. In India, the top foreign investment banks are the Rothschild’s Citi, HSBC India, Standard Chartered & Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank has been making big money in India…but is deeply in trouble overall. The NY Times of 21 JAN ’16 (p.B3) said they had a $7 billion loss in 2015, & managers won’t get their bonuses. Top global investment banks are Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, the Rothschild’s Citigroup & Deutsche Bank…all of whom were Illuminati banks. Deutsche Bank Russia has been helping to develop Russia’s financial market infrastructure. Deutsche Bank has been in the news a lot lately for being insolvent. They rank 6th in global investment banking revenue. Because of the LIBOR manipulation suit they were given a $2.5 billion fine for rigging interest rates. Mr. Jain, head of the London bank ops for Deutsche Bank admitted his acts were “reprehensible” (& has beat a hasty exit)…and five former top managers of Deutsche Bank were put on trial for having given false testimony in court. (And by the way, Morgan Stanley is fined $3.2 billion for contributing to the mortgage crisis.) Deutsche Bank scaled back its Latin American banking, leaving Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru & Uruguay…but remaining in Brazil. RBS, ING Group, and BNY Mellon have also been pulling out of Mexico. And other large investment banks like Goldman Sachs have also been scaling back in Latin America. Several oil producers in Latin America are hurting, but Venezuela has been the hardest hit.

VENEZUELA’S ECO. MELTDOWN. On 18 JAN ’16, Venezuela’s president declared a 60-day state of economic emergency. Because oil prices are low, revenues are very low, and it is expected that the govt. will renege on $5 billion debt payments due in Oct. & Nov. of this year. It has been hard for the country to import food so the grocery store shelves are empty and the nation is having food shortages. Their inflation is expected to rise 204% in 2016. One dollar now equals 865 bolivars. The general consensus now seems that globally the crash of 2016 will be worse than the one in 2008.

LOW GOLD PRICES. Not only are oil producers (like frackers, and small oil producers) dropping out, but low gold prices have forced half the big gold mining operations to cease. In recent days, gold & silver prices have been rising.

SHIPPING STOPPED. The Baltic Dry index provides “an assessment of the price of moving the major raw materials by sea. Taking in 23 shipping routes.” There is also a Baltic Tanker Index. These indexes are down indicating ships are stalled in ports.

CONCLUSION. Life provides us with tests & challenges. God never gives us more than we can handle. We can spiritually thrive in the midst of difficulty. Hopefully, the reader will view these things as a warning that 2016 may be a seriously difficult year economically. Now is the time to turn to God to spiritually prepare for the upcoming difficult days.


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. This is a short expose concerning the history of t.b.m.c. in Arkansas, the homestate of Bill Clinton.

MAJOR PROGRAMMING CENTERS. When the original Dr. Green (Mengele, aka as Jiminy Crickett, Vaterchen, & other names) began programming Illuminati children in the area, they chose Stuttgart (SE of Littlerock), a town started by a German which has an annual German Heritage Festival. Stuttgart is the co-county seat along with DeWitt, Arkansas. Stuttgart has had some beauty queens come out of it incl. Bunnie Holbert (Miss Ark. ’77) & Furonda Brasfield (part. Of Amer.’s Next Top Model). Stuttgart is flat rice growing land. The area’s major programming center was shifted after a number of years to the Swiss Villa at Lampe, MO which sits in the Ozark Hills close to the Arkansas border. Lampe is a small community surrounded by numerous resorts on the reservoirs. The programming center is a major foundational programming center that has the ability to split children’s minds, give near death experiences, as well as employ new high tech m.c. devices such as virtual realities. The Special Forces troops under m.c. train there, as well as some of the CIA black ops.

CIA PRESENCE. Readers may remember that south of Lampe & SW of Little Rock lays the city of Mena whose Inter-Mountain Regional Airport was the center of CIA drug running flights. The CIA also used a secluded airstrip just north of Mena and just east of the village of Nella. This airstrip also had FBI activity involved with it. Readers may also remember Oliver North (of the Charismatic movement) who at the time used the code name “Cathey” moving around the CIA ops incl. using Camp Robinson, Ark.’s deactivated WW 2 ammo bunker for his secret mtgs. CIA towns get extra security, so during that time period all the pay phones in Mena were bugged by the CIA. (Ours here in OR is McMinnville & the surrounding area, which is also involved in t.b.m.c.). By the way, Mena ran all its blacks out by 1920, and became an all-white “Sundown town”. The name “sundown town” meant that a visiting black had to leave town by sundown. Col. Sander’s (of KFC fame) town of Corbin was another Sundown Town. As you can imagine, the KKK was big in Mena, and their airport had a reputation for doing illegal work on planes…which was handy for the CIA drug running.

THE ILLUMINATI’S PRESENCE. After WW 2, Winthrop Rockefeller (1912-1973) moved to Arkansas. His occupation was philanthropist & politician. People have probably heard me comment how these Illuminati kingpins have as their occupation “philanthropist” –which means their occupation is giving away large sums of money. He was able to self-finance running for governor of Arkansas which he served from 1967-71, while his brother Nelson was gov. of NY. He lived on top of Petit Jean Mtn. near Morrilton, Ark. Winthrop went from private to colonel in the U.S. Army & was placed into the Ft. Benning, GA Hall of Fame. Over the yrs. I have dealt w//known a few of the MPD Rockefeller family members. One person described Winthrop as “ruthless”. His drinking was legendary in Arkansas. His philanthropy supported the creation of medical clinics throughout Arkansas. I have only heard of 3 satanic covens…one in the Rogers-Springdale, Ark. area, an Illuminati one in Little Rock, and another one in Jonesboro, Ark. There are also cult chapels (that pretend to be Christian) in Arkansas that are fronts for Satanic covens.


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. This expose is focused on the ABC show “Once Upon A Time” and its relationship with t.b.m.c. and one of the Illuminati’s deceased Grande Dames.

