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. A message to God’s noble servants about our irrepressible joy. Each morning the colorful birds sing songs in thanks for another day. And at night, the beauty of the vast heavenly amphitheater enthralls us with its twinkling stars. “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.” ROM 1:20 NAS Part of having the Spirit of God in us is we recognize the divine Creator through His magnificent Creation & we are joyful, “You have turned…my mourning into dancing.” PS 30:11

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” PS 19:1 The same stars that we enjoy were there in ancient times inspiring the fathers of our faith such as Abraham & Yahshua . (The Word of God refers to the Big Dipper, the Pleiades, Orion, Draco, Ursa Major, Taurus, Saturn, Venus and constellations in general. It offhandedly tells us many things, for instance: the stars can’t be numbered (A), stars have different brightnesses (B), that there are physical laws that govern the universe (C), & that the moon’s phases provide seasons & a calendar (D). It speaks of a spherical planet earth (E) which is suspended in space (F) and that its 23.5 degree tilt was intentionally created so we’d have seasons (G). Christ talks about when he returns it will be day for some, night for others—in other words our globe with its time zones. (H) Meteors & comets are described. Within Revelation’s prophecies it speaks of a meteor ’’Wormwood”. (I) God still surprises us with what He does, miracles have not ceased. When we see the Hand of God at work, our hearts dance with joy. We comprehend that there is more to life than living, there is divine companionship. Finding that divine presence has been our aspiration for life. Yes, the earth is the Lord’s.(J)

OVERWHELMED BY THE MAJESTY OF HIS CREATION, PAGANS WORSHIP IT. The great beauty of the night stars is expansive. The vastness of God power is displayed at night by the stars. Who set this vast complex panorama in motion?? For nothing moves unless it has been acted upon. Yes, we are without excuse if we don’t sense the divine Creator. Don’t look at this natural cathedral in the night heavens & worship the stars. Unfortunately, God had to even spell this out to people.(K) That’s not where your true destiny lies, it lies with the Creator of those stars. “From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord’s name is to be praised.”(L) “Sing unto the Lord with thanksgiving…who covers the heaven with clouds, who prepares the rain for the earth, who makes grass to grow upon the mountains.”(M) (And by the way, his Word teaches us about the Water Cycle in ECCL 1:7, that same Water cycle they taught us in school using a chart with circular arrows.)

SACRED DANCE. Nature waltzes with God, relaxes in His care, and rejoices at life, and so should we. There was dancing when the father threw a party for the returning prodigal son.(N) There is great celebration & much joy in heaven when a sinner repents of his rebellion to God. (O) That was the point being made when Christ told the story of the prodigal son. And God’s servant David danced his heart out in joy over the Ark of the Covenant.(P) Our souls are enriched by the majesty of creation, and there is even a healing that God gives us through His Creation. It is alive and gives us life.

THE FOOL SAYS THERE IS NO GOD. “Hear this, you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear:…He [God] made the earth by his power; he founded the world by his wisdom and stretched out the heavens by his understanding.”(Q) The pagans celebrate “Earth Day,” and forget about You Father. They are back to worshipping Your creation. And led by the Father of Lies they recommend killing the innocent (by widespread abortion) to prevent harming their sacred earth by added live births. Polluting the planet with the blood of millions of the innocent.
Heavenly Father, we will honor you as our Creator, our Lord & Saviour, and honor your name. We will worship you in deeds as well as words. You have given us the beauty of the dark night that is filled with stars. We need that darkness to appreciate their beauty. The darkness of this World helps us appreciate Your light. You have fine tuned the parameters of this planet so it could give life. Send the wind of your Holy Spirit to blow out the cobwebs of our thinking, the dust of old ways, and the dead fallen leaves of hard times. In the midst of this man-made satanic inspired World System, let us step out of it all to worship You, the awe-inspiring Creator, the God of Joy. Our hearts sing, “GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS… Summer and winter, and spring-time and harvest, Sun, moon and stars in their courses above,
Join with all nature in manifold witness To Thy great faithfulness, mercy and love.” Amen.

(A) JER 33:22 (B) 1 COR 15:41 (C) JOB 38:33, & JER 33:25 (D) PS 104:19-23 (E) ISA 40:21-22, also PRV 8:27 (F) JOB 26:7-10 (G) PS 74:16-17 (H) LK 17:30, 31b, 34: “…thus shall it be in the day when the Son of Man [the Messiah] is revealed…he that is in the field, let him likewise not return back…I tell you in that night there shall be two men in one bed;” (I) REV 8:10b-11 (J) PS 24:1-2 (K) DT 4:19 cf. EX 20:4 (L) PS 113:3 (M) PS 147: 7-8 (N) LK 15:25 (O) LK 15:10 (P) 2 SAM 6:13-14 (Q) JER 5:21, 51:15

EVIL & THE ANGEL OF DEATH: An historical look at evil & the Illuminati’s all-time best trauma-based mind control programmer. (2 APR ’16

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) This article will help us by increasing our wisdom in understanding evil, as well as documenting some historical details about t.b. mind control. Up to now, the primary biography on Mengele was written by a member of the Astor Illum. bloodline.(A) Satan’s color is green, one of Mengele’s names was Dr. Green.

GOOD & EVIL CAN HAVE THE SAME FACE; the Word of God says Satan appears as an angel of light. Satan has an evil smile; & one gets a feel for it in the 1997 movie Devil’s Advocate where Al Pacino does a grand job of illustrating how the brilliant Satan can manifest his pure evil with a smile. You need a Satan to explain the level of evil that the evil genius Joseph Mengele reached as the Illuminati’s all-time star programmer. There are plenty of people (usually occultists) who try to convince us that evil is purely a human invention; for instance, Nietzche said, “Man is the cruelest animal.” No. No. & No! This level of evil can only be explained by realizing that people are taken over by a supernatural force (as the movie Devil’s Advocate does so well to show the hidden dimensions…when Kevin Lomax, played by Keanu Reeves realizes he is Satan’s son, & consequently, that there has been a major hidden dimension to his life!) And as another movie explains so well, in a statement by David Wong (in John Dies at the End): “Son, the greatest trick the Devil pulled was convincing the world there was only one of him.” This article looks at one of Satan’s manifestations, known as the Angel of Death while he was alive… Joseph Mengele, who was a Grand Master (later Ipssimus) in the Illuminati, and was protected by our intelligence agencies (& other collaborating acronym monsters) so he could program American children w/ t.b.m.c. Such was the protection that the $4million reward for info for his arrest after WW2 was never received by anyone. Mengele’s conc. camp research, housed at Suitland Annex, is still classified.