The trauma-based mind control programming scripts are conveniently based on fairy tales. The Wizard of Oz and Alice In Wonderland being key programming scripts (but there are many others). For years, TV has annually, faithfully given us the original popular classic 1939 version of The Wizard of Oz… besides adding in spin off movie versions every little bit for added spice to the programming: The Wizard of Oz (1950), Return to Oz (1964), The Whiz (1978), The Wizard of Oz (1982), The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1987), The Wizard of Mars (2007), The Tin Man (2007), Oz the Great & Powerful (2013).

Now the programmers must have asked themselves, what if we combine all these fairy tale characters into one show??? So they created an ABC TV series “Once Upon A Time” where they got all their programming characters handily into one TV series. Once Upon A Time brings together The Wizard of Oz, Alice In Wonderland, Fantasia (a foundational programming script), Sleeping Beauty (core programming), Pinocchio, The Sword In the Stone (King Arthur stuff), and other programming scripts. They advertise the show: “Discover a bold new imagining of the world, where fairy tales and the modern day are about to collide.” And indeed the world of movies, plus m.c. fairy tale scripts are right there along with the reality of the Illuminati. They further describe the show: “Characters are from fairy tales who have been robbed of their real memories by a powerful curse.” Episodes incorporate in programming concepts & witchcraft as well as name one of the characters after a deceased Grande Dame of the Illuminati, Mary Margaret, aka Mother Mary.

Remember the Adams & Collins families being portrayed on TV as witchcraft families?—and they are actually witchcraft families in real life. ABC has run this mind-control show “Once Upon A Time” for 5 seasons (beginning in 2011) with the character Mary Margaret. This show is related to m.c. programming…it is about witchcraft, curses, Snow White & alternate realities. The show’s Mary Margaret’s relatives are “the Family”[what the Illuminati call themselves]. The Mary Margaret character is also in “Reawakened: A Once Upon a Time Tale”. There are still many of Mother Mary’s programmed “children” out there. Fiction can be based on reality!


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(8 FEB ’16) Most of our life we have heard about the toxic effects of sulfur; and it is toxic as a gas. Recent medical discoveries continue to increasingly reveal the healing power of sulfur in the body. It is the 7th most abundant element in the human body. This article’s purpose is to reveal the healing life-giving power of sulfur. In nature, it reacts to everything but noble gases. Most of us think of sulfur as that awful rotten egg smell. We also know it from our matches to light a fire. And another connotation is judgment…it was used by God repeatedly in his judgments (think Sodom & Gomorrah), and was called Brimstone. Satan & his demons don’t like sulfur-and now that the life-giving properties of it are being discovered…it is clearer why he would dislike it. In these difficult times, when the satanic elite put into action ways to slow genocide us, I consider the revelation of medical info crucial. (By the way, more alternative doctors have been murdered since my last report on that phenomena.)

BRIMSTONE. “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God…and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone (sulfur) in the presence of the holy angels…” REV 14:9-10

ENDOGENOUS SULFDIOXIDE. This is the form of sulfur which the body makes internally that the body uses in critical functions. How is this form made by the body? SO2 is made from the metabolism of L-cysteine which is converted from methionine via the transmethylation-transsulfuration pathway. Firstly, L-cysteine is oxidized to form L-cysteine sulfinate by cysteine dioxygenase (CDO), and then the latter is transaminated to form ?-sulfinylpyruvate by AAT. A few health specialists are catching on to endogenous sulfur’s healing properties… If you go to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website and type in a search for sulfur products you get MSM Sulfur Powder, Glutathione, and NACN-Acetyl Cysteine to mention a few notable ones. I quote from his site:
“Support your body with this supplement for healthy connective tissue.
” ¢Sulfur from MSM is used to produce glycosaminoglycans present in proteoglycans such as aschondroitin sulfate dermatan sulfate and hyaluronic acid
” ¢For best results use with Jarrow Formulas’ JarroSil

COLLAGEN. The endogenous sulfur builds collagen. People who have been around me, or listened to some of my talks have heard me repeatedly mention collagen. It is the building block of our bodies, and for some weird reason does not get mentioned (except on rare occasions). We should have learned about it along with muscles in our jr. high biology classes. Vascular collagen mainly consists of collagen I and III. That being said, increased collagen could be problematic as it may be a contributing factor to blood clot formation. This could also lead to blood clots in the left atrial appendage of the heart and that could be catastrophic. In such scenarios, it could be advisable to get a Watchman procedure done to block the appendage and prevent any clots in the future. Coming back, collagen I is associated with the tenacity & tensile strength of vascular walls, while collagen III is associated with the elasticity of vascular walls; both play important role in maintaining the integrity of vascular structure. So guess what?? Endogenous sulfur helps cardiovascular diseases!! And a deficiency of sulfur dioxide results in cardiovascular diseases, and such things as hypertension. I bet your doctor never told you that-why? Because he or she didn’t know it. Here is what happens with weakened collagen in the vascular walls: “Severe structural changes in vascular walls characterized by vascular collagen remodeling are central to the pathophysiology of vascular diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis and restenosis after coronary angioplasty.” Sometimes when this fails, people have to use a reliable Powerheart G3 Plus defibrillator or a similar device to get the heart pumping again, but usually, it works out okay. And what stops the weakening collagen called “remodeling”? “Endogenous sulfur dioxide alleviates collagen remodeling via inhibiting TGF-?/Smad pathway in vascular smooth muscle cells” (A) So now researchers are predicting that a better understanding of SO2 in the body “may lead to a new therapeutic strategy”. Hmmm. Endogenously derived SO2 or SO2 derivatives at physiological concentrations play a crucial role in normal physiological process of the human body including regulation of vascular tone and cardiac function!! Glutathione can increase the amount of the endogenous sulfur (SO2). Hmmm.

WHO KNOWS WHAT? Apparently, more than a few researchers know about Endogenous Sulfur dioxide, because a few products are “quietly” using it. And now you my friend also know.

(A) Gasotransmitter hydrogen sulfide inhibited the abnormal accumulation of vascular collagen, and alleviated vascular remodeling.” at [triple w:]

The study was designed to investigate the role of endogenous sulfur dioxide (SO2) in collagen remodeling and its mechanisms in vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs).


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W/ CHRIS EVERUD & ROD SCARTH. The show was on hypnotism, mind control & the occult. Rod Scarth, one of the world’s best hypnotists, has been exposing MK Ultra. Because many of you will not get a chance to hear the radio show we did, here is a discussion of what was talked about. (By the way, someone did not want me on the show, I had many unusual computer problems—Skype, which has worked well all week long, all of a sudden did not want to load or function!)

CHRIS: Chris discussed Aleister Crowley, his use of Boleskine House, and the organizations and people he associated with. I discussed the Moon Child rituals (which Crowley wrote about) which are done to a fetus to demonize it and “capture the soul”. The Moon Child rituals are done by the Illuminati bloodlines, and were learned by Crowley from the generational witchcraft families of northern Italy. Italian generational witchcraft is called the “Way of the Strega”. He discussed Margarine Max a recruiter of spies for MI-6. Chris discussed various buildings in London used by MI-5 and how computer buffs had been able to trace with ISIS messages were coming from…they were coming from MI-5 I.P.s in London!! Then the excuse given by a Br. Politician when this was disclosed was that the British govt. had sold these I.P.s to the Saudis. Well, you don’t sell an I.P. it is geo fixed. So we have learned how MI-5 is playing a role in the creation of ISIS.
ROD: Rod discussed the video he just made. I posted the link to it for you just before the show. The video shows an impromptu unrehearsed trance that Rod puts a woman into. He is able to give her a code to say. I found Rod’s comments interesting because the video doesn’t give enough background information for the viewer to fully appreciate what Rod is demonstrating with hypnosis. Rod is showing that a good hypnotist can quickly induce a subject and get them to do things they would not normally want to do. I ask Rod to explain if it is possible for the hypnotist to have power over a person to get them to do something they would not normally do, and he said “yes” in his answer. I asked him to explain how the person’s mind will abdicate control to the hypnotist. I asked him to explain if it is possible for the hypnotist to disguise his words and hypnotize someone without their consent. He explained that it can be done and it is called “subversive hypnosis”. I asked him about various trance states and he said the somnambulistic state is the perfect state to program someone in. MK-Ultra victims often have the programming put in at this somnambulistic level.

CHRIS: Chris discussed Hampstead, where a big scandal has been brewing involving the sexual abuse of children and the t.b. mind control. Chris discussed some of the British politicians, and their connection to all these kinds of things. He asked me about the ritual where a child must kill another child, which is talked about in the U.K.—and I mentioned how that is also common here in the U.S. for victims of t.b.m.c. Chris discussed Ian Fleming, an assoc. of Crowley. Ian Fleming based his James Bond books on his own life. Fleming liked Jamaica where he would watch voodoo. Chris discussed how voodoo was a combo of African magic and magic that the slave owners had shown the slave. Many of the slave traders had come from a Swiss town of Voudoun (sp.?). I had heard of the town before, but am not sure of the spelling. According to Chris, the name of the Swiss town influenced the adoption of the name Voodoo.

FRITZ: I asked Rod to explain the use of sounds, lights, color, flashing lights, and drugs in hypnosis. He described how sounds and drugs are very helpful. He said singing can be useful and that Benny Hinn is a good hypnotist and uses singing to induce his audience into a trance. Rod said flashing lights detract from hypnosis. He said that a drunk can’t be hypnotized very well because they won’t focus on what the hypnotist wants. So I ask him about people on marijuana…and he confirmed that it acts like alcohol to prevent the hypnotist from gaining the focus of the subject. The subject’s mind wants to go on its own peaceful trip…rather than go with the hypnotist.

CHRIS: Chris described how Freud’s father was a disciple of Baron Jacob Frank, a Satanist with loads of Illuminati friends. So I discussed how Freud’s psychology theories are based upon the Cabala. I have a couple of books that described the connections, which are not necessarily apparent to the casual viewer of Freud’s work. Chris then went into a discussion of the importance of the Cabala. Chris asked me about the demonization of the fetus, and I explained how a spirit guide will be placed into the child. The spirit guide will be called “a friend” by the child; and the child will be taught the history of this family spirit guide. A family guide is a totem. Chris discussed on lady who had a dinosaur that she talked to as her spirit guide. Chris discussed how cabalistic gematria was being introduced into the math curriculums. Chris asked me about love bombing, traumatization of the fetus, etc. and I explained how these occur in the t.b.m.c. Chris brought up the subject of Ken Anger going to Crowley’s Italian temple, and how Alfred Kinsey was a disciple of Crowley. He discussed how Kinsey used pedophiles who kept diaries of their abuse of children. I discussed how Kinsey was financed by the Rockefellers and how they connected to the Illuminati bloodlines.

That is an overview of the show today. Have a good day, my friends.


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This is a short post exposing what appears to be an Illuminati temple hidden in Damascus, Oregon. Records say the temple was founded in 2009, is privately owned, earns an est. $260,000 in annual revenue, and employs 3 people. A few years ago, a friend took me to the gate of this property where people have spotted hooded people doing rituals.(See pictures of both the gate & the hooded people in the thread). The road to it was at one time a one-lane road with expensive houses with big garages and is forested & ends in a cul-de-sac. It reminded me of an Illuminati neighborhood that I had exposed years ago. I sensed that we were being watched from the point we entered the road that leads to the property. Some strangers actually have their vehicles followed. The little used road takes off from Hwy 212 (the main street of Damascus) & goes SE. When you approach the gate, it is obviously an entrance to a temple with pyramids. A 23 foot marble statue of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet can be seen through the gate. The gate is guarded by a pair of lions (Aker). This post is a discussion of this ritual site.