EVIL? People tell me that evil & Satan are merely things I have invented in my own mind. While I am not a fan of Ayn Rand, mistress of a Rothschild, she says something so well in Atlas Shrugged, that it is appropriate to quote it here: “The man who refuses to judge, who neither agrees nor disagrees, who declares that there are no absolutes and believes that he escapes responsibility, is the man responsible for all the blood that is now spilled in the world. Reality is an absolute, existence is an absolute, a speck of dust is an absolute and so is a human life. Whether you live or die is an absolute. Whether you have a piece of bread or not, is an absolute. Whether you eat your bread or see it vanish into a looter’s stomach, is an absolute.” Joseph Mengele was an SS medical captain who began working as a Lagerartz at Auschitz in May 1943, who made the decision while smiling which of the incoming slaves would live or die. He loved to choose whether someone lived or died. It is estimated he pointed 300,000 people to their deaths. He was totally indifferent to human suffering. For instance, he could do an amputation on a person with no anesthesia without batting on eyelash. It has been said that EVIL begins when you begin to treat people as things (& not wonderful creatures made in the image of God.) Why did Mengele frequently lie (besides the fact his spiritual father was the Father of lies), even though he was “an honest person”? He lied to hide the evil he was doing to people. Some people contend the Nazi SS believed in what they were doing was good. If so, why all the secrecy & lies? They pretended & lied to themselves they were good—otherwise who could live with doing evil? Some of the conc. camp survivors (& m.c. survivors) of Mengele still called him “papa” and “Väterchen” (papa & daddy). He began t.b.m.c. programming in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

DESCRIPTION OF PURE EVIL. Here is an incredible description of Mengele by one of the American children he programmed (after WW2) with trauma-based mind control. I wanted to record this description for posterity, it is so good. Here it is: “BTW [by the way], I listened again to my odd recording about Papa Mengele last night,[a record of memories]. Papa was a dictator. He was an evil man with no feelings. His feelings were sterile, as he had none but anger, contempt and hate. And sometimes he was curious. He had a scientific mind. He was a very intelligent man. But he was bent on destruction with hardly the blink of a (spiritually discerning) eye. That’s what was hypnotic about him. He was able to get your attention IMMEDIATELY. He loved cruelty so much — as a curious, intelligent scientist with no morality whatsoever — that it was almost like he wasn’t cruel at all. It was just normal for him — this nightmare of a man who was dual at times. Add to that, he was handsome; and it felt mixed up to be with him. Because he could be nice in odd, suspicious ways… But, sometimes he was so cruel it was hard to believe. It was beyond your imagination of evil. You had to hide any of your emotions as you watched in horror and disbelief what he did, even like his anger igniting like a match. He could go into a rage that you never wanted to see again in your lifetime. His entire body became energized and vibrated from his venom. Everyone around was traumatized. And he was GOD!! He let us know that.

“Papa often anally raped me as his “morning exercise.” Then he had me clean up. And he made me love it and thank him for hurting me. I was numb. I was grateful to be alive (even brought back from the dead many times). Blind loyalty and love of Papa was all I could think of. ABSOLUTELY!! No other thoughts! None were allowed. I still can’t bear to remember the clear majority of this hell-hole of a life with him. THAT was Papa! And maybe I miss him a little. I think I do. Maybe I hate him a lot. Maybe I still fear him… and all those who represent him.”(B)

ALL POWERFUL? Satanic Beasts like Mengele expected total submission or instant death. One conc. camp survivor recalls how he clubbed a woman’s head into mash, & then whistled while washing the blood off his hands. But there are numerous stories of individuals in the conc. camps (as well as t.b.m.c. survivors) who recognized the level of evil they faced & outsmarted it. Stupidity & the denial of evil were not their tickets to physical salvation—but wisdom; truly we are called as Christ taught to “be wise as serpents, & harmless as doves”.

MENGELE ESTABLISHED HIMSELF AS GOD in his victims. Many conc. camp survivors & t.b.mc. survivors remember his shiny boots and how he clicked them. Martin Greenfield who wrote his memoir of Auschwitz speaks of meeting Mengele on the first page: “They say a man’s shoes are the first thing a person notices. I can still see his in my mind. Leather boots, dark like the night, shining like mirrors.”(C) An American mind control survivor says, “The boots were well taken care of (like carefully oiled), and the silver buckles shined. This seems vivid in my memory….I’m having a huge problem believing I was with such a monster. As a young child!! And, it appears there’s surely more evil people I was put with than just Mengele and Aquino!” Mengele’s boot clicking was so notable to his victims, that other programmers like Michael Aquino have imitated it. Another memorable thing was him saying “Actung” to those he programmed. He had green-brown eyes & stood 5’8” or less w/ a notable gap in his upper front teeth. He grew up the richest kid in town, but had been traumatized himself by his Illum. family. He believed his likes & dislikes fervently, & could lose his composure instantly. He had a quick genius mind that quickly sized up people, which helped him select those to live & to be programmed & to serve as human Guinea pigs.

ONE KEY FEATURE OF MENGELE’S PROGRAMMING. (D) Mengele was familiar w/ Dante’s Inferno & piano music. Jewish Kabbalists at Auschwitz helped Mengele understand the Kabala better. He was also knowledgeable about the Lesser Key of Solomon Goetia which connects spirits to the body. So in his programming he installs a Kabballistic Tree of Life (more properly a “Tree of Death”) that is perceived by the victim as residing within his body w/ fallen angels (evil spirits) attached to the different body parts. Each room has its own name, its own set of alters, programming attached, and access codes attached. Rituals are done to create alters for the different rooms. Demons within the person guide their pathworking magic. So the Yesod circle (room, quad or container meaning Foundation) would be connected to the genitals & have relevant evil spirits attached. Yesod is the meeting place of the earthly & evil spirits. Likewise Tepheret (meaning Beauty) is attached to the heart, and animated with fallen Angels, who in turn both protect & anchor the programming, while in turn being anchored to the human structure by trauma & magic. If this kind of structure is embedded in the mind & body of the victim, the victim will perceive that the evil spirits animate the body & are essential to his life. Illuminated “wisdom” such as the understanding of the mysteries of human sacrifice will be placed into the Tepheret circle. The top room (Kether=Crown) contains Satan & the Anti Christ in spirit form & a goddess. Below this is Daat=Knowledge which is called the Blue Room and houses front Mother of Darkness alters. This blue room is the balancing pt. and also associated with twinning (which loomed big with Mengele in his research & programming). At the bottom is Malkuth=Kingdom which is linked to the victim’s feet and has the spirit (life force) of the first male child who the victim was forced to sacrifice attached to it. Malkuth is the Gate of Death and as everything is upside down in Satanism, it is said that its roots are in heaven. (These roots spiritually have the blood of the first born sacrificed in a box at the bottom of Malkuth.) At any rate, plenty of gatekeepers are placed into Malkuth. The Kabalistic Tree is said to need balance to operate (so one’s good deeds must balance one’s bad). Prana kid alters are attached to the tree also. Prana kids are to know about the human aura, chakras and the laws that govern our life to help them achieve success. An alter of destruction & one of change is housed in Hochma=Wisdom, which is the right ear, where ancestral spirits are attached for wisdom. Also the magical concepts of blue, red and white roses are connected to the Kabballistic Tree & its programming. Other concepts of Mengele’s were complex 3D structures, lots of boxes, and games where the life of the person was toyed with in a way that brought out the best in them….Truly inspired by Satan. Later programmers lacked that creative zeal & fine tuning to animate the person’s inner drives, and tended to mechanically turn out uncreative assembly-line mind controlled slaves. Mengele’s programming was an evil work of art. To make an analogy would be to compare the beautiful craftsmanship in older buildings & hand-made artifacts, to the simplistic work & assembly line designs of today.

(A) Astor, Gerald. The Last Nazi: The Life & Times of Dr. Joseph Megele. Donald I Fine, Inc.: NYC, 1985. (B) Confidential report by t.b.m.c. survivor to author, author’s name intentionally withheld. (C) Greenfield, Martin. Measure of a Man: From Auschwitz Survivor to President’s Tailor. Regenery Publishing, Wash. D.C., 2014. (D) Much of this Tree of Life mind control info is found in my book The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave.


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I’ve written this as an introductory article on the connections between the secret society of the Illuminati & the Unitarian-Universalist (UU) movement & churches. Some of its foundational info comes from Chapter 2.4 of my Be Wise As Serpents (1991).

WHAT IS THE UU CHURCH? Before I begin exposing, it would be appropriate to do some explaining about the UU church. Even though Walter Martin in his Kingdom of the Cults calls it a cult, it fails to function as one. The church stands for “free thought”—free meaning basically free of Christian doctrine as its members are atheists, agnostics, pagans, humanists & new agers, and as we will see even Illuminati members. Perhaps its most famous member is Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who worked for the Br. Govt. & created the World Wide Web. The first web site was, by the way, built at CERN, & Sir Berners-Lee called its first server CERN HTTP daemon. The church was originally conceived as the union of two nearly identical denominations: the Unitarians (who rejected the Trinity & Christian doctrine) & the Universalists (who rejected the concept of sin & believe all mankind gets salvation). In line with their mega-ecumenicalism acceptance of all, after 9-11, they taught in their rel. education classes that Islam was not radical or dangerous. (The reality of Islamic teachings needs to exposed in a considerable article; others have youtube videos for those interested.)

GOAL OF ILLUMINIZED FREEMASONRY. “The three infamous assassins are Law, Property and Religion.” So says the official ritual of the 33 and last degree ritual of the Antient and Accepted Scottish Rite. An illuminized 33° Mason wrote “Once Religion is dead, Law and Property will fall to our mercy, and we shall be able to regenerate society by founding on the corpses of the assassins of man, Masonic Religion, Masonic Law, and Masonic Property.”(1) The creation of international communism was done by Illuminized Freemasons to achieve the goal of overthrowing religion (Christianity), substituting socialism for private ownership, and substituting their laws (replacing divine law). The destruction of these 3 so-called “assassins” of mankind was an Illuminati goal.

COMMUNIST UNITARIAN-UNIV. MINISTERS. There have been a parade of Unitarian-Universalist (from here on referred to as UU) ministers promoting communism & the goal of illuminized Freemasonry (& by extension the Illuminati’s agenda). John Lewis, a British UU minister, specialized in Marxist philosophy; & during WW2 he travelled & lectured for the Br. Army Education Corp teaching soldiers the blessings of having a Marxist ally (USSR) on the U.K.’s side. (He also was big into Boy Scouts, which has had a lot of Masons & Illum. leadership.) L.P. Jacks (1860-1955) was another prominent Br. UU minister who was close friends with the Fabian Socialists (an Illum. front). George Bernard Shaw, a Fabian Socialist & admirer of both Stalin & Mussolini was a friend of both L.P. Jacks (Lawrence Pearsall Jacks) and the UU minister of the Wash. D.C. UU All Souls Church, A. Powell Davies. A.P. Davies was famous for saying God is dead: “There is no God in the sky…There is no army of angels…” One more example of a socialist UU minister is Mila Tupper Maynard (1864-1926) who was a leader in Calif. of the Socialist Party & assoc. w/ the socialist utopian community in the Mojave Desert in Antelope Valley, CA.

ILLUMINIZED FREEMASONRY INTENDED TO CHANGE THE WORLD BY REVOLUTION. The book Occult Theocracy gives a good detailed background how so many of these revolutionary groups connected to the Occult Theocratic leadership (aka the Illuminati). She describes in detail the Illuminati member & revolutionist Giuseppe Mazzini. The Illluminati not only created revolutions throughout Europe, but wanted to split the U.S.A. Mazzini helped create the American Civil War by working with a secret group of 6 American UU ministers, who had created a secret group that they called the Bird Club. The Bird Club was created to create a revolutionary type of war in the U.S.A. Gerrit Smith of the Bird Club appears to have been an Illum. mmbr. Charles Sumner, a member of the Bird Club & a student of Freemasonry & revolution, made personal visits to occultic revolutionists in Europe, including Mazzini. He excited his fellow Bird Club members with his revolutionary talk.(2) Besides the 6 conspiring UU ministers of the Bird Club, Harvard Univ. associated with the UU church, brought in Illum. connected professors like Karl Follen of Giessen, Ger. Karl Follen helped create the Illuminati revolutionary front Bund der Jugend (League of Youth) in Europe. This League of Youth revolutionary group had links to the Carbonari & illuminized Freemasonry. These movements at times moved under the guise of the Swiss Bible Society. In August 1819, Christian ministers met at Carlsbad, Ger. & denounced the movement, which was then broken up by the arrests of its members. In late 1824, revolutionist Follen left Switzerland to be a Unitarian minister at Harvard. By the way, Harvard Divinity School in 1805 began teaching Unitarianism.

THE BIRD CLUB FUNDS JOHN BROWN. William Ellery Channing, who was a Freemason, Unitarian Minister, and abolitionist, rejected the Bible as untrustworthy & studied Illuminati philosophers being strongly influenced by Rousseau, Voltaire & others. The UU ministers’ secret society to foment revolution found a cold blooded killer/thief named John Brown. They sent him funds, supplies, & weapons to fight slavery in Bleeding Kansas, which was torn by civil war. They also sent him a professional revolutionist assoc. with the Illuminati, a Jewish Freemason named August (Anschel) Bondi. He fought with John Brown in the Kansas “battles” (butcheries) of Blackjack & Osawatomie. Before Bondi joined Brown, he had fought in the Illum./Masonic created Metternich revolution as well as the Masonic created revolution in Cuba against Spain. (The Scottish Rite’s New Age Magazine had an article describing how the Masons had started & led that Cuba revolution.)(3) Karl Marx was a reporter for the NY Times when John Brown attacked Harper’s Ferry, VA in an attempt to create a black slave revolt. Marx and similar reporters of the big newspapers made John Brown into a martyred hero. Certainly, slavery was an evil institution…but one can see the communist direction his sponsors wanted to go in, because after the Amer. Civil War they started some experimental socialist communities in the defeated south…which, by the way, all failed.

MASONIC BEGINNINGS. The beginning of the UU churches (before they joined denominations) is full of Freemasons and people in the elite occult bloodlines. Thomas Jefferson was both Illuminati & Unitarian. James Freeman was the first Unitarian preacher at a Boston church in 1784. John Biddle (1615-62) (of the elite Biddle bloodline) is created with being the Father of British Universalism. When Benj. Franklin was Grand Master of the Freemasons in PA, Thomas Oxnard, who began the Unitarian congregation at Portland, Maine, became the Provincial Grand Master for Freemasonry from 1743-54 for the entire North America. Early famous New Thought Unitarians who were also Freemasons are William Ellery Channing and Ralph Waldo Emerson, who began activity that led to the Bird Club. William Ellery Channing was a grandfather or granduncle of Freemason George Channing who help found Christian Science. Mary Baker Eddy, the dynamic founder of Christian Science, was of an Illum. bloodline and her descendant Hazel E. Billings, who came from a Masonic family, was an important member of the Illuminati in Portland, Oregon’s UU Church (on Stark St.). During like the 70’s & later, Hazel’s job was to receive orders from the Illuminati & transmit those verbally to Portland’s City Club, a non-profit group which holds forums on city concerns & has influence on Portland’s new policies. (Portland & Oregon are test sites for the PTSNB.) She would have Illum. connected Jesuits & Mormon come to her house. Many Illum. directives in modern times have been passed face to face.