DAMASCUS. Between Babylon & Jerusalem is the city of Damascus, which was referred to in Egyptian writing as far back as the 15th century B.C. Damascus is a very significant city for Freemasons, which is why so many Damascus Lodges exist. The highest ranking Freemason to become a Christian, Jim Shaw, told me that in the 33rd degree rituals they ask you whether you want to go to Jerusalem or Damascus. If you say “Jerusalem”, they know you have religious scruples…If you say “Damascus”, they know you have occult leanings and will put you on the occult fast track to more occult knowledge. Damascus, Oregon was named in the 1860’s, perhaps by an early Freemason settler, and had a post office est. there in 1867. It is a small town to the SE of Portland on hwy. 212.

SEKHMET. Sekhmet is an ancient Egyptian goddess that ranks up there with Kali and Lilith. She loved to drink blood. Her name means “the one who is powerful”. She was the ancient Egyptian goddess of war, and the protector of the man-god Pharaoh. She would lead Pharaoh into war. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead we learn she had power over the Underworld (what Christians call hell). Sekhmet is a lioness, and during t.b.m.c. programming, alters that see themselves as cats are at times given the identity of Sekhmet. There is a “Temple of Goddess Spirituality” in southern NV that is dedicated to Sekhmet also. In the comic book ’’Beasts of Burden: The Unfamiliar” witches summon Sekhmet. She is part of the Temple of Set’s lore, which is heavily involved with trauma-based mind control.

AKER. Aker is the guardian of the underworld (hell). Aker carries the nocturnal bark of Ra to the underworld. The name means “He who is beneath”. An Illuminati mother of darkness told me that two lions guarding a gate mean that it is an Illuminati house and may have rituals done there. That does not preclude someone buying such a place or installing lions unwittingly…but the few places w/ such guard lions that I could find info on all were Illuminati…occasionally persons living there were programmed multiples—so you can see what ran through my head when I saw the twin lions (called Aker in Egyptian mythology) guarding this temple’s gate.

THE OCULUS ANUBIS TEMPLE IN DAMASCUS. When I first saw it, I went home & discovered the property was blurred on Google Earth. Now who has the power to get Google Earth to blur a forested property?? It was not like you were going to see that much through the trees anyway! The property has paths through the woods with other statues of Egyptian gods & goddesses. A Dr. Neal & family live on the property. They keep themselves low key. The family is said to have bought the property in 1971. The cover story is that they simply find Egypt interesting and they have lots of money. There are two houses on the property which are connected by tunnels. They received permits from the county to build heated tunnels. The extensive tunnels (see picture in thread) go to underground rooms and represent the underworld, and have ritual purposes. Extensive masonry was done all over the property, and a sample can be seen on the gate. There is no doubt that millions of dollars were sunk into creating all this. To the west is Drake Rd. The word ‘’Drake’’ has occult significance also. So what we have here is a Temple which has a Gate of the Dawn to the underworld (tunnels). Or Christians would call it a Gate to Hell. I would expect the Temple would honor Sehkmet with the Festival of Intoxication at the beginning of the year. I have not tried to hang out to see what other ritual dates they use the temple for.


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(1/1/2016) It’s a good question for a new start on this first day of a new year. This message is in response to that question which was just asked of me. The answer to this question is really the nuts & bolts of what makes the walk in Christ work! How many Christians have I met who can’t seem to make Christianity work, who don’t have a clue about most of this! First, it is vital to understand the purpose of the armor.

UNDERSTANDING ITS — USE. The primary Scripture that describes the armor of God best is Ephesians 6:10-20…although many other scriptures mention or touch on it.(A) The armor passages in Ephesians were written by Paul, who had experienced (suffered) for acting like a Christian about every possible problem, incl. being badly beaten, harshly imprisoned for years, slandered, & chased out of towns. It seems no good deed happens without being punished. Paul is thought to have written these words on the Armor of God while in prison—in other words, he knew firsthand how important the armor of God is to survive as a person of God. Almost every man or woman of God is going to face problems where there are no answers—things will make no sense—and when you want to see God destroying the problem—He does nothing. If one puts on and uses the armor of God, miracles often happen, and one sees that God is there after all! I can testify that the armor works! I have witnessed this many times…I think of one time where I felt backed into a corner with no explanation or answers for what I faced…but I moved forward in total trust (faith in the living loving God) and I saw the Spirit anoint me and do miracles. Out of confusion, & what seemed defeat, the Spirit of God made me an overcomer. I didn’t merely survive, but I thrived in the midst of difficulty. Others have overcome incredible battles with the Armor of God.

THE INCREDIBLE PRESSURES OF LIFE. “We have this treasure in earthen vessels [frail human bodies], that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us. We are hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed—always carrying about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body.”(B) In other words, we receive incredible pressures, so that we can manifest the life of Christ to the world. The Armor of God is not some clever analogy, some skillful play on words, but it is the practical method that we must use in our spiritual warfare against the World’s forces of evil.

INSTRUCTION ON THE ARMOR IN GOD’S WORD: “…my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”(C) The entire suit of armor is needed, for our opponent will attack where we are weakest. The advice to put on “the whole armor” is repeated two verses later.(D)

FIRST PART OR ARMOR. TAKING THE TRUTH PILL TO LEAVE THE MATRIX. The girdle around the midsection is truth. How important it is to know ourselves, to know the truth of others, to know truth in this World of lies. Christ said he was the way & the truth. Another verse teaches us that it is the “love of truth” that will save us.(E) It is not merely having the truth, but loving the truth, because Satan will have all kinds of power to do lying wonders and every unrighteous deception. (E) What pill do we want to take—red or blue—to leave the World’s matrix of lies, or to stay in the comfort of this World of lies? The first piece of armor to put on is to take the truth pill to leave the Matrix.

2ND PIECE OF ARMOR, the Breastplate of righteousness, i.e. taking the moral high ground. When we have truth on our side, when we have right on our side, it gives incredible power. Having righteousness gives us incredible courage & confidence. Have you ever been righteously indignant about some injustice? Do you see how that indignation empowers you? For instance, you may have the courage to go up to a bully and say, “That’s mine, I want it back.” But we all start out weak, we need to ask for forgiveness, repent of our immoral ways, and start life new with the imputed righteousness of Christ, who promises forgiveness to those who admit their wrongs and ask for forgiveness.

3rd PIECE OF ARMOR, the gospel of peace. When we come in peace, when we come to help others, to find win-win solutions, rather than trying to hurt, it gives us confidence. Imagine how bold you would feel if you had $100 bills to give everyone. Normally you would not approach people, but because you know you have something valuable to give them, you have courage and confidence to approach them. The gospel of peace is the real gospel of Christ…who taught us the golden rule, to do unto others as we would want done to ourself. The real gospel of Christ is a gospel of love to build others up. It is a treasure that is worth far more than $100. Peace blesses us too; “I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makes me dwell in safety.”(F) Peace was what Christ came to give: “Peace, I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world gives, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”(G)

4th PIECE OF ARMOR, the shield of faith. Our faith and trust that God is good functions like a shield to protect us from all the fiery arrows that the enemy shoots at us to take us down with discouragement. The enemy is trying to weaken us, and things fly at us—but they don’t attach to us and penetrate us if we use our shield of faith. When things don’t make sense, move forward with that shield of faith. “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”(H) The first book written of Scriptures was about Job. Job, a man of God, had it all, until God permitted Satan to attack his life. Job lost everything, and his wife told him to curse God & die. But he kept his shield of faith in place and it carried him through the battle. We need our God every moment. “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”(I) This is why Christians treasure the Word of God, because washing our minds with the Word, cleans out the lies of the Matrix and builds our faith in a good God.

5th PIECE OF ARMOR, helmet of salvation. There is power in knowing that you are a child of God. There is power in knowing your Father is Almighty God. There is power in knowing that this world is not all that there is, and that your true hope is a heavenly hope of your future home with God. Satan will send demons of doubt to cause a person to doubt salvation, to doubt God, to doubt the future that is promised believers. The helmet of salvation is important. One needs to know one’s identity is Christ. One needs to keep one’s heavenly hope and heavenly perspective. I am reminded of a German Christian in the last month of WW 2; the German people had trusted in having the best technology, in having the baddest army, in having the strongest willpower of all the nations, and indeed they had these things…but those things had let them down…and now all their cities were rubble, allied “jabos” fighters roamed the over the country looking for anyone to shoot, & their enemies had said they wanted to take Germany back to the stone age. He wrote 13 days before the surrender (V-E day): “there is in fact only one genuine reason for joy: the hope of God’s coming kingdom.” True indeed…if they had only realized that before they began the war.

6th piece of Armor, the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God which is powerful. “…attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings…For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.”(J) The Word of God functions like a 2-edged sword…it will cut both ways…to both the user and the one receiving it.(K) It also functions as a flashlight to light up the path and show where to go.(L)

7th piece of weaponry, prayer. Ephesians 6:18 says “praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit..” A key component of prayer is that it is God-breathed…”in the Spirit”. I have been compelled to pray prayers that I knew were inspired by God and knew at the same moment that they would come true. God was behind them. How is this obtained?…by moving into the center of God’s will.

So this then are the components of spiritual armor, to know our identity as a child of God, to walk in that gospel of peace & love, to move forward with a shield of faith, having obtained the truth that removes us from the World’s matrix of lies. To cherish the truth that we would diligently look for it, using God’s Spirit of Truth to reveal the World’s incredible deceptions. We carry our Sword and know how to use the Word of God, which functions as the Sword of God. We continually are in contact with our commander by all manner of godly prayer. Prayer is like a radio for the soldier who needs to call in artillery or call for other help. But we must use it correctly by moving in the center of God’s will.

(A) Other scriptures on the armor incl. ISA 59:17, ROM 13:11-14, 2 COR 6:7, 10:3-6, 1 THS 8:8 (B) 2COR 4:8-9 (C) EPH 6:10-11. (D) EPH 6:13 (E) 2 THS 2:10 (F) PS 4:8 (G) JN 14:27 (H) 2 COR 5:7 (I) ROM 10:17 (J) PRV 4:20-22 (K) HEB 4:12 (L) Many verses say this incl. PS 119:105 & PRV 6:22,23


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There are millions of trauma-based total mind controlled slaves in the U.S. This article is a preliminary review of records & books kept on individual trauma-based mind controlled slaves in America. Different levels of groups operate each slave, & each has its own levels of security with diverse kinds of records, & records are compartmentalized, stored in controlled areas, and dished out on a need-to-know (NTK) basis. Some places are even designated SCIF (meaning “sensitive compartmented info. facility”). Sensitive Compartmented Info, which will have code names, is called SCI. The programmers keep medical programming files on all slaves. One book that is kept on all programmed multiples is the System’s codes, and anymore many of these are kept on laptops rather than on paper. In the old days they were typically in a black binder, or on rarer occasions a grey binder. (I provided a sample page in the Formula.. book on pg. 88.) The goal of this article is to begin to develop an awareness about records & books that pertain to each specific mind controlled slave in America. Illuminati slaves will also have internal books like the Great Book of Records, and an internal library.

HIGHEST LEVEL. At the highest level, everything there is to know of a person is available to the Beast computers. Every slave is also a citizen and as such will have digital school records from first grade, all of his or her digital health records, credit records, voting registration records, marriage records, real estate & tax records. In fact, all known records, such as purchases, plus many more are all compiled with A.I. and are available for the Beast computers. Bear in mind that psychologists will keep track of their client history & assessments, client’s initial presenting complaint, treatments, client’s status on visits, diagnoses, & more. All psychologists do this to protect themselves, for insurance companies, & for the Fed & state govts. These records seem to find their way into the slave’s master’s hands. One therapist told me how the file system had been accessed on off hours—so the sharing may not always be w/ the therapist’s consent. During the m.c. programming & training records are kept, and there are reportedly a Neuron Mapping Book and a Life Skills Book (the training & skills & responsibilities of individual alters).