MASONIC BEGINNINGS OF THE UNIVERSALIST CHURCH. My Be Wise As Serpents book exposed for the first time the tremendous connection between Freemasonry & the Universalist beginnings. The Freemason Hosea Ballou (who built upon the views of Freemason & atheist Ethan Allan and mystic Caleb Rich) began the Universalist church. The original 4 churches (called “societies”) began in the Woodstock area whose leading citizens joined it. In 1852, the Unitarian Reverend Theodore Parker praised the high ranking Mason Hosea Ballou (1771-1852) for having created “a revolution in the thoughts and minds of men more mighty than any which has been accomplished during the same period by all the politicians of the nation.” Richard Eddy wrote the best history of this movement. Just to give a few more prominent Masons involved in the early UU movement: The famous Albert J. Holden (another Freemason) was the pianist for the NYC UU church in 1841. Leon M. Birkhead and Howard M. Dow were Unitarian ministers who were also Freemasons. Sylvanus Cobb, Jr. was a Universalist minister & both a Knights Templar & Scottish Rite Mason.

MORE HELP FOR THE AGENDA. Building up knowledge of who have been Illuminati members has been a slow step-by-step process as it is the mother of secret societies…and they of course don’t publish membership lists. Still there are ways to track membership. Another way to view things is to simply monitor who helps their agenda. As I wrap up this short article, I want to point out Francis Ellingwood Abbot (1836-1903). Abbot is one of those surnames that is associated with the Illum. I have no idea if Francis Ellingwood Abbot was a mmbr. but he was a famous philosopher who attacked the Christian scriptures and said that theology should be based on science. He wrote “Scientific Theism”. He was a UU minister. Another philosopher, Charles Sanders Peirce, was Abbot’s defender. Both were influential.

REFERENCES. (In brief.) (1) Jewish Mason Paul Rosen, 1888, quoted in Be Wise As Serpents, p. 309–Chapt. 2.1 (2) Be Wise As Serpents chap. 2.4 (3) All this is documented in the Be Wise As Serpents book


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BLOODLINES, THEIR HIDDEN AGENDAS & FIRSTBORN. (27 MAR ’16) An exploration of topics on elite bloodlines. Over the years various people have shared secret agendas pertaining to elite bloodlines. Quite a few people have asked me about their surname, or on the flip side told me about their elite family line. I simply tell them to go here to research their family tree. Census data is a valuable resource when researching family genealogy – it provides an insight into what life was like for our families over 100 years ago. Go back further in time and you actually find that it was standard practice for children to be sired by a relative that was not the proper legal father. Fathers committed incest with daughters, and uncles-to-be impregnated their sisters or a sister-in-law.

THE ELITE. There are numerous elite bloodlines in every nation. The prominent Houses have long histories, and keep track of their genealogies. High society is aware of each other. They were barons and lords, or were important in other ways; while most of us are commoners from common stock and often are only aware of tidbits about high society. I had an article several years ago where I discussed the new generation of German aristocrats (yes the bloodlines are still around). They know longer have the political power that their ancestors had, but they still have something going on because of their ancestry. And that is one of the points I want to make. While many people think that prominent bloodlines have lost their specialness-those in power still consider them special. The bloodline of a House that carries the power, at times will use a spelling of their name missing a letter to set them aside from the (common) lines that have no power. And you will note various spelling of an elite surname like: Stewart & Stuart, Van Duyn & Van Dine, Caboto & Cabot. A number of people have linked the House of David to bloodlines in Scotland, Egyptian & Ethiopian lines to the British Isles and so forth. And while these kinds of things seem old history” ¦prominent bloodlines today (which may or may not be visibly prominent) can have some very ancient histories, and old relations with other bloodlines. And this takes me to one of their secret agendas-the murder of first born children of certain Houses.

POWER STRUGGLES. Because few expect the elite bloodlines to be special in the modern world, people are not naturally expecting that power struggles go on behind the scenes” ¦the subtle murder of a first born is likely to be undetected. (More on firstborns further down.) But these things quietly happen” ¦in the same fashion that insiders quietly tracked down railroad land titles across the USA. Some of these agendas go completely undetected. (And sometimes, like the murder of doctors–that began with Dr. Bradstreet– who were aware of nagalase and Gc-MAF and their role in cancer, their secret agenda does get noticed!) And at times following the money is helpful-like Hitler’s inspiration Richard Wagner & Gustav Mahler, whose studies were funded by Baron Albert de Rothschild. He was also inspired by Houston Stewart Chamberlain. Wagner’s daughter married Houston Stewart Chamberlain (one of the Illum.’s Committee of 300), who was perhaps MPD. Chamberlain was English, remained an English national, but adopted Germany as the nation he loved. He tried to be more German than the Germans and taught the racist ideas that Hitler later embraced to Houston’s friend the Kaiser, who he advised to begin WW 1. Long story short, British elite helped start both WW I & 2 that the Germans are blamed for.

HO– USE OF DAVID. I have written articles on the House of David and how it has survived into modern times. Yahshua was the firstborn of Mary and had a right to the Davidic throne.(A) And then King Herod killed the babies/infants in Bethlehem to keep a rival king from surviving. In fact, he was willing to kill anyone who might be a rival to his house. And this leads to the question: What is the significance of being firstborn? A number of cultures in the ancient middle east esteemed the firstborn, including Israel. The first-born was to get a double portion” ¦but God on a number of occasions gave the blessing to the more worthy child, for instance Cain was the first born, but his sins caused God to reject him.(B) Reuben lost his double portion to Joseph (& his two sons Ephraim & Manasseh) due to sin. (C) Elisah prayed to God to give him a double portion because he was the spiritual firstborn of Elijah. The concept of the first born was given Scriptural status by Moses at DT 21:15-17. Many other scriptures followed that outlined the special status of the firstborn.(D) As far as nations, Israel was YHWH’s firstborn. (E) The spiritual significance of firstborns goes back to Moses confronting Pharoah. The Egyptian first born were killed.(F) God set up firstborn animals to represent the Egyptian firstborn, and it was these that were to be sacrificed in the tabernacle/& later temples. As an animal (lamb) Yahshua, the Firstborn Son, was to be killed as our Passover (I Corinthians 5:7). Throughout history Israel was told: “And all the firstborn of man among your sons you shall redeem” (Exodus 13:13). ” And it came to pass, when Pharaoh was stubborn about letting us go, that the Lord killed all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both the firstborn of man and the firstborn of animal. Therefore I sacrifice to the Lord all males that open the womb, but all the firstborn of my sons I redeem.”

OTHER FIRSTBORNS. Israel is not the only nation that esteemed firstborns. Elite bloodlines in many places also value them as they get special power & inheritance. Ever since Alfred Adler, people have been studying the role birth order plays on personality. Firstborns on average test out brighter than later children, receive more quality time with their parents along better discipline & greater attention. (An example of their status as achievers” ¦all 7 of the Mercury astronauts were firstborns.) Middle children tend to be more diplomatic & social. And the last child (the ‘’baby of the family” who gets doted on) often loves attention, & the ranks of comedians incl. many last children. So rival lines of a House have reasons for taking out the firstborn, which explains the secret death program I mentioned above. But my take on it, is that it also relates to evil branches eliminating less evil branches in preparation to support a World ruler. And we must bear in mind the pattern we see historically-Cain kills his brother out of jealousy” ¦Reuben & brothers want to kill Joseph” ¦again out of jealousy. So we can expect this same type of behavior within these elite bloodlines, especially as Satan’s World slides deeper into evil.


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WHAT DO I DO TO DEFEAT THE ILLUMINATI? (28 MAR ’16) This post is an answer to the following question: “Hi Fritz! It’s often on my mind that the Illuminati need to be defeated. While I have often been tempted, by thinking someone needs to do something radical and take them out by killing them, I realize such thoughts are futile and unwise. I have considered praying that the powers the Illuminati wield, that of the military, for example, turn against them. However, I’m not sure if this is wise also. Would that be considered a soulish prayer? So my question is, what do you do to defeat them? What are you own prayers to protect yourself from them and see the light of God defeat their darkness? I look forward to hearing from you about this, Fritz. Thanks!”

ANSWER to an Excellent question: Light is naturally more powerful than darkness…it doesn’t have to try to be…it is. The moral high ground is naturally stronger than lies and deception. The foundations of control by World elite is a foundation totally built upon lies and deception. .. (I could write a book of examples: our fed. reserve notes, the income tax, our commercial driver’s licenses, a “flexible” Constitution, t.b.m.c. programming, ad nauseum.) Christ said it so well that Satan was the Father of lies. His minions love to lie. Even when they tell the truth it is for some evil purpose. So I consider my chief duty to be in the light. Do I sin? Of course, and I immediately ask for forgiveness. Do I have some reoccurring sins that are difficult to overcome? Of course, and I ask God for forgiveness. And He forgives me. Hey, it is silly to think you get away with anything with God. I am amazed at how many prideful people play games with Him. Seriously, do they seriously think they get away with things?? Only pride & iniquity & demons could blind people. If we come into the light, those that love darkness (like demons) naturally don’t want to come around. Total strangers will size me up instantly, and depending on where they are –either love or hate me. So my prayers are directed first to be close to God and His power & light. Next, my prayers are directed to knowing His will. If I simply do His will out of faith & love & devotion, then I can let Him be my effectiveness.

I don’t have to have an agenda. When I started helping people escape the Illuminati—I felt called to do it. I knew I was doing the right thing. So it did not concern me if I would succeed or fail—because God is my effectiveness. We often want to know ahead of time if doing right will “succeed”. We actually need to do what we sense from the Holy Spirit is right, and let God be our effectiveness. But don’t forget He warned us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Don’t ignore all the wisdom that He has already handed us. There is not a particular formula I can give you—the occult world works off of formulas and rituals. They have to because they don’t have a living divine guide. We are to live by faith and our living guide the Holy Spirit. I don’t want to tell you what to do, that’s the Holy Spirit’s job working with your spirit, conscience, mind & body. Give you whole self to Him. As long as things line up with Scripture, there is not one particular set of things to give you. Do what is right! Do what gives life!! God is about life. Everything we do is an act and decision that will either give life or death. Give life in all you do. Christ came to give an abundant life—so give life abundantly. Celebrate life. Encourage life. Pray for people’s health. To worry about evil is to give it power. Worry shortens life. I don’t worry about defeating evil, I focus on being in Christ, in the middle of what the Holy Spirit is doing. Be concerned in the sense of how one respects a hot burner on a stove. Evil is dangerous. But do not fear it. And if we are close to Almighty God we do not need to fear it. Christ conquered the biggest enemy—death! Walk in the light, and don’t hide your light under a basket, as it does nothing while hid.


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BLESS THOSE WHO CURSE YOU. I had a nice turn of events this morning. A man, who the other side was using to attack me, called & apologized. Wow! One’s enemies can become your friends…he is turning on his “handler” who ordered him to repeatedly attack my reputation. I will mention his handler’s name, which is Ron Patton, because Ron has been working with a large cast of characters to destroy me since 1991, all the meanwhile Ron presents himself as a conspiracy expert. Ron recently moved from California to my hometown Portland, and works with the radio talk show host Clyde Lewis. They run a Ground Zero store, and Ron has put out the Paranoia magazine for years. Ron (and now Clyde) mainly focus on ghost & goblin topics which casts people who believe in conspiracies as a group of people who believe in unprovable weird things. Ron has a group called Pacific North Weird that does ghost hunting.

IT TOOK ME YEARS to figure Ron out, and how he works for the CIA/Illuminati. He went to a Jesuit school growing up. He comes across very congenial, and his personality wins people over that he is safe. In fact, while he comes across safe, he orchestrates a cast of slimy characters to take down opponents of the New World Order who he has befriended to the point of knowing their daily life & vulnerabilities. It was Ron who got this “minister” Turel in California to put up on the Internet that I repeatedly raped my son. It was a totally sick lie, but lots of people have read it and swallowed the lie. Now some people around Ron have witnessed how sick he is, and are apologizing to me for what they did to me. There are still others out there. One of the individuals that Ron used to take people down was Kurt Billings. Kurt is an Illuminati member whose job was to pose as a Christian against the Illuminati. I watched Kurt’s modus operendi for years as he would take down one legitimate Christian ministry after another.

EVIL CONTAINS THE SEED OF ITS OWN DESTRUCTION. The story behind the story—how these people have tried to take me down could fill a book. What has protected me is 1) divine protection, & 2) my work speaks for itself. You can kill or discredit the messenger, but the information (my message in my books & articles) speaks for itself. As long as I can continue serving the good Lord I will. I have usually borne the brunt of their satanic attacks in silence…it is nice to see the Scripture come true: “Hide not thy [God’s] face from thy servant…deliver me because of mine enemies. Thou hast know my reproach…mine adversaries are all before thee….Let their table become a snare before them: and that which should have been for their welfare, let it become a trap.” (PS 69:17-22). It bears repeating: Evil contains the seed of its own destruction, and Scripture backs that up in a number of places.

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Any person trying to make sense of what to eat is going to get frustrated at all the conflicting morass of information available. The purpose of this article is to blow away the confusion concerning the conflicting research & info on diets out there and to build some understanding of health & nutritional concepts. The goal of this article is to give the reader the tools of discernment to do further exploratory research on their own. It will be as succinct as is reasonable.

STARTING POINT-1 SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. All humans share common features, but our body chemistries, genetics, metabolisms and generational histories are different. So there has to be a balance between recognizing commonalities while also recognizing that each person is also different, and needs a diet that addresses each individual’s needs. For example, a tennis coach in New York is going to have major differences in their health and diet compared with someone let’s say in Europe who does little to no exercise for example. I have talked about the research concerning eating right for your blood type. But it goes way beyond that. The nutrition & health of your mother, grandmother, and other ancestors directly relates to your makeup. The specific set of flora (helpful microbes) that are in your gut at the moment makes a difference. The toxins that you are exposed to relate to those environments & products you have been around, for instance common plastics which have only recently been identified as poisonous. Those toxins which pollute your body also interfere with the way it functions. Our modern lifestyle, which we think superior to primitive cultures, is moronically inundated with toxins, while the primitive environments have been usually clean of such things. So we also have take into consideration the context our body lives in. The bottom line is that you will have to determine through research and testing what works best for you. However, that does not mean that there are not common truisms to build upon. 3 examples of individual differences: your set of apolipoproteins (for instance ApoE) play a role in how you respond to diet (like lipid metabolism)…your set or absence of the lactase enzyme for digesting dairy…& your amount of amylase in your saliva for dealing with high-starch foods. This is not even touching on the role of genetic differences.