ACTIVE GOVT. SLAVES. At the next level, 60,000+ slaves are actively used & monitored daily by computer. (And this is likely an obsolete no.) These slaves may be Illuminati, Church of Set, or CIA or other. A CIA slave may be also owned by an individual as well as having handlers. If it seems complex—it may be. Because the person is usually programmed by a major programmer who may be Illuminati, the slave’s mind may have quite a few levels of programming, but may ultimately belong to the original master programmer. Some of the programming has back door entrances. Back door codes are kept in a secret notebook by the master programmer, or other programmer. One slave reported actually getting to peek at her code book when the handler was not paying attention. Handlers (such as those working for the CIA) may keep diaries for their superiors. The slave himself will have codes kept in certain internal areas. For those who are not handlers, yet have a Top Secret Clearance, they will have access to some of the mind control information, enough that if that person is astute, he will be aware from the limited info available that there is mind controlled slavery. Just as the 3rd degree in Freemasonry is the “highest” degree and then you get side degrees to go higher…likewise Top Secret is the “highest” clearance and then you get “collateral eligibility” for specific access. For instance SI clearance is for COMINT clearance. Often the SCI has a code name like “Yankee Red”. In addition, specific groups may have their own security clearances.

LAYERS OF — USERS. Some victims of t.b.m.c. are owned directly by an individual (like some Illuminati kingpin), or a cult, and then some are owned by some government agency. In most cases there is an occult connection, so a govt. slave could also be an Illuminati hierarchy member, a Church of Set member, or a coven member. When slaves are used, the owner may be giving the slave’s services as a perk to the recipient, or may be lending the slave in some kind of exchange of favors, or may be making money off of the slave. As example of an exchange of favors between the owner (pimp) of the slave & a policeman: “in exchange for sex you give me protection.” Some kind of record is going to be kept of all this history. From this discussion, the reader can see that records on a slave may be kept at a number of different locations, by various users. There should also be a record (chart-like chronology) somewhere of all the activities done with the slave, which I expect has ownership/handlers written in it. There is some record of ownership—like how the “title” has passed from owner to owner.

COVEN RECORDS. Each coven may have a person who sends in secret reports, usually after All Hollows Eve of the membership to Illuminati HQ (I think in Belgium). A crone serves as the coven’s Keeper of the Spiritual records & a younger female (maiden, “the Way-Shower”) as the Keeper of the Keys, which may also relate to the records of spells. A male high priest (called “My Lord” or “Lord so & so” in the coven) serves as Guardian of the coven’s Book of Shadows. A m.c. slave who is also a member of a coven may have her or his own Book of Shadows, written in his or her own handwriting based on the teacher’s Book of Shadows. Some covens only have a coven Book of Shadows—not individual ones. There is no common Book of Shadows, most are personalized. Covens in southern California are using a very secret leather bound Keepsake Satchel book for each person, and a Guideline book, the latter book containing the spells that have been placed on the m.c. slave incl. its birthday spell.

THE BOOK OF SHADOWS. This is a personally black handwritten book w/ rituals, ceremonies, & spells. In the middle ages they called such a book a Grimoire, so the Book of Shadows is technically a grimoire (although never called that) and it contains grimoires from the past. A sample of a middle age grimoire is Clavicle of Solomon. The grimoires are used for programming as my books reveal. The first published Book of Shadows was “Arcadia Gospel of the Witches” (by Charles Godfrey Leland, 1899); and a sample of a recent one written to appeal to the loner is “The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation Solitary Witch” (by Silver Raven Wolf). Examples of handwritten coven Books of Shadows and their original writer(s): Welsh Wiccan Book of Shadows (compiled by Ed Buzynski), Saxon Book of Shadows (“The Tree”), Artus Wicca’s New Wiccan Book of Shadows by Ceisior Serith, Gardnerian Book of Shadows (by A. Crowley & Gerald Gardner), Alexandrian’s Earthwise Book of Shadows (by Alex Sanders), and StarKindler Book of Shadows (an evolution from the Alexandrian one). By the way, the Coven StarKindler calls themselves Brotherhood of the Star.

FINAL THOUGHTS. This has been a preliminary review of the secret books kept on a slave, which may number up to perhaps 8, as well as computer records pertaining to all the various kinds of details of the slave. All these records will be accessible only on a NTK basis. If readers have more information on this subject, I would enjoy getting emails at


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My entire life has been spent ferreting out the truth, studying geography, science and history with an informed skepticism. My father was a scientist/engineer; and for a while, I pursued the rare college major of scientific journalism. Even today, I still have ambitions of becoming a science journalist. One of my friends works as a journalist for a science magazine in New York so I must remember to ask him whether they are currently recruiting any writers. At one time, my friend was known as the best editorial assistant NYC had to offer. Also, I know that a lot of science journalists actually work from home and this is definitely something that interests me. Anyway, this post offers insights and wisdom about the maze of research spewed out by expert prognosticators. Their research is often contradictory… For instance, cell phones-good or bad?…drinking water while exercising—good or bad? …UV—good or bad? “Experts” line up on both sides of countless issues.

In 1958, the Chairman of IBM said that there was only a market for “maybe 5 computers” in the world. Ten years later one of his engineers at IBM’s Advanced Computing System Division exclaimed that he saw no use for computer microchips. 14 years later, IBM had updated their forecast that the world might be able to use 200,000 PCs, & RCA had predicted 220,000 PCs worldwide by 2001. Changing channels, in 2006 there were 1.5 million Americans diagnosed w/ cancer, 40% of that no. died of cancer that year. That year, the NCS spent $5.2 billion on cancer research, & one source noted over $15 billion was spent worldwide on cancer research. (I give these as only ballpark representations to make the pt. lots is spent each year.) Going back in time to 1973, I note that the no. of deaths was only 30% of those diagnosed w/ cancer, & one source said $.8 billion was spent that yr. in the U.S. on cancer research. Another source said mortality rates for cancer are basically the same now as in the 1950’s. What have all the experts done with the billions of dollars annually spent on cancer research for over half a century & why haven’t those countless pages of cancer advice & studies made a significant difference to the no. one killer of adults under 85?? Could it be that our experts are fallible?? It’s much worse than that, most published research esp. the dazzlingly research written up by the mass media is false. Falsifying data is common in research. A review of studies on new drugs show that 65% under reported the dangers of the new drugs…& when confronted only 14% fessed up to underreporting it. Two quotes from 2 incredible men of science sum up this paragraph…Sir Francis Bacon noted that preconceived ideas create our observations. Einstein declared, “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.” And strangely, most experts, because they have agendas (careers, funding to raise, & preconceived ideas) rather than seeking the truth, do exactly like Einstein described.

What really is the nature of the problem? For starters, the problem is that life is complex. For instance, there are 1,000’s of variables that function as to why a person may be fat. But the common person doesn’t want a limited explanation that is qualified a dozen ways, he wants a “doubt-free”, do-able, interesting, “one-size-fits-all”, simple solution. However, such advice is most likely wrong advice because genuinely good advice is not good sounding advice. Real advice comes w/ qualifications & conditions, ifs, ands or buts…which my experience has shown people, esp. Americans, detest. An engineer close to me got upset when I answered his questions truthfully by qualifying my answers in detail rather than simplistically giving a yes or no answer, neither of which would have been truthful. This career engineer is an example of how the very people that should be exacting are in the mindset of giving careless answers. Scientific studies are notorious for not controlling countless variables that in reality invalidate any finding they claim from their data, if the data is even for real. Much data today is obtained w/ sloppiness, or altered to create a good discovery. Whistle blowers like Margot O’Toole lose their jobs, or at least get retaliated against. We have developed a culture of letting colleagues get away w/ bad research. Nowadays, many people tend to make use of the student’s internet research guide and other similar resources to learn how to write a good research paper. In ’99, Nat. Geographic published research about a missing link between birds & dinosaurs which was a hoax; missing link hoaxes have been common concerning man’s alleged ancestors, & even Dr. Leaky manufactured his great discoveries. Science, esp. pharma, loves to use mice (& other animals) to determine theories about people. In the long run, these flashy discoveries based on mice studies are usually found to be irrelevant to humans, as the two species are that different, but the World’s media gets an interesting health story to keep their ratings up; who cares if the health conclusions are bogus?

Watch out for the fads. I saw efficiency experts come in, later I was taught Total Quality Management (TQM)…by the way, management fads like 3 letter acronyms like BPR & MBO…they promise the moon, and after a while are tossed for the next management fad. Meanwhile the “experts” get rich. In the last decade about 1,000 books/yr. came out preaching globalization for corporations. Before that it was computerization…all the top Fortune 500 companies that computerized experienced productivity drops for years (according to research I read). I can believe the productivity drop, because I’ve seen the so called experts wrong more than right most of my life. If they’d spent the time investing in ways to increase employee morale and listen to internal feedback perhaps that would have fared them better. In terms of business, today’s winners are often tomorrow’s losers, but experts watch a company, then pick something they are doing & prognosticate that everyone else’s companies will succeed by doing it. For instance, experts said that companies that specialized rather than diversified were successful. They used the stat that 78% which had a particular set of profit criteria were specialized. Sounds like focusing is good…but wait, of all the companies that specialize only 35% meet any of the profit criteria. In other words, most companies that are focused are failures. You have to be very careful about what a statistic means. Today’s science is a religion, and their evangelists are journalists, who unfortunately have no standards of honesty. Most medical research (95%) is never challenged by someone trying to replicate it, & if someone did finance & disprove it, research journals don’t like to publish negative articles so your warning will not get publicity.

So watch out for simplistic universal one-size-fits-all health advice. Look for researchers who are flexible and understand the complexity of life and are above tunnel vision. Some scientists have a sixth sense for knowing what to research like Sir Isaac Newton. Don’t give credence to animal studies & small size studies. Pay attention to who gains from the study & its advice. Remember that we tend to want good sounding (but incomplete & misleading) advice, rather than the complex truth. Also watch out for PC, group think research. It’s popular to say the whites/U.S. govt. had a policy of genocide of natives. False. It is true that there were brutal massacres by both sides, but there was no policy to genocide all natives. For instance, the massacre of Pequots was part of a war between the Dutch & English and each side’s natives. 200 natives fought w/ the English when they retaliated against Pequot brutality by hitting a Pequot town. Yet the History channel talked like the massacre was a policy of genocide by whites against all natives. It is now popular to denounce America as an embarrassment because it was built on slavery, & yet the same people extoll the virtues of ancient Rome & Egypt. I hate double standards. Many of the “great” civilizations were built on slavery, America’s venture into slavery, while an abomination, was mild compared to many of these other “great civilizations”. The point is that there are PC historical fads that distort the truth for agendas, such as the author who faked evidence to support his recent book that claims Americans had little to do with guns before the Civil War. Watch out for PC fads; even the churches have fads. Groupthink does not make something real. A lazy thinker will run with the herd right to slaughter. In contrast w/ today’s mass media PC experts, Christ said that the way to destruction is broad; the way to truth & life is narrow & only a small minority find it. If the World’s mass media experts advise one way, a safe bet is that they are wrong! You know what I mean?!


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This post discusses concepts of undersea warfare for the near future, incl. vulnerable spots, new technologies & more. For those who are interested in how things work in the World, this post is designed as a concise insightful look at this vital subject. Water covers 71% of the globe. While most attention is focused on satellite communication, basically all of the world’s information travels over 200+ highly active cables deep under the sea. A series of deep cables (some miles underwater), specifically created for this purpose by several cable engineering services, cross all the oceans & seas and are the lifeblood of the World System. Recently, Russian subs have been monitoring undersea fiber optic cables (in the same way that American subs spied on Russia during the Cold War. This takes precision work.) The global underwater cable system does have a few non-operational “dark cables” in reserve as backup, but not enough to prevent the system from being very vulnerable to destruction. Also, the U.S. created a secret global grid underwater to insure that underwater craft could accurately determine their location. This grid has also been monitored by the Russians.