FIRST TRUISM- The Matrix we live in spews out lots of good looking information but the appearances are deceptive. The goal of the controllers of the Matrix is to reduce the population through soft genocide, so a great deal of dangers surround us-including a lot of disinformation & dangerous drugs. (This is why I feel compelled to write articles like this.) The Medical System is set up to make money & to control us. People need to be wary of the established Medical System; they make money off of sick people. But there needs to be a balance. One should not reject something just because it comes from some mainstream source. Be wise in the sources you give credibility to, but stay balanced. The government & its agencies are even tainted. For instance, I have explained how Monsanto has placed their people into government regulatory groups. So dump all your socialized Matrix groupthink.

SECOND TRUISM- Around the globe, there were “primitive” societies that over many centuries had developed accumulated common wisdom on what potential foods in their environment would give optimum health. Not all primitive societies discovered & employed those things that would lead to perfect health. Indeed, there were plenty of primitive societies that were not healthy. But there were places on the globe where people were very healthy, lived long healthy lives, and did not suffer from western degenerative diseases. It’s not just a healthy lifestyle that you need in order to live a long and happy life, but you also need to have a healthy and relaxed mind to be able to do this. Yoga is the perfect exercise regime for people to try if they want to ensure that every part of their body is as healthy as possible, as it has benefits such as weight reduction and better cardio and circulatory health. Instructors that have completed their yoga teachers training in rishikesh or somewhere similar will be able to teach you all you need to know about this form of exercise so that you have a better chance of not needing to require any urgent healthcare in the future. Most societies around the globe were able to live in great health. They lived healthily without modern health care & had excellent teeth without brushing their teeth daily. (I will list those in the next paragraph.) In my opinion, the best study ever made of food & health of primitive societies was done by Weston A. Price, who published his findings in the book Nutrition & Physical Degeneration (1939). He travelled around the globe and carefully studied the health of different groups that were still living as their ancestors had. He also carefully compared these very healthy groups to individuals who had left the group and had been using modern diets. These traditional societies are no longer available in their untouched forms like they were in the 1930’s, so the research by Price may remain in a class of its own.

TRADITIONAL GROUPS FOUND BY PRICE TO HAVE PERFECT HEALTH: Gaelics in the Outer & Inner Hebrides, Swiss in Loetschental Valley, traditional Eskimos in Alaska, traditional natives in the Rocky Mountains, certain Melanesians & Polynesians in the so. Pacific, various African tribes, Australian & New Zealand aborigines, Malays on islands off of no. Australia, and natives in the Andean mountains. None of these groups ate anything remotely similar, yet all had exceptional natural health. But each of these diets had 4 times the level of vitamins and minerals recommended by nutritionists. Their diets were high in the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, & K) which get neglected by vegan diets. In fact none of these perfect health traditional groups were all vegetarian, their most prized foods were animal products. In fact, many things they ate would not be touched by moderns: organs, insects, dried fish eggs, cod’s head stuffed w/ oatmeal, etc. None of them ate sugar, vegetable oils, processed grains and processed food…which are all big debilitating elements of our modern diets.

POPULAR ALTERNATIVES TO THE MODERN DIET. Perhaps the 3 most popular alternatives to the modern diet are some type of Paleolithic-style diet, a Mediterranean type diet, and a Whole-food, natural, plant-based diet. All of these diets vary and with diets like plant-based, supplements like dicalcium phosphate often have to be included as no nutrients can be taken from animal-based products. Just like all the successful traditional groups had different diets, likewise, each of these are different, but each has given success and has advocates that swear by them. All of them are superior to our modern processed-food diet. And like the successful traditional groups’ diets none of them eat refined sugar, processed vegetable oils, chemical preservatives, refined flour and processed foods. So it is obvious from both the healthy primitive traditional groups and the successful popular alternatives what NOT TO EAT: sugars, processed vegetable oils, and processed foods. Which now leaves the truth seeker the question:…now that I know what to avoid, what will work for me?? Going back to the 3 popular alternatives, here is a little known fact to consider: none have correct & full research. The Paleo diet research is not for the same food as the popular diet. The actual people in the Mediterranean area eat things the popular diet does not mention like omega-3 rich snails, wild vegetables that don’t exist here, etc. The long term effect of totally plant based diet (minus key animal based nutrients) is not known.

THIRD TRUISM. Avoid sugars, processed vegetable oils, and all processed foods.

HEALTHY FOODS. (Virgin) Olive oil, seafood, and all non-starchy vegetables have been commonly found to be healthy. The traditional diet of Japan (with lots of seafood) has given them health, not as perfect as the traditional societies had, but healthier than our modern western society. Unfortunately, with the ocean used as a toilet by modern society and Fukashima’s radiation… seafood is often toxic. And commercial vegetables are being raised on soils full of toxins. The advocate of staying healthy really needs to not only experiment with what works for his or her own body, but one has to revert back to growing one’s own food to be sure what environment the vegetable grew in. Eating things raw often preserves more of the nutrients. And then there is the situation of how we combine foods. Combining certain foods together when they are eaten affects how well they each can be digested. So not only do we need to find healthy foods, but we need to learn how to serve and eat them. Ultimately, it is no secret that eating too many sugary foods can lead to the onset of tooth decay and cavities. It is therefore vital that if you eat a high sugar diet you must be diligent with regards to brushing your teeth, using mouthwash, and flossing. You should also remember to schedule regular appointments with a Dentist in Massapequa to make sure your teeth are in good condition.

FINAL TRUISM. There is no single answer as to what will be healthy to eat. Even traditionally healthy foods may be contaminated. Additionally we need to identify healthy ways to serve & eat those healthy foods once we have identified them.

Conclusion. I hope that this actually clarifies things. You may wonder, how does it clarify things?? Well, for starters you don’t have to try to sort out who is right in the debate between their alternative diets-you could spend a lifetime trying to figure out which is better, the Mediterranean or a Paleo diet…on the false assumption that there is one single correct answer. You need to examine what has worked for people and experiment. Consider this a learning adventure, bon appetite!


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Quite often establishment church leadership has taken their flocks off in directions contrary to Christ’s teachings. There is a way that seems right to man but leads to destruction. (A) The Word of God teaches that “a fool is right in his own eyes”.(B) And that pride leads the way to destruction.(C) These things may seem like common sense, if so, then common sense is not so common, especially among those who call themselves Christians, who should know better.
CHRIST’S STANDARD. In MT 22-23 Christ teaches the religious leaders & people in the temple court on Passover week. After he finishes directly talking with these leaders, he begins explaining their spiritual blindness to the crowd, while they obviously are still listening. In MT 24, we find a continuation of him teaching, but this time to his disciples, and the location has shifted to the Olive grove, which is outside the city walls just to the east of the temple. He lays down his standard of behavior to his followers in the middle of a prophecy: “And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheeps from the goats: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on his left. [Is America a sheep or goat?]…I was a stranger and you took me in…I was in prison, and ye came to me….When…did we see you… in prison?…Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren: ye have done it unto me.” (D) How we treat the least person, shows how we treat Christ.

USING LATIN AMERICA AS AN EXAMPLE. I frequently use Americans (USA) as examples, but there are other Americans (Latin America, for example)…and as my view on things is with an international perspective, I will use two Latin American nations as my example. From the beginning of Portugese settlement in Brazil, the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) had a strong presence. Brazilian Catholicism accepted slavery & seemed totally oblivious to its evils. Catholic convents & religious orders in Brazil had slaves. The sugar plantations (Brazil’s main economy), created along the coast, operated using black slaves. There was no concept of Christ’s teaching that what you do to the least person you have done to him!

CASTRO & COMMUNISM. When Castro took over Cuba, the Catholic church was anemic…27% of nominal Catholics reported having never seen a priest, and only 24% of Cuba’s Catholics regularly attended church. Be that as it was, the Roman Catholic church was the main denomination in Cuba, when the atheists of Communism took over. Members of the Catholic church were banned from membership in Cuba’s communist party until 1991. Priests & Catholics who thought communism was evil were either deported (like 135 on 17 SEPT ’61) or arrested. Not surprisingly, those Catholics who remained were pro-Castro, pro-Communism, pro-Moscow. The Cuban middle class, by & large, fled to Miami, taking with them Christians who disagreed with communism. And for the record: Communism is evil. Illuminism is evil. And the socialism we have adopted in recent years is simply Communism & Illuminism…and is just as evil, whether our religious leaders call it that or not. So after Castro purged Cuba of Catholics who disagreed with his policies, what you had left were Catholic officials who praised him and communism, and would spout to the world the lie that there was no persecution of Christians in Cuba. In 1996, Castro visited the Pope, and in Jan. 1998, Pope John Paul visited Cuba. Meanwhile, there were devout Christians being tortured in Cuban prisons! By turning their backs on the plight of their brothers in prison, there was no concept of Christ’s teaching that what you do to the least person you have done to him!

LEST THE PROTESTANTS GLOAT… Lest the Protestants gloat that the Catholics compromised with evil, the sad truth is that the Protestants (by & large) immediately embraced communism & Castro. The Presbyterian Reformed Church in Cuba stated when the Communists began running things: “The church lives joyfully in the midst of the socialist revolution, because the revolution has inaugurated new development…” When Martin Luther King was assassinated, Rev. Jesse Jackson, travelled to Cuba to spend time with atheist Castro, and Castro went with him to the main Cuban Methodist church where a service was held in memory of MLK. So long story short, the Protestant record of supporting Castro is worse than the Catholics.

A CHRISTIAN VOICE FROM A COMMUNIST PRISON. In 1979, while I was still Amish I travelled by bus to visit Christians like Haralan Popov & Richard Wurmbrand, who were men who had suffered torture for many years in communist prisons for their faith, before coming to the United States & telling their stories in books. Richard Wurmbrand came up with a message while he was in solitary confinement for Christians in the west. This message is printed in his book With God in Solitary Confinement. (He also wrote Tortured for Christ.) His daughter immediately brought me, a stranger, a cup of tea when I went to visit him, & I was immediately reminded of Christ’s words about IF you give a stranger a cup of water, then you have given it to Christ himself. I believe Richard’s message, conceived many years ago in a communist prison, has relevance for today. And I will give the gist of it here.

SPIRITUAL TIMING ON WHEN TO TALK. Richard begins his message to us from prison by stressing timing. In fact, the Holy Spirit has stressed this to me so much. Spiritual timing is critical. He quotes Joshua 6:10, “Ye shall not shout, nor make any noise with your voice, neither shall any word proceed out of your mouth, until the day I bid you shout.” Keep your mouth shut, until God gives you something to say.

LARGE PERSPECTIVE. Next, Richard says that Christians are doomed if their perspective on life is only themselves or their local congregation. You need to know the bigger picture. Or to add my own words, we need to know of all our brothers & sisters who are suffering for Christ around the world. The presstitutes of mass media are not going to tell us this. And why? Because Richard points out that all followers of Christ are in turn leadership for the world. We are a nation of kings and priests. We are all partakers of the divine nature.

ABIDE IN CHRIST. Next Richard says we should abide in Christ. He quotes JN 14:23, “If a man love me, he will keep my words…& our [GOD’s] abode is with him.” He points out that King David did not abuse his royal power to change the commandments, but danced in front of the ark of the covenant that contained the tablets with God’s law. When we abide in Christ, it then becomes our duty to transform this “neurotic world into a world full of serenity”. Richard goes on: “I used to wonder why the Church repeats the Lord’s prayer so often….We have to see that his will is done on earth. We have to provide the hungry with the bread of life. We have to forgive. It is I, and you, who must deliver the world from evil.”

RELIGIOUS LEADERS. In my Be Wise As Serpents book I document how the big denominations have all been co-opted by the World. One of the families who are part of the World’s elite, the Dulles family, gave us Allan Dulles (evil dir. of the CIA) and his brother John Foster Dulles, an International leader of the Protestants. I expose them and the org.s that they led in the book. On 18 MAR ’43, John Foster Dulles gave a talk “Six Pillars of Peace: Cement Unity Now With Organized World Collaboration”. I want to quote a paragraph from this religious leader’s speech:

“In 1940, the Federal Council of Churches voted to set up a Commission to study the bases of a just and durable peace. For over two years we have been at work. Until now we have primarily emphasized spiritual factors. We have urged upon the churches that they inculcate in men the qualities that Christ taught. We have pointed out that Christ’s way was not to tell men what to do in relation to worldly matters, but to give them qualities of vision, of mind and of soul so that they would be enlightened and filled with a righteous faith. We have not sought, indeed we have opposed, the preaching from the pulpits of politics and economics. We have said to the churches, give us men and women possessed of Christian qualities, and then our citizenry can be counted on to take enlightened action.”

NOTE he says, “…Christ’s way was not to tell men what to do in relation to worldly matters…” FALSE. In other words, ignore the evil of the world.
NOTE this religious leader says, “We have not sought, indeed we have opposed, the preaching from the pulpits of politics and economics.” Let’s go back to the sugar production in Brazil that depended on slave labor. According to Dulles, we should not preach against that slave labor. Let’s go back to those suffering in Castro’s prisons & other Communist prisons…we should not preach against our brothers being incarcerated because they ran afoul of the politics of the communists. No, according to Dulles, one should not preach ethics and morality for real life situations and for your nation. So you see dear reader what the corrupt clergy who are Freemasons & secretly Illuminati want for you. Don’t say or do anything to upset the evil of the world. “Be a good little Christian and just go to church, and keep your mouth shut.”

But I tell you, like Richard told you, when God gives you the timing and the words, you need to confront evil. We have more to do, than warm pews! As Richard said: “It is I, and you, who must deliver the world from evil.” Because we are the Body of Christ to do God’s will.


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HUMAN MONSTERS: SPOTLIGHT ON T.B.M.C. PROGRAMMERS. This article focuses on who does the t.b.m.c. programming. It builds on my information given in my book “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind-controlled Slave”, pages 365-375, and subsequent articles such as my 9/10/15 post. My info in the “Formula…” book (on those pages) about the programmers is still the best out there. It provides general info on the programmers, and then focuses in detail on 3 main programmers: Dr. Mengele (Dr. Green), Dr. Ewin Cameron (Dr. White) and the Anti-Christ, whose candidates are being trained as master programmers. While articles like this relate dispassionate facts, the reality of this trauma-based m.c. is horrific, as horrible as anything conceivable for the torture & degradation of these millions of slaves is ongoing. Our media plays up the holocaust, while covering up similar tragedies going on in secret all around us. Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy & Charlie Manson were all t.b. programmed multiples. The police had all kinds of evidence of Dahmer’s Satanism that they hid from the public. So while this article simply gives facts, the sadistic horrors that these programmers perform transform the programmers into human monsters.