SIGNIFICANCE & SIZE. American subs have virtually unlimited endurance to stay submerged. They “routinely” go into hostile waters. Their missiles can hit essentially anywhere on the globe. 14 American nuclear ballistic missiles provide the nation with their most credible nuclear response. America’s 4 nuclear guided missile subs (each carrying 154 Tomahawk missiles) in 2011 fired 90 Tomahawks into Libya. (In spite of their importance, the no. of these went from 41 subs in ‘72 to 14 Ohio class subs in 2014. And the 4 guided missile subs are scheduled to retire in 2025.). The third class-the Virginia class attack subs are being upgraded, the Block III Virginias now coming into service (for instance, the USS North Dakota), while 10 Block IV subs are in the pipeline. Each of these VAs cost around $3 billion, and take perhaps 74 months to build. In all, 28 Virginia class subs are deployed or on their way. American subs are not under U.S. operational control all the time, at times they are under COMSUBNATO, whose HQ is located in the London area just off of the M25 loop. Thirteen other NATO nations have subs, which at times do ops together. American subs operate in all the oceans. Russia’s Typhoon-class & Boris-class subs are much larger than America’s nuclear Ohio class subs, but not as powerful. Each Ohio-class sub has 2 crews: a Blue & a Gold. Building these modern subs takes years. If a sub fleet shrinks, it is difficult-maybe impossible– to expand its size quickly.

NEW CAPABILITIES. Every new resource is being looked at by the Navy to see how it can be incorporated to improve their abilities, such as new computer tech & new materials. The security of a sub is its invisibility. This today means silence & stealth. Stealth in a sub is a function of how it is built. It is also important how the crew operates (they have to move around quietly on the ship) & how it is maintained. Furthermore, it is also vital that the Navy stays on top of issues surrounding maritime law. For example, the distinction between allision and collision can seem complex at times, especially with regards to incidences involving underwater vessels and technology. Consequently, it is likely that the Navy will need to coordinate with a team of maritime attorneys going forward to ensure that all operations stay in line with the law. Furthermore, ever improving stealth technology is important for American subs, & has given them an advantage over soviet subs during the cold war. American subs are improving their abilities to go under the Arctic ice and into shallow coast areas (Littoral areas). For instance, they mapped the Arctic sea bed, and installed improved sensors for many things so that they can avoid underwater ice ridges projecting as deep as 100′, uncharted volcanoes and other Arctic threats. Cool handheld devices are being tested that allow a user to move through the sub seeing all the information on his screen (or her screen, as women are now serving on U.S. subs). Watch teams may someday sit around a digital table. METOC (satellite info) streams in to add to situational awareness. More electric controls and high power-density electric motors have been installed. Guided torpedoes that compensate for target evasions are deployed. The Navy believes its underwater abilities are far ahead of any rivals. It is trying to improve by improving its info flow.

DEEP ABILITIES. The U.S. Navy leads the world underwater. The Navy has a diving bell (SAT FADS) that can take 6 divers down to 1000′ for up to 21 days of work. Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) can do a lot at deep depths. The NR-1 deep submergence sub goes to 3,000′ & can sit on the bottom. It recovered a missile lost in the Atlantic. There is a NSRS rescue submersible that can mate with any sub and go very deep. The navy can also contract with civilian vehicles if need be. Also I believe there are secret underwater installations. Isn’t interesting that large flying saucers at times are seen coming out of the water? Where are these different kinds of bases? Several UFO reports are from the Pacific. What has been the sub force’s role in relation to these?…I don’t know. Seeing a saucer come out of the water was what woke up William Cooper.

MYSTERIES. Seismic reading showed 9 nuclear explosions in Nov. 17-18, 2008 in the Arctic Ocean. One has to wonder what kind of secrets have U.S. navy personnel been forced to withhold from their fellow Americans.

TEST SITES. ONR operates China Lake test facility in So. Calif.’s desert which has been used for t.b. mind control. An important sub test site for the Navy is Lake Pen Oreille, ID near Bayview & Carderock is the Navy’s primary research organization. The lake has over 26 sq. miles and is over 1,000′ deep. The Naval Undersea Warfare Ct. Div. is at Newport, RI. NATO maritime research is done at La Spezia, It.

RUSSIAN STRATEGY. Russian naval strategy has been based on trying to win in the first strike-an overwhelming first strike because they know their navy cannot exist in a protracted war. This means that if an engagement occurs involving undersea military craft, the Russian initial strike will be as intense as they can make it. Even with the help of Communist China, they would have a difficult time dealing with our subs even if they tried an all-out surprise attack. Russia’s new subs are the Borei class (which costs about 1/3 of its American counterpart) and the Yasen class. The Borei class use a new pump jet propulsion system. China is constructing a major underground nuclear submarine base near Sanya, Hainan. It was reported (The Daily Telegraph- 1 May, ’08) that tunnels were being built into hillsides which could be capable of hiding up to 20 nuclear submarines from spy satellites. Currently, they have 6 nuclear attack subs, as well as 4 Jun class ballistic missile subs. They have newer classes being built. Russia has assisted them in sub design.

FINAL THOUGHTS. The American undersea force exceeds any other national power’s. The U.S. is down sizing while trying to improve their subs & how they are operated & maintained. They hope they can keep their advantage this way. Even with their current abilities, they are stretched thin with the missions they are given. The global cable system is open to Russian spying & sabotage, just as it has been to American subs in the past. If current info is accurate, the American submarine fleet still has the power to deter any nation. This leads one to speculate if there is any way for an enemy to neutralize it in the foreseeable future