PROGRAMMERS ARE GLOBAL. The t.b.m.c. has slipped beyond the direct control and purveyance of the Illuminati, as it has spread globally. Programmers now speak Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, French & Chinese, not just English or German as in the past. After WW 2, the Americans wanted & brought over the German & Italian mind control researchers. Mengele was not the only German imported to do t.b.m.c. There was also a man called Heinrich Mueller, but I have not mentioned him very often because I was not sure that we had the real name. My recent exposure of the German town of Stuttgart, Arkansas and added info about the millionaire closed community of Slovak just 9 miles to the north of Stuttgart (which was the site of a small military airfield), may reveal the original area that these German programmers were housed. In the Middle East, Israeli intelligence, Arab Intelligence/Police agencies, and American programmers are creating the m.c. people that help stir up trouble in that region. Still the top programmers are Illuminati, they will be in the Illum. hierarchy, a Grande Master, a “5-star general”, or Ipsissimus. It is suspected that the current Dr. Black operates in India, & further that he is a hierarchy member. Here in the U.S., Dr. Black programming is connected to Assembly of God-Charismatic programming. The results of “Dr. Black” programmers that I have seen were all allowed Charismatic fronts. (That is not to say they didn’t sincerely convert—the power of the loving Creator is all powerful.)

LEVELS OF PROGRAMMERS. My 10 SEP ’15 article brought out that there were different levels of programmers: TOP PROGRAMMERS, MID-LEVEL, LOW LEVEL (handlers), and SPECIALISTS. The top programmers use color codes, and their students who are being trained as possible replacements who assist that particular top programmer will use the same color code. The all-around top programmer is Dr. Green, and they select the best interesting candidates to assist him. The original Dr. Green was Mengele…and the man occupying that position now is also German. He will begin mentoring selected boys, who will compete ruthlessly in hopes that they will someday become Dr. Green themselves. Dr. Green often is responsible for the foundational 13x13x13 grid. The world is perhaps into its 4th generation of color coded top programmers. A victim will often begin with Green and be handed to another color code. Students of the top doctors will operate under their name and be assigned slaves to work with over long periods of time. His top student is reported to look like a Ken Barbie Doll with gym muscling. Students who don’t cut the grade are simply discarded…are not worth enough for the Illuminati to keep them around alive.

FEMALE HELP. Besides using these boys, Illuminati girls will also assist in jobs connected to the programming—perhaps wielding a stun gun to shock selected kids in cages. The Illuminati Mothers of Darkness, who consist of 11 grades (ranks) and number less than 3,000 worldwide also help a great deal with programming. Selected Mothers will train the children (for instance building internal worlds) and do the delicate work with the core. Mothers-of-darkness alters are assembled in triads (trinities)—maiden, mother, crone combos on spinning pedestals. These alters are not in the deep trance that some of the other alters are in…nor have they been dehumanized & brutalized like say, for instance, Gatekeeper alters. Grande Dames, such as Mary Margaret, Doris Duke & Hillary Clinton will have children who are programmed to serve them. They operate at what I call MID-LEVEL programming. An example of a specialist was Navy shrink Lt. Comdr. Thomas Narut, who helped develop Delta assassination alter programming. The Delta alters are put to sleep internally, connected to the Umbrella programming. A typical female mind-controlled slave will also have Delta alters trained to kill. An example of a top secret Delta Force m.c. site has been at Waco, TX. A final thought: some female handlers (LOW LEVEL PROGRAMMERS) can do some minor programming.

HISTORY PRIOR TO MENGELE. The Illuminati and MI-6 (which they controlled) were programming before WW 2. There were also German t.b.m.c. programmers before Mengele. I don’t know the names of these early programmers, but their satanic handiwork have come into to therapists in Europe & the U.S.A. In past centuries, some of the programmers have traditionally hid behind the front of the Catholic church and various Lodge systems. Mengele can be credited to taking things to a more scientific/German engineered level. Some of the programmers like Michael Aquino (Mickey, Malcolm, etc.) and Jerry Lee Lewis are sadistic monsters in the vein of Mengele.

DR. RED. If I remember correctly, this programmer is assoc. with the OTO. A Dr. Star, out of Corpus Christi, TX did OTO t.b.m.c. programming. So far it appears that Dr. Red’s programming is confined to OTO areas, esp. the U.S. & U.K.

DR. BLUE. These series of programmers may have originally been Heinrich Mueller (Gog). He has two sons who assisted, one of which was Theodore (Teddy Bear). Interestingly, a multiple in Australia felt a Desmond Mueller (Australian military w/ ASD) looked like the current Dr. Blue. Much of the programming in Australia is done via the ASD, bearing in mind that all the intelligence agencies of the U.K.-U.S.A.-Australia-Can.-NZ are essentially branches of one organization. While Dr. Blue can be seen in the west coast US and Australia…there does not seem to be hard & fast guidelines as to where these various doctors’ victims will show up. The current Dr. Blue was bn. perhaps in the ‘50s. I described him in a previous post, gray haired, balding patch in the middle of the head, mustached, and overweight like so many men his age. He wears glasses. He has a female associate, who travels with him. His specialty in trauma was to overwhelm the olfactory sense.

MILITARY PROGRAMMERS. Over the years, I have given the names of dozens of military programmers incl. : Lt. Col. John Alexander, Col. Wilson Green, Col. Height, Col. Manassah, Maj. Strange, & Col. Taylor. All the American military bases are used for t.b.m.c. programming…and all the military branches are involved…and this appears to hold true for the U.K. & Australia. The Canadian m.c. appears to have frequently been done by Americans. It would be impossible to sort this thing out by nationalities because, for instance, Michael Aquino has been in the U.K. programming for MI-6. Unfortunately, this scandalous activity goes all the way up to our generals & admirals—the people we would like to think of as heroes, are involved in the abuse of children. In one post, I gave the link to one military wife exposing what her husband & Pentagon co-workers were involved with. (I do know of one Gen. Russell Bowen who got disgusted & became a whistle blower…He was sent to Fed. prison. And Aldrich Ames said that he was a turn coat because the CIA was lying to the public & deceitful about the value of their agency.)

CIA PROGRAMMERS. Over the years, I have given the names of many of these, incl. Dr. William Jennings Bryan, Dr. Jensen, Dr. Meiers, Dr. James Monroe, & Dr. Orne. In the U.K. we had Dr. Sergeant. The DCIs (directors of the CIA) have all known completely about the t.b.m.c., and their top echelon leaders, the Sr. Intelligence Service also. Although pretending to end MK Ultra, the CIA (which now clashes head to head with Russia’s SVR) still uses t.b.m.c. One of the things I don’t recall mentioning is that polygraph tests are given to t.b.m.c. slaves after they have done a mission, before their memories are erased. CIA polygraph tests are even hooked up to computer analysis to aid the tester. While the CIA operates in many Amer. univ., hospitals & other institutions…their main training ctr. is Camp Perry (the Farm), a gated community learning paramilitary skills, spycraft and in general tradecraft, across from Colonial Williamsburg, VA. No doubt there are on-site programmers.

THERAPISTS. Most of the therapists have been compromised. For a while the therapeutic community was gaining awareness & beginning to help DID patients. One Rothschild therapist in Louisiana, who I exposed, called & told me she had broken free of her own MPD m.c. Another example of a cult hypnotherapist/rehab counselor is Kevin M. Grise. People like him assist with the m.c. In another situation, one client (a DID victim) recorded a session with her therapist by her phone which I listened to. The therapist is giving m.c. triggers.

CONCLUSION. This has been another look at the programmers. Much of this information has been given by me in the past, but it has been reassembled & repackaged in a new way, & hopefully provides a fresh look at the sadistic programmers